Dan brown was born on June 22 , 1964. He is an American author of thriller fiction best known for the 2003 best selling novel .Browns novels which are treasure hunts set in a 24 hr , time period feature the recurring themes of cryptography , keys, symbols, codes and conspiracy theories. EARLY LIFE AND EDUCATION Dan brown was born and raised in USA new Hampshire the eldest of three children brown grew up on the campus of Phillips eveter academy.Both of browns parents are singers and musicians having served as church choir masters. After graduating from Phillips eveter brown attented the college he was a member of pxi Upxilon fraternity .He played squash, sang in the glee club and was a writing student of visiting novelistalan . Brown spent the 1985 school year spain where he was enrolled in an art history course at the university of sewille Brown graduated from Amherst in 1986 After graduating from Amherst, brown engaged in musical career, creating effect with a synthesizer . In 1991 he moved to Hollywood to pursue a career as a singer

2003 The lost symbol.. 2000 Deciption Point.To support himself. In 1993. brown read lidney sheldons novel the doowsday conspiracy and was inspired to become a writer of thrillers. 1998 Angels and Demons. brown quit teaching to become a writer of thrillers. did much of the books promotion. brown and his wife the bald book . he taught classes at bravely rules preparatory school WRITING CAREER While on holiday in taniti. another humour book. 2001 The vinci code. looking brown on talk shows and setting up press interviews.song writer. In 1996. A few months later. pianist .his wife blytne. a full time writer. HUMOR WRITINGS 187 men to Avoid : 1995 The bald book 1998 NOVELS Digital Fortress. 2009 . writing press releases.

society. his wife having died in a car crash a couple of years earlier.SHOBHA DE Shobha Rajadhyaksha known as shobha de· was born on 7 January 1948. she is a freeland writer and a colomnlist for several newspapaers and magazines. India. He was a widower with two children. and celebrity. Xavier·s College. In 1980. In her coloumns she use to explore the socialite life in Mumbai lifestyles of the celebrities. She is an Indian columnist and novelist. she began a career in journalism in 1970. during a course of which she founded and edited three magazines ² stardust. At present. she contributed to the Sunday magazines section of the Times of India. EARLY LIFE Shobha de was born in Mumbai. CAREER After making her name as a model. The pair got married in . She graduated from St. PERSONAL LIFE Shobha de met her present husband Dilip De in 1991. Shobha was a divorce with two children of her own. Mumbai with a degree in psychology.

She and her husband later had two more children she is a cousin of ace photographer Gautam Rajadhyaksha.1984. BOOKS Sandhyas secret : 2009 Super star India from incredible to unstoppable Strange obsession Snapshots Spouse: The truth about marriage Speedpost ² Penguin. New Delhi 1999 Selective memory -penguin New Delhi 1998 Second thoughts ² penguin New Delhi 1996 Starry nights -1989 India Sisters -penguin New Delhi 1992 .