EDITOR: Kuber N Kushwah

Lavishly we live, extravagantly we hail! In coruscate of gusto passion we sail. We rule the hearts and rock the soul Yet are modest and humane by Lord’s extol With friends we quarrel, babble and twiddle, World seems so insouciance in our puerile taradiddle. Congenially we solemnize these moments of life, For au fait adroitness we all perpetually strive. Laconically it’s campus crown, a scholastic paradise, Domicile of spirits-chauvinistic, mettlesome and wise. This exalting aura moulds the juveniles into salubrious men, Who act as torchbearers with their inquisitorial acumen. None is our corrival, from Heaven to Styx Because this is the incredible “Hostel Six”.

EDITORIAL BOARD: Abhishek Prabhakar Prince Singla Priye Ranjan Rabindra Kumar

LAYOUT: Alok Sharma Jayant Kushwaha

Seated: Alok Sharma, Mr Jatinder Kumar(Warden), Kuber Kushwah Standing: Abhishek, Rabindra Kumar, Priye Ranjan, Prince Singla, Jayant

H6 is not just another hostel- it’s the abode of most jovial, most passionate and most aspiring of all NITJians. It’s a place where ardor glitters on the wall, virtue perfumes the air and enthusiasm puffs you up! It’s a den where we sleep with problems and wake up with new ideas. In nutshell, it’s the best place to be in, if you are in NITJ! The day I bid farewell to my first year (in Jail-ander), Tashan of being an senior sprouted. I stepped into the real persona of NITJ- an anima of adventure, guts and dauntlessness . Walls of H6 are the audience of Dabangg of corridors, Band Baaja Baraat of B’day nights, Pathshaala of Exam time and Masti of all time. Those late night chats, uploads from LAN, Xeroxing the assignments, queue in bathrooms, gobbling the breakfast, swallowing the lunch, cheering India, jeering roommate… Collage of these moments has become my greatest treasure. Indebted to H6 for the same! The best thing of H6 is its diversity. Students from Kerala to J&K and from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat, boast of being part of H6. This vividness fosters energy among the inmates which creates a friendly bonding, a unity in team spirit and great opportunity in network building as well as socio cultural interaction and harmony. Whatever time a clock or date a calendar may read, enthusiasm of its inhabitants never goes down! This magazine endeavors to capture, encase and trot out the finest moments of the hostel and at the same time personate as a portal to the glimpses of its inhabitants. It’s all about what we are, who we are and where we are. It’s a story of all zealous hostellers who have strived to excel in all fields they have ventured into… It’s simply our portrait! I wholeheartedly thank our warden, Mr. Jatinder Kumar for all his time, guidance and efforts in bringing out this magazine. If there is any one solely responsible for the new avatar of H6, it’s entirely him. Hats off Sir! Last but not the least, thanks to all of you, without whom H6 would be mere an edifice. Thanks for making it “home away from home”…

-Kuber N Kushwah

With a mixed feeling of pride and felicity, I introduce the maiden edition of “MEGAGENE” Hostel 6 annual (2010-11) magazine. Mega-gene is not just few pages inked and compiled together but the creative avatar of the grey cells and the hard copy of the moments which will be cherished forever. In nutshell, it’s not just about the Hostel 6, but more about the life that inhibits it! Session 2010-11 was welcomed by white-washed walls, manicured lawn, ambient atmosphere, and of course warm and congenial spirit. Session can also boast of NITJ’s biggest Intra-Hostel Sports Competition. More than 150 students proved their mettle in various sports like Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, LAN Gaming etc. H6 also organized NITJ’s first Intra Hostel photography competition. Besides that, it’s an honor for H6 to be the first Hall with its own logo and flag. Hostel 6 also proved to a synonym of success as 6ites swept away the awards and accolades in almost all the fests of the institute and even beyond… And it’s just the beginning! Less as a warden and more as friend, the advice I’ll give to the residents in words of James Allen is, ”your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be and your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil”. These four years amidst the four walls of campus determine your next forty years. So put your passion in condign direction and strive for the righteous. After all it’s never too late to be what you desire for! Congratulations to all for making MEGA-GENE a reality. I wish it portrays the true spirit of our Hostel; A spirit to be esteemed for ever… I wish and pray that you excel with flying colors of exult, triumph and glory. Just DREAM, DARE and DISCOVER… World is all yours! Kudos H6! Hail NITJ!

