Roadblock Advertising: A new word in Marketing Dictionary

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after all airtime in either the Vertical or the Horizontal plan cannot be just bought with a few precious dimes! Therefore. 1 2 Road block a strategy to create or avoid TV traffic jams? Lynn De Souza. 2009 Roadblock is the new weapon. while Horizontal Roadblock is when different media networks are blocked for a single time slot by a particular brand.gourmetad. We can also underline two situations where roadblock advertising works best. Most publishers use this to promote well known authors and roadblock advertising can also create awareness driving sales online and offline in bookstores. and b) when a new brand (product or service) is launched or when a brand enters a new market. ³Vertical should be used when you want to maximize frequency of your advertisement(s) & Horizontal is to be used if you want to maximize the outreach of your mass communication. thus preventing any other advertiser from being resent at those times. the new term roadblock advertising is a jargon used to express that your favorite channel on TV or any other press medium could be bombarded with ads of the same brand. 2. The key here is picking your day and the time that you¶ll run the advertisement. 2 Vertical Roadblock is when a particular media network [a channel or a newspaper] is blocked by the marketer for a single day. Roadblock advertising can be segregated into two broad categories. the company should be extremely careful about its choice in this regard. The need for roadblock advertisements has been increasing day by day as people want their products to register in the minds of the consumers. Branding Campaign The most commonly used reason for running a roadblock advertising campaign is for branding 3 . even though it is considered to be expensive but it still manages to create a buzz within the mindset of the consumers. Of course. In technical terms. Cookbook Launch When launching a new cookbook into the market it is important to make a quick impact to drive sales.ROADBLOCK ADVERTISING: A new word in the marketing dictionary In simple words.´2 Situations where roadblock advertisements can be used:3 1. the definition of Roadblock advertising describes it as a temporary installation set up control or blocks traffic along a road. October 14. a) when there is a major shift in the communication strategy of a brand. On commercial television. while both have their own advantages. Roadblock advertising is done to ensure greater registration status in a consumer¶s mind11.vertical and horizontal. However it is not only TV but the increasing hype is also being created over the online advertisements. the term is used when an advertiser buys up all the advertising on a channel for a given length of time like a full day or across a band of channels at a particular time. which amongst the two should be used depends completely on the objective one wants to achieve from the campaign as MTV¶s Swamy advises.IIPM Article www. The most common medium of roadblock advertising is TV.

Gifts Sales Campaigns Key gift giving days like mother¶s day and valentines always generate sales of gifts online. 4. 10. 7. This is a great way to lift the initial TV ratings and capture new viewers.3. Shopping Sale During a shopping sale in store or online. tomato sauce or cooking oil which you are launching roadblock advertising is a great way to get the message across. Popular Shopping Days Roadblock advertising campaigns on popular shopping days like festive seasons will also help in generating sales online and consumers into stores. as the first weekends takings are a clear indication of how successful the movie will be and thus it is very important to use roadblock advertising. Consumer Packaged Goods Launch While launching a new product into the market it is important to undertake wide reaching media to capture the attention of consumers. 9. Movie launch The launch of a movie these days is also extremely important. TV show Roadblock advertising can also be used to create awareness with possible viewers of a new TV show or a well known returning season of the show. running a roadblock advertising campaign will gain attention to your sale by either driving the consumer to your store or your online store. Clearance Sale If there is a clearance sale then running a roadblock advertising campaign will gain attention to your sale by driving consumer to your store. 5. 6. By running a roadblock advertising campaign will drive traffic to your store and sales. New Wine Release By undertaking a roadblock advertising campaign around the releasing of new wine to reach the millions of consumers not only would their online sales increase but also a consumer would also be able to create brand awareness of the product. so it is important to ensure that your target audience spends at your store. 8. So if it¶s a new dishwasher detergent. It is important in your advertisement to communicate savings the consumers can expect. .

