----------------------------Football Manager 2011 v11.3.

0 ----------------------------Crash Fixes =========== - Fixed rare crash when User tried to holiday past Assign Squad Numbers news ite m. - Fixed array access out of bounds error when rejecting all options from the fee der clubs proposal screen. - Fixed a rare array access out of bounds viewing a teams fixture list. - Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes crash when coming out of a match sc reen if the user hadn't viewed the 3d pitch. - Fixed a crash viewing player biography for some players on a client in a netwo rk game. General ======= - Fixed an issue where a player would not get home-grown 15-21 status correctly. - Adjusted attendances for big Danish rivalry matches - Improved link between height and jumping when not using real players when star ting a new game. - Fixed issue with Dutch league being disabled when adding a new manager if an e arly game start date is used. - Fixed an issue to do with a few club awards which caused savegames not to load properly. - Fixed the trial day invitation news item not recommending players when there a re players who will sign for the club. - Stopped lots of players getting upset about lack of discipline because a playe r wasn't fined for being sent off for professional foul. - Fixed days in nation counts for players transferring intra-countries with cont inous living requirements. - Fixed an issue where transfer deals might not get processed in time on transfe r deadline day. - Fixed an issue where a player was described as an attacking full-back when he couldn't play that position. - Manager who features on users 'worst opinion' list no longer feels we could be come friends. - Fixed bug where players didn't go on holiday at the end of the season. - Stopped players requesting transfers due to not playing enough games when they have played regularly. - Games won/lost on penalties no longer count towards winning/losing runs. - Stopped players having a 'PR' icon against them on the squad screen when there isn't a reaction. - World cup award winners for 2010 are now always displayed no matter which game start date is used. - Fixed biggest defeat record from the starting database sometimes being beaten by a smaller defeat. - Fixed incremental save not working if date format was changed to use '/' symbo l - Fixed issue where was possible for currency format settings to be lost - User can now play a friendly match if he has set his assistant manager to deal with friendlies and then sacked his assistant manager and coaches. - Fixed issue where long term holiday would sometimes end a week late. - Fixed issue where foreign human manager doesn't get any English language skill when taking over an English team at the start of the game. - Stopped confidence immediatly dropping to zero for extremely low reputation le agues. Interface

======= - Fixed problem where sometimes clicking an award link would take you to the wro ng award. - Fixed an issue with the season summary for summer leagues showing incorrect qu alified teams for European competitions. - Fixed bug where division field sometimes isn't filled in for a player's career history. - Fixed right click menu on fixtures, was previously not displaying. - Fixed 'Cross Far' and 'Cross Centre' being mixed up on tactics screen corner s ection - Fixed retirement date not showing on players profile - Fixed incorrectly named continue button if used back option to leave match vie wer - Goals highlight option can no longer be selected if match was a 0-0 draw - Fixed player comparison option occasionaly compairing outfield players as goal keepers - In Classic Style tactics, tactic sliders on the player list can now be unticke d. Finances ======== - Adjusted Russian player wages - Adjusted filling of blank wages at the game start - Adjusted Brazilian finances and wages - Adjusted Turkish staff wages. - Fixed club finacial status bug. - Adjusted Denmark finances. - Adjusted Non-league finances. - Adjusted US staff wages. - Fixed low sell on clause offer. - Adjusted Polish ticket prices. Backroom Advice =============== - Improved the pre match tactical advice about the opposition. - Individual training suggestions are now always set. - Fixed rare instance of staff member welcoming you to the club when he has been there less time than you. - Players on trial no longer get training suggestions. - Stopped recommended scouting suggestions including players already at the club . - No longer advised to drop a player who hasn't started many games because of po or form. - Stopped player preferred moving advice been suggested when you can't talk to t he player about this. - Fixed some team instruction based backroom advice being Contradictory. - Fixed goals scored and conceded advice in some cases being inaccurate. - Fixed full back being recommended to learn "places shots" ppm inappropriately. Board Requests ============== - Fixed being able to get multiple feeder and parent clubs by making the request s via the information screen. - The board now give you money if they approve to increase the clubs transfer bu dget if the club started with a transfe budget of 0. - The board no longer will approve increase the clubs transfer or wage budget if the budgets have recently be decreased. - Turkish clubs can no longer request to buy a private owned stadium. - Clubs can no longer request to buy a stadium that is owned by another club. - Approved board requests no longer incorrectly get cleared if you resign as a n

