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I express my sincere gratitude and thanks to Prof. Dr. R. Sathish for providing me opportunity to carry out this research work. My special thanks to Prof. R.K.AGRAWAL for giving me opportunity to do this report work and for her support and guidance without which this project would not have been possible. I also thank to the almighty, my parents, the library, my friends and respected faculty members, who helped me for the preparation of report, because without their support this report would not be completed.



During this research I have interacted with people of ³Raipur´. satisfaction. taste. Brand loyalty etc. In view of above the survey on ³Study on Consumer Preference towards the Malted Foods with special reference to Horlicks in Raipur city ´ has been conducted and the project work there of made as a matter of fact µConsumer Preference¶ is very important aspect of marketing 6 . After this research I came to know how people persue these product on the variables like price quality advertisement.ABSTRACT In this project report I have survey the product performance and buying behavior of malted foods (Horlicks). packaging. which are consumed by people of all ages.

3 Introduction to the topic Introduction Objective of the study Scope of the study Review On consumer preference towards malted 8 9-16 17 18 19-27 PARTICULARS PAGE NUM.1 Sample of questionnaire attached 46-50 7 .2 1.INDEX CHAPTERS Abstract Acknowledgement Index List of figures Chapter 1 1.2 4.3 Chapter 5 Recommendations And Suggestions Limitations Conclusion References 42 43 44 45 Chapter 6 Annexure 46-50 6. 6 5 7 Chapter 2 food and other health drink Research Methodology Type of Research Sampling Test and Sample Size Data Analysis & Interpretation Project Findings 28-29 28 28 30-40 41 Chapter 3 3.1 4.1 3.5 Chapter 4 4.4 3.2 3.1 1.

why to purchase. In this research I have surveyed how frequently and how much malted foods they consume. packaging. I also come to know which particular brand of malted foods is most preferred by people of different age group. He must also know the time and the quantity of goods and service. In this sense the ³consumer is the supreme in the market´. he must know the liking and disliking of the consumer. Consumer decides what to purchase. a consumer may purchase.1 Introduction In this project report I have survey the product performance and buying behavior of malted foods (Horlicks). Now the whole concept of consumer¶s sovereignty prevails. About horlicks. taste. for whom to purchase. Gone are the days when the concept of market was let the buyer¶s beware or when the market was mainly seller¶s market. Consumer preferences: All marketing start with the consumer So consumer is very important person to marketer.INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPIC Project topic. After this research I came to know how people persue these product on the variables like price quality advertisement. whether they buy small. satisfaction.³consumer preference towards malted foods with special reference to horlicks in Raipur city´ 1. In order to become a successful marketer. which are consumed by people of all ages. from where to purchase. Brand loyalty etc. The manufacturer produce and the seller sell whatever the consumer likes. HORLICKS  HORLICKS NINJA  JUNIOR HORLICKS 8 . Trends of ongoing change in their liking have been shown in the report. During this research I have interacted with people of ³Raipur´. big or family pack. and how much to purchase.

to make kids taller.'jaise bhi kaise bhi doodh le ao. Vanilla and Elaichi.C Neilson report on market shares). it was concluded that the children who consumed Horlicks showed significant improvements in height. the modern Horlicks stands for trust and its promise of µPleasurable Nourishment¶ with a delicious range of flavors including Chocolate. Horlicks is the leading Health Food Drink in India and enjoys more than 50% share of the Health Food Drink Market. bone health and attention/concentration scores as compared to the children who consumed the ordinary health food drink without the Horlicks micronutrients (or vitamins and minerals) Horlicks is also available in a delicious chocolate flavor. The nutrition of Horlicks packed with the lip-smacking chocolate flavor has won the hearts of children and adults alike« so you hear them sing merrily µjaise bhi kaise bhi doodh le ao. Chocolate Horlicks shake banao. Horlicks is the only health drink.Horlicks has been a popular brand in the country since the 1930¶s. MOTHER¶S HORLICKS  HORLICKS LITE  HORLICKS BISCUITS Horlicks is the product of glaxo smith Kline pharmaceutical. one group of children was given an ordinary health food drink without the Horlicks micronutrients (or vitamins and minerals) while the other group was given Horlicks. Many tests and 14 months later. (Source: A.jaise bhi kaise bhi!'¶ 9 . Chocolate Horlicks shake banao«. clinically proven* in India. chilled chocolate Horlicks is the tastiest way to beat the heat. stronger and sharper. Today. When the temperatures soar and your throat feels like the Thar Desert. In the research. A premier research institute of India conducted a 14 month research on Horlicks in a reputed boarding school in Hyderabad.. muscle mass.