Star Vijay. Star Gold. The characters were a bunch of egg Brands erect roadblocks on the air to get ahead of competitors. Star Utsav. However in this case roadblock advertising worked well but there was no improvement in the sales. ³Vodafone¶s roadblock initiative with Star brought in 90-95% brand recall and opened up a new avenue for advertisers wanting to make a splash. National Geographic Channel and History Channel. The zoozoos were a profound example of promotion strategy adopted by Vodafone.livemint.Priyanka Mehra (www. 2009 www.Roadblock Ad. From the internet to newspapers and magazines to TV channels. Marathi and English through the television network including the TV Channels like Star Plus. Tamil. Apart from spending 10 crore for the name change Vodafone also used short and long commercials exclusively in all breaks. an impact which would come from superior strategy. gibberish speaking and hysterically laughing little white creatures.4 Vodafone: Dialing the winning number5 Roadblock re-appeared in the market with a bang when Vodafone announced change of to the world. Star Movies. The zoozoos entered the chart at number onethe first time any campaign had achieved this on its debut. national director. skilful innovation. the research arm of media buying agency Maxus.Campaigns Roadblock advertisers require an impact.´ said Priti Murthy. Zoozoos swamped 4 Road block a strategy to create or avoid TV traffic jams? Lynn De Souza. transition bumpers and contest spots to promote the Vodafone brand to reach 63 million viewers in five languages including Hindi. Star One. when a small fire extinguisher making company decided to use 9 different commercials to launch its diversification into keep fresh kitchenware. Bengali. so that the viewer got the whole message about the range. both vertically and horizontally. The very first roadblock to be attempted on Indian television was way back in 1994. A creative plan adopted by the media planners was that they acquired the telecast rights of a full length feature film and aired only these commercials in every 5 6 . Star Majha. Channel [V]. smart targeting. Star Ananda. 6 For Vodafone 2009 was another spectacular year. Insights. Star World. and masterly execution. Star News.vodafone. October 14. Soon Zoozoos were everywhere. Each of the 29 Zoozoo commercials revolved around a Vodafone product or service. This year the zoozoo campaign became a matter of intense debate and speculation. Vodafone ran commercials.

cakes. HUL advertsised its product on 25 TV major TV channels which included Zee TV. Zoozoo rakhis sold for up to Rs. Things you didn¶t know about Vodafone: y When the advertising with the Pug was first introduced. Facebook had a Zoozoo fan page while the Zoozoo Youtube channel became the most subscribed.even coffee break banter. are actually real people in body suits.30) on the internet during Raksha Bandhan. Lifebouy and Lux were the two main brands promoted during these campaigns. believed to be animated. cookies and theme birthday parties with Zoozoos as central characters have become a rage. Over 6000 Indian blogs carry reference to the Vodafone Zoozoo story. The Zoozoo campaign is the first-ever Indian entry to reach Ad Age¶s top viral film list. Zee . y y y y y HUL: Colossal way of advertising The second initiative of roadblock advertising was conducted by HUL. the price of a Pug pup shot up to Rs. HUL conducted a roadblock on 25 Zee channels and their estimated spendings were in the range of 80-90 million. Zee Cinema. 80. 350 (US$ 7. Today. Zoozoo became the fourth most searched word on Google. The Zoozoos. India fell in love with it.000 (US$ 1670).