Fixed x games in management news item stating team are struggling in the leagu e when it hasn't started yet.Fixed scout next opposition report appearing too early if gap between fixtures is large. .Players who are out on loan no longer request to chat about being unhappy play ing in the reserves.Players no longer become unhappy with how deal was negotiated when user asks f or realistic price. .Players who have just agreed to go on the transfer list no longer then get unh appy about being forced out the club.Manager is only able to request a new contract "because time is running out on current deal" if they have less than 18 months left on their contract Conversations ============= .Players no longer get a positive reaction if they agree to be transfer listed or terminate their contracts. .Stopped the user being able to request a new contract after just signing a new contract. .Link from "Released youth players" news now takes you to the transfers screen with the correct players shown.Fixed user been able to comment on another manager repeatedly.Fixed "Reject Request" button on player demands new contract news item.Non-senior international managers no longer incorrectly have the option to cha t with international players. . .Board Requests no longer carry over when moving clubs.Fixed issue where 'nth' would not always work for numbers in news items.Players now only react once to the whole conversation rather than reacting to each part of the conversation. .Players no longer react negatively when you decline their offer make themselve s a non player.Stopped managers been able to say a player was signed for too much or cheaply when they where signed on a free transfer. .Season draws near news item missing places relegated teams will be visiting. . . .Stopped flood of sponsorship round-up news items when subscribed to nation.Stopped user being able to release the same comment each day if there was only one available topic to talk about. . . . . News ==== .Fixed player describing loan period at club 'worthless' when he's already agre ed to sign for them. .Fixed code in managers comment about promotion chances news item. .Fixed news item saying B team manager not picking up the controlling club's ch .Fixed issue where invalid groundshare information was showing up in news item about a brand new stadium.Fixed issue where a team would find it hard to find a feeder club if they didn 't already have any.Improve some conversation text and player reactions. . . .ational manager when you are a club manager as well. . . . . .Fixed manager comment about the state of another teams pitch mentioning the wr ong stadium.Can no longer request a work permit feeder club if the club is not big enough to get a international feeder club. . . . .Add current and potential ability stars to the trial day scouts reports.Fixed manager pre match comment mentioning the wrong competition for the match .Stopped club history background news talking about best decade for clubs under 50 years old.You can now back down when a tutee disagrees to be tutored. .

.Fixed human being able to set a contract end date of just a few days.Prevented staff members from accepting lesser job which they aren't interested in on same pay as better job. . . . .Stopped user being able to offer loan till end of next season if player only h as 1 year left on contract. .Ensured offer contract button on agent offer news items not disapearing when p layer has agreed a transfer. . . .Stopped really good free agent youth players from only requesting youth contra cts.Ensured more teams now have to pay loans fees and wage contributions to loan b etter standard of players. . Transfers/Contracts =================== .Fixed news item about the condition of the pitch could injury players mentioni ng the incorrect stadium. . .Prevented user from being able to get excessively high transfer fees for thier players after negotiating enquiry offers. . .Allowed humans to re-enter into contract talks if the board offer them another contract shorlty after initial talks had broken down.Made it easier for highly successfull lower league managers to be considered f or higher division jobs.Reduced the amount teams will pay for very good old players.Added scout stars to player removed from shortlist news item.Helped prevent really high profile long serving managers from deciding to move slightly downwards or sideways in terms of club movement. .Stopped board form offering you more in wages than you had previously requeste d during negotiations.Lowered agent initial demands during contract negotiations.Ensured loan till end of season is available to korean teams. .Ensured teams that have to abide by max foreigner rules value thier non-foreig n players higher than thier foreign players.Prevented user from being able to purchase players for zero with huge fee afte r league appearances/goals clauses. loan finished an d player leaves club news items. .Helped reduce the number of non-experienced managers from taking decent sized manager jobs without first doing coaching etc.Adjusted reputation calculation for human managers starting as unemployed to a ide in them getting offered a job.Reduced the number of job applicants that also want a playing role as well. . . .airman as the board-level decision maker. . . . . . .Reduced the frequency of manager under pressure news item.Upped monthly installment maximum fee.Prevented teams bidding slightly over asking price when they dont need to. .Fixed player bio mentioning the wrong player/stats for last seasons top goalsc orer.Fixed being able to get away without having to pay compensation to players u24 who have turned down equivalent contract offers from thier existing clubs.Fixed inactive teams not removing older players form the loan list. . .Helped prevent younger members of rival team being interested in joining that team. .Prevented some players asking prices form being too low when transfer listed b y request.Fixed asking prices for some players exceeding the minimum fee release clause.Allowed user to offer terms to players who aren't interested in joining team b ut at least have a minimal chance of being able to be bribed by excessive wage o ffers. when they are good enough for a full-time deal. .Stopped staff member with unsure interest rejecting deals that were provisiona lly accepted. .

