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: Christian D. Manurung : 208121037 : A Regular 08 : STRUCTURE IV

STRUCTURE ASSIGNMENT Direction: Mark the participial and draw an arrow from the participial to the word it describes 1. He bought a used notebook. The participial phrase is a used notebook which the participle of word used describe notebook. 2. People walking in poorly lighted areas at night should be extremely careful. There are two participial phrases in this sentence. The first is walking in poorly lighted areas at night and the second is lighted areas at night. The first participial phrase, the participle walking describes what people do or act. And the second participle lighted refers to areas which is happened in the night. 3. Baked potatoes are frequently served with sour cream, grated cheese, and bits of fried bacon. The participle word baked describes how potatoes are. The participle word grated describes how cheese is. The participle word fried describes how bacon is.

4. That hanging basket contains a rare species of bromeliad. The participle word hanging describes what basket is. 5. Sid, watching an old movie, drifted in out of sleep. The participial phrase watching an old movie refers to Sid. Because that describe what activity is being done by Sid. 6. I saw the child punished. The participle punished refers to the child. Because that describe how the condition is being punished of that child.

7. The women wearing a red dress lives in the neighborhood. The participial phrase wearing a red dress refers to the woman. Because that describe what how the woman is who live in the neighborhood.(the woman wears a red dress, not wear a blue or grey dress) 8. The baby, crying, woke his mother. The participial phrase crying refers to the baby. Because that describe what the condition of the baby is. (cry, not sleep or laugh) Direction: There are two underlined participial in each sentence: one is in the correct form, but the other one is not. In the blank, write the letter (A) or (B), of the incorrect participial. A A to bed. B A A B A B tailor. B 6. People suffered from a severe depression should seek help from a licensed A A A producing in the last five years. B B B 7. Badly torn garments should be mended by an experiencing seamstress or 8. The old movies shown late at night are frequently better than movies psychologist. 1. The excited movie drew large crowds of excited children every Saturday. A A A A teaching assistant for still more help. A B B B B 2. The family, tiring from the exhausting trip, fell asleep as soon as they went 3. A couple needing a yard for their children rented the house advertising in 4. The police keep an updating file on all people reported. 5. After a grueling review session, some confusing students asked the

the weekend newspaper.