Jatinder Kumar Warden

Many years ago, a Hungarian soccer star was interviewed after his team captured first place in a European competition. A reporter asked him about his secret to success, he said that whenever he had time he kicked the soccer ball, when he was not kicking the soccer ball, he was talking about soccer, and when he was not talking about soccer, he was thinking about it. So, you can see that soccer stars are not born, and not just anyone can become the best. Only those who devote themselves entirely to something can become the no. 1. -Gaurav Chauhan (ME 2nd yr)

For centuries, there are so many questions. How did it begin? Is there any life after death? People contented themselves by merely saying that everyone’s life is a fairy tale, written by God’s hands. But now such simple answers are not accepted. The spread of education prompts people to go deeper into the matter. To solve the mystery of life, one kind of exercise is scientific. But scientific research has created so many mysteries. Thus, science has no better solution to offer. Then the question regarding spirit and spiritualism arises in the mind. The mind feels more troubled and more thoughts come relating to spiritualism along the thought of God and religion. Thus this is yet a great secret and some illogical events and complications of life certainly confuse. Science cannot solve them. It can only harness certain forces of nature to benefit of mankind. So, life continues to be a big mystery, indeed we can only say “Zindagi wo geet hai, Joo har saaz par gaya nahi jata, Yeh wo raaz hai, Jo samajh kar bhi samjhaya nahi jata” -RAGHAV SHARMA (2nd Yr CHE)

How many of us say “sorry” as often as we should, realizing our errors and finding in ourselves the ability to admit we could be wrong. In the teens particularly, it is hardest to admit this fact. We always justify our actions, or put the blame on somebody else, avoiding the brunt ourselves. Just try saying “sorry” and really mean it, it work wonder when someone is really angry with you, be it your parents, friends, teachers, anyone and their temper has reached boiling point, you are being pulled up for some mistake you knowingly or unknowingly made, don’t argue; let the person have their say, they just say, “I am sorry”, you will see the magic formula begun to work. Admitting the mistake does not lower anyone, or take away an ounce of your pride, it eases out situations that are fiery. If we can control ourselves when someone else is in a rage, then we have already conquered illtemper.So go ahead and say “sorry”, you hardly need to use the word, for you wil have mastered the art of calming a temper down. -Jitendra Choudhary (2nd Yr ECE)

Imagine how dull, drab & dry life would become if there were no humour in it. Humour is the colour of life. No picture is just black and white. Surely one of the distinguishing features of human being and animal is that they are endowed with the ability to laugh. Animal can’t laugh like human beings. Science has proved very clearly that laughter is the best medicine. Body affects mind and mind affects body. Many of the minor ills and ailments of life can be easily cured by being happy. Constantly living in tension and worry can cause ulcers and other complications. Someone has rightly said that the first step toward solving problem or tackling a tough situation is to find some humour in it. The tension can be diffuse and problem can be solved. Lawyers, preacher, debater and orators intelligently use humour as a tool. The audience bursts into peals laughter. This opens up the minds and hearts release the tension and make them fully ready, responsive and receptive for the serious matter that follows. This is a very effective technique. A serious thing appears easy or less grave against the background of lighter, humorous things laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Fellow passenger, travellers and stranger sit glum, serious, tight-lipped. Human nature is to be apprehensive and suspicious and be prejudiced. But some funny jokes and remarks or a joke shared can bring people together. Humour is the lubricant of life. -Deepak Jaryal (2nd Yr ME)


, क एक , , , , , औ औ च औ क क क क

क ,

1. सोने की वह चीज है , ऩय फेचे नह ॊ सनाय। ु

भोर तो ज्मादा है नह ॊ, फहुत है उसका बाय। 2.छोटा था तो नाय था भैं, फडा हुआ तो नय। नाय का तो कभ भोर था, नय की फडी कदय।

च , आ , क ,

3.नह ॊ भैं मभरती फाग भें , आधी पर हॉ, आधी पर। कार हॉ ऩय भीठी हॉ, खा क न ऩामा कोई बर। े 4.सोने को ऩरॊग नह ॊ, न ह भहर फनाए, 5. च उ , कई 7. इ ए क क, 6. , , एक क, च, , औ ऊच क च क , , एक रुऩमा ऩास नह ॊ, फपय बी याजा कहराए। , उ क ,क च

, , , क क क ई क , क क क आ च आ आ

ई औ क

क च

औ क औ

1.चायऩाई 2. अमभमा-आभ 3. गराफजाभन 4. ु ु शेय 5. चक 6. 7.