Zee Studio. it also provides an excellent opportunity to bring in advertising premium.7 MTV India MTV had also conducted a similar roadblock with Bingo and with Cadbury. Zee Action. Zee Smile. Not a single normal commercial was used. conducting roadblocks seems to be the new innovation to gain optimum brand exposure. ETC Punjabi. promoting the launch of the new N96 through Freedom of Expression."Elaborating further.9 MTV also associated with Nokia on Independence Day last year. Akaash Bangla. great combination¶ message. "On 1 Roadblock advertising. All commercial breaks were exclusive to Bingo of course. teasers showcasing the features of the product. It will also highlight the healthy lifestyle through its programming. so much in character with the brand¶s irreverent whacky persona. These channels will carry only HUL brands' advertising for the entire day and will also create special opportunities for HUL and showcase its various brands innovatively like using Zee's graphical packaging elements to highlight the brands of HUL. but beyond that the content itself was recreated to showcase the brand and its µno confusion. Zee Punjabi. all paid µtribute¶ to the brand as µfoolishly¶ as possible! This is one form of vertical roadblock advertising which is in the form of day associations. Zee Premiere. ³MTV has been doing these stunts since 2003. ETC Music. Zee Trendz. Zee Café. Hindustan Unilever general manager . Zing. we did the stunt with Cadbury. The entire day was branded as µpay day¶ on MTV. he says. We do not just roadblock but also create content to support the brands. interactive scrolls offering special mobile downloads of the national anthem.´ Bingo worked with MTV to sponsor April Fools Day turning it into a Bakra Din. Zee Talkies.Shailesh Velandy (www. Avers MTV India GM and SVP content and creative Ashish services Srikanth Srinivasamadhavan said. where we also created two promos for them with the theme µkhush hai jamana aaj pahli tarikh hai¶. For the broadcasters. 24 Taas.mabbit. Zee Sports and Zee Tamil. Zee Bangla. "We are pleased to be a part of an idea that will exclusively reach us to more than 100 million viewers in India at the same time throughout the day. Zee . Ghantalu. 24 Ghanta." In a recession-hit market when advertisers are heavily cautious on their spending. spoofing VJ¶s. The entire day it was Cadbury ads which we could see it on Mtv. and so on. Cadbury even used our promos on other channels. Zee Classic.Priya (www.Marathi. Zee Telegu.campaignindia. It is innovative and is expected to bring stronger engagement with consumers. Instead the entire day was peppered with celebrity vignettes branded by the N96.8 7 8 Roadblock: extravagance that can be justified. Fake cricketers. Jagran.

awareness and impact about µBrand Volkswagen¶ in India and help the company grab attention and mindshare of potential customers. Volkswagen bagged two awards for roadblock for the new beetle and the creative outdoor advertsing for Touareg. Advertisements of Volkswagen brands such as Beetle. The relevance of this kind of advertising by Volkswagen was that it helped in building their brand image.Volkswagen: Roadblock for India Volkswagen tied up with Times of India to make a Volkswagen edition on 11th November 2009. ³We have witnessed a huge rise in the awareness for the Volkswagen brand within a very short time period in the country post the campaign. Volkswagen spent around Rs. Chief General Manager. Marketing. Maybe she isn' . Beetle.afaqs. Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt Ltd said. made out as a social campaign. As per industry estimates. Jumping at every sudden sound. ³The idea behind the Outdoor Advertising was to create maximum buzz. The print ads introduced and appraised readers to the various Volkswagen brands that are currently available (Passat & Jetta) & the ones that are lined up for India (Polo. CGM ± Marketing & PR.. Lutz Kothe.The baseline tells us boldly to save our tigers. one award for the media plan of the year for Volkswagen brand campaign and one awrd for the campaign of the year for Volkswagen total roadblock at the convention. Lutz Kothe. Touareg). initiates "Save Our Tigers' message in a very visually alluring manner. the campaign has also resulted in huge motivations amongst the dealers and employees of the company.. and PR.´9 In 2010 at the outdoor advertising convention. According to Aircel. In fact. which clearly signifies the rise in the brand awareness for the Volkswagen brand in India. wondering when his mother's coming back. Apart from increasing the sales of the New Beetle and Touareg. 100 million for the one-day roadblock. Hungry. The picture grabs our attention instantly and our eyes as quickly move on to the headline: Two months. The ad shows a cub standing alone in a forest. Volkswagen Group Sales India affirms.10 AIRCEL A print ad from Aircel. These campaigns not only created brand recall for Volkswagen across the nation but also played as key part in boosting the company¶s sales.10 Justifying the cash spent on the advertising warfront. Speaking on the occasion Mr. The numbers of tigers 9 10 The FMCG and RETAIL marketing Blog www. the Volkswagen brand received a huge number of Internet hits. Scared. The front page had a Volkswagen cutout in the form of a car. Jetta and others dominated the complete newspaper from cover to cover for the day.

