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you cannot. I am certain that most of you have experienced the same things I did on that fateful day. How a single day could eventually change your life and your future. Or if your family or friends are among those who suffer from panic attack. I am sure you will not look at panic the same way as before At the end of the book Here I've listed a resource for a method that can end your panic attacks instantly. I want you to experience again the happiness of a panic-free life where everything is normal and there are no tormenting feelings lingering around. you will have a better understanding of what they are going through. Go on. Sadly though. Panic Attack Manual . This book will help you to completely overcome panic through the techniques I will later explain. The good news is: you are looking at the answer.. my life would change forever.. It was my first ever encounter of something that you all know – panic attack or anxiety disorder... But do not despair. Read all the way to the last page. my vision turned blurry and it seemed too difficult for me to breathe. you will understand more abo ut our situation. there are always solutions to our problems. it was not. or even remove that ill-fated day from your life.About the book & the author I did not know that two days after my 22nd birthday. We just need to look hard for it. How badly you want to go back to that particular time and totally change it. I suddenly felt nervous my heart pounding fast. In life.5 . While getting some water from the pantry. I could not feel the sole of my feet and the surface I was stepping on. I felt numbness all over my body. It all started when I was teaching my last student of the day. obviously. Out of nowhere. What was happening to me? Was it my time to die? Well. Don't miss this out. I know that you would want to bring back your old life – the days before panic ever crossed and ruined your life. I contribute my success of stopping any further panic attack to it. I felt as though I was floating. In this book.

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The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for this favorable response. We are scared of the idea of experiencing the same terrifying sensations all over again. Of course. It calms your tensed body and lets you slip back to the normal state of being which I am sure you yearn for. I find it funny looking back at my old panicky self. I basically anticipated my last day every time I opened my eyes in the morning.8 . How long does a panic attack last? Usually.Panic Attacks What is a panic attack? I bet most of you already know what a panic attack is. an ordinary panic attack lasts for 5 – 20 minutes. But too much stress can be harmful. a decision you are always dealing with. The mind starts playing its tricks and increase the fear by the power of imagination. But the worst reason why we panic is that we are anticipating the worst panic attack that could ultimately end our lives. fear lingers depending on the person’s ability to overcome it. Now. However. It usually goes on for weeks or even months making you feel anxious and nervous all the time. frequent panic attack occurs due to the fear of fear. a major failure in business or other events like these could significantly trigger an attack. It feels like a serious thing but actually there is nothing to worry about. Basically. we panic. Do you have the strength and courage to fight it or should you just run away and escape as always? Whatever decision you choose. relationship breakup. Also. a sufficient amount of stress is also needed in our every day life. I did not feel ecstatic whenever I woke up since I expected the full blown panic attack to strike and eradicate me from the face of the earth before the night falls. crucial changes in life such as death of a loved one. stress is the main culprit for the first panic attack. It is then that you are faced with the fight or flight response. we could not help but think of the most horrible scenarios that could possibly happen. let me give you a little background of it. even if they are not. We even feel anxious and embarrassed of passing out in public when panic strikes. Give Panic Attack Manual . However. the sympathetic nervous system prepares to battle against external factors that your body perceives to be threatening. Moreover. When we fear that this will happen to us time and time again. People who experience it for the first time think of it as a heart attack or they are dying. Your body becomes tense as it gets ready for action. the fear subsides after several minutes and your body feels completely exhausted as if you have just run a thousand miles. Why does it happen? In medical explanation. This is normal since your body has not reached its natural relaxed state. If you were like me during the height of my panic attack period. Panic attack is a dreadful situation where one suddenly feels several horrible emotions all at the same time. But still. I am even positive that you have read countless articles regarding panic just to be able to better understand your condition.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE in facing this kind of ordeal. Your body will attain that balanced position whether you like it or not. it is best to immediately seek help from a professional. These people dread going through it all over again. So. However. But do not be troubled. There are people who have occasional episodes of panic attacks. However. those who were led to frequent attacks or panic disorder were traumatized with their previous attacks. I will later discuss the techniques in coping with panic.5% of the entire population has panic attacks. There are millions of people in the world who are having the same dreadful situation as you. So simply trust your body to do the work for you. Americans have encountered a panic attack once in their lives.your body some time to get to that tranquil point. there are also those who experience it continually for months or even years. fearing it to come back. In fact. Find peace in the fact that your body will never stop looking for ways to recover. almost 3. then panic will less likely to occur. According to a study. Panic Attack Manual . a panic attack is relatively common for people. Is it common for people to have panic attacks? Yes. if you can calm your fears and emotions.9 . If the fear is too overwhelming to endure. How often does it occur? The frequency of attacks solely depends on you. But if you feel very uncomfortable with that feeling. really depending on how your body and mind can cope with the fear and anxiety. panic happens.