***** उत्तय: *****

क क (ME 2ndYr)


(ME 2nd Yr)

-आ क

(BT Final Yr)

** क ** ** ** च क आ क क क क

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कईउ क च ,

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क क

उ च (CHE 2nd Yr)

एक “ क क एक

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औ च


उ एक “ च एक -उ क -

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क कउ उ क

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क ?

“ क

(CHE 2nd Yr)

क आ क क क च इ क, इ क , इ इ , इ इ इ एक कक Mechanical इ 93 ,क CS क च क च Mechanical आ 92 क subject क ,

एक ऊ

क च

क इ


Counter Strike

, ,

इ इ

Thermodyanamics क आ इ Subject 1000 Thermo क च

Academic क च क क

Toppers क Fluid Mechanics

क इ

, क इ इ ,

च , ,

इ क viscous Drag


, च क Back आ क Stress औ क क ए क Strain, , ,


(2nd Yr ME)

Manufacturing Science क  उ क क " औ ,"  ए : :आ क '  आ  क आ ," ( क ?" ," ," उ इ -आ क ई " (BT Final Yr) " ," " आ ), " क ए आ आ आ " इ आ कआ क ,इ आ क " च क च EG " ए ? ऊ क क क क क ,' एक क क उ क क औ क क क च च च Casting औ Forging क च क Back क


Mechanism of gear,

Easy इ ,

Projection क Topo इ क क

Material Science क आ क

एक क

कइ engineer क Doctor आऊ ऊ ,

Mechanical क क च

(2nd Yr ME)

Take a bite on my ‘love at first sight’, It took away my sleep at night. Finally we meet at her suggested sight, Then my life was very bright, Everything was going alright. From that very day was started to fight, Mostly on each other’s height. Still there was something which kept the relation tight, But some mistakes made it light, Some misconceptions also played ‘the role’-a slight, And the story reach to a dark night. I tolerated everything with a sip of sprite, And kept myself cool and polite. Now, Now there is nothing which makes me excite. I alone fly my dream’s kite, Swimming either left or right. And she, She has compromised with the height, For getting every evening free diet, In the café – ‘Quick Bite’. I see all this, but remain quiet. In calmness also, there is going a huge fight. Over the issue, who is wrong and who is right, Though the possibility is just as ‘might’. I am waiting for that light, Which will over shed the dark night, And again we will meet on that site, Flying on my dream’s flight. Some of you can bring the light, Just try to ignite, Say her, my love is infinite, And make it a successful ‘love at first site’. -Prakhar Agarwal (CS - II Year)

Can you find heart for me, that was pumping emotions in me . Which was the one having love for all, Which was the same for big and small. That was far from jealousy and hatred, and was having someone I loved & prayed. Which I have threw for this stones of few grams, with all the emotions in a far off farm. Can you find that brain for me, that could find glee in me. Which was not smart, also not selfish, But full of well wishes which has memories giving me pain but better for stuffs having only for aim exchanged for this brand new one That I retained in this long, mad run. Can you find those eyes for me Which could find me in me Which weren’t cute, still good to see That were in chains, but there dreams were free Which could feel the pain of being parted Which could see good, even in the stone hearted Which I sold to buy these glasses To feel stylish like these hallow masses Can you find that boy for me Who was happy , you see Who head the heart , that I lost Who won the battle that I lost Who had the brain, which I sold Who head the eyes that I sold The one whom I buried in the pages of history The one whom I killed to win titles of victory. -Om Prakash Ola (CSE, II yr)

Khule aakash mein ek parinda hoon, Mushkiloon mein bhi zinda hoon… Sapne the kuch in aankhoon mein, chood aaye jo hum sukhe pedoon ki chaoon mein. Dhundhla sa ek khayal hai, sapne pure honge ki nahin yahi sawal hai. Zeene k liye lamhe kum nahin, nazeene k lamhoon ka mohtaaj hoon, Apni is duniya mein manmauji sartaaj hoon. Dhoond raha apna astithva samudra ki ek boondh mein, jaisa ghoom raha musafir pani ki talash mein. -Jayant Kushwaha (CHEM, II yr)