Fixed added player awards not working properly if the "Position" field was lef t unset."We Trust You" can no longer be rewarded if feeder club request is rejected . .Fixed young player described as "carrying the team" when he hasn't made that m any apps. .Under 20 World Cup schedule updated.Added missing customisable columns height. Africa -----. .Improved choice of country to play for of dual nationality players. . .Fixed press conference asking about injured player when he is on loan.Fixed an issue where the points for a team would go negative if they get more than 127.Stopped player getting unhappy about "Change in Style" question in new signing press conference.Fixed press conference not using repeat questions for pre-season predictions l ater in the season.Fixed the wording on some achievements on Steam Editor ====== . .Fixed user asked about potential transfers just after club enter transfer emba rgo."Do The Double" failing to unlock if completed as a part of a treble .Fixed press conference option wrongly suggesting team to be on drawing side af ter throwing away a winning position but still win on pens. .Fixed occasionally being able to replace withdrawn international player with t he same player. left foot and right foot fo r players.Improved picking of players for Olympic squads. Subscriptions ============= . . International ============= .Improved ai decisions on requesting 45 min instructions for their players. Achievements ============ . .Fixed some issues with promotions and relegations involving secondary regional competitions.Fixed press conference asking about transfer window shutting when already shut .Club playing in league system different to where they are based now have defau lt subscription to their home nation. weight.Improved the assistant answers to who will win the title question.African Super Cup to not play extra time when score is levelled after 90 minut es. .Press Conferences ================= . Competitions ============ World ----. . . Argentina . .

England ------.Danish Cup substitution rules changed. . subsequent seasons already do this) Brazil -----. South America ------------.Free transfers can now be registered outside a window in the Premiership.Fixed issue with Welsh based teams not playing in English reserve leagues some times. Denmark ------.Asian Champions League final is now played at one of the two finalists home st adium randomly as happens in the real world.Semi final draw now on same day as quarter final draw for Champions League.Seven subs now allowed in the Second Division.Implemented Bahia State Championship new format.Removed OFC Champions League Preliminary round. Croatia ------.Stage names on the Europe Qualification Places screen now match those used in the Champions League.Copa Libertadores pots for the group stage have been updated. Oceania ------.Fixed some issues with the yellow card discipline rules and improved descripti on of the discipline rules on the competition rules screen.Teams relegated after one season in the Premier Division now get their old Sec ond Division points total used in their average points for the Second Division.--------.Colombian First Division groups sorted by points then position in league stage . . Asia ---. Argentina --------.Updated TV money and prize money for Pernambuco state championship. Colombia -------.Implemented Pernambuco State Championship new format. Europe -----. (bug in first season only.Fixed last matchday schedule and related schedule screen for Ligue 1 and Ligue . .Fixed Croatian Second Division missing a winter transfer window. France -----. .Stopped the ASEAN club championship to happen in the game as is extinct in rea l life. . .

Fixture update for for Polish First Division. . meaning they now have a 3 p oints deduction in 2010/11 Serie A.Fixed 18 year olds born after 31.Fixed trial players incorrectly being able to play in competitive matches.Added Championship playoff for Israeli Premier League if top 2 teams are level on points. .League playoffs now over 2 legs. Iceland ------.Changed the youth league to be under 21 instead of under 19.2010 past winners of C1 and C2 Super Cups now get shown properly.Israeli National League schedule and TV broadcasting updated. . .2. .12.Israeli Premier League schedule and TV broadcasting updated.Added Super Cup. Indonesia --------. .Serie B and Lega Pro points deductions updated.Fixed issue where First Division wasn't being scheduled properly when Saturday and Wednesday matchdays option was used. Reserve and U-18 leagues.1991 not being able to play in U-18 league . .Italian Cup draw: Higher seeded teams always play at home.Fixed trial players incorrectly being able to play in competitive matches. . .Pre-season dates for friendlies adjusted. Northern Ireland ---------------. Portugal -------. .Fixed players sent off for two yellow cards in the Portuguese Second Division not picking up a suspension. . .End month contracts for Norway are now correctly set to December instead of No vember even when signing a new player.H. Israel -----. Poland -----.Israeli Premier Toto Cup schedule updated. Germany ------. . Nazareth-Ilit points deduction added for first season. Norway -----.Israeli National Toto Cup schedule updated. Italy ----.Bologna to have 2 more points deducted in Serie A. .Non-EU player match rule now used again. . .Fixed Ekstraklasa clubs not taking part in the U18 league. .Winter break friendlies schedule has been improved.Fixed issue with qualification to the Europa League from the Portuguese Cup.