2009. thus blocking all other advertisers. on December 16. Given the above examples we can see that how it has become very important for any brand to advertise to gain visibility in the market and in the mindsets of the consumers. HUL showcased the theme of care and entertainment through its Vol 2. HUL used this strategy to create a big impact and exposure in the mindsets of the targeted consumers. In terms of print advertisements. Idea also does a "Use mobile. it has become one of the most important and popular form of advertising to gain visibility and getting value for money. Since 2009. whose trailers blocked 11 Star India channels. Save paper" campaign with none other than Abhishek Bachchan acting in it. We set aside a certain portion of our ad-budget every year for Roadblock advertising for a particular brand from ITC Foods. the advertisements were showcased the entire day. for Times of India.13 www.11 Roadblock Strategy: Roadblock Advertising refers to buying all the advertisement spaces in a media vehicle for a day. issue 2. Conventionally awareness for a new brand takes a longer time but Vodafone wanted to set into the mindsets of the customers at the shortest possible time.12 MTV channel was another medium through which a number of brands adopted roadblock advertisements to increase their brand value.indiatimes.´ reveals an ITC foods official. Vodafone spent 10 crores to change its brand name from Hutch to Vodafone which created a 90. To quote an example of Horizontal Roadblock advertising we can look into SRK¶s film My Name is Khan. Star Gold & Channel V. By using the tiger concept it gets great 12 11 . Snce FMCG space was cluttered and fragmented. For instance Lifebouy soap was advertised keeping in view the widespread swine flu. March 2010 www. Calling upon the public to use mobile for communication purpose. HUL marketed its two major products Lux and Lifebouy. The second initiative towards roadblock advertising was done by HUL. For radio. Station ID integration and complete overhaul of the station format to fit within the brand template. including Star Plus.economictimes. The main aim of this strategy was to reach to 100 million consumers and to bring in stronger engagement for the consumers.reflectionsadvt. The mission of Vodafone included being the communications leader in an increasingly connected world. the campaign subtly envisages a save trees idea too on the social advertising front. a landmark innovation was executed wherein its name for the newspaper for the day was changed to µMove on India¶ in keeping with the brand tagline. In a similar gesture. ³Roadblock advertising is an important part of our marketing plan. 14 Vodafone used this strategy to reach a broad or targeted audience quickly.95% of brand recall for the company. Star One. Aircel went beyond the mundane and did a complete takeover of Red FM on the day of the launch with an all inventory roadblock. Cadbury¶s µMeetha hai 13 www. The advertisement gains Aircel consumer India have come down to 1411 from 40000. at 10 pm to telecast a three-minute trailer of the film. aaj pehli taareekh hai¶ campaign.

Apart from these it also helps the brands in gaining monetary benefits. Another impactful launch was created by Aircel since it was the 6th or the 7th brand to come into the market in the telecom sector. . but also showcases the network as an innovator. The main strategy of Aircel was to create a brand image in the minds of the consumers and create a different perception across mediums¶. The roadblock was also part of the effort to build a foundation for Volkswagen¶s entry into the volume segment of the Indian car mart. Thus we can see that Roadblock advertising is being adopted by major brands to create a value for the brand along with creating an impact in the mindsets of the consumers. The opportunity cost of letting go of other advertisers for a day is made up for by the premium that such an activity attracts. From a consumers¶ perspective. However it is considered to be a very expensive medium but by far it has proved to be a very effective medium to deliver value as well as satisfaction to the consumers. as it not only helps them meet their targets.Roadblock advertising is considered to be very expensive but in case of Volkswagen it was probably the best medium of advertising to reach the high decibel competitive category. Media owners are the biggest gainers from this arrangement. this strategy serves as a good tactical route to ensure quick registration of the new message through repeat viewing at high frequency. while helping them fill-up low-inventory time bands.