Above all the worldly creatures, Lies the beauty of nature, The beauty which the Sun praises, For which, its head, the proud Earth raises. Trees are full of leaves, flowers & fruits, Gleaming like emeralds from tips to the roots, Rivers sprouting from hills & travelling to seas, Carry pure water & chatter with the breeze. From zenith to horizon is nature’s extent. Full of bowers and dense forests, May it always remain alive , To help all forms of life thrive. -Prem C Kumawat (ICE, 2nd yr)

For hours my eyes are glued to the door To get the glimpse of the one I adore To see that smile that took my heart To feel the apogee of God’s art To dive deep into her eyes, To take her far from all truth and lies To play with her tresses softer than mink To kiss those cheeks like petal pink To make her moments seem divine To venerate her as a revered shrine To bond with her soul benign To be her, and to make her mine -Kuber N Kushwah (2nd Yr Chem)

A smile is as infectious as flu. It can brings great happiness to you It costs only a smile to make a friend; It costs only a smile to instill confidence. It takes only a minute to pass a smile, It takes only a second to receive it. A smile can reveal the love of Mother, A smile can reveal the trust of a Lover. A smile is the cheapest measure to reduce pain, It is the easiest gift one can gain. It passes from one face to another like a plane, It is that property which nobody can claim. A smile can even conquer a heat. It is never too late to give it a start. So what are you waiting for? Give it a start because, It is that arrow, which will break, No one’s heart. -Abhishek Prabhakar (IPE, II yr)

I wIsH….
I wish to see those days again, When we were friends like unravel chains. But all those wholesome days have gone, Can’t I lament upon my fortune. I feel like sobbing for all day long. For the circumstances seem to be surely wrong. Many friends and peers have I got, But still somewhere I miss you a lot. Waiting that you will come back one day, You would stay and solemnly say, I am sorry, let’s be friends again, Forgot those days, spent in vain. Come back my friendship was not fake. With all my heart , I wish you were here, And we became friends and I would care! -Amandeep Singh (ICE / 2ndyr)

Love is in the simplicity of life. Love is the golden dream of open eyes. Love is kindness in life. Love is generosity of wife. Love is not just only kind but a deep feeling. Love is not a game to play. Love is like the rain, when it gains it always pains. Love is like a caution on the bed of life. Love is like the moonlight, in the dark night. Love is like the mother of an orphan child. Love is not a fight. Love is not to the mind, and of course it is blind. Love is to have sacrifice. Love is to be wise. Love is to be royal. Love is quite. Love is calm. Love is bright. Love is care. Love is warm. Love is the dead- end, this has not end. Love is God and God is Love -Prince Singla (2nd Yr CHE) THOUGHTS TO PONDER God grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. - Mark Twain Always be a first rate version of yourself than second rate version of somebody else -Judy Garlan

I was alone in the street of despair Till you came and we made a pair You are the one on whom I depend Among the crowd, my only friend You are there when I need a hand When I want someone to understand Thanks for all pranks we played together For sharing the sobs and multiplying the laughter Thanks for being with me in the days of fear For wiping away every drop of tear When you look into my eyes The sparkle makes me realize You are precious gift from heaven above My friend, my life and my love… -Himanshu Sachdeva (2nd Yr IPE)

