Bus Ticket booking system XYZ Travel Corporation plans to automate its ticket booking system.

Currently XYZ Travel Corporation operates in 3 routes with 3 different buses. Anyhow, the travel manager should be able to do the following in the application. 1. Add as many numbers of buses along with routes, seating capacity and ticket price. 2. View all buses with details When passenger calls in to check the availability, Travel manager gets the source and destination from the passenger and checks the availability of bus. If available, passenger’s name and age are collected. Bus and seat number are allocated to the passenger. If all the seats are allocated, passenger will not be given a ticket. Travel manager should be able to view the passengers for a given bus number.
Deliverables 1. 2. 3. 4. Use case, Sequence diagram and ERD. Class Diagram Unit Test Plan Coding

Incorporate the additional features in the case study

1. Scheduling the job using CRONTAB at 10:00 am daily. 2. Log files are to be archived for each run. The log files have to be renamed with the current run time stamp and moved to the archive folder. 3. Purge the Log files in the archive folder which are greater than one month. 4. The purging script for the database tables has to be maintained. Maintain 3 months of data in the tables (2 last months plus 1 current month). 5. Ensure the script is restart-able (driver script). Use Shell script as a driver for executing the loading, ftp, archiving, purging database and log archive and executing C++ code executables. 6. Use make feature to create the executable for the C++ code. 7. Use Oracle as the database instead of flat files.

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