in India. over 2 billion cups of Horlicks are drunk every year!  All Horlicks bottles sold in India in a year placed end to end would form a chain 6 times the length of the great wall of China  Total Horlicks sold in a year weighs as much as 325 blue whales!! HORLICKS BISCUITS With the Power of Calcium!' Horlicks Biscuits has been growing in popularity ever since it was launched in 1992. has tied up with popular kids movies like Ice Age II and Superman Returns  In India. Moon Moon Sen and her daughters Raima and Riya (1980s) and Vishwanathan Anand  Horlicks. Horlicks Biscuits is a favourite among parents and children. Extending the benefits of Horlicks to 'solid' nourishment. Each pack contains the 'Power of Calcium' providing 100% RDA of calcium (as per Codex Ailementarius Commission of 1995).Fun facts about Horlicks  Horlicks was first invented to substitute milk as baby food  The brand has been endorsed by Amitabh Bachchan on the radio(196070). 10 .

Horlicks Biscuits are available in two flavors .Mother's Horlicks fortified with DHA. breast milk is the only source of DHA. This unique formulation has an essential fatty acid called docosahexaenoic acid or DHA from a vegetarian source.Standard & Elaichi . This range of products have been specially formulated keeping in mind nutritional needs of adults and is also suitable for use by people with diabetes.and live up to the Horlicks promise of 'great taste' and 'nourishment'. 11 . It is important to note that in infants. is a superior nutritional supplement with 26 vital nutrients that is scientifically designed keeping the nutritional needs of the pregnant and breast feeding women in mind. Numerous studies have suggested that DHA helps in brain development of the child during pregnancy and the first few years of life. New Horlicks Lite with zero added sugar* and zero cholesterol  Contains 26 vital nutrients  Has high fibre  Is low fat  Has essential antioxidants Mother's Horlicks Mother's Horlicks. launched in 1997. 'Horlicks Lite & Lite Bite': A nutritional drink & snack specially formulated for all health conscious adults and is also suitable for use by people with diabetes Horlicks Lite health food drink and Lite Bite biscuits was launched in the market in Sep ¶05. An attempt to enhance nutritional superiority saw the launch of its new variant in May 2004 .

selenium. Available in all leading chemist outlets in packs of 500 g (Rs. Mother's Horlicks supplies the recommended quantity of ideal quality proteins [with 100% amino acid score]. zinc and copper] essential during pregnancy and lactation. After all. provides 100% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance* [RDA] for iron.In addition to DHA. 100 only). eyes and nerves  DHA is not easily available from average Indian diet Moreover. foliate. Mother's Horlicks has been manufactured through a natural process of malting or germination that helps to produce enzymes which in turn helps to breakdown complex starches and proteins into simpler molecules making it easy to digest. Mother Horlicks has best value for money and is the leading nutritional supplement for pregnant and breast feeding women. E. vitamins C. every mother has a right to healthy babies 12 . in three serves [6 scoops]. B2. Mother's Horlicks is also rich in antioxidants [vitamins A. calcium. Mother's Horlicks. 200 only) and 200 g (Rs. B6 and B12 .  70 % of an adult¶s brain is formed before birth  DHA is required for development of brain.nutrients that are essential for blood and bone health.

0g 10.9g 300Kcal 38mg 400mcg 80mg 1.6mg 2mg 2. DHA 60mg NA eyes and nerves of the baby Protein Carbohydrates Fats Calories Elemental Iron Folate Vitamin C Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Iodine 15g 40.8mcg 145mcg 1000 mcg 26 NA 36 15 100 100 100 100 100 100 50 100 Mental and physical development of the baby Energy Growth of the baby Benefits Elemental Development of strong 13 .Nutritional FactsPer 75g* 26 Vital Nutrients Total quantity % daily requirement* Development of brain.

