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The Christ’s Chronicles
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The Christ’s Chronicles

Christ’s Ski 2011
After our usual 22 hour coach ride we arrived in Saalbach on Saturday afternoon to a 28 degree heat ! We had already been informed that, due to very warm conditions, we would be ski-ing everyday on the glacier. The Kaprun glacier is at 3000m, the highest ski resort in Europe. Ski-ing on a glacier is something that many people don‟t experience it was an amazing experience for everyone (despite the very high and long cable car!) On the first 2 days we had perfect conditions at the top, bright sunshine and 4 degrees. Unfortunately the weather then came in for the rest of the week and reached as far down as -12 degrees at times! The ski-ing was at times challenging but made for even better stories at the hotel in the evenings ! Next year we are going to Innsbruck, the trip is already full and we are planning for the first parent meeting in September. Georgie Bean

Year 9 Visit Parliament
40 year 9 pupils went on a trip to Parliament with Mr Butler and new RE teacher Mr Simpson. After a tour which included standing at the despatch box in the House of Commons, pupils met their MP Zac Goldsmith for over 45 minutes. Zac answered some difficult questions from among others Sam Ormonde, Jack Moss and Gabriel Alveteg. He then talked pupils through his frustrations at being a new member of Parliament and some of the work he is trying to get the House to debate. James Butler

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Issue 75

PTA May Fair—Saturday, 14th May 2011
The heavy shower/thunderstorm that was predicted never did materialise so the dry weather held again and we had another enjoyable and successful day. Marie and Pauline were there at 7.30am unpacking tombola prizes and putting the tables in position. Reinforcements soon arrived along with April‟s huge van load and very quickly Ian and Colin had the bunting cheering above our heads; the fabulous GCSE art work was on display; Tombola tables were loaded with their fantastic prizes; the Silent Auction area was ready for the first bids; and Linda and Jude had the Cakes tables looking fit for a king. One lovely addition this year was Lila‟s Plant Stall which gave the marquee an added English garden feel and proved very popular. Final arrivals were Aziza with the Krispy Kremes, Stephen with helium balloons and ice for the cold drinks. Students helped collect the Starbuck‟s coffee and we were ready to go - in good time for the 10am start. There was a party atmosphere throughout the day with lots of old friends coming in to say hello and keeping the stalls continuously busy. Cakes and bakes kept coming in and Bernadette managed a dash to the Manor Road Allotments where some kind gardeners donated more seedlings. Thanks are due to SO many people - Mrs McGrail and her team of Y10 potential prefects (smartly dressed in school uniform); Mrs. Bean for her jewellery prize and for joining us for a large part of the day; other teachers and staff members who dropped by with their families; the parents, staff and children who worked in advance, turned out to support us on the day, AND helped us clear up so quickly afterwards – we were all done and dusted shortly after 5.30pm. The total amount is still to be finalised but it‟s looking close to £1,000 which will go towards stocking the new library with some wonderful new books, thus allowing the school to spread their budget much further. So, on behalf of the School and our PTA, THANK YOU all … and see you again next year!

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The Christ’s Chronicles

PSHEE Day—Humanities Day
The Second PSHEE day of the year was held on May 20th with a variety of talks from outside providers including Straight Talking about the realities of teenage pregnancy, Aim Higher students from Kingston and St.Mary's universities and Tom Fitzimmons of Effort Personal Training. Tom spoke to year 10 pupils in a shocking but inspiriational story of his descent into alcoholism, job loss, crime and family break-up, followed by sobriety recovery and extreme marathon running. Mr Butler, who arranged for Tom to come in, said a number of pupils were clearly deeply moved by Tom's story and that it serves as a warning to all and a pause for thought to any pupil, and indeed adult, who listened to him. James Butler Head of Humanities Inspirational speaker - Tom Fitzimmons

Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expeditions
From 22nd to 24th May, 30 year 10 students ventured into the countryside to practise for their Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award expeditions. Most of the students are aiming to achieve their bronze award but in addition, for the first time at Christ‟s, a small group of students are aiming for the silver award. Working in groups and carrying their kit in their rucksacks, they learnt to use a compass and an ordnance survey map. They navigated their way along footpaths that crossed heathland, fields and woodland; they pitched and slept in tents and they planned and cooked their own meals. „It was a fun and rewarding experience,‟ (Sophie), „It was a fun experience but I would have liked a better night‟s sleep!‟ (Fahris), „It was hard work but felt like a great achievement,‟ (Deanna), „It was a great experience and I learnt a lot about navigating and how to work in a team, although I did miss a good night‟s sleep,‟ (Lucy) „Overall I really enjoyed it, especially as I learnt to navigate and I would encourage all students to do it because you gain a lot and it‟s a great experience‟ (Wendy). Claire Lorenz

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Issue 75

Spanish Trip 2011 4th – 8th May
My alarm rung at 2.30am and this is when it dawned on me that I had 30 minutes before our 5 day adventure to Spain begun after a year of planning! I was greeted at 3am with 45 excited children and 4 more sleepy members of staff. Our journey went smoothly. No lost bags or passports, a good flight and before we knew it we had arrived at „El Tejo‟ which was our hotel for the next 4 nights. Our trip started with a treasure hunt around the village and a visit to the beach. An hour of paddling, laughter and sunshine and it was time to return to our hotel. Whilst we thought the kids would want to sleep, we ended up playing games on the nearby field after a yummy dinner before everyone finally settled down. The next three of days were jam packed with activities, including a visit to Santander, tapas meals, markets, shopping centres, caves, cables cars and quaint villages. Mrs McGrail & Mrs Parmiter impressed us with their hidden talents of being tour guides on our coach journeys using the microphones. “The wheels on the bus” and “the granny anthem” will not be forgotten in a long time. Mrs Walsh did a stern job of nearly breaking her knuckles on the doors Huge paella! whilst trying to wake the kids up in the mornings. Ms Needham achieved her full advanced wheelchair driving licence around cobbled streets and steep hills. Myself, I gained myself a nickname of Tigger… apparently I have too much energy!! The final night ended with lots of laughter at the Karaoke and was enjoyed by all. The last day arrived and we were sad to be leaving our hotel. We ate a wonderful huge paella however the purple squid wasn‟t appreciated by all. A last quick visit to the beach, the biggest ice creams we could find and we headed to the airport. There I was commenting how smoothly the trip had run whilst on the plane, surely no one would lose a passport now… Thank you year 8,9 and 10 and the other teachers for making this trip so wonderful and enjoyable. You were all a pleasure to go away with. Miss Taber aka Tigger.

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The Christ’s Chronicles

Young Journalists
Two year 10 students, Wendy Barnes and Sophie Jubeh, will be invited to the awards ceremony for Newsquest‟s Young Reporter of The Year Awards 2011, to be held on 30th June. Around 500 students from the borough have taken part in the competition, by writing an article and meeting a deadline every month. Their articles can be viewed at; In recognition of their achievement, the students will receive a certificate and a Letter of Recognition, a great boost for a career in the media and impressive on college or university applications. In addition, prizes will be awarded for best article, best photograph, quirkiest story, going the extra mile and overall winner. Good luck to Wendy and Sophie. Mrs Lorenz These are their latest articles:

Street Parties for the Royal Wedding
Did you enjoy a street party this week-end? Many communities did get together to celebrate and the great British tradition of the street party was the most popular form of gathering. 5500 formal road closures were approved in London, so people could meet their neighbours and get to know them better. Some people were actually celebrating the wedding while for others, it was just an excuse to gather and have some fun. Some of the activities I heard about at the street parties included: making and eating piles of sandwiches and lots of lovely cakes, playing a game where you sit astride a pole and hit your opponent with pillows until one of you falls off. Then there was the tombola, apple-bobbing and a sack-race for kids. It all sounded like good fun and having a wedding and celebrating is a great distraction from the current economic crisis. It is also a good way to get families together and have a day off work. On the down side, I did notice that, with the closures of roads, there were many frustrated people. There were less parking spaces for those who wanted to park. The only way you could go through some roads was to walk and to try not to interrupt the parties. And some people in Ham were disappointed because parties weren‟t allowed on key roads or public transport routes. Overall, however, I think it was a day of patriotism and pride for many people around Britain, whatever their age or background. The Prime Minister himself recommended that people should have street parties and one was even held in Downing Street, in aid of various charities such as Age UK and Contact the Elderly. I hope lots of money was raised and that many people benefitted from these parties. Sophie Jubeh

