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4-Axis Motion Controller SMC-410

The SMC-410 is a four-axis, stand alone Motion Controller. Like all other Motion Control Products, based on the Mega-Fabs Motion Control Technology and its ‘Core-Application Concept’, SMC-410 contents two main components – a standard, ‘Off-the-Shelf’ Motion Core Module (MAC-2XX), which is used in the same form in various Mega-Fabs Motion Control Products and implements the Mega-Fabs innovative algorithmic and computing platforms, and specified for this controller ‘Application Board’, which implements the specific for this controller Motion and I/O interfaces. The extremely high computing and algorithmic power of the controller is defined by joined power of MAC-2XX chipset: Analog Devices 200 MHz Floating Point DSP ADSP-21262 (SHARC), Altera FPGA Cyclon 12K device and AMD Flash Memory. The controller features advanced motion control of any type of motors, together with high performance digital and analogue I/O control and PLC functions. Various filters and algorithms can be implemented to provide complete control of industrial machines automation. Supported by Mega-Fabs powerful development, programming, analyzing and debugging tools.

SMC-410 Motion Control Features
Position, velocity and torque control for: Four DC Brush or DC Brushless @ Trapezoidal Commutation motors, or Two DC Brushless motors, Rotary or Linear, 3 or 2 phase @ S/W Sine Commutation; two more axes of this type by using the Mega-Fabs PWM to Analog Converter, or Two DC Brushless @ S/W Sine Commutation @ Digital Current Control (Full Digital Control), or Voice Coil, Hydraulics or Piezo motors; Auxiliary 4 axes of Step or Micro Step motors, Pulse/Direction or CW/CCW control A quad B digital encoders, Serial type Absolute encoders, Direct Interpolation of Analog Sine/Cosine encoders Cascaded (nested) algorithmic structures @ nested antiwindup correction, velocity and acceleration feedforward, non linear correction, Bi Quad filters, backlash compensation filters Advanced 1/T velocity control and velocity estimation in full velocity range SW Sine Commutation for DC Brushless motors using incremental encoders only (no Hall sensors are required, no startup motion is required), phase advance control for high speed applications DC Vector control for 2 phase step motors (Step Motors as DC Brushless) “On the fly” Trapezoidal and S-curve profiles generation. (Target , Velocity, Acceleration and Deceleration may be changed “on the fly”); High order motion profiles; Parabolic profile for high power applications Various types of interpolation between all axes, including ‘On the fly’ polynomial interpolation More than +/- 2,000,000,000 counts position range, modulo ‘n’ positioning for rotary motors More than 12,000,000 encoder counts/sec velocity range @ incremental A quad B encoders Position Event Generation (PEG) @ 25 ns resolution Maximum 1 count Position Registration accuracy at any velocity Errors protection including position error, HW and SW limits, i²t protection, user defined protection routines 40 kHz (25 µsec) Update Rate independent of the number of axes

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Yokneam. Mechanical: Mega-Fabs Motion Tel: 97249891050 Fax: 97249891080 . Industrial Park 13. Assignment and mathematics instructions.Ltd. FFT Source Level Debugger for “User(PDL) Programs” Auto logger for Host – Controller Data Flow Powerful Motion analyzer. 32. RUN. Statistics.. slow conversion (20kHz) 4 Differential Digital Output (or Input) RS-485 10 Solenoid optoisolated Outputs (24VDC @ 3A) Software configurable filters for Analog inputs Software Programmable Debouncing for Digital inputs WizAlg ..25A. Data processing including Zoom. LOOP instructions.mega-fabs. 115KB Half duplex for Host Interface Software DLL libraries. KILL. Any ‘names’ up to 24 letters. Java. TILL. routines and procedures. 24VS Rugged metallic instruction per sample period (25 us) Friendly Mega-Fabs Compiler and Source Level Debugger Mega-Fabs Motion Development and Analyzing Tools Watching and modifying of any system and user Variables and States in real time Scope utility for any 2 variables simultaneous Any 8 variables simultaneous data collection. IF(ELSE). Various format PRINT instructions Variables SAVE/LOAD to internal Flash memory or to Files Up to 40 tasks MULTITASKING.Real Time Visual Tools For Motion Control Algorithms Development SMC-410 can be used as a Powerful Evaluation Platform with WizAlg System Interfaces RS 232 full duplex or RS 485. Deep nesting for CALL.000 @ 32 bit system and user variables System and user defined variables . Visual Basic. 4-Axis Motion Controller SMC-410 Inputs and Outputs Dedicated for 4 axes motion control digital and analog I/O. 30 mm high. Powerful tasks management (RUN. Delphi Process Description Language (PDL). shielded connectors. ) both by external commands and from user’s programs Execution rate . 200mm wide. Static libraries. Multitasking capability Mega-Fabs Process Description Language (Mega-Fabs PDL) //User Language 256 Kbytes memory for user programs. Powerful Frequency analyzer and Bode Diagrams Plotter Power Supply: 24VDC. arrays. 185mm deep. unregulated Power Supply for Digital and Analog devices 24VDC @ 30A for Solenoids Power Supply All internal Power Supplies are isolated from each other and from input 24VDC. ActiveX controls for programming in C++. 1. WHILE. Ltd. STOP . Compiler and Source Level Debugger for internal processes programming.Motion Systems. Incremental encoder interfaces and Limit switches General purpose 24 digital optoisolated inputs General purpose 16 digital optoisolated outputs 2 Absolute Encoders 2 Analog encoders or General purpose 6 Analog Inputs differential A/D 12bit 6 Analog Differential Inputs 12bit.. Israel www.