10:16 am, Monday, 6/13/2011 1st, Mayan day 6 Akbal/Night or House

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GORILLA ♥ This video Hello. I opened the webcam app, then closed it. With the body feeling so heavy, I don’t know what I have to share. Maybe I’ll start out this way - in writing - to see what comes. Some mornings you awaken in joy and gladness or empathy - others in heaviness and weight - as if the burden of the world somehow rested in or on your body. Go figure. Interesting times that we live in. There’s another eclipse happening in 2 days - June 15th. Maybe it casts its shadow out ahead of it. I don’t know. Anyway, variable states are just a part of being here in 3D, of wearing these bodies. Everything, including internal state, comes and goes. Thank God for heart - for the permanence of that. It’s our safe harbor in whatever storm brewed up in the world. We always have that as our anchor - the Kingdom of Heart. Sometimes it seems far away, I know. Life is like that. Best to remember it’s only a seeming and just move on. One foot in front of another - that’s all that’s required. It’s only natural that our deep soul weariness would sometimes surface. We, as Light Beings, have been at this a very long time - and under tremendous duress. The burden of The Matrix - well, it’s tiring. Sometimes it seems like it’s always winning, and we’re not. Once again, though, that’s just a seeming. When you place that next footstep, you’ve won. Get knocked down 100 times, it doesn’t matter - get up 101 and you’ve won. It helps, too, to recollect that time just isn’t what we’ve been trained to believe. It’s not the weight, the limit, the burden we’ve been taught.

It’s our transcendence we’re missing, my friends. Our nature is positively Light-filled and transcendent. Yet, our wings have been clipped, here in 3D, and for quite a while. We’ve grown weary. Don’t beat up on yourself when you feel this way. Be more self-merciful than that. Have a heart ;) Give self a break. Center in heart, then just let yourself feel. There’s a reason for everything. You don’t have to know what it is, either. That’s just mind, intruding. Those are mind’s ways - wanting to know everything. That can get you off-center from heart. If we stay in heart, we’ll always know what we need to know. We’ll either be given the knowledge, directly, or be carefully guided into those steps that will bring it to us. Either way, heart is our safe port. Can you begin to trust that what Life brings to you is just the right thing? Even when it’s heavy or when it hurts? Let’s all be there to support and remind each other - 3D life, though it’s wonderful and powerful, and just where we need and want to be, is also only a seeming - and only a portion (and a small one) our who and what we really are. It’s not the whole thing. Just a part. That way, though we are feeling totally burdened and weighed down, we can touch bases with our awareness that this isn’t the whole story. We’ve got reserves in hiding that will blow both us and the whole world into Light. This is a sort of dance we’re doing, with our presence in 3D, on the earth. It’s not the wholeness or completeness of anything - certainly not us. Having our perceptions narrowed and limited the way they are in these bodies is such a challenge. Once again, thank God for heart! Without that, well - it would be a nightmare. If this was the whole point, the whole extent of what is, then yes, that would qualify as a very bad dream. But it’s not. Here’s another little goodie - all the seemings, I have found, are resident within mind. Thus, to exit mind and enter heart can provide a real break, at times. Not always. Sometimes, it’s more important to just face and be with what’s there in front of you. In those times, relief is for later. To take it right now would be running away.* Discernment is key, and it can be tricky. Mind likes to think it knows pretty much everything. Put another way, whatever the contents of