Calcium Phosphorus Vitamin D Vitamin A Vitamin E Zinc Selenium Copper Vitamin B1 Niacin Magnesium Vitamin K Sodium Potassium Chloride 350mg 2.5mg 3mg 35mcg 0.5mcg 650mcg 7.7mg 0.7mg 9mg 50 50 50 50 25 50 50 50 50 25 50 75 bones and teeth of the baby Antioxidant function and healthy immunity Release of energy from food 87.5mg 45mcg 373mg 465mg 357mg Normal blood clotting Maintenance of 23 48 electrolyte balance 14 .

This may cause certain dietary gaps in the diet of preschool children. Makes up to 40% of the polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) of the baby¶s brain Is important for the development of eyes and nerves of the baby JUNIOR HORLICKS 'Specially formulated for preschool children' Preschool children may be fussy in consuming food and may often refuse or waste food that is nutritionally good for them. it can help improve the quality and quantity of breast milk Benefits for Baby  Micronutrients and DHA have a significant role in psychomotor development  Nourishment that can help improve the birth weight of babies. DHA is important for brain development and intelligence. It was 15 . New Junior Horlicks 1-2-3TM provides essential nutrition and when taken as part of a healthy diet. helps complete A to Z nutrition for preschool kids.Benefit for Mother  A scientific combination of 26 vital nutrients for her all round health  During lactation.

Vitamin B6.  So along with DHA. which as part Also new Junior Horlicks 1-2-3TM now comes in a completely new pack. Junior Horlicks 1-2-3TM is a nutritional supplement which as part of daily diet helps meet your child¶s nutritional requirements. DHA in one of the most important brain nutrients The and is an essential building block of the brain DHA and cells. This pack is in the shape of a cute elephant and is something every child would love to play with. Presenting New Junior Horlicks 1-2-3TM with  DHA for Brain Development: Just as calcium is essential for bones. Vitamin B2. It is therefore essential to supplement your kid¶s diet essential fatty acids like DHA. 16 . Iron & Calcium ± In 2 serves as per US Guidelines 2001 This product is not an infant milk substitute or infant food for less than 2 years old. Vitamin B12.  100% Daily Quota* of key nutrients to keep children physically active.launched in April ¶06 with an all new formulation and exciting new packaging. Maximum brain development happens by the age of 5. average Indian diet may have low amounts of absence of DHA in daily diet may impair intelligence. Vitamin C. *Folate. essential nutrition. Junior Horlicks 1-2-3TM provides of daily diet helps complete A to Z Nutrition.

4. 3. 17 .1. To study the satisfaction level of consumer towards the Horlicks. To study the preference of Horlicks in Raipur city. 2. To study the factors which influence the consumer preference for Horlicks.2 OBJECTIVES OF STUDY: 1. To find out the other competitive product/brand in the same Category.

18 . perception and consumption of horlicks. There are many other brand of malted foods available but my study is limited to horlicks. The Scope of my study is also restricts itself to Raipur city.1.3 SCOPE OT THE STUDY The scope of my study restricts itself to the analysis of consumer preferences. .

Company pricing strategy. For kids health drink is a supplement with added calcium. competitors in industry. I support my argument with an example. Milk stands apart with its strongest brand image. no more a status symbol.1 LITERATURE REVIEW A consumer is attached with a brand or new innovate product for self actualization as the time passes and the product moves towards its generic behavior the needs of consumer shift to basic requirement. A brand moves with time from top level (self actualization) to lowest level (basic needs) of Maslow¶s hierarchy. minerals and vitamins. The consumer behavior differs with age-group and the lifestyle. I quote a few. product) and on price lesser then unbranded. The level at which a brand starts in the hierarchy depends upon the level of need for the respective product. brand position of being pasteurized (promotion. There might be many factors that affect the movement from top level to the basic level. distribution. consumption behavior. Encashment of Amul and mother dairy in milk segment is externally pillared on availability (Place). Here comes the next sub category of consumer behavior. There are thousands of examples to prove this. purchase behavior. consumer behavior is divided into three sub categories. disposable income of consumers and life style. purchase behavior and attitude perception.CHAPTER 2 2. mineral water is serving the mass as healthy water for safety requirement. Same was the case with mobile phones. A busy professional life left no space for exercise so a drink which contains low calorific value is a health drink. The point here is that as the need of a product moves in the hierarchy so the respective brands. In 1980s branded milk was a symbol of esteem.In this case the buyer and 19 . Amul always portraits as a provider of milk and advertise its supply from villages. One can¶t replace milk with substitute (Don¶t forget the blunder of Complain). In 1980s mineral water was for NRIs and high profile people but what now. Now in 2007 majority of households in cities depend upon the Mother Dairy or Amul for their daily milk supply. According to literature.

