Writer’s guide lines for The Voice of Lumhs- a torque to change

Welcome to tVoL writer’s guide- a place to learn the rules to be followed before working out any piece of writing for the magazine. This guide allows you to learn the basic to advance of any submission to our magazine. Just follow through the handy guide below, and enjoy the journey! In case of any more queries, feel free to write to us to lumhsalumnimagazine@yahoo.com.

Acknowledgments Thank You, Dear user!
Thank you for joining us at the Voice of Lumhs (tVoL).tVoL is a project from the platform of Liaquatian's Welfare Society. It aims to publish a magazine that would produce link between more than hundreds of sophisticated, intelligent readers (alumni, faculty, friends, and students) and one of the Asia's leading universities, the first Public Sector Medical University of Pakistan. The Magazine would reflect the intense, energetic atmosphere of the University, taking an in-depth look at Lumhs's innovative thinkers, groundbreaking research, influential alumni, and active students. In addition to display advertising, the magazine also offers classified advertising. It wants Love, Health and Peace. Thank You for being its part. You have done a lot for your self, your university and your country.


1. Magazine’s Writing Guide lines………………………………… 2. Before submitting your work…………………………………… 3. Manuscript and ESubmissions………………………………… 4. Wait till the editor does.………………………………… 5. Bounced back or Accepted…………………………. 6. Ta-dah, you’re done!.........................................................


Read the writing guidelines instructions carefully. If not done as instructed, we will most likely not consider the submissions and instead toss them out.


Magazine Writing Submission Guidelines
1. The Voice of LUMHS is a quarterly professional magazine of the Liaquat University of Medical and Health sciences, Jamshoro. We are interested in articles and items on a wide range of topics, including new trends in education, politics, well-researched news features on current problems in education, education law, professional ethics, and thoughtful or thought-provoking essays and writings that explore current social issues relevant to Pakistan society. We also welcome articles on international affairs and labor issues of interest to liaquatians. 2. Any liaquatian (student, alumni and staff) is eligible to send his or her literary works on any of the following contents. (a). Articles and poetry (Sindhi, English, Urdu) (b). Peace (Islamic researches and articles) (c). Narration of events taking/taken place in the university (d). Cartoons (e). Case reports/ Medical researches (f). Pictures with captions


(g). Great people and their quotes (h). Comments/class notes by the alumni and students

3. The writer should be neutral/ unbiased towards any/every political party/agenda. 4. He can submit the item in any of the three languages mentioned forth: Urdu, Sindhi and English. 5. Keep in mind the audience as well as the tone and style of the magazine during the writing process. 6. Personal narratives of classroom experience are read with interest. 7. Articles may vary in length from 500 to 3000 words, depending on the topic. Avoid overwriting. A wellwritten article of 1,500 words, for example, has a much better chance of being accepted than a lengthy, rambling story. Pay careful attention to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Beware! Our readers are very quick to point out grammatical errors. We would refer and have guidelines from Chicago Manual of Style for our stylebook.


8. Start with a good hook. In the body, show why the article idea is unique and important for the reader. What’s the angle of the story? Be concise, urgent, clear and enthusiastic about the article topic in about at least three paragraphs. Site at least three sources to be used if the article demands it. Mention past experience and submit the article with pictures (if any/needed). It may take the editor one to three months to respond depending on the size of the magazine. 9. Think creatively. Don’t repeat the same words in every sentence. Vary the vocabulary. For instance, instead of perpetually using word “important,” use “key,” “essential,” etc. Avoid clichés unless they can be manipulated to sound clever. 10. We prefer queries to manuscripts. When sending a manuscript, please keep at least one copy of your article on file, as we cannot be responsible for unsolicited manuscripts. We will attempt to answer every manuscript query within 3 weeks. Be sure to include your contact information in the event we need to reach you. 11. If your article is accepted for publication, you will receive a confirmation email. Unless otherwise indicated, we assume that your article has not been published elsewhere in Pakistan. We purchase all rights to articles (although rights may be returned to author upon request), and the editor reserves the right to edit manuscripts for style, format, and length requirements.

12. Please note most importantly that we do not want chaos. We want Love, Health and Peace.


Before Submitting the Magazine Article
To appear as professional as possible, before submitting to the magazine, make sure to proofread carefully. Are all the facts accurate? Is the article grammatically flawless? Is the style consistently used throughout? Does the tone and style mimic the articles in the magazine? Editors love it when there is nothing to correct. The writers that can produce this kind of work will have a higher chance of writing for the publication in the future. Make sure that your article is on a well-defined topic or topics that are related in some way and has following features. 1. The writer is objective and shows all sides to an issue. 2. The sources for this news story are identified and are reliable. 3. It follows the rule, “Show, don't tell.”


Manuscripts and E-Submission
Soon you are done with every step/requirement mentioned so far, you are ready to submit it. You need to make 2 different submissions for one piece of writing. One is through e-mail to torquesubmissions@yahoo.com and the other one is the hardcopy to be submitted to the office of Deputy Director Student’s Affairs, Lumhs, Jamshoro. You are supposed to submit your item along with your complete name, class, faculty, e-mail address, your photograph showing your complete face (if you wish to) and a brief note on why you wrote it.


Wait till the Editor does!
Once you are done with the submissions as instructed, you are advised to wait and wait patiently till your article is read, edited and re-viewed by the editorial board. A decision is taken to publish a work, and the technical legal issues resolved, the author may be asked to improve the quality of the work through rewriting or smaller changes, and the staff will edit the work. Publishers may maintain a house style, and staff will copy edit to ensure that the work matches the style and grammatical requirements of our market. Editors often choose or refine titles and headlines. Editing may also involve structural changes and requests for more information. Some publishers would employ fact checkers, particularly regarding non-fiction works.


Bounced back or Accepted
Successful submission does not mean the acceptance. Your submission may either me bounced back to you along with the recommendations for corrections or with a reason for rejection OR it may be accepted as a pleasant piece of writing, honored to be published in the magazine.

Ta-dah, you’re done!


Great, you’re done! We hope you would enjoy your experience at tVoL. Let the words speak, shall we?

Happy reading and writing at tVoL!