A Report On Renewable Sources of Energy with specific reference to BITS, Pilani

Submitted in partial fulfilment of: TA C312 Technical Report Writing

Prepared by: Nitin Khandelwal Prankur Sharma Saurabh Singhal 2009B4A1654P 2009B3A4622P 2009B3A2505P

19 April, 2011 Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani

Acknowledgement A comprehensive report always requires the goodwill, encouragement, guidance and support of many people. We are grateful to our Vice Chancellor Prof. B.N. Jain for all the inspiration and motivation given for this report. We are deeply indebted to Ms. Ruchika Sharma to give us an opportunity to prepare this report Also we thank him for his unflinching support and guidance. We also acknowledge the consistent cooperation received from the BITS Library staff. The books they provided us served as an ideal data source which helped us throughout in the development of this report. We express our gratitude to the BITS administration for providing us with internet facility round the clock, particularly ESD division for providing us important data related to use of renewable energy in BITS. At last we express our sincere thanks to all our friends for their constant encouragement, guidance and help rendered whenever necessary. We wish to express our appreciation to all friends who spared a great amount of time in going through the report and providing suggestions and error-free proof reading. It would be impossible to refer in detail to the many persons who have been consulted in the compilation of this work. We may be excused for not naming them individually. Nitin Khandelwal Prankur Sharma Saurabh Singhal

Abstract Renewable Energy sources are the key to fulfilling future energy requirements and keeping the environment safe at the same time. This report explains the different renewable energy sources available and their merits and demerits, the scenario in India. It also guages the awareness levels of the students in BITS, Pilani, and its status in terms of implementation in the BITS campus. The suggestions given aim to increase the awareness levels and remove barriers in implementation of renewable energy. It also provides recommendations on implementing certain projects in order to obtain clean energy in the BITS, Pilani campus.

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Description Of Renewable Energy 2.1. Definition of Renewable Energy 2.2. Forms of Renewable Energy 3. Need to adopt Renewable Sources of Energy 4.1.Status of Renewable Energy in Indian 5. Renewable Energy Sources Implemented in BITS 5.1. Solar Water Heaters 5.1.1. Benefits 5.1.2. Factors to be considered while installing Solar Water Heaters(SWH) 5.1.3. Savings per Year by BITS through Use of Solar Water Heaters Instead of Electric Water Heaters 6. Renewable Energy Sources Feasibility In Bits 6.1. Biogas plant 6.1.1. Brief process description 6.1.2. Advantages of Biogas Plant 6.1.3. Cost Analysis of Biogas Plant 6.2. Solar Street Lights 6.2.1. Benefits 6.2.2. Cost Analysis of Solar Street Lighting 7.Interpretation of Data collected from Students through the Questionnaire 7.1. View of Respondents about Solar Energy 7.2. View of Respondents about Wind Energy 7.3. View of Respondents about Biomass Energy 14 15 15 15 15 16 17 18 18 19 19 19 20 1 3 3 3 8 9 12 12 12 13

8. Conclusion 9. Recommendations 10. Appendix 10.1. Questionnaire 11. Bibliography 12. References

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Table of Illustrations

Illustration 1:World Elecricity Generation by Fuel(2005-2030) Illustration 2:India’s Technical Potential of Renewable Power(in MW) Illustration 3: Installed capacities for power generation in India(as of March, 2010) Illustration 4:Solar Water Heaters installed in BITS Illustration 5: Comparison of Electric Geysers vs Solar Water Heaters Illustration 6: Sample Biogas plant which can be installed at BITS Illustration 7:Cost analysis of installing one solar powered street light Illustration 8: Opinion of Respondents about different Renewable Energy Sources

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