It 20 . On the other hand what Parle is doing with Frooti. The brand position for former is fruit juice with added calcium for 2-6 year old kids and later. you will see Tiffin is shown that has few pieces of bread and a Real tetra pack. The answer derived from the origin of the product-³fruits´. The brand extension of Real in school-kid segment with two variants. rich in natural fibers and other vitamins and minerals. Now question comes why it seems that they are competing in the health drink segment. and Dabur's Real. just price variants? Kids are the most loyal consumers I ever seen on this earth_ . Nastle's Milo. fruit drink takes 60% market share. If we speculate the total non-carbonated drink segment sequentially. Pepsi's Tropicana. The target consumer segment is professional ladies who have no time to make break fast or school Tiffin¶s for kids. it is hard to carry a half eaten mango but a half consumed bottle of juice. Real School comes in a package of three with orange. Amul has only branded the milk with a competitive advantage of its distribution. Real Junior and Real School Pack proved its propensity for the market.decision-maker is house wife. They demand Frooti straight away and if you will try to offer them another brand. They will make your life miserable. Godrej's Jumpin. Soy milk from ProSoya and branded fruit juices from Surya Foods among others. Secondly the branded juices come with preservatives and can go for a period of time. mango and mixed fruit. The brands chasing the market are Parle's Frooti. Dabur does not want to leave any loophole so going ahead to grab the loyalty of buyer (mothers) it has started with innovative cuzines for packing a nutritive lunch for school going kids. Coca Cola's Maaza. Juices with 30% and nector with the remaining 10% market share constitute the total Rs 500 market of non-carbonated drink. The driver of demand lies in the consumption behavior. Dabur is quite smart in reading the mind of consumer. Try it out!! The discloser of strategy happens when Dabur targeting the buyer¶s convenience(mothers) and Parle cashes on its brand image among kids. On the other hand non-carbonated drink segment though does not challenge the health drink segment but indirectly competing with other health drinks. If you will see the printed-advertisement.

Maltova and Boost and key parameter was packaging. Moving to deliberately positioned health drinks which are categorized into white and brown segment and as a whole forms Rs 1. as a white average. The market has marginally moved from the white malted beverages to the brown 21 . GSK¶s share in the market is around Rs 1. While all segments of the beverage market are evolving. more recently it has launched its brown drink Boost in 100gm sachets as well in Tetrapak as a ready-todrink product. striving hard to invade the market. I am not entirely wrong in this case as some gals see the brand Image and never go on face value but market price. however. Till now we have seen that health segment is not restricted to milk or juices but the changing life style has given different means to it for different people and at different time. Viva has been repositioned as a traditional family health drink while Malt ova has been repositioned as a tasty chocolate-based drink for children.100 crore health food drinks (HFD) market. Malt ova. They have covered the major segments fall in different age group. the growth seems to be directed more towards healthy. together have a 75 % share of the health food drinks market. being a brown drink faces direct competition from Cadbury's Bournvita and GSKCH's Boost. The Horlicks. is believed to have an over 50 % market share. Because of the repositioning. Viva. including all its variants. Jokes apart. originally invented as a health drink for army men and then commercialized for mass is repositioned as a fun drink. Nestlé¶s Milo. one impresses the parents of the lady and other just prove his faithfulness to her. to stronger its position in the health drink market worked the way internsindia. including Horlicks. GSK. Boost has also been repositioned as an energy drink. followed by GSKCH .reminds me of two lovers. GSKCH's Horlicks and other brands like Boost. GSKCH as usually like a challenger did not leave any stone unturned .000 crore from four brands. the segment is flat as a growth curve. light and lowcalorie drinks. Boost's share in the market has grown to 14 per cent from around 12 per cent last year.com predicted. in particular organic and fruit juice varieties. The brands were Viva. Horlicks' share remains steady at around 54 percent. Despite the management strategy of GSKCH (GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare) and Cadbury's attempts to activate the category. The strategic scenario is like Cadbury's Bournvita leads the HFD market. Horlicks alone.

