“Identifying the potential of bridges as extension to short term recreational activities and as linking corridors for open space

network ” network.

•Exploration of , use of Sangam Bridge to Rajaram Bridge as base model development.
Ar. Haripriya Dalal

•rapid development . id d l t •change in lifestyle . •increase in traffic . street .Unlike the traditional set –up of places like chowks .the need of public open recreational spaces has aroused over years due to several reasons•increase in population . Image: courtesy: Book: Deccan Q g y QueenPune Street. li f ld Pune .the metropolitan region .today especially along the side walk i ll l th id lk one has difficulty in having a even leisure stroll ! Historical Reference .with its dense core in old city and newly added adjoining villages. Haat. g However . Chowks are the nodes of social structure of Indian life-It is not only a communication link but also a space for multicultural use . Ref . p p •lack of awareness to use potential sites Pressure on land due to increasing population and density a contest for space is inevitable. has spread along a radial network of road links through which the urban form is g g growing. •encroachment into public spaces .Why ? Public open spaces give an opportunity for transformation within communities and are the stage where our individual public lives unfold.

What is happening now? The more recent solutions to the definition of public spaces adopted are in form of multiplexes. malls. food joints. coffee shops and lik b ff h d likes. It has become absolutely essential for us to create “Positive urban space” rather than what is left over after the construction of building .causing a social rift. Absence of p planning strategies' for the open spaces . The common man is being left out of this semi public realm because of affordability . theatres. pubs. y g y g most of its vital open recreational spaces. H Hence th are converting to private they ti t i t open spaces.the city is gradually losing g g p p .

M. jogging etc.The happening of “recreation”… “ ti ” • Accessibility (Available mode of transport /resource & time y( p required to reach the location from user) • Cost of using space • Function of space • U Users i t interest t • Time available • Physical & Social Security at the place Chat mela below z. meditating. walking. etc which are not time frame bound can be termed as short term recreation activities. Where as recreation and activities as sports etc which extend beyond 45 minutes and above may be coined as long term recreation activities S. Joshi bridge Outside Bal Gandharva Theater They are already using naturally formed small non trafficated niches .bridge How much time do you have? Recreation activities like chatting.

.What all do we h have? ? •Pune has enough open spaces but very few fall in the category of “short term recreation spaces” p *Note: Suggestions to fill in gaps of this table are welcomed.

So. After Shaniwar W d th river i th Sh i Wada.Scope… The reason for selection of this site is that the core area is totally congested and has a dearth of recreational open spaces. They p y sit along road side kerbs in groups causing hindrances to pedestrian and vehicular traffic both… both Pune development plan from Rajaram bridge to Sangam bridge Land usage legend Residential Public Commercial . River Mutha being a vital resource for our city . the i is the immediate open spaces for people residing in core and mostly employed across the y p y river. Since. So People from most inner sections of flock to these places to relax and experience the breeze.

•Z-bridge used for morning exercise •Lower P. Esp. Bridge used for meditation •Senior citizens below Z-bridge Along.C. over and b l d below the River periphery… •A dry niche along river bank A i h l •Lakdi pool –people relaxing and opposite Lakdi people road side library! •Rajaram bridge hawking Rajaram bridge-hawking •Z-bridge used for reading newspaper •Z-bridge used by couples /teenagers and hawkers.M.-when circus or fairs are set up below .

people house Wives family Wives. family. senior citizens •They use the place in late evenings at night because of Pune’s climate.working people. P ’ li •Factually very less open spaces are accessible for zero cost at after office hours .Need your answers… •It was observed that the user group involves students .

g.Survey level 2 •Physical security There is need of segregation of pedestrian and vehicular spaces in an Indianised way to p y avoid people parking vehicles on road side to access foot paths and reduce road side mishaps E.-1.5m high fencing on Lakdi pool extending till both ends of bridge g Parking at nodes will assure safety too •Social security-Since bridges are open constructions and means of transport .they have continuous surveillance at different times of the day .

Results of survey: level 3 .


Short comings faced while using the bridge .


Finally… .

Towards the happening of h i f “short term short recreation Spaces…” •Surrounding land usage typology •Necessity of positioning in between /along link of residential and work place •Width of space/bridge p g •Facilities needed –seating and illumination •Access to the space via different modes of transport .

also parking can be done at nodes of bridges •Restrict vehicular traffic Restrict •Maintain impermeance of the space •Continuous surveillance at to avoid malpractices •Find out ways to make it of all time use-e. .-BOT system(may affect surrounding land economy generation positively). b retractable roofs temporary b b pergolas by bl f bamboo l will ensure usage on hottest day of summer too.g. Manik chowk.Making most of what we have… Strategies to •Place maintenance e. Road •Provide parking facility-spaces below the bridge(they are reserved for same in DP).g. walking plaza on M.G. Ahmadabad Ah d b d e.g.g. e.

A step ahead… h d •Green connection and pedestrian loop between existing and emerging public centre's to open spaces-parks etc (enhancing local ecology) e. conservation and maximizing their utilization and funding for same .g. connecting Omkareshwar and Sambhaji park via Balgandharva theatre •Bridges as transit corridors to connect active and passive recreation areas •Policy making-for maintenance .

Conceptual recommendations… The idea needs to be customized for each bridge based on above factors •Separate pedestrian bridges with lateral extensions –for extensive recreation •Lateral vertical extensions to vehicular & pedestrian bridge •Parking at nodes .below bridges and at mid level •Self operating ticket system to avoid overloading of space and procure maintenance charges •Spaces under bridge as private open spaces •Pedestrian jogging loops .

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