Ye baatein hain un lamho ki…
(Dedicated to my school) Subah uth kar sabse phele, jab watch dekha karte the Ek aankh se time dekh kar, vapas so jaya karte the Papa k chillanne par, Jab brush karne jaate the Phir mummy k haatho se, breakfast kiya karte the Bina shoe lace bandhe, jab bus k pichhe bhaaga karte the Bus rukva kar phir, conductor ki daat khaya karte the Tedhi-medhi line bana kar, phir assembly me jaaya karte the Pledge ki 2nd line to hum, nursery se omit kar diya karte the Vo 15 min ki prayer me, jo comment pass hua karte the Phir principal ki speech pe, kaise chehre murjhaya karte the PT wale sir ko dekh, jab shoes safh kiya karte the Nakhuno ko muhh se kaat kar, tidy ho jaaya karte the Class me ja kar phir, ramayan suna karte the Teacher se jyada to hum, watch ko dekha karte the Tiffin box ko nikaal kar phir, lecture jhela karte the Lunch me phir doosro ka tiffin, apna samjha karte the Vo hafte ka games period, hum kitna miss kiya karte the Phir campus me ghoom kar, Apni miss ko dhunda karte the Unse jab aakhein milti, to kaise sharmaya karte the Dosto ki phir black-mailing par, kaise muskuraya karte the Library me kitabe chhod, Magazine k page palta karte the, Librarian k aane par, kaise 'kabir' utha liya karte the Exam k ek din phehle jab, topper se syllabus pucha karte the Raat bhar jaag k phir, coffee k cup khali kiya karte the Laal ankho se phir hum, paper diya karte the Upar waale se phir 'aakhari' baar, help manga karte the Har chhoti chhoti baato par , badi badi ladaiyaa karte the Phir khud he sabse phele jaa kar, 'sorry' bola karte the “I missed you yaar" keh kar, gale mil jaaya karte the Us jaadu ki jhaapi se, saare gile dur ho jaaya karte the Un lamho me kho kar, aakhe geeli ho jati hain Hooth muskura dete hain, aur yaadein taaza ho jaati hain Un purani diwalo ko aaj, phir rangane ka dil karta hai Un corridors me aaj, phir bhagane ka dil karta hai Un lamho ko sach me yaaro, phir jeene ka dil karta hai Un lamho ko sach me yaaro, phir jeene ka dil karta hai... -Kuber N Kushwah (CHEM 2nd yr)

Be a leader, not a boss The boss drives his men, The leader inspires them The boss depends on authority, The leader on goodwill The boss involves fear, The leader radiates love The boss says ‘I’ The leader says we The boss knows who’s wrong The leader knows what is wrong The boss demands respect The leader commands respect So be a leader, not a boss. -Priye Ranjan (CHEM, II yr)

Aaj ek ajnabi se mulakaat hui, kuch ansuni ankahi baat hui... kar baithe the is duniya se ruswayi, aaj fir zindagi mujpar meharbaan hui... Na jane kyun tune apna sa ehsaas diya, jeene k kuch maksad se roobaroo kiya.. na the koi gile na the koi shikwe, nasamjh dil idhar udhar bhatke.... Dartaa hoon kahin tujhe khoo na doon, aaj akele mein roo na doon... khushnaseeb samajhta hoon jo aap se baat hui, aaj ek ajnabi se mulakaat hui .... -Jayant Kushwaha (CHEM, II yr)

Life is real, life is great Make it sublime, or it may be too late Time and tide wait for none Take this seriously not for fun. Life is real, life is beauty Be honest and shrink from duty. Always ready to give, not borrow Have faith in the present, never leave for tomorrow. Life is real, is boom Brighten it with hard work, as the moon Life is real, life is a mystery None but the diligent can get victory The rose of life will never fade truly Spread its beauty and fragrance daily. -Priye Ranjan (CHEM, II yr)

1. If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0" 2. The more I C, the less I see. 3. There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't. 4. I'm not anti-social; I'm just not user friendly 5. A CC printer consists of three main parts: the case, the jammed paper tray and the blinking red light 6. Difference between a virus and windows ? Viruses rarely fail. 7. The great thing about Object Oriented code is that it can make small, simple problems look like large, complex ones. 8. C program run. C program crash. C programmer quit. 9. You don’t need gravity to fall in love. 10. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate 11. A biophysicist talks physics to the biologists and biology to the physicists, but then he meets another biophysicist, they just discuss women. -Deepak Jaryal (2nd Yr ME)

1. A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking. 2. I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done. 3. All true wisdom is found on T-shirts. 4. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. 5. All work and no play, will make you a manager. 6. A diplomatic husband said to his wife, "How do you expect me to remember your birthday when you never look any older?" 7. To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research. 8. Marriage is a three ring circus: an engagement
ring, a wedding ring, and sufferin


If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea... does that mean that one enjoys it 10. There are 3 kinds of people: those who can count & those who can't.
11. God made man and then rested. God made women and then no one rested 12. WOMAN: The most efficient money reducing agent known to man-kind!