mind, it is confident that with this stuffr at least, it is right. I love the humility found in each heart. It’s been my rescuer so many times from so much. I’ve learned to really respect it. Part of the symptoms of letting go of mind is seeing the ways of its arrogance. Trust me, they are there. They don’t become visible, though, until we at least start to move out - to vacate head in favor of heart. Only then do we begin to see the various levels of arrogance worn by the mind - and what they were hiding. It’s part of the cleansing work that must be done to make way for more Light. We’re here to be bright anchors of Light - transducers of brilliant, high-frequency energy. In our souls we somehow know that, if we just carry this Light, Truth will prevail on earth. We’re here on a mission, and we know it, deep down. It’s a real comfort. The truth that we’re not seeing just now is how we’re very much a part of the Family of Light. We’re woven in with soul mates, twin flame, spiritual Guides, Light Beings, unseen, and Higher Self. Each one of us forms a whole community of Light - we carry it around with us. We’re connected with that. That’s the reality we’ll be seeing more and more clearly as the new days pass. Time is shortening, meaning so very much more is being shoved into a very short time. We’re accelerating, and so is the earth, the galaxy, and the universe. Major changes are oncoming, and we’re scurrying to keep up with them. Our bodies are being called on to carry higher and more intense frequencies. That flushes the dark stuff in us up to the surface. Thus, often what we may have thought was a failing or dark manifestation has a very good origin. It’s only come up to be let go of - then it’s gone. So don’t hang on to who and what you think you are. Be open to miracles - be positive, be grateful, find the Joy in heart. It is there. Don’t retain the old self-image - let it go. That old ache from that old injury that you think is giving you problems - maybe not. What you think is one thing may be something quite other - but you won’t discover what it is until you let go of what you think. Don’t assume - not about anything. Assumptions are based on the past and, like future-based expectations, they just pin us down. If we’re

spread out in time beyond the now moment - which we are if entertaining either assumptions or expectations - then we’re in mind, guaranteed. That’s not heart.
Get into heart. Let go of your addiction to logic. When you manage to

do that, you will see how linear, how limiting, mind’s logic really is. Make room for the transcendent, my friends. It will help you through what’s ahead. Things are pretty crazy, now, in the world, and no doubt they will get very much crazier. Well, detach from that. Let it go. Let go your opinions about all of it. Can you do that? The more letting go all of us do, the better shape we’ll be in to hear the Family of Light when they communicate with us. We’ll be more attuned to the still, small voice. How do I know? We’ll be emptier and that emptiness is really the key. As long as we retain all our old habits, our expectations about life and society and just things - our assumptions, our prejudices about this and that - there’s no room in the inn for the Christ child to be born - in you. That’s the point, of course. Don’t you see it? We are ascending into higher consciousness - riding the Light spiral up. The way we make room for the Christ to inhabit our form is to let literally everything else go - to surrender like that. Be anchored in heart. By not paying attention to mind, that’s a surrender - of each thought. You’re showing, by your detachment, that you’re willing to let go of the old. In some funny way, this continual self-emptying is required. Mind doesn’t and cannot and will not understand it. You can fight and argue, internally, with that one all you like. I know I did. You’re entitled. But, at some point, my guess is that you’ll join me here in acceptance of simply not knowing. To the mind, it’s a very strange state. It makes no sense to mind. So, once you find yourself here, you’ll know you’ve done a good bit of surrendering of thought. Mind thinks that it’s only logical - if you keep emptying and emptying and endlessly surrendering like that, there will be nothing left. Total emptiness. Well, yes, in a way, this is true. Yet, it’s also true that, in some way that completely transcends the mind - in the midst of this total emptiness - is such a vast fullness. There aren’t really words for this. Just don’t be afraid.

Remember, when fear pops up its head, that it’s really just mind. Take a good look. Center, and then just observe. Get used to claiming your divine identity, not just the human part. Begin to see Self in this new way. You’ll find it in heart. Go there, and just keep letting go. The letting go, sometimes, will seem endless. That’s okay. It’s only a seeming, while You are infinite, eternal - frankly, divine. Be who You really are ☼
* That doesn’t mean not to center, not to seek relief within heart. Go ahead. I just meant that you won’t always feel the relief that you seek. Again, this

doesn’t matter. Perhaps you can look at the expectation to find the relief - notice that. Now, let it go. It doesn’t matter what you find. Just be there. Quote from Jon Kobat-Zinn, from Wherever You Go, There You Are “The power of mindful, selfless generosity at the deepest level is that there is no giver, no gift, and no recipient... only the universe rearranging itself.” Wow! ~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ iTunes podcast - Awake in the Now ♥ Blip.tv channel -Awake in the Now TAGS EVERYthing is blessing, heaviness and burden, feeling down and out, multiple eclipses, variable states, transitory, Kingdom of Heart, transducer of high frequency, emptiness or surrender, just the next step, no assumptions or expectations, arrogance of mind, light flushes up dark, The Matrix, time speeding up, beliefs and ideas as limits, we are transcendent, Family of Light and Love, Light Beings, 3D and dimensions, welcome not knowing, watch and observe, awaken or enlighten, Source God or Spirit