On the other hand Dabur took attribute based position. Dabur is trying to space in this segment placing Real Junior and Real School with different variants of fruits. Bournvita is smart enough to position on chocolate taste. you will a pattern in the change of consumption behavior and purchase decisions. No doubt some companies are pushing beer and coffee as a health drink. Horlicks took height issue as its benefit based brand position. For this age group inclination is higher for carbonated drink. Guess What? These brands are not repeating the mistake of Complain who tried to challenge the existence of milk. Diet Coke is a live example for it. In this segment health drink takes lesser place as a separate entity. It is the time when the decision maker is the consumer itself. No time for physical exercise. Cereal is the favorite brand of a mother-a decision maker. 22 . Now its time for a professional who slog in long working hours. which has relaunched its health food drink branded as Amul Shakti. Bournvita and Boost take up the preference of the decision maker (again the mum) positioned as a supplement for growth. Coffee at the branded place like café coffee day. the psyche takes a new shape. All these brands positioned as a supplement health drink. A few sips of coffee with friends or partner is deriving the sales margins for this segment. health is a precautive issue. The latest to join the race is GCMMF. So keeping milk apart now the fight is between fruit juice and added supplements. Different companies have different assumptions to trap its consumer base. It wider the consumer segment for all age group (Who hates chocolate milk) As the age increases and life style through friend circle infect one another. Now the time comes for schooling where Horlicks. The meanings change for a health drink. barista and McDonalds is also opted as a social drink. -------------------------------------------------------------------------There is one thing common in all the brand positions. If you track the life of a human being since first month after his birth till his death. Till the child is of 2 years. less caloric intake and sufficient minerals compose the requirement.segment. Some believe in targeting mothers and some believe in targeting the consumers (kids) directly. Frooti is already there but with taste based position. Now the health drink is one which is low calorific and high as a social drink.

Which is harder. right? Wrong. Sooner the time will come for vitamin and smart water. it¶s another thing some are negotiated unconsciously. high minerals and vitamins. quietly bit the dust some months ago when the company decided to stop production. This cycle goes till the age a person is in its professional life. away from reasoning. Have you ever thought why the force is working on health drinks not on health foods? The answer is consumption behavior if one drinks 5 bottles of apple juice in a day it would be thought as dieting but if one will eat snacks 5 times of same calorific value as 5 bottle of apple juice. and is currently growing at about 20 per cent a year. Its brand. Coca-Cola and Bisleri got ³Health´ as their brand position for a color less and odorless product. he will be rewarded as biggest eater. getting your child to drink milk or do moths? The answer is that it depends on how you flavor both. Even at its 23 . Here comes the time for branded water with added minerals. This is important because the market for these beverages has taken off. Isn¶t a health drink?? Who says? Companies like PepsiCo. given such a healthy growth rate. Just as a good teacher can make math¶s interesting. a good flavor can sell a million tones of malted/milk-based beverages. new players should be able to enter the market and dip into the pail easily. In the age above 50 all the health drinks restricted to less calorie intake. According to the trade. as Nestle just discovered. the market had been declining by 7 per cent. In the next article internsindia. . So.Hygiene is at the apex of the priority list. Milo. irregular distribution and lack of marketing did it in. In 2002.com will predict the possibility of brand reposition and competitive situation of the market and will compare and contract the brands as per the market realities. Ha Ha Ha!! It¶s all about psyche. Competition do negotiate.

