Midhun P Unni

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Career Synopsis

Master of technology in Clinical Engineering joint program between Indian Institute of Technology Madras(IITM) ,Christian medical college Vellore & Sreechithra institute of medical sciences and technology, Trivandrum (Aug-2008 to Dec 2010)

CGPA:9.45/10 ● Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Government Engineering college, Trivandrum, Kerala (June 2004-June 2008)

CGPA:7.2/10 ● Exposure in conceptualizing new innovative design ideas as a part of master’s Curriculum. ● Experience in working with medical professionals and exposure of different kinds of surgeries and other clinical methodologies as a part of the masters curriculum

Core Strengths & Expertise
● Clinical Engineering, Clinical Requirement gathering ● Good knowledge of physiological systems modeling, finite element analysis (FEA), Linear Algebra ● Good Knowledge of biomaterials. ● Basic knowledge in anatomy and physiology ● Basic knowledge of surgical procedures and medical terminologies

physiological systems modeling & biomaterials. ● Exposed to various medical device design standards like ISO 13485. and obsolescence management. manufacturing and plant automation. Roles and Responsibilities: ● Providing innovative ideas for at the concept stage for various medical problems . prototype development & validation. Solid works (Limited Exposure) C. enterprise IT functions. Basic anatomy and physiology Software Skills: Mathematica.C++ Soft Skills: Interested in applying mathematical and engineering principles into medical domain. Matlab.● Exposed to innovation methodologies like six hat thinking. sales & marketing. Ansys. cell and molecular biology. Skill Set Technical Skills: Mechanical engineering principles. pre-clinical and clinical development. Professional Experience and Summary of Projects executed Professional Experience Working with HCL Technologies –Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)Medical devices since (January 2011 –up to date) Organization Activities: Offers “Concept to Manufacture" Medical Device R & D & IT Outsourcing Services in areas such as: concept design. Triz etc.

2) Development of a device that applies constant aberrations onto the intestines and Quantifies it for clinical research on Rats A constant force aberration device has been designed and developed for determining the effect of intestinal aberrations during intestinal surgery by conducting an experiment on rats. Roles and Responsibilities: ● Understanding the requirements by close interactions with the Doctors. ● Study on the existing products available in the market ● Usability and Human Factors of caregivers and Doctors are considered while the designing the device. ● Mechanical engineering conceptualization and development of mechanisms ● Selecting the appropriate transducers and materials for the device ● Prototype development. Roles and Responsibilities: ● Understanding the medical requirements by observing and closely interacting with the surgeons and veterinary surgeons. caregivers. . The device has a motor and a force measuring transducer and a rough surface tip to apply quantified aberration on the rat intestines. service personal and by extensive survey of the current literature on the subject.Projects 1) Spasticity quantification & device for measuring the same A quantification methodology for spasticity in the patients affected with stroke or cerebral palsy has been developed and a device is made for the same.

2010. Held in Suzhou China . Roles and Responsibilities: ● Understanding the concepts of neurotransmission and using the mathematical model of kinetics of the neurotransmitters ● Exploring the parameter space and validating the ability of neurons to detect bursts taking into account the properties of neurotransmitters like GABA. and other accessories in developing the device ● Developing the prototype ● Assisting in doing the experiment and documenting the results 3) Effectiveness of burst detection with regard to the neurotransmitters A mathematical model of the kinetics of the neurotransmission was used to find out the effectiveness of the "burst" as a method of transferring information between the neurons. ● Quantifying the aberration applied onto the intestine of the animal ● Selecting the appropriate motors. ● This work is presented in CSHL Asia Workshop.● Cost effective design solution taking into account the medical constraints like need for sterility and accommodation of the device in a very small area.

optimized and a selection methodology for these two actuators for specific clinical applications have been developed. . This was implemented using C++ Roles and Responsibilities: ● Literature review related to the magnetic refrigeration principles. Roles and Responsibilities: ● Clinical requirement gathering ● Literature review of various DEA devices and geometries ● Designing two novel DEA geometries for large displacement smaller force and smaller displacement and larger force applications ● Developing an analytical model for the designed geometries for optimization of the parameters ● Solving the analytical model using MATHEMATICA 7.0 ● Simulating the geometries under load in ANSYS and comparing the results of the analytical model ● Devising an algorithm for selecting this devices for specific applications ● Making a prototype of the device and comparing the performance with the modeled results Bachelor’s Thesis Modeling the parameters of Magnetic refrigeration The heat transfer equation for the magnetic refrigeration has been simulated using finite difference method.Master’s Thesis Dielectric elastomeric actuators(DEA) for MRI compatible clinical applications Two novel geometries of dielectric elastomeric actuators have been designed.

. Attended computational neuroscience & brain mapping workshop held in India (SCTIMST) Attended summer School on Cognitive and Computational neuroscience workshop conducted by CSHL at Suzhou.China 2010 Awarded second prize for best innovative Biomimicry design contest held in Shastra-2010 in Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) GATE 2008 Mechanical Stream 92 Percentile Toefl Score of 99 for the year 2010 Stood among top 5% at District level physics competition at Schooling ● ● ● ● level ● In the plan to patent few of my designs. Trivandrum.● Selecting the suitable mathematical model ● Learning C++ & finite difference method for simulating the mathematical model ● Comparing the model results with the experimental data from the literature Workshops and Summer schools ● ● ● Attended workshops in Clinical Engineering-Advanced Clinical Engineering workshop held in SCTIMST. china 2010 Merits and Awards ● Awarded Scholarship to attend Summer School on Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience by Department of BioTechnology (DBT) India at Suzhou .