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The detailed Syllabus Business Policy and Strategic Management (BM-401)

Unit I Strategic Management Process: defining strategy, levels of approaches to strategic decision making, process of strategic management, roles of strategies, mission and objectives, strategic business unit, environment ± concept, components and appraisal Unit II Organization appraisal and strategy formulation: organizational dynamics and structuring organizational appraisal, SWOT analysis formulation ± corporate level strategies and business strategies, strategy analysis and choice ± the process, BCG matrix, GE matrix, SPACE approa ch, QSP matrix and strategic plan Unit Strategy implementation: aspects, structures, design implementation ± leadership, culture, value and ethics III behavioral



Unit Functional implementation: functional strategies, plans and policies; financial, personal, operations, its plans and policies;

IV marketing;

Unit V Strategic evaluation and control ± an overview of strategic evaluation and control, techniques of strategic evaluation and control

Prep aration of project report UNIT-IV FINANCING OF PROJECT: Raising finance in domestic market and international market. Mergers & Acquisitions. Option to change the output and production method. Tax planning while financing for projects. Multiple projects and constraints UNIT-III OPTION: Valuation of real option. Management action. UNIT-II FINANCIAL EVALUATION: Evaluation & Uses of Hurdle rate. Cash flow for project appraisal. PROJECT APPRAISAL FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION: Technical. Infrastructure financing.ARNI UNIVERSITY MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION :: MBA > Finance >BM-509 Click to Print The detailed Syllabus PROJECT MANAGEMENT (BM-509) PLANNING. . Project management software. Project rating index. Corporate strategy. Types of project. ANALYSIS AND UNIT-I INTRODUCTION: Meaning and importance of Project. MATHEMATICALLY MODELING FOR MULTIPLE PROJECTS: Mathematical techniques for project evaluation. Project planning &implementation. appraisal. Social cost benefit analysis. Financial and managerial. Investment returns. Option to del ay. management institute USA. abandon project. Commercial. Project evaluation in non profit sector. extend. Project management principles by project.Network technique for project management. Investment analysis using capital bud geting. Project life cycle. Managing strategic Change UNIT-V CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN PROJECT APPRAISAL. Economic & Environmental appraisal.

The detailed Syllabus : Advertising and Promotion Management (BM605) .

Productivity of advertising. Sales force management: Recruitment. Theme. Sales territories and Quotas. Unit IV Nature and objectives of Sales Management. nature. Copy and Advertising Appeals. The selling process. Different media of advertising. role of advertising and its importance. motivation and compensation. Theories of selli ng. media selection. Role of adver tising in India¶s Economics Development. The evaluation and control of sales force. their role and importance. Advertising as an element of Marketing Mix. Media Scheduling. Setting advertising objective and contribution of DAGMAR to setting objectives. scope and classification.Unit I Advertising ± Meaning. Sales Budget. Sales Organization: purpose and basic types of sales organization structures. ARNI MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION :: MBA > IV-Semester >BM-402 UNIVERSITY Click to Print The detailed Syllabus Project Management & Entrepreneurship . Sales functions and its relationship with other marketing functions. Unit II Social. Unit III Advertising Media. Economic and Legal aspects of Advertising. Building Advertising Programme: Message. media plan and strategy. Effect of advertising on market structure. Advertising agencies. Unit V Sales forecasting methods. Advertising Budgets ± nature and methods. conduct and performance. Measuring Advertising Effectiveness: Pre ± testing and Post ± testing copy. Ethics in advertising. Selection. Training. Process of marketing communication. Planning and Managing advertising ca mpaigns.

Tata McGraw Hill. Unit III Project management: organization. factors impacting emergence of entrepreneu rship. Performa balance sheet. human aspects and pre requisites. break even analysis. steps in preparing marketing plan. feasibility study ± market feasibility. Financing infrastructure projects: Concept. characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. market. Financial plan ± cash budget. designing organization structure. New Delhi. control. trade secrets. role of entrepreneurship in economic development. financial feasibility: drawing business plan. New Delhi. contingency planning. firm risk and market risk. Unit IV Entrepreneurship: Concept. rational and financial instruments. Unit II Social cost benefit analysis. 3. UNIDO approach. organizational plan ± form of ownership. Performa income statement. H. technical analysis and financial analysis. Prasanna. managerial vs. demand and situational analysis. legal issues ± intellectual property rights patents. trade marks. appraisal criteria. Vikas Publishing House. Bhavesh.project appraisal by financial institutions. . Project Finance. M Patel . manpower planning. creative problem solving. New Delhi. Project Management. planning. Projects : Planning Analysis. financial institutions supporting entrepreneurs. Selection. Sources of finance: debt or equity financing. 2002. job design. methods of generating ideas. technical/operational feasibility.. BOOT/ BOT system for infrastructure projects. Vikas Publishing House. opportunity recognition. Chandra. commercial banks.Development(BM-402) Unit I Phases and objectives of capital budgeting. environmental scanning. Performa cash flow. preparing project report. working capital. entrepreneurial approach and emergence of entrepreneurship. project financing in India . venture capital. 2. Special decision situations. licensing. Public finance for infrastructure projects. copy rights. knowledge and skills requirement. presenting business plan to investors Unit V Functional plans: marketing plan ± marketing research for the new venture. Starting the venture: generating business idea ± sources of new ideas. R. generation and screening of project ideas. entrepreneurship process. competitor and industry analysis. franchising REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. analysis of project risk. Machiraju. environmental appraisal of Projects. Implementation and Review. SCBA by financial institutions.