peak.´ Boost alone holds a 13 per cent market share all over India while in South India this figure goes up to 24 per cent. In 1992. an unfazed Nestle is considering introducing a ready-to-drink milk-based beverage called Milo Smart Plus. Nevertheless. ³Horlicks and Boost give us two-thirds of the market share in milk-based beverages. They have seen their milk-based beverages become a major component of their product line-up. however. The product is being test marketed currently. The Horlicks brand alone contributes almost 80 per cent to GSK¶s revenues.5 per cent. the brand now caters to the needs of the whole family. With variants such as Horlicks Lite. GSK¶s Executive Vice-President (Marketing). It¶s clear from these numbers that these beverages form a sizeable part of GSK¶s operations. GSK¶s Horlicks. its market share never went up beyond 3 per cent. Of course. Boost has also enabled GSK to capture a lion¶s share of the milk beverages market. Subhajit Sen. before undergoing a revamp in 2003 when the whole industry was stagnating and the products in this segment were beginning to acquire an µold-fashioned¶ image. says a spokesperson for the company. By March-April 2009. The Horlicks brand has evolved into more than just malted beverages. say sources in the trade. says. Nestle declined to comment on whether this failure was the result of it having a different taste as compared to its international variants. Lion¶s share Years of experience in the market have given GSK a decisive edge over others and its brands have continued their dominance through the ages. these companies have the advantage of being in the market for relatively longer. Mother¶s Horlicks and Junior Horlicks. Apart from being the µsecret¶ of Sachin Tendulkar¶s energy. the Horlicks brand also branched out into biscuits and earlier this month launched Junior Horlicks biscuits for toddlers. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). 24 . has been in the Indian market since the 1930s. Cadbury and Heinz have done better. for example. this figure had dropped to a meager 0.

The fact that GSK has two more milk beverages in the same market ± Viva and Maltova ± gives it a firm grip on the market. he explains. further established Bounvita as a household name. coupled with strong marketing campaigns over the years. Sanjay Purohit. Cadbury India. has meant that Bournvita has continued as a strong player. Both GSK and Heinz have variants of the beverages for toddlers in the market. has been present in India for a long time. This is quite understandable as Cadbury was always best known for its chocolates. which began as an event held in cities in 1972 and went on to capture television audiences in the 1990s. Bournvita¶s taste has always set it apart from the rest of the competition. Their popularity is largely taste-based. Bournvita finally launched a new variant for toddlers called µBournvita Li¶l Champs¶. says. since 1948 to be precise. Not one to lose out to its competitors. The other major player in this segment. like Horlicks. 25 . too believes that Bournvita is an important part of its arsenal. The difference between the three brands of malted beverages under the GSK umbrella is marginal. The µBournvita Quiz Contest¶. Cadbury. Viva and Maltova are niche products with long-time consumers still sticking with them. Executive Director (Marketing). According to Sen. Viva and Maltova are popular in select markets in areas such as West Bengal and Tamil Nadu where they have found favor for a long time. This. ³Bournvita is the second largest brand from the Cadbury stable after Cadbury Dairy Milk. Bournvita has approximately 25 per cent share of Cadbury India¶s total revenue.´Bournvita.

Vice-President (Marketing). It has become a household name in terms of its nutritional value. was sold at a lesser amount of Rs 88 for the same weight. than price.´ The muesli is available in three flavours. Complan has developed into one of Heinz¶s flagship brands. Milo. Complan had been in the market since 1969. He says Complan is one of the fastest growing brands in the category. To take advantage of the local taste palette. That¶s 49 per cent lesser than the cost of Complan. Complan has set new standards in delivering nutritional benefits. both Bournvita and Horlicks retail for Rs 131. According to a Delhi retailer. Being in the market for decades has given GSK.Complan too has extended itself to variants beyond milk-based beverages. Shah believes the claim is ³tangible and proven´. as per sources in Nestle. says. Shah says. while a 500 gm pack of Complan is sold for Rs 174. usually acquired over time. completes the holy trinity in the domestic milk beverages market. ³We have now extended Complan¶s promise of nutrition to the entire family through Complan Nutri Bowl Muesli. Complan expanded its portfolio by launching the Kesar Badam flavour. on the other hand. Price no bar As far as the price positioning is concerned. However.´The brand was recently embroiled in a controversy over its claims of providing faster height growth.Sudip Shah.Complan. there¶s some difference between the three market leaders. This indicates that the milk beverage market is driven more by individual tastes. since Heinz acquired GSK¶s food division in 1994. ³Complan is an iconic brand in Heinz India¶s portfolio that has earned the trust and goodwill of discerning Indian consumers for over four decades. It is well positioned to reach out to health-conscious families. Cadbury and Heinz control of the malted 26 . originally a GSK product. Heinz India.