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You usually feel lightheaded and numb. there is not even one. you multiply your nervousness a thousand fold. If you happen to experience 5 or more. The little pinches and pricks are commonly felt on a full blown panic attack. they would not truly understand. Now. Do not fret! This is just a part of the course when you panic. I personally have been subjected to this tormenting feelings countless of times. it is a common occurrence for your heart to quicken its beat. The heart pumps blood to your body more quickly since your body needs more oxygen when you feel agitated. thus leaving you lacking with air. But having extremely cold hands and feet is the indication of the emerging panic building inside you. You can control your panic attacks if you know what and why is happening in your body. In most cases. you often assume that there is an earthquake when in fact. The faster the throb of your heart. experiencing pins and needles is not really typical. If you are not sure about your symptoms. Shortness of breath A quick heartbeat is often associated with shortness of breath since there is a decrease in the amount of oxygen carried out to your cells if your heart beats rapidly. Rapid heartbeat Whenever you are nervous. you are likely to be dealing with panic attacks or anxiety disorder. Cold hands and feet What is so frightening with having cold hands and feet? For people who do not have or have not experienced a panic attack.11 . But when you have a panic attack. This can also be considered as palpitations. let me discuss briefly most of them. it is highly advised to consult medical experts. Numbness Panic Attack Manual . Dizziness The world may seem to be spinning when panic strikes. the faster the oxygen is used up in your body. resulting in an exaggeratedly rapid heartbeat. like me. It all boils down to that lack of enough oxygen to supply your body. people who suffer from panic attacks experience numerous frightening feelings when an attack occurs. You feel restless for this is usually the first symptom of upcoming terror that would soon explode. Physical Symptoms These are the lists of indications that an individual experiences in the body during a panic attack. For those who frequently have a regular panic attack.Symptoms & Signs A car mechanic can fix cars because he knows how they works. But be at peace that this is just a part of a panic attack. I guess. Pins and needles Most people have suffered the torture of having pins and needles on their feet especially while swimming. This can also cause you the dry lump in your throat and the feeling of choking when you start experiencing panic. A. and this is also true when it comes to panic attacks. There are actually physical and psychological signs of panic attacks. I personally lean my head against a wall or something hard to be able to feel it and assure myself that it is just me who is wrong. Each time is as terrifying and excruciating as the last time.

Always keep in mind that a panic attack will not cause anything serious or damaging to you. Derealization Most books and articles regarding panic attacks do not discuss in details the derealization symptom or the unsettling feeling of unreality. But I want you to hold on to this notion: “You are not going crazy and never will be. Contrary to popular belief.Numbness is when you do not feel a thing in your body due to the carbon dioxide imbalance. This is the same question you ask whenever panic hits you. these fears create an illusion that you unknowingly participate in. Disturbing thoughts and horrendous imaginations are likely to develop as you continue to deal with panic attacks. Will my junior students know what to do when I pass out in front of them? Will my colleagues talk about the shameful thing that happened to me? Will I continually faint while teaching and will it be one of the grounds for my termination? So burst that bubble and start thinking right. B. But it is crazy to say that when a panic attack occurs. What you are experiencing are normal effects of panic. Panic attacks can make even the impossible possible.fear matters in your life whether you like it or not. Fear of going crazy Most people who suffer from frequent episodes of panic attacks think that they are on their way to the mental asylum. Fear of losing control Once panic repeatedly attacks. You will not even be harmed because of it. This is due to the fact that fear always comes first . Since the fear hovers around you for quite some time. Psychological Symptoms There are also some symptoms that affect a person’s emotions and mind in the course of a panic attack. I thought of causing embarrassment to myself as I deliver a speech or stand in front of my class. you feel all these horrible mixed emotions stated above but you also feel numb at the same time. you will never lose control because of panic attacks. You start to live in a world of fear. you have this fear of losing control in your daily actions and thoughts. making yourself Panic Attack Manual . The only answer to that question is NO. Bear in mind that you are in control even if your body or your mind does not respond well to this idea. I also had a series of losing-control-moments when I still allowed fear to have power over me. You literally find yourself incapable of thinking realistic thoughts. you are not going crazy. They are absolutely unlikely to happen in reality. But this should not be the case.12 . I just want to reiterate that you are not going to lose it no matter what happens. It may sound absurd but people with panic attacks or anxiety disorder can attest to that. Again. You will not die because of a panic attack. You are not going to lose it! NEVER! You will never commit any of the thoughts lingering in your mind because they are just created by fear.” Fear of dying The worst thing you would be scared of when you experience panic attack for the first time is the fear of dying. “Am I going to die?” I bet this is the first question that popped in your mind when you first had your panic attack.