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Issue 75

Combat Knife Crime
Crime cannot be ignored. It is affecting our society in numerous ways. The number of crimes committed has dropped (over the last year? - can you use statistics?), but the overall percentage is still low. (?) These crimes are usually committed by young people. 29% of secondary school children admit to routinely carrying knives. Every 25 minutes a knife incident occurs, despite the fact that it‟s a criminal offence to carry a knife or any other weapon on school premises. Children may carry knives for self-defence or for self-esteem. Some are worried that they are going to be bullied or attacked. These children might not get the protection they need from the adults in their lives. Others receive a great deal of respect from their friends by simply carrying a knife. Without a knife, they wouldn't get this respect. This leads to further trouble (such as?? - try to be specific). A study has proven that society pays over twice the average household income for one prison inmate's incarceration. Some people seem to think that carrying a knife is not going to cause the same amount of damage as when you shoot someone. Either way, someone loses a life. Anyone carrying a knife or thinking of carrying a knife - don‟t! A knife isn‟t a defensive weapon, it‟s a weapon of attack. Wendy Barnes

PTA Coming Events

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Messages Music News
Forthcoming Events: There will be a Summer Concert on Thursday 30th June at 7.00. Tickets will be available from the school reception a couple of weeks before the event, which will feature musicians throughout the school, including a “farewell section” from outgoing Year 11 students. Choir, orchestra, student compositions, bands, jazz, vocal and instrumental solos and examples of class projects. The department is also planning another “At Home” in July (date to be fixed) to give the less experienced or confident musicians another chance to perform informally in the music centre in front of parents and friends; this follows the success earlier in the Year of our Singing and Year 7&8 soloists‟ At Homes. Students may also get the chance to hear a visiting American Youth Orchestra in late June, and a visit to the BBC Proms is also being discussed for July: watch this space. The music department continues to thrive as a creative hub – composition remains at the heart of the department. Learn an instrument: why doesn‟t your son/daughter have a go at learning a musical instrument?? This continues to be a great way to develop confidence and organizational skills, as well as the pleasure of actually learning an instrument – researchers continue to demonstrate that learning an instrument helps to increase students‟ academic potential! Email Mr. Wilson if you have any queries at Community Choir. Second time of asking, as we have not had a huge response – no experience required!! It would be great to have a parent choir which could take part in events at Christ‟s. Again, please email Mr. Wilson with any queries about this.

A message from our Chaplain, Ruth Scott
It hardly seems possible that we‟re half-way through the term. I‟d like to tell you about three projects we‟re working on at present. We recently started the student café which will be open every Tuesday from 3-5pm. Some of Mr McPaul‟s Year 10 Art students came up with the name Starburkes. At present we are in the school canteen but once the exams have finished we will move into the Drama Studio. We would like the café to be a relaxing place. Students have suggested having sag bags and sofas. We aim for the café to cover all its costs. Eventually we hope to buy a coffee-making machine and get a little bit better equipped. If you come across any sag bags or sofas going for free that you think would be fit for the café, please let me know! The café will at some point have a jewellery-making corner and any jewellery made will be sold later for charity. If you have unwanted beads, please send them our way.