along with Junior Horlicks. new entrants face an uphill task of bringing out a product exciting enough to lure consumers The white malts category constitutes 60 per cent of the overall HFD market and Horlicks. 27 . GSK). Bournvita (Cadbury). The brown beverages -. In such a scenario...beverages market.consisting of brands like Boost and Maltova (Glaxo SmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. and Milo (Nestle) -form the remaining part of the HFD market. Consumers have become accustomed to these brands and generally seem reluctant to shift loyalties to newer brands. is the market leader with a 57 per cent market share.

1 Type of Research Descriptive Research Design 3.3 SOURCES OF DATA Primary Data: y The data has been collected directly from respondent with the help of structured questionnaire Secondary data: y The secondary data has been collected from internet.2 Sampling Technique and Sample size Sample Size The sample size in this study is 200. Sampling Technique: The sampling is stratified random sampling by taking Raipur as center and stratified the respondents according to the age and profession. reference from library.CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3. Below 20 20-30 30-40 40 Above Students Housewives & Business persons Housewives & Business persons Housewives & Business persons 3. TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES OF ANALYSIS y y y Statistical charts Line chart and column chart Bar charts 28 .

4 Data analysis and interpretation: 1. 29 .y Pie charts 3. 33% 67. Do you use Horlicks? Yes No Preference to horlicks 33. 67% Yes No Interpretation: 67% consumers prefer Horlicks.

2. 10% Yes 90. 30 . 90% No Interpretation: 90% consumers said that Horlicks is easily available to them. Do the Horlicks is easily available? Yes No Easy avalability 10.

3. but 20% are not agreeing with rest of the consumers. Do you think that the Horlicks is useful for all age group? Yes No can¶t say Usability to all age groups 80 Yes. 20 20 10 0 Can't say. 10 Yes Series1 70 No 20 Can't say 10 Interpretation: 70% consumers think that Horlicks is useful for all age group. 31 . 70 70 60 50 40 30 Series1 No.

Please tell us how you would rate Horlicks on the following attribute.4. High Quality Expensive A brand I can trust Well Built A good value Rating for Horlicks A good value 10 10% High Quality 49 49% High Quality Expensive A brand I can trust Well Built A good value A brand I can trust 35 35% Expensive 2 2% Well Built 4 4% 32 .

What other brand of malted foods have you used before? Complan bournvita Boost Milo I haven¶t use. Other Milo 3 Haven¶t use 3% 5 5% brands Complan 20 20% Complan Boost 35 35% bounvita 37 37% Horlicks Boost Milo Haven¶t use 33 .10% rate it as a good value product. but I am familiar with all. 5.Interpretation: 49% consumers rate horlicks a high quality product and 35% rate it as a trust worthy brand.

Interpretation: 37% & 35% consumers used bounvita and Boost respectively before. if it is available? Not at all interested Not very interested Neither interested not uninterested Somewhat interested Very interested Not at all 3 3% Interest In Buying Horlicks Not very 9 9% Nigther/ Nor 8 8% Very 61 61% Somewhat 19 19% Not at all Not very Nigther/ Nor Somewhat Very 34 . How interested are you in buying horlicks. 6.

19% are somewhat interested in buying Horlicks.Interpretation: 61% consumers are very interested. but 3% are not at all interested in buying Horlicks. What is your reaction to the horlicks? Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent Reaction towards horlicks Series1 Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent 0 9 11 31 49 35 . 7.

8 What would be your most important factors in choosing horlicks? (Please check three) Price Best performance High quality Discount Good warranty service Brand name Shopping convenience fectors choosing horlicks discount price best performance brand name good warranty high quality 0% 29% 29% 0% 13% 29% 36 .Interpretation: 49% consumers said Horlicks an excellent product 31% said very good and 11% said it a good product.