drops of water dripping out of the faucet and all those trivial sounds. award-winning actress Kate Winslet has suffered from panic attack a month before the Oscars. Do not be troubled though because this weird sensation will certainly pass soon.13 .detached from the normal environment you were in. like me. I find it comforting to know that there are also some famous people who suffer from panic attacks. Recently. it just one of those terrifying sensations as a result of severe anxiety. and she felt as if almost everyone was speaking in Hebrew. Others say that their minds seem like detached from their bodies. An anxious person can hear even the faintest sound like the sound of a coin falling. Panic Attack Manual .. It is where people. Just like the feeling of unreality. But the good thing is. Delusion Due to extreme anxiety which leads to unrealistic fears and outrageous imaginations.. But it is just consoling to note that you are not alone in this battle since even the most prominent celebrities have encountered a panic attack. individuals who have had a series of panic attacks are believed to be having delusions. It imprisons you from living the blissful life you once lived. this happens during the peak of the whole panic experience because the fear still remains. Since I am also a long-time sufferer of panic attack. She said in an interview that she was gasping for air. this symptom of depersonalization will soon go away. These sounds multiply five times its standard decibel for restless people. It is absolutely disturbing to have an unusual gap between your mind and your body which convinces you that there has been a serious damage done to your brain. hear things that normal people do not typically bother to hear. Anxiety is the main reason that is why our senses are tremendously alert. I never wanted other people to try and experience what all of us often go through. People who experience this usually say that their bodies feel like floating. I know how this feels. We can hear sounds clearly even from miles away. Usually. Depersonalization Another eerie symptom that causes great distress and worry to sufferers is the feeling of disconnection from your body. Do not get me wrong here. Be at rest! This unnatural feeling is normal especially for sufferers of frequent and excessive panic attacks.

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Facts or Myths In this chapter. These doctors have advised me to use a brown bag (the sandwich paper bag) whenever I have my attacks since there is carbon dioxide imbalance. Then I went to a psychiatrist to help me cope with all the distressing emotions and thoughts that I was dealing with. It might only happen once in a blue moon. It would just be safer to let your body do its course. you will not. It just leaves you totally feeling exhausted but still very much conscious. Fainting? Normally. All these are common panic scenarios. I was able to comprehend that it is safer not to use a brown bag at all when there is an episode of another attack. it does not come. your questions with regard to the confusing ideas about panic attacks will be answered. a panic attack subjects you to a lot of different emotions all at once. I came to this understanding because a panic attack ends by itself. I searched through countless websites and books about panic attacks. Try to remember all the attacks you have had.I might be suffering from panic attacks. Or you are scared of passing out in public because of the embarrassment that it can bring or the fact that no one might look after you. surprisingly your mind does not black out. when you come to that certain point of almost passing out. even without you doing anything. You also imagine things that you might pass out while driving. They said that it would help me bring my breathing back to its balanced normal state. You are just left with an extreme fatigue. Since I already have a diagnosis of my condition. However. Did you ever faint? That is because fainting during the course of panic attack is very unlikely to happen.those several other doctors or my one and only psychiatrist? At last! I found the answer! I actually came to a realization after reading countless articles and books about panic attacks. third. It is a very rare effect of panic attack. Is it safe to use a brown bag or using it will result in damaging effects? I had been to countless doctors before to diagnose my condition. Is it better to use a brown bag or not? This has been a debatable topic by doctors and medical experts. In this way. Panic Attack Manual . You feel terrified of fainting since you are not certain if it is already your last sight of the world. Most people anticipate fainting when they have an attack. They told me only one thing . Then. you are very much convinced that you will soon pass out. I asked him whether or not it is perfectly safe to use a brown bag to inhale and exhale into just like what the other doctors have been telling me for sometime now. Of course. His answer? It was contrary to the other doctors! I was completely dumbfounded! Who am I going to listen to and follow now . fourth and so on. So now you are probably wondering whether or not you will actually pass out when panic strikes. Actually. I came across a site that says that you should not use a brown paper bag whenever you panic since this can lead to severe brain damage due to inhaling too much carbon dioxide. With all these mixed horrifying feelings gradually reaching their peak. or bump your head into the hard-cemented floor. you will not have to risk yourself of having a brain damage if that research is totally true.15 . I went from one doctor after another to get their second opinion.

But they also different in the way that a heart attack can lead to death but panic attack does not actually cause any harm. constant visits to the doctor will make your chances of having a heart attack low. It is understandable since the symptoms of a heart attack and a panic attack are quite similar. you are twice at risk of having one. it is confirmed that panic attack can likely be passed down to the next generation. According to the studies. it is best to let the doctor check your heart through blood tests. Even though you are twice susceptible to getting a panic attack but you know how to handle stress and anxiety. too. EKG or ECG (electrocardiogram). Is a panic attack related to a heart attack? When you have a panic attack. Much to our dismay. And I am pretty sure that you dread the thought that your future sons. This symptom is a very common one for sufferers of panic attack. For some days. you will be free of panic. difficulty breathing. you are less prone to develop a heart attack Panic Attack Manual . it will be unlikely for you to have one. Since your heart is monitored regularly. It is highly recommended to avoid events that can cause massive constant stress. And I am certain that you assumed your panic attack as a heart attack because I did. Truth be told. You usually have constant chest pains. you feel your heart contract and burn.16 . It still depends on your body’s capability to manage stress. your heart races and at times it tightens. It all boils down to your ability to combat stressful situations in your life. rapid heartbeat. Actually. daughters or even grandchildren will also go through the terrifying experience of panic all because of you. The thought of having a heart attack immediately comes to mind. panic attack is related to a person’s genes. or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to be certain of your problem. and fatigue among others. science has already proven that there is a direct correlation between the genes of a person and panic attacks.Is a panic attack genetic? I bet that you are also wondering if you got your panic attack from any member of your family or even relatives. But it does not mean that if you do not have a family history of panic disorder. If any of your relatives or family suffers from panic attacks. If the constant pains and heaviness of the heart are becoming worrisome.