Fixed number of yellow cards accumulated incorrectly being carried over into a new season.Improved squad management.Fixed an issue with the Irish Premier Division relegation playoff being schedu led too early. South Korea ----------.Russian Super Cup now uses correct teams if a different game start date is use d.Updated scheduling for TV matches in Serbian Super League.Fixed bug where players who start national service are removed from the nation al service immediately after starting. Spain ----. Romania ------. .AI teams no longer hand out developmental contracts. . .National service players can now play against their parent clubs.Updated the league prizes for Premier League and First Division.South Korean FA Cup now works when league is run in view only mode.Fixed draw for First Division Elite/Second Division playoff. . Spain ----. Russia -----.Trialist are not allowed to play in competitive matches.Squad numbers 1.2011 Turkish Cup Final at Kadir Has Stadium. United States ------------. . Sweden -----.Republic of Ireland ------------------. . . . .Updated scheduling for Reserve and Youth matches.Korean relegation between K-League and N-League now postponed until 2013 seaso n. .Russian Cup and Super Cup venues updated. .Disabled foreigner rule (in regards to players that have Russian as second nat ionality but have international apps or declared for first nation). .Irish Senior Challenge Cup final now held at Aviva Stadium and has no replays. Serbia -----. . 13 and 25 now blocked from being given to outfield players. .Spanish First and Second Division individual TV deals have been fixed and upda ted to the current season ones.Stopped players with a handful of appearances winning end of season awards in the N-League. Turkey .Fixed 'Team that played away previous round plays at home' rule not working co rrectly for the Swedish Cup.Fixed trial players incorrectly being able to play in competitive matches.

. .Adjusted Swedish attendances especially for rivalry matches. . .Adjusted the effects of setting a player to "Rest" training schedule. bonuses and clauses for Israeli 19-21 year o lds to reflect their wage cap. . .Fixed TV revenues for Uruguayan teams. he is automaticall y assigned to the two related categories rather than one. . General ======= .Added extra restrictions on fees. ----------------------------Football Manager 2011 v11.Fixed issue where replay of last disallowed goal in last 5 minutes of match sh ows the whole last 5 minutes. .When a specialist (GK or fitness) coach joins a human team. . . only the coaching categories left without a coach get assigned a new coach without affecting other assignments.Adjustment for English lower league finances.Fixed bug where starting squad numbers are not set correctly for certain teams .Increased chance of AI teams improving stadia.Adjustment to Spainish lower league expenditure . .Fixed a potential award crash with custom leagues.Adjusted second nationalities to ensure foreign newgens don't require work per mits when created.Physio and stretcher bearer colours improved. .Fixed discrepency in wage amounts that can be offered. . .Fixed a potential crash after a player is removed from a shortlist. . .Improved code to select city of birth for foreign newgens. . . . Match ===== .0 ----------------------------Crash Fixes =========== .Fixed crash when processing retirements when a staff has no nation set.Fixed crash on start of matchday if a human manager has a touchline ban and ha s no players picked currently.Fixed crash when processing retirements when a player has no club.Tweaked attendances in later stage cup competition matches played at neutral s tadiums.Fixed issue with players fading out at the end of a highlight when another hig hlight starts immediately after. Uruguay ------.Fixed issue with one goalkeeper kick from hands animation not playing correctl y.2.Fixed issue where match would sometimes freeze until the user goes to a pitch view or changes screen.Fixed assistant feedback on players being played out of position when using wi ngbacks. Finances ======== . .Fixed pre-match attendance news item crash on load. ..Renamed "Movement" individual training to "Off the Ball" to match the player p rofile attribute naming.The squad status field no longer appears blank on the contract offer screen. .when a coach leaves a human team.