-Himanshu Sachdeva (IPE 2nd Yr)

 Patient: What is the cost of plastic surgery? Doctor: It is near about 10,000$. Patient: Well, what if we arrange the plastic? When we are in hospital, our friend asks: How are you dear? But our best friend asks: Hey buddy, how is the nurse? Judge: Order! Order! Santa: Ek full chicken masala, 4 paratha, 1 kabab aur 1 coffee. Judge: Shut up! Santa: Shut up nahi 7 up. What is height of Laziness? Adopt a child Afridi apni wife se: mujhe chai dena. Wife ne plate may chai dal kar di. Afridi gusse se bola: Cup may daal kar do ! Wife: Cup to dhoni le gaya, Isi may pine ki aadat dalo. Banta : tujhe apna lappy bada karna hai???? santa : haan yaar !! Banta : to fir ismay se window nikalwa k darwaja fit karwale -Puneet Chawala (3rd Yr ICE) -Jitendra (3rd Yr CHE) -Raghav (3rd Yr CHE)

1. What goes around the world yet stays in a corner? 2. If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don’t have it. What is it? 3. The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it? 4. What doesn’t exist, but has a name? 5. Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die. 6. What is yours but your friends use it more than you do? 7. It is greater than God and more evil than the devil. The poor have it, the rich need it and if you eat it you’ll die. What is it? 8. What English word has three consecutive double letters? 9. What starts with a T, ends with a T, and has T in it? 10. Say my name and I disappear. What am I? 11. The more you take, the more you leave behind. ANS: 1. A postage stamp 2. Secret 3. Darkness 4. Nothing 5. Fire 6. Your Name 7.Nothing 8.Bookkeeper 9. Teapot 10.Silence 12. Footsteps -Prince Singla (2nd Yr CHE)

 


क च क


उ क

,च क ,क , , ,क


क , क क क

क क , क च क क इ

उ क

उ क

क आ

,क !

क क

क क

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S Dayakar Reddy CSE Rabin Kumar Jain ECE Quantum computing and Shor's algorithm. Quantum computing is the future of the computing world, which will makes things much faster than the existing classical computers. SMS bases home appliance control and security system using 8051 micro controller. GSM module/cell phone which is interfaced with micro controller to operate home equipments such as A.C., water geyser, controller to operate home equipments such as A.C., water geyser, phone when controller senses any flammable substances. International paper on 'FACE DETECTION' published at International conference on image processing (ICOIP -2011), China and indexed in IEEE. Face detection algorithm was developed on MATLAB using color based mask generation techniques for biometrical usage. High Strength concrete by using Plasticizer. Compressive strength of concrete is increased by decreasing the water content and adding super plasticizer. RF power harvesting used for cell phone battery charging. Ambient RF waves converted into voltage through spontaneous boosting Design and development of micro controller based biomedical amplifier for an ECG signal. Design and implementation of an OFDM modem using DSK TMS320C6713 (digital signal processing kit) To use fuzzy logic in determining the thermal resistance of knitted fabric Optical control of inverted Pendulum. This technology is used to make robotic arms pendulum.

Sourav kumar Patel, Abhinav Phirani


Dixit Gautam Sanuk Guha Mohit Kandpal Partha P Roy Nipun Sarin Prateek Kesarwani


Carrom WinnerAbhinav , Cheerla Shrikanth

Runner up- Ravi,Kandi Sathyanarana

Badminton (Singles) Winner- Cheerla Shrikanth Runner up-Abhinav Anand Badminton (Doubles) Winners- Cheerla , Gaurav Chauhan Runner ups-Priye Ranjan, Abhinav Lan Gaming WinnerAbhishek Prabhakar

Chess WinnerAnshul

Runner up-Prabhat Joshi

Table Tennis(SINGLES) Winner- Sourav Choudhary Runner up- Roshan Singharia (DOUBLES) Winner-Roshan, Sourav Runner Up- Mayank Jha, Priyank

Volley Ball Winners- Ram S Meena, Roshan, Surendra, Bhanu P Meena, Somesh Sharma, Surendra K Meena, Rajesh K Patidar, Ankesh K Naraida

Cricket Winner- Harshad Gandhe, Priyank Sharma, Ankit Kumar, Shailendra Mehra, Suraj Raut, Neeltej, Riyaaj, Vaibhav Chauhan

Under Construction Badminton and volleyball court (L-R) Photographs taken by Solomon Mukaram Raj and Amandeep Singh


Designed By: Alok Sharma (BT Final Yr) , Kuber N Kushwah (CHE 2nd Yr)

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