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This phobia is not something harmful but it greatly affects your social life. Imaginations run wild and silly questions suddenly pop up and bother your mind. there will be no embarrassment to make. A heartburn is a minor condition not of the heart but of the stomach.. it has completely affected your relationship with your friends and loved ones. There are no people who will be seeing you while you are in the course of an attack. This phase will also allow your body to relax and get back to its normal state. Since you are likely to develop the fear of leaving your home which you already considered as your safe zone. You believe that it is dangerous once you get out. Phobias are fears due to the trauma it has created on you through what you have experienced. they do not actually bring about damaging results. Every single one has experienced having the blues once in a while. You unknowingly create your home as your safe zone because it is where you feel the safest. Stepping out of your door seems such a huge responsibility that you are very unhappy to do. Fears start building up inside you. It is actually caused by excessive acid intake. To battle fears is to face them. This phobia is just the fear of leaving your home. You start to feel low and useless. Start eating right and you will soon say goodbye to heartburn. depression starts to kick in. Instead of traveling and exploring the world.The Effects Although panic attacks seem very harmful. You feel a burning sensation and pain near your heart assuming that it is another heart-related problem. There are some serious but non-life threatening effects of panic attacks. Agoraphobia The terrifying feelings brought about by panic keep haunting you. Since it is still hard for you to face these horrifying emotions once again. But a heartburn is not serious and can be cured with an over-the-counter medication specifically an anti-acid. you are highly prone to be bound inside your house. Do not panic yet. Heartburn Just like a heart attack. There are also a number of techniques to put a stop on these. Depression One of the more serious but treatable results of panic is depression. Little do you know. This goes on and on. While you still have not possessed the weapons to combat your fears. you merely hang out at home. The best part? You can lie down on your bed anytime and your family will be there to help. Face your fears! Go out of your safe zone! You do not have to care about what might or might not happen. sufferers of panic disorder mistakenly think of heartburn as a serious heart problem. Rather than going out with friends on a Friday night. Opps.18 . But a panic attack brings about a more severe one. I have compiled some of the health-related problems that are brought about by panic. You begin to get scared of risking the chance of having another panic attack when you go out. you are bound in the four corners of your house. Avoiding it will make you even apprehensive. and no danger that lies ahead. you are inclined to develop agoraphobia. While you are home-bound. Based from my previous experiences. it will somehow take some time to be able to muster all your strength and courage to leave your safe zone. you continuously prefer to stay in your house rather than to go out. You ponder Panic Attack Manual . These things make you even more fearful to leave your safe zone..

Open up and it will give you a lighter feeling in your heart. it must start with yourself. the places you want to visit but now look so distant. You succumb to your fears. It is also good that you have someone to share all your worries and fears. You begin to question what else you can do when actually panic cripples you. Keep in mind that you should always ask for help when you need it Panic Attack Manual . They will give you an assurance that all is well with you. It is definite that you will recover from depression in no time. Do not let yourself be alone during this low time in your life. The key factor in battling depression is to hope – hope that this too shall pass. you let depression rule over your life. When your hope starts to fade away. They will be able to help you bring yourself back to your normal state of mind through different tests and therapies they will provide. Mild depression can easily be treated with the help of your family. the more you think of your condition.on how worthless you are as you start to think about the things you want to do but will not be able to do. having been able to let all your negative thoughts and emotions out. But this should not be the case. you should now ask help from professionals.19 . Surround yourself with people you love and keep busy doing all the things you enjoy. friends and of course. However. or the dreams you once wished for yet seem so far to reach. The more you spend your time alone. You wonder about your purpose in life. when you think that your depression is already unbearable to for you to carry. And the worst thing is that you start to lose hope.

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deep breathing exercises can actually help calm your tense nerves and have an adequate supply of air in your body at the same time. since you already know that panic attack is not harmful as you thought it was. Knowing what is factual and helpful from the myths and common mistakes will definitely give you an advantage to fully bring back your normal life. So I prepared some relaxation techniques on how to calm yourself down. counting from one to five. Deep breathing Since you usually have shallow breathing when you are having an attack or even on ordinary days. Relaxation techniques Basically. But don't overdo your research by being obssessed all the time by looking for information and scaring yourself. Start breathing deeply through your nose. This is very important. you panic because your body is in a state of imbalance. It will be better if you have a relaxing Panic Attack Manual . apply as many as you want. Note that your chest should have little to no movement at all. Meditation Having a clear mind can help erase panic in your life because a healthy mind creates a healthy body. For instance. It is preparing itself to fight against the approaching danger it foresees. Here are some of the treatments that will certainly help stop your panic. Then. Or better yet. You are advised to spend some time meditating and reflecting on your life every single day. Understanding better what you are dealing with is the first important step that can cure you of panic attack. Only your stomach should rise and fall every time you breathe. To perform this. also counting from one to five. effects and treatments available will certainly give you more weapons in combating panic from attacking you again. Your cure for panic is within your grasp now. going to your lungs and exiting your mouth. Knowledge The first surefire way to eradicate panic is to have an intensive knowledge about your condition. exhale slowly through your mouth this time. B. Choose the one you think is appropriate for you. you should be rest assured that there is no imminent danger to your mind nor health. This is more properly done while lying down on a bed to see clearly if you are doing this technique correctly. You can gradually increase the number of seconds depending on you. Feel the air passing through your nose. hold your stomach. all you have to do is relax. symptoms.Treatment Options There are various treatments available these days to beat your panic attacks. Try to do this for 15-20 minutes a day. A. Using your right hand. To put it back to its normal state. Meditation has been proven to create a great positive impact in overcoming certain diseases including panic attacks. just understand how the panic happened once or few times and then stop for looking for more information. Hold your chest with your left hand. I know that it is easier said than done. Search for information about panic attack and always keep in mind the essential facts you find. This will help you have more relaxed nerves and a calm disposition every day.21 . you have to pick a very quiet or secluded place. Erase the thoughts in your mind and think of only this exercise. Knowing the signs.

