Ice Cream Scoop Kid’s Worship “Water from a Rock”

(Food related Bible Lessons)

Materials: You will need a bottle of water for the Bible game, a bowl of flour and a rock for the drama, Root Beer and vanilla ice-cream for snack time. Scripture Reading for preparation: Exodus 17:1-7 Prayer: Pray the Lord’s Prayer. Provide a poster for the kids to read it as some may not know this prayer. It would be good to teach this prayer for them and explain what the verses mean throughout the prayer. Offering contest: Cut out two large cones and use different colors for the dips of ice-cream. Add a dip of ice-cream for each $1.00 the kids give. Have a contest between the boys and the girls. At the end of the theme, allow only the winners to burst a piñata. However, give all the kids candy.

Music: Use DVDs that your kids enjoy singing. Add the two songs below for some fun. For the first song, sing the first line and have the kids copy you with a response. You can sing any tune – in tune or out of tune is not s big issue. The kids will copy whatever you do. Call & Response Song Teacher: Do you like water? Do you like water? Kids: Yes, I like water, Yes, I like water. Teacher: Do you like flavored water? Do you like flavored water? Kids: (Will respond either) Yes or No, I like flavored water. Teacher: Do you like cold water? Do you like cold water? Kids: Yes, I like cold water, yes, I like cold water. Teacher: Do you like frozen water? Do you like frozen water? Kids: Yes, I like frozen water, Yes, I like frozen water. Ect…………………..

Song: O, I Love Bread (Tune – Farmer in the Dell) 1. O, I love water fights, O, I love water fights, To take the hose and spray my friends, O, I love water fights. 2. O, I love water fights, O, I love water fights, It cools me off when I am hot, O, I love water fights. 3. O, I love water fights, O, I love water fights, I run and scream and have such fun, O I love water fights. 4. O, I love water fights, O, I love water fights,

I love to use my water gun, O, I love water fights.

Rock Cookies Drama Josiah: Ouch! My tooth! Jenny: What is the matter, Josiah? Josiah: Who made these cookies? Jenny: Well………… do they taste? Josiah: My tooth…..where is it? I lost my tooth. Jenny: Calm down, Josiah. I will help you find your tooth. Josiah: Ooooooooo…. Nooooooooo…….what did you do to me? Jenny: Did you lose your tooth over here in this flour? Josiah: I don’t know. But I must find it….I will not get a dollar. Jenny: Let me look through this flour………what it this? (Pulls out a rock) Josiah: Is that my tooth? Jenny: It appears to be a rock. Did you drop one of your rocks in here that you were taking to school today for the science fair? Josiah: Well…………..maybe, I did. Let me see it. Jenny: Here it is..take a look it seems to be a special rock. Josiah: That is my rock. I lost it and now I have found it (jumps up and down) Jenny: But where is your tooth. Josiah: Spl…..spl…..spl……..(Covers mouth) Jenny: What is it, Josiah?

Josiah: Bla……it is a piece of cookie on my tooth. It is brick hard. Jenny: Is that why you thought you had lost your tooth? Josiah: I guess so. I am sure glad I found my rock. Jenny: That reminds me of the rock that Moses hit in the Bible. Josiah: Did he bite a rock and lose his tooth? Jenny: No, the people of Israel complained for some water and God told Moses to hit the rock. Josiah: What happened? Jenny: Water came out of the rock. Josiah: That sounds cool! But I am through with rocks for today. I lost my rock, and bit a rock, and am rocked out. Just plum rocked out! Jenny: I am glad you found your rock. I am glad that you did not lose your tooth. Josiah: But the way, who DID make those cookies. Jenny: That is a secret…..let’s get ready for school and don’t forget your rocks for that Science fair today. Josiah: (Sing song) I wouldn’t miss it for anything. I’m gonna rock and work and pray, I gonna read my bible today, I’m gonna rock to school and take my rock. I’m gonna….. Jenny: That is enough (covers ears)…..let’s go! (EXIT) Kids Message Water from the Rock (Bases on Exodus 17:1-7) Have you ever seen water come out of a rock? You probably have seen it come out of a faucet, a water hose, in a swimming pool, a bathtub, or a