Interpretation: 70% consumers influenced by the price. 9. The medium which influence you. best performance and high quality and 30% influenced by shopping convenience and brand name. deciding to buy horlicks? Internet/ Website Word-of-mouth Industry publication Advertisements Trade shows/ Events 37 .

10. How you feel when you use Horlicks? Place the check under the face that express how you feel-- 38 .Influencing media Trade shows/ Internet/ Website Events 1 4 1% 4% Internet/ Website Advertisements 38 38% Word-of-mouth 48 48% Word-of-mouth Industry publication Advertisements Industry publication 9 9% Trade shows/ Events Interpretation: The main medium influences consumers are word-of ±mouth (48%) and advertisements (38%).

and 12% are satisfied with Horlicks. 39 .ok 7 7% happy 4 4% somewhat 3 3% Satisfaction level nat at all 0 0% satisfy 12 12% Extermly 74 74% Extermly satisfy happy ok somewhat nat at all Interpretation: 74% consumers are extremely satisfied.

Suggesions 12 Any other flavor Should make populer in 40 above age group 34 Interpretation: 34 consumers suggested that there should be some another flavor of Horlicks and 12 said that firm should make Horlicks more popular among 40 above age group. Any suggestion/recommendation for the enrichment of our product.11. 40 .

Consumer rate the Horlicka a trustworthy brand. 5. 6. 41 . Horlicks is the market leader with 67% market share in malted food category in Raipur city. Among the other competitive product in same category burnvita and Boost are the major competitors. Among the different age group of consumers the consumer below 20 years preferred Horlicks the most.6 PROJECT FINDINGS 1. 4. The consumers are well satisfied with the quantity and performance of Horlicks.3. taste and affordable price. The consumer choosing the Horlicks because of its high quality. 3. 2. 7. Advertisement & word-of-mouth publicity are the main medium which influences the consumers most.

CHAPTER 4 4. They have to make popular their product to above 40 age group also. 42 .1RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUGGESTION 1. They should introduce some other flavors of Horlicks in the market. 2.

Limitation of bias: Generally respondents are based to the question raised. Limitation of response: The response given to the researchers were not always accurate since preference is qualitative indicator the respondents regarding their understanding of preference. Very often. they do not express their feeling correctly what they think. 4. preferences cannot be assessed correctly. Limitation of human behavior: Researches studies the behavior that is rational. practice. Sample size: Due to vast area the consumers sample size restricted to 200 only.4.2 LIMITATIONS 1. Therefore took utmost care while dealing with respondents. 43 . 3. In such cases their habitual. thus the result of research will have error and the very purpose of marketing research is lost. 2.

4.3CONCLUSION Horlicks is highly accepted by the consumer in malted foods category among the other brands available in the same category and Advertisement policy and quality of product results the high preference of consumers. 44 .

com www. R.Ask. Kothari 45 .horlicksindia.com C.BLIOGRAPHY Books: Research Methodology Website: www.

ANNEXURE QUESTIONNAIRE A study on consumer preferences towards malted foods with special references to Horlicks at Raipur city .Below 20 20-30 30-40 40 Above c) d) e) AddressProfessionGenderM F General Information 1. Do you use Horlicks? Yes No 46 . Personal Information a) b) NameAge.

2. Is the Horlicks is easily available? Yes No 3. What other brand of malted foods have you used before? Complan Burnvita Boost 47 . Rate between 1 to 5 High Quality Expensive A brand I can trust Well Built A good value 5. Please tell us how you would rate Horlicks on the following attribute. Do you think that the Horlicks is useful for all age group? Yes No can¶t say 4.

if it is available? Not at all interested Not very interested Neither interested not uninterested Somewhat interested Very interested 7. What would be your most important factors in choosing Horlicks? (Please check three) Price Best performance 48 . What is your reaction to the Horlicks? Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent 8. but I am familiar with all.Milo I haven¶t use. How interested are you in buying Horlicks. 6.

Good warranty service Brand name High quality Shopping convenience Discount 9. How you feel when you use Horlicks? Place the check under the face that express how you feel------ 49 . The medium which influence you deciding to buy Horlicks? Internet/ Website Word-of-mouth Industry publication Advertisements Trade shows/ Events 10.

11. Any suggestion/recommendation for the enlistment of Horlicks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 .