These sounds help you create a very peaceful and serene atmosphere. Let this wonderful sanctuary surround playing in the background. It does not only relax your tired muscles but it is also an ideal way of relieving your stress and tension. Did you know that the rate of your heart while exercising is the same as when you are having a panic attack? When you exercise. C.” • “Nothing bad will happen” • “It is just panic. Picture the amazing sun rising from the horizon. no danger to face. lessening the chances of you getting easily anxious by the quick heartbeat you sometimes experience. A rigorous workout removes toxins out of your body and it relaxes your nerves as well.” For Christians and Catholics. You can also imagine yourself in a peaceful place where there are no worries to think about. Massage Getting a frequent massage is very therapeutic. Reflect on your past and foresee the bright future ahead. you shall say to this mountain. just like the deep breathing exercises I taught you. Then close your eyes and start breathing deeply in and out. a massage improves your general health which includes your body. ‘move from here to there. your mind sends out distressing signals to your nerves that is why you get tensed and panicky.” • “I know you are there but you can not harm me. I prefer to put on the sounds of nature specifically the humming of birds or the flowing water in a stream. when you have an attack. nothing can ever harm you.22 . Chants / Verses Some people that I have read about often utter chants and verses to get rid of the approaching panic attack. And if you believe in Him. Try to sit as comfortably as you can. fill your ears with the soothing sounds and let them envelop your whole senses. But instead of counting from one to five. It also improves your health and well-being since it has a lot of benefits both for your body and mind. Working out 3-4 times a week can help you improve your general physical health and it will enable your mind to get used to the rapid beating of your heart. they often run to their Bible and find some verses to remind them that God is the most powerful in the world. The most famous Bible verses applicable for panic attacks are the following: • “If you have faith as little as that of a mustard seed. nothing shall be impossible to you. Try to think of all the happy moments of your life. You can undo this by setting your mind and assuming that you are only exercising and there is really no threat when you feel panic is just around the corner. just pure happiness to enjoy. Or the vibrant colors of red. All in all.’ and it shall move. It can help reduce your anxiety level by calming your nervous system through the different strokes and pressures done by a professional masseuse or masseur.” (Matthew 17:30) Panic Attack Manual . you feel tired but still calm for your mind is certain that you are not in any kind of danger. orange and yellow in the sky during sunset. Exercise Exercising regularly also greatly helps in reducing your tension level.” • “I will not die of panic attack. Some of the lines they say are as follows: • “I will get through this day. A lot of people can attest that massages have several positive effects. it can not hurt me. However. enabling your body to become less tensed and agitated. and spirit. mind.

” (Mark 9:23) On a personal account. you will surely have an easier time dealing with these negative matters. I have a very powerful book that I carry with me anywhere I go. “Think positive!” But most people do not take it seriously. the more you try NOT to think of a specific thing. you will only end up thinking about it all the time. But you have to beat that! You need to start changing the way you think. But they do not really understand how difficult it is to think of something nice when all of the cells in your system are agitated. I read an article that suggested asking yourself questions to distract your mind. You have the best weapon of knowing the fact that these horrible thoughts are just plain thoughts and can not harm you. 1. But with proper focus and concentration. When you feel that Panic Attack Manual . There is power in being positive. The best way to control your thoughts is to acknowledge it but redirect it somewhere else. So I have prepared a step by step guide on how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones and finally break free of this unwanted sequence. It takes all your strength to convince yourself that nothing is going to happen. if you are restless and depressing thoughts come to your mind. changing your mindset does not happen overnight so you need to practice thinking positively. It is all in the mind.” (Psalm 73:26) • “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. they will be very helpful. But if you let your mind stay glued on the verses you say.• “My flesh and my heart may fail. And you need to do it NOW! You hear people always say. For example. your feelings just keep going in circles. Redirect them. other times you do not. Work hard and it will pay off in the end. A cloud of despair inevitably passes through your mind. A panic attack has a never-ending cycle. but God is the Rock and firm strength of my heart and my portion forever. Sometimes you feel all right. This is a very effective way of not to think about panic. Positive Thinking I guess that most people you know told you that all you have to do is to think positive. for you are with me.23 . It is “A Pocketful of Promises for Women. With continued practice of these steps. do something that will let you forget about those things.” It is a collection of letters of promises and assurances from God. these chants and verses seem to have no effect when your mind and body are already agitated. Week after week. I just read through some of the letters on the emotion I currently experience. Sometimes though. I will fear no evil.” (1 John 3:20) • “Everything is possible for him who believes. Admit the fact that these thoughts bother your mind and you need to do something to get rid of them. (Psalm 23:4) • “I am the Lord who heals you. Welcome the thoughts.” (Exodus 15:26) • “God is greater than our worried hearts. Let the words sink in your mind and do not let anxiety overpower your willingness to beat panic. If you let your anxiety reign. it will undoubtedly have control over you. They do not realize how effective this phrase is only if it is put into action. 2. Actually. It sustains me and makes me feel secured of God’s love. it will definitely happen. This book has given me strength and courage every time panic engulfs me. Of course. There is also “A Pocketful of Promises” for both men and women for more Bible verses.