water gun – but maybe never a rock. Many years ago, we went to Niagara Falls a very hugh waterfall that is magnificent to see. God had helped Moses so many times as he led the Children of Israel away from Egypt into the wilderness. First, God gave them manna, then he gave them meat and now they needed water. They had traveled a long time, and came to a place called Rephidem (can you say that with me?) and there was no water found. As usual, the people begin to complain. “Give us water to drink!” they cried. Moses was not able to do magic so he went to God. “What on earth do I do with these complaining people, he asked God. “They want water now, and there is no water anywhere in sight. They treat me like I am tormenting them. They are just about ready to stone me. God I need your help!” You know whenever we get into trouble, best place to start is by going to God in prayer. He knows the best answer and will work things out for our good. He will do a better job than we will. God told Moses to take his staff and hit the rock at Mount Sinai. Moses did as God instructed and water flowed from the rock. Moses named that place “Meribah” which means arguing. God does not want us to complain and argue. He will help us to act properly – like Jesus if we belong to Him. We need to squash those kinds of attitudes and trust God to help us live faithfully for Him. Bible Game (Good to verify comprehension and listening skills) Draw a tall mountain. On each side of the mountain, put mile markers going up the mount about every two inches. The kids will climb the mountain in a contest the boys against the girls. If they answer the questions correctly the first time, they get 5 points. The second time would be 10 and the next 15 and so on as they go up the mountain giving correct answers. If the boys answer incorrect the girls get a change at the same question and then get their own turn before it goes back to the boys. The first one who arrives to the top of the mountain gets to drink a bottle of cold water.

1. Who did God use to bring the Children of Israel out of Egypt? 2. Answer: Moses 3. Where did they wander for so many years? 4. Answer: Wilderness 5. What did the people complain in our lesson last week? 6. Answer: They wanted some bread and meat. 7. How did this make Moses feel? 8. Answer: Sad and upset 9. What did the people ask Moses for in the lesson today? 10. Answer: Water. 11. What did God tell Moses to do? 12. Answer: Take his rod and strike the rock. 13. What happened when Moses struck the rock? 14. Answer: Water came out. 15. What was Moses afraid the people were going to do to him if he did not get water for them? 16. Answer: They would stone him. 17. How do you feel when your friends treat you mean? 18. Answers: will depend 19. What do you do about it? 20. Answers: will depend 21. How does God want us to act? 22. Answers: various answers 23. Who lives in our heart to help us do things like we should? 24. Answer: The Holy Spirit; some may say Jesus or God.

Review Bible Verse Memory Game: Review last week verse using a bean bag. Begin with two children up front. They will pass the bean bag to each other after they will say one word of the verse until they get to the end. The bean bag will be tossed back forth saying one word for each toss. If they drop the bean bag a new player takes their place and the verse begins all over again.

New Memory Verse Game: Blessed are they which hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled (Matthew 5:6). Read the verse together several times. Ask if anyone can say it from memory. If they can fairly well (Missing a few words or needing help is ok for this first week) give them a Dixie cup of crushed ice. Do this for as many as you will have time for than tell the remaining kids that you will do some more fun stuff next week and you may get a chance then. Snack Suggestions: Mountain Root Beer Floats. Cup of Root Beer with a dip of vanilla ice cream. Serve with two vanilla wavers to represent the tablets of stone or you can use rock candy.

Craft Suggestion: Moses Strikes the Rock Coloring

Ice Cream Facts: 1. Vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip are the most popular ice cream flavors! 2.5% of ice cream eaters share their ice cream with their pet! 3. The largest ice cream sandwich weighed 2,460 pounds. Resources for ice cream facts: © Rev. Jeanne McIntosh June 12, 2011. All rights reserved.