and R. Thomas Telford. Robert D. Duane Ireland. Pearson Prentice Hall.Tony. Charantimath. Tata McGraw Hill.. 7. P. New Jersy (USA) 8. New Delhi. N.C. Brace R. Nijiru.Delhi. Hisrich. Madhurima. Sultan Chand & Sons. Barringer. New Delhi. Pearson Education. New Delhi. and Shikha Sahai. Project Management and Control.4. Entrepreneurship. Cyrus and Merna. UK. Entrepreneurship. ISBN 6. 5. Rao. Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship Development and Small Business Entreprises.. Financing Infrastructure Projects.K.. Excel Books. Lall. Michael Peters and Dean Shephered . ARNI UNIVERSITY MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION :: MBA > Finance >BM-503 Click to Print . 9. Poornima.

Rights Issues Unit ± III Introduction to equipment leasing: Types of Leases.Business cards .Legal Aspects of Hire purchase Tax implications of Hire Rating Agencies & the ir Methodology Emerging avenues of Rating services .Lease Evaluation in practice. Lease Evaluation: Lease vis -à-vis Buy . Credit Cards: concept . Credit Rating: concept of credit Rating .Fixed deposits and credit Rating.Factoring vis-à-vis Bills Discounting .provisioning for Bad and Doubtful Debts .Mortgages and Mortgage Instruments ± concept. . Legal .structure of Merchant Banking industry primary Markets in India and Abroad . Hire purchase: concept and characteristics of Hire purchase .capital Adequacy and concentration of credit/Investments ± RBI Guidelines for Finance companies . Defaults -Handling and Implications .pre-Issue Management .Mathematics of consumer credit. Refinance schemes for HFCs. .Billing and payment . Unit-IV Consumer Finance: Role of consumer credit in the Financial system . Evolution of Indian Leasing Industry. Regulatory guidelines for HFCs.Regulation of Merchant Banking Activity .Advertising and Marketing.professional Ethics and code of conduct current Development.overview of current Indian Merchant Banking scene .pricing and Timing of public Issues .Legal Aspects of Factoring ± Evaluation of Factoring Factoring in India current Developments. Factoring: concept of Factoring . settlement procedure .SEBI Guidelines for public Issues . . Unit-V Housing Finance: Housing Finance companies.International credit Rating practices.Factoring vis-à-vis credit Insurance Factoring vis-à-vis Forfeiting Evaluation of a Factor .Directions and Rules on Advertising . Tax aspects of leasing.Forms of Factoring .prudential Norms for Income Recognition . Regulatory Environment of financial services: Review of Recommendations of Various committees .Advantages and Disadvantages of credit Rating .The detailed Syllabus FINANCIAL SERVICES (BM-503) Unit ± I Role of Financial Services in Indian financial system.consumer credit portfolio Management . Legal Aspects of Leasing: Present Legislative Framework. Merchant Banking: Nature and scope of Merchant Banking .uses of credit cards.'Mathematics of Hire purchase: calculation of Effective interest Rate .Framework .sharing of commission. Accounting for Leases ± Indian and International Accounting Standards.Securitization / Mortgages: Securitization. Unit ± II Procedural Aspects of primary Issues ± pre-Issues Decision Making .Features of consumer credit Transactions . post -Issue Management . Securitization as a Funding Mechanism.Debit card .Add-on Facility .credit Evaluation credit screening Methods.corporate credit cards . Types of credit Rating .

Tata McGraw Hill 4. Primary Market & IPO .Bharat Law House SEBI Guidelines .constant-dollar-value plan. Clifford E Kirsch .securitization of Residential Real Estate .Graduatedpayment. Credit Rating . Nabhi Publications 8.Tata McGraw Hill 9. J C Verma . Nabhi Publications 2.Himalaya publishing House 3.Probus 11. Portfolio performance evaluation: risk adjusted measures of performance.Bharat Law. ICFAI Publication 6. Equipment leasing partnerships . Cudworth. need. J C Verma . . hire purchase and factoring. Capital Market Management . Faroul Irani .whole Loans . constraints and strategies. active management strategi es. Dr Premlal Joshi . Unit-V Bond portfolio management strategies ± passive portfolio strategies.McGraw Hill 12. K Sriram . ICFAI Publication.Mortgages . REFERENCE BOOKS: 1.A Avadhani . 5. formula plans . constant ratio plan. The Financial services Revolution . Portfolio revision ± meaning. Inside Leasing .ICFAI Publication 7. Handbook of leasing. Financial Institutions and market . variable ratio plan. How to do lease financing and hire purchase business . LM Bhole . Economic Times Market Watch . A Manual of Merchant Banking . V. Leasing comes of age : Indian scene .Amrita Prakashan 10.