When the people you are with are pessimists and always look at the bad things in life. It is in the same way with positive thinking. it is also best to consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist. 5. Scare yourself in a funny way. Instead. or eat something that you have never tried before. If you find it hard to prevent negative thoughts from entering your mind or detaching yourself from negative emotions is quite a burden. Both positive and negative feelings are infectious and can be easily passed to other people. Do something that will completely occupy your mind. At least just to know Panic Attack Manual . the more possible it is for you to enjoy its fruitful results. Psychiatrist / Psychologist Before getting rid of my panic attacks I was feeling so bad that I had to see a proffessional. and more in control of your life by being friends with positive people. One of the best things that I have learned from reading inspirational stories is that as long as you are still alive. 6. Inspirational stories provide people with the motivation that if someone else has done it. They keep their eyes on the goal and they do not stop until they have achieved what they wanted. Detach yourself from any bad emotions. Create a funny character. Then again. the easiest thing you can do is to make the thing that scares you the most seem hilarious. you will no doubt feel stronger and you will also be inspired to cure what ails you. the heavy feelings associated with the scary situation have become much lighter. observe how a thing happens. They say that laughter is the best medicine and you can prove it here. Do not quit. healthier. divert yourself to a different situation. All you have to do is to keep trying until you have controlled your panic attacks. if you are with people who have a positive outlook in life. the more likely you are to experience them once again. The difference between winners and losers is that winners are not whiners. We are scared to have a panic attack because the very thought of it chills us to the bones. If you have not succeeded at keeping panic at bay after several tries. If you are more emotionally involved with the positive way of thinking. be it a mouse ears or two front bunny teeth. 4. listen to other people talking. The more attached you are with these horrible thoughts. There is no harm in seeking professional help. No one said that it will be easy to recover once you have experienced an attack. Reading such stories will help you think of ways to conquer your fears and know that you are not alone in facing scary challenges in life. But you can slowly recover by not quitting the fight and challenging yourself to face it head on. Keep trying. surround yourself with positive ones. You can talk to a person all of a sudden. their positive energy transmits to you. If you have tried everything but nothing seems to work for you.panic is lingering around. you are prone to be like one of them. Although it is not happening at the moment. tell yourself it is alright. so can I. never lose hope that you will get better. you cannot simply hope – you also have to help yourself get better. Also. Read inspirational stories every day. ask for help when you need it.24 . Visualize the frightening thing and create something that will make it comical. In this way. You will feel happier. Remember. You have to learn how to detach emotions from certain thoughts. it will never fail to make you feel good about yourself and life in general. you are extremely frightened of the idea. Avoid negative people. in fact several psychiatrists. And it is. particularly if you cannot do it on your own anymore. However. When you read of people who have overcome a certain disease or sickness. 3. 7.

You try to evade them so that panic will not strike again. I myself have consulted a psychiatrist on several occasions and I have felt better whenever I leave my doctor’s office. Your doctor may also advise you to take the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Panic Attack Manual . Medication If you consult with a doctor. This is where you stay away from the circumstances or places where you habitually have your attacks. But the first thing that he will do is to ask you tons and tons of questions for him to know your real condition. To be honest. I learned how to take control of my fears and have a panic-free life just like I used to. With the help of your doctor. It was empowering to hear from a licensed doctor that the threat that I was feeling was all in my head and that I am as normal as the next person. avoidance just retains the fears associated with these certain situations. There are different approaches that your doctor can provide you. he might advise you to take some medications to help you cope with your panic attacks if it's so severe. I was sick of using medication for over 1. He will then give you some vital information about panic attacks and their corresponding pieces of powerful and effective advice. you should take it as prescribed by the doctor and you have to be careful not to overdo it. The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be a very powerful tool for you. It is believed that the situational avoidance that panic attack sufferers usually do is not truly acceptable. It can also eventually lead to hopeless case of conquering your fears. it's a different type of CBT but it's very effective. Of course. I did not want my life and my future to solely depend on it. you are to gradually experience the fear again and again until your mind and body have prevailed over the frightening situations you once dealt with. you will feel that you are ready to face the world and that no panic attack can stop you from what you have planned for the day.if it's panic attacks that you experience. I do not really need any of my medicines. A research has shown that there is actually a great success rate of using this method on people who suffer from panic or anxiety disorder. Having these little white tablets with me anywhere I go make me feel safer somehow. But in reality. This has been proven to be a very effective approach in dealing with anxiety disorders. You will unbelievably have strength and courage to face your fears after every session with your doctor. Once you take your medicine. But nowadays. The resource at the end of the book explains a very simple method when applied can stop the panic & fear almost instantly if you follow it. I want to function as normally as before without having to take any medications. My psychiatrist has prescribed a medicine for me that I could take whenever I feel a panic attack brewing.25 . I was a bit apprehensive to take my medicines at first because I thought of the possibility that I might be relying on drugs alone.5 years which added about 40lbs to my weight in addition to other symptoms like hair loss and drug dependency. The medicine does not take effect as quickly as I would have liked it to be but it does help in calming me down. It helped me personally.