even if the human cannot apply for them.Fixed issue where player got an additional 3 match ban for being sent off for 2 yellow cards. . . . . . . place in reserves.When players retire they get removed from their agents client list. vacant national team positions will now appear in the job cen tre. . . Interface ========= . . . .Reduced the time between able to chat to players about tutoring.2 database.Added an option for the user to back out of tutoring conversations if the play er reacts badly.Bosman transfers can now be registered after the transfer window closes (for n ations which allow this) .Stopped human teams in some leagues getting the same referee for every match.Fixed removal of preferred move conversations.Players who agree to a contract termination now don't then wish to chat about been unhappy about the contract termination.. .Danger man comments no longer always pick out the same player for each game. .Added missing 'Tactical Knowledge' column to Mental Attributes view on a team' s staff screen. . .Disabled transfer listing conversations for co-owned players.Disabled conversations that shouldn't be available if the player is away from the club on loan e.Agents now retire at the end of season for the league they work in rather than on the 1st of January. .Adjusted non-player progression.Added "Throwing" individual training for goalkeepers and re-arranged the sorti ng order of the dropdown to better match player profile attributes.Improved game performance when processing retirements on game update days when database has a very large number of players.Allowed more players to be tutored. Conversations ============= . .Fix some issues with incorrect starting days to gain nationality.Issuing a player with a warning no longer stops you being able to fine him for a week. .If you make a promise to give a player a chance in the first team during the o ff season or near the end of a season they only expect the promise to be fufille d the following season.Fixed issue that could cause board to not find any international loan link fee der clubs.g. .Conversation about a player disliking a team-mate no longer ends without the p layer giving a response. .For consistency. . .The correct topics are now displayed if you go to chat with a player if you ar e both a club and international manager. .Stopped teams transfer listing the whole team when the team is relegated.Adjusted learning rates of match preparation when using similar tactics.Fixed issue where selecting 'Accept All Loan Offers' and then changing asking price of a player would result in 'No instructions' being incorrect selected .Improved players morale reactions to conversations. .Fixed training ground injuries potentially being inflicted by a co-owned playe r who is not currently at the club. . .Fixed issue with dates being disabled wrongly when arranging tours. .When a player has agreed to a contract termination or go on the transfer list they no longer say they are looking forward to more positive talks in the future . .Improved the conversation flow for when players are unhappy about not wanting to leave the club. will be fixe d with new games using 11.

. . despite finishing the season.Selling team proposals should not appear in the selling team's transfer centre until the buying team has actually made an offer.Fixed [Home] key not selecting the top news item when it jumps back to the top of inbox .Fixed custom views not being kept when creating one and immediately using quic k flicks to change the team. .Enabled editing of custom training schedules in player profile training levels section.Fixed erroneous record news items for leagues that have opening and closing st ages.Fixed code appearing in transfer bio news item. .Fixed an issue where the number of games listed in the Manager of the Month ne ws would be incorrect. .Fixed Winning a youth competition not being displayed in a player's history ac hievements. .Fixed incorrect date in greyed out widget for Amateur player contracts .Stopped 'injury hits team hard' question.Removed code from conversation strings on the interaction screen when playing a network game. .Fixed issue where a match might get stuck if a manager has a player sent off. . .Fixed custom views having "Custom: " prefixed after matches..Teams should receive the appropriate "New [league] season draws near" news ite m for the division they will be playing in next season.Fixed news item referring to the player's contract club when a player vows to help his team "currently under-performing in the league" when they aren't.Improved occurence and content of fans' view of match news.Managers no longer complain about the state of the pitch when they are the hon e team manager. .Fixed code in news headline about player feeling they are been forced out due to their wage. News ==== .Fixed issue where friendly proposal can be rejected but stays on the fixtures screen.Action button for squad status changes advice for B team players now work corr ectly.Fixed matchday round-up news wrongly stating 'x goals were not enough' in rare circumstances. . . Backroom Advice =============== . Press Conference ================ .Fixed training news item not linking to the correct sub-tab . .Other players can no longer respond to another managers players transfer reque st news item.Ensure team can renew loan deal before adding button to news item. .Players who aren't playing games are no longer picked out as danger men. . confirms without making changes and has another manager who is watching the matc h. . . . . . .Fixed news item refering to a player having problems settling in a country usi ng the wrong nation.Player nicknames now get used in the match on network clients. Network ======= .Fixed player being described as not playing well last term when he did.Conversation based advice is no longer generated if the user has already spoke .

The planning end date is correctly updated when further times is needed when t he board is planning on building a new stadium. .Stoped inappropriate advice being generated for co-owned players who aren't at the club e.Transfer income percentage no longer drops so soon after the request has been approved.Stopped players with impatient agents from going straight to min demands when negotiating contracts .Fixed approach to sign for players based in england when user is managing in e ngland .Reduced massive signing on fees for very high earning players .Prevented really top players from being touted around for really low values .Fixed the incorrect completetion date been shown for the relaying of the pitch on the board request progress screen.to the player on the same day.Fixed clubs offering you players that aren't interested in joining you . Squad Management ================ . .Prevented user from being able to bribe the