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Essentially we hope Starburke’s will be a place the students can come and relax with friends at the end of school. We hope that the presence of the café will help to build on the sense of community in the school. Some students are already helping behind the counter. I am coordinating the project with the help of local youth workers, and our Kick London mentor, Tom Rutter. Teaching staff have also offered help. We‟re starting low-key and will see if the café becomes popular with the students. In future we hope that Tutor groups may use it for charity cake sales. We‟re also exploring Fairtrade products that we can use. We‟ve been rethinking the way we raise money for charity in the school. We don‟t want this activity to feel like a pressure for the students, but we also want them to leave Christ‟s with a desire to help others. The Student Council suggested that introducing an element of competition into fund-raising would increase incentive. They felt that students or tutor groups that raised the most money should receive prizes. We don‟t want to spend money raised for charity on prizes but we have been exploring the possibility of businesses donating prizes – such as tickets to Thorpe Park or Chessington World of Adventure. If you are able to help in any way, I‟d love to hear from you. There will be an opportunity for students to gain credits for raising money for charity. We will have some school-wide charity events, probably for things like Comic Relief or Children in Need, but otherwise may leave it to tutor groups to decide which charities they want to help. Even when Student Council chooses the charities we support, the students may not become enthusiastic so we want to work with the enthusiasm that exists already in some tutor groups and hope that it is catching! As part of the new school build there will be a Chapel in the Reception area of the school. It will be a place where the students can go when they want to be quiet or to be mindful of things that are concerning them. We will use it for meditative liturgies and Eucharists, some teaching, and for pastoral care. While we are a Church of England supported school we hope students of all faiths and none will feel at home with us. On Fridays and during Ramadan, for example, the prayer space will be available for our Muslim students and while particular faith symbols will be present in the Chapel at different times, the fixed décor with encourage a sense of prayerfulness that is not faith-specific. Mrs Bean is about to work with a group on designing the „stained glass‟ windows we will have, using abstract colour patterns to create atmosphere. My aim is that anything in the Chapel is either designed and made by students, or has their approval. Many thanks for the support you give your children, and for encouraging them to play an active part in the school community. Kind regards, Ruth (School Chaplain)

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Sports News
P.E. Extra Curricular Summer Timetable
Lunch Time SGo Lunch Time MGr Lunch Time CNe After SCo After MGr After SGo After CNe After Other


Mixed Cricket Y7/8 Aussie Rules Y7/8 Mixed Cricket Y9/10 Aussie Rules Y9/10 Rounders Y9/10 Rounders Y7/8 Tennis KS3 Cricket Y7/8 Rounders Y7/8

Netball Y7&8 SIMS



Athletics KS3/4

Athletics KS3/4

Athletics KS3/4

Athletics KS3/4


Cricket Y9/10/11

Tennis KS4

Aussie Rules Y9/10

Rounders Y9/10/11

Rounders Y7/8 ETa


Touch Rugby Y7/8

Christ’s Host Inclusive Sports Day for Richmond Borough
This half term Christ‟s PE department hosted the Richmond inclusive sports day for the second time. Led by Richmond‟s lead teacher for Inclusion, Dave Francis, Year 9 students acted as leaders and helpers to the other schools in the borough attending the day. All the students taking part enjoyed wheelchair basketball, bocchia and rounders as part of the day in a series of mini competitions throughout the day. Teachers from the other schools attending remarked on how excellent the Sports Leaders were at supporting their athletes and being generally helpful, considerate and a credit to Christ‟s School. Steve Colvin, Head of PE

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Successful Sports at Christ’s this year
The Autumn term highlights were the success of the Year 9 and 11 boys at the Carnegie Rugby League events, with both teams going on to represent the borough in the South London championships. The senior Volleyball teams were also highly successful in their competitions also. After Christmas the Y8/9 girls successfully defeated Waldegrave to become borough champions with exceptional performances from Esme Gritten, Karen Valle & Freya Donnell. The year 8 boys were also very successful in their strong performance against Twickenham Academy, with Josh Pacho and Ollie Tugman star performers. The real highlights this year have been the outstanding rowing performances of two young ladies and the Year 9 girls Rugby League team. Emily Mayer & Deryn Esterhuyse won the senior girls borough rowing competition before Easter and then the next day competed in the National Rowing ergometer championships at Picketts Lock Athletics Centre in Enfield. Once again, the girls‟ performances were excellent with Emily placing 3rd and Deryn 2nd in their age groups in the National Final. Outside of school competition, the girls have also achieved great success with Kingston Rowing Club, winning the inter-regional finals in Nottingham and are now preparing for the National finals later this month. The year 9 girls Rugby League team followed up their impressive victory at the Borough championships by finishing second in the south east regional competitions to last years national runners up, Feltham. As a result of their superb displays they travel to Wigan in the last week of term to represent the borough in the National championships! Leadership @ Christ‟s: The students of Christ‟s have been highly involved in leadership this year. Year 11 students have trained to be Volleyball referees and assisted at borough tournaments, while Year 10 Junior Football Organisers have delivered a 5-a-side tournament to over 100 primary school students as part of their learning. Year 9 GCSE PE students were highly praised for their leadership and performance at the recent Inclusive Games event hosted at Christ‟s. Many students were praised for their excellent attitude and maturity in supporting the visiting athletes. Christ‟s invited to watch England 7's train Friday the 13th of May saw Christ‟s Gifted and Talented boys meet with the England 7's squad @ St Mary's University in a private training session. Invited to attend by 7's legend and England captain Ben Gollings, the boys got an opportunity to meet the England squad and watch them prepare for the upcoming London Competition. Steve Colvin Head of Physical Education The year 9 girls Rugby League team have achieved fantastic results this term. The finished second in the Southern Regional Competition before heading up to Wigan to compete in the National Finals. After a tough set of games the girls finished in 8th position overall nationally and we are very proud of their performance.

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Dear Parents, The Metropolitan Police Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) are currently recruiting. The unit is based in Nelson Primary School, Whitton and meets on Thursday evenings from 7pm till 9.30pm. The unit is open to young people aged 14 to 19 years, although we encourage any 13 year-olds to apply and get their names on to the waiting list. The aims of the Metropolitan Police Volunteer Police Cadets are: • • • to promote and encourage a practical interest in policing among young people; to provide training, which will encourage positive leadership within communities; good citizenship.

to encourage the spirit of adventure and develop qualities of leadership and

Cadets are drawn from all parts of society. There are approximately 1,750 Volunteer Cadets in the MPS and about 450 Cadet Staff. The Staff, most of whom supervise the Cadets in addition to their normal role, comprise of police officers, police staff, police community support officers and special constabulary officers.

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and special constabulary officers. The Cadets often perform duties in support of local policing plan objectives. This is particularly so in relation to Safer Neighbourhood initiatives. Whilst they are not allowed to patrol with police officers, the Cadets can perform tasks such as crime prevention initiatives, message/leaflet delivery, test purchase of alcohol, knives and fireworks, and become involved in non-confrontational local events such as property marking etc. Cadets also get involved in MPS wide deployments such as Trooping the Colour, Remembrance Day Parades, London Marathon as well as in various Conferences and Charity Events. All Cadet activities are Risk Assessed to comply with Health & Safety and Child Protection policies and procedures. Weekly meetings usually include drill/inspection, some sort of physical activity, and a guest speaker or input on a police related topic as part of a training programme. Cadet Units involve themselves in other activities at weekends and in school holidays and this may include going away on development camp, conservation events and social days out, such as paint-balling, gokarting and ice-skating to name but a few. The Richmond Unit is committed to the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and aims to ensure all cadets leave at 19 with a silver award a fantastic achievement, which is unrivalled on any CV. Various Cadet Competitions are held during the year, which test the skills developed within the VPC Units. For more information on the role and positive reasons to get involved in the Voluntary Police Cadets please take a look at the Metropolitan Police Cadet website at For an application form or for more details please contact Sgt Andree Tyler at Richmond Police Station or e-mail Quote from Supt Jim Davis below:“I believe that the Metropolitan Police Volunteer Police Cadets provide additional development opportunities to allow young people to flourish in an environment of self-discipline, team work, cooperation and fun. It allows for many young people to own a sense of 'belonging' and to be part of the wider 'police family' whether or not they eventually choose policing as a career. The VPC have my absolute support; they are keen, enquiring, motivated and most of all a fun group of people to be with. If in doubt, try it out!” Jim Davis Superintendent

If you would like to advertise your business or services in our newsletter please contact: Mrs J Ralph at

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