26 .Chapter 6 Panic Attack Manual .

I know from experience that regularly getting out of the house will help you gain confidence in trusting your body once more. consider the method at the end of the last page. Moreover. You are not an ill-fated human being. If you do not take action. Some consider themselves the unfortunate ones and they gradually start hating themselves. Do not fight it. But let me tell you now that this defeatist attitude will certainly not help you to get any better. enlist the help of family or friends to go with you wherever you want to.27 . Allow If worse comes to worst. sadness or anger that we typically feel. 2.The Four A's My Personal Approach You can also beat panic attack like I did. And because you can control these other emotions. 4. If you only curse yourself and complain about your condition. Take courage in knowing that it will not last long and trust that your body will do its best to protect you. you can also have power over your fears. Go with its flow. If you do not want your fear to linger in your mind. 3. you will not be able to help yourself. The first thing that you need to do to even have the slightest chance to conquer panic attacks is to accept it. Acknowledge Whenever panic threatens you. I not only followed the steps above but I had also carefully examined the ways on how to completely eradicate panic in your life. simply remember the techniques I taught you earlier . If you are not yet confident that you can do it on your own. There is a remedy to this problem and all you have to do is to find the solutions. it helped thousands of people because it's very simple and it can work Panic Attack Manual . Accept Most people who have consistent panic attacks detest the fact that they suffer from it.distract yourself or give it a comical character. You can even talk to it. nothing good will come out of it. allow the fear to consume you. Feel the fear passing through every nerve and part of your body. I gathered all the information that I possibly could and arranged everything that I learned based on my experiences and came up with what I call the Four A’s approach. Keep in mind the most important fact that you have learned – it is NOT going to kill you. Accept your situation and move on. Go out there and show the world that you can live a normal life even after experiencing panic attacks. Tell the fear that you are no longer afraid of it. Think of this as one of the normal emotions you experience every day. If you still need help. continue practicing the methods or techniques that I have mentioned in this book and you are now on your way to beating panic in your life. Do not let these unreasonable fears restrict you from having a life that you love and enjoy. The Four A’s Approach 1. take courage and acknowledge its presence. Let it do what it came to do. Admit the reality that you are one of the few million people who experience panic attacks. Act Actions create more positive results than words so you have to get your act together to live your best life now. Fear is just like happiness. Stop putting your life on hold because of the many fears you have.

it's the only method I'm recommending.instantly.28 . Panic Attack Manual .

Chapter 7 Panic Attack Manual .29 .

You might not notice it yet but when you religiously take in various prohibited drugs. Excessive stress will cause you not to breathe normally and that is where it all starts. So it is better for you to avoid any kind of alcoholic drinks. head off to a quiet sanctuary to avoid panic attacks. Eating Healthy To eat healthy is to eat right. Almost anything can bring you stress: your work. your bills. Just think that by not drinking too much coffee. This will definitely make these symptoms worse. And no. Alcohol. your body will become unstable. Illegal drugs can actually cause a terrible reaction to your body and it could even be deadly. when taken excessively than your body can actually handle will result in rapid heartbeat. Now. Steering clear of these addictions will let you have a panic-free and healthier life. For people who were used to drinking 6 – 8 cups of coffee each day. Stress is actually a normal occurrence that will not harm your body when it is not excessive. Due to these bad habits. When you are living a stress-free life. your hands will begin to feel clammy. Food is like fuel to your body. once again.Prevention Prevention There are some ways that can help you prevent future panic attacks. Limit Caffeine Intake Caffeine is generally not bad for you. For those people who are fortunate not to experience this.30 . Avoid Alcohol. Too much caffeine triggers palpitations in some people and when you are nervous. Cigarettes and Drugs Vices such as drinking too much alcohol. do not wait for panic to attack you. By eating nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables. that is the time that you will most likely feel that you are. you are investing on your health. Once you are short of air. like caffeine. you can try lowering it down to 2 cups. you are jeopardizing your physical and mental well-being. Avoid Too Much Stress Stress is the main cause of a panic attack. threatened by a panic attack. You will have a stronger body and you will be less likely to get stressed out. and even your loved ones. that is when it becomes your enemy. too. when you have too much of it. Limiting your caffeine intake will definitely help you crush potential panic attacks because you will be less likely to experience palpitations – and you will also have a healthier heart. you are less prone to having a panic attack. But once you feel yourself getting stressed out. Follow these simple strategies to make sure that you will never be attacked by panic. dizziness and other panic symptoms. you do not have to go on a diet to conquer panic attacks. your responsibilities at home. puffing too many sticks of cigarettes and getting high on illegal drugs will undoubtedly lead you to the path of destruction of your entire being. Cigarettes contain high level of caffeine which is one of the main factors that triggers a panic attack. you will start sweating profusely and your mind will Panic Attack Manual . It can give you energy and it ensures that you have enough gas to last through the day. You will be prone not only to panic attacks but to several other sicknesses. All you have to do is to be aware of what you are putting inside your body. Drugs such as cocaine and marijuana have also been proven to be the reasons for provoking an attack. you are helping yourself eliminate panic attacks from your life.

If you want to lead a happy life.31 . If you do not have the means to do so. jog around the block. If you are a couch potato and have never been out in the sun for several years. As long as your body is getting enough exercise each day. Healthy people are active individuals. or they play sports in their spare time. Engaging in sports activities will actually not just rid you of panic attacks. shopping. a panic attack is all in the mind. Go to a spa for a soothing treatment. you can try dancing at home if that is what you enjoy doing or you can enroll in a gym and get fit. you can be certain that your panic attacks will soon be a thing of the past. Like what my psychiatrist said.once again wander to an impending attack. Healthy Lifestyle Your lifestyle speaks of how healthy you are. If you are not athletic at all. you are golden. Once you start maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Spending a few minutes each day for exercise is good for your heart and if your heart is healthy. you should definitely find ways to lower your stress level. but it will also make you look and feel better. If baking cookies. They walk a few miles each day. you are setting yourself up for a panic attack. You can also do other hobbies that calm you down. or riding a bike around the neighborhood is therapeutic for you. too. you can always ask a family member to massage you. then you may also do them. then your mind will be. The important thing is to let your body relax and avoid too much stress to get rid of panic in your life. Panic Attack Manual .

32 .Conclusion Panic Attack Manual .

get active. Try your hardest to overcome this and once you have done that. you will feel that you can do anything. I myself have also tried and failed few times before I had gotten back my old life. The way I can discribe it is after understanding this method you'll never have to worry about the next panic attacks. For the meantime.Last but not least Conclusion Having panic attacks does not make you less of a person. People may not understand how difficult this could be for you but I do. do not lose hope. but at the end of this section there is a natural method that helped 1000's of people and it will help you if you follow it for few days or even few hours. you can look back at your panic-stricken self and just laugh. I can't reveal the exact method here in my writing but if you still struggling and suffering. you will soon live your life the same way as before. Check out the description in the following section. trust that you will win over panic attacks. One day. At the begining of your treatment. you are not. you will certainly struggle – I never said that it will be easy at first – but with the help of the people you love. Panic Attack Manual . Remember that you owe it to yourself to try and get back the life that you once had.33 . If you have tried and not succeeded after the first try. It will change your life forever. just watch what you eat. Do not forget to practice the Four A’s approach that I have mentioned earlier. I know you can because I was able to do it. It may be hard at first to control panic attacks but I have faith that you can do it. avoid stress and you will find yourself facing your panic attack head on as it comes. You may not be able to do it yet but you will very soon. please consider this method. Do not think for one second that you are in this alone because in truth. This is just one challenge that you have to overcome and by internalizing what I have taught you.

.The Following Method Has Helped Me Almost Instantly The above programme uses a method that can make you panic free quickly! This is one of the few programmes I can really recommend. I can tell you this.. It focuses mainly on the amygdala and Charles' discovery that this small organ in the brain is one of the main culprits in panic/anxiety conditions and once you completely "reprogram" this organ it is impossible to relapse. Here is a brief description of the method from an ex-panic attack patient: "There are a lot of parts to the method but its overall methodology is very simple and scientific.. You'll feel relief the same hour you apply it and in few days your panic attacks will be eliminated completely. * Unlimited support and advice is available from trained and sympathetic counselors * Tested and approved by doctors and psychologists. I am not suppose to give too much information on how the method work but in few words. the Method is on its way to becoming Panic Attack Manual . I'll never recommend something that is not helpful because it's not right as I suffered from panic attacks and I know how bad the feelings are. it's so simple to apply and understand. I am 100% anxiety and panic attack free." Why is this method is so successful? .. This taken with the many health and other tips in the pack make for a perfect arsenal.34 . but at the same time extremely effective..It can be attributed to a number of things: * It was developed by a knowledgeable person who had suffered for many years * The root cause of anxiety disorders is addressed * There are no drugs involved and therefore no harmful side effects * It is an easy to follow program * It is soothing and gentle with nothing frightening. This method really worked for 1000's of people and it's so simple.

it has 100% money back guarantee. So if you think that you still need help.the number one treatment for panic attacks and anxiety disorders It doesn't make sense. It's also not right. all I am asking is that you should try this method just for couple of day and see for yourself. But I am 100% sure that it will change your life forever. because I experienced how bad the feelings of panic attacks are and I should help you not to suffer anymore.35 . Panic Attack Manual . if I advise you to try a method that doesn't work. so you are not losing anything for trying. Click Here To Learn more about This METHOD.