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Financial Analysis:
An estimated profit and loss account of our proposed business plan prepared for a single year: Income Statement: Sales Revenue: Sales of cotton (4000kg*20ha*120tk) Intercrop revenue Seasonal crop revenue (Feb-Jun) Net sales (-) Cost of goods sold Cotton seed (Bollgard-II) cost (3200bdt*50 acre) Intercrop crop cost Seasonal crop cost Labor cost (365days*120bdt*50Labor) Total Cost of goods sold Expected Gross Profit Operating expenses Selling expenses: Advertising expense Sales men salary Warehouse cost Freight out cost Total selling expenses Administrative Expenses Administrative salaries Insurance expense Office rent Utilities Total administrative expenses Total operating expenses Income after operation Other expenses and losses Interest of bank loan (11% of 80lac) Net income Expected Yearly Profit: (Revenue-total expense) 96, 00,000 2, 00,000 12, 00,000 1, 10, 00,000 1, 60,000 50,000 3, 00,000 21, 90,000 (27, 00,000) 83, 00,000 1, 00,000 1, 40,000 1, 20,000 1, 80,000 5, 40,000 3, 60,000 60,000 84,000 36,000 5, 40,000 (10, 80,000) 72, 20,000 (8, 80,000) 63, 40,000 63, 40,000

SONAR BANGLA Balance Sheet: Asset: Land (50 acre*2, 50,000) Cash Total: Investment: Owners Equity Bank Loan Total Investment 1, 25, 00,000 35, 00,000 160, 00,000 80, 00,000 80, 00,000 1, 60, 00,000

Since our findings and analysis widely based on survey basis, we extract some reasonable limitations, those are: Thus who give the questionnaire to the employee they are somehow related to the management, so question might fill up with fear. The employees might not have read the questions properly and answered based on their intuition. Most of the answers were not rational to reflect their actual perception. The mood and emotion of the employees also affected the survey. The employees might have been biased while answering the questions. The survey might take in a hurry. We have made our survey on a very small number of people.

Sonar Bangla Agro Business ltd is anew company coming into cotton industry of Bangladesh. Our main purpose is to produce hybrid cotton in an organic way. To do our business we are going to buy cotton seeds from US cotton seed company Monsanto. As

SONAR BANGLA cotton industry is a trust sector of Bangladesh Government, we are going to get a lot of advantages from Government like: - tax bracket, tax holiday, loan from bank with low interest rate etc. We also have done the research on the communication process used by cotton industries in Bangladesh. Purpose of the research is, to implement a new communication process for our own firm. We have estimated our forecasted net income and total assets and liabilities. If we can make this amount profit within the end of our operation during the first year, then we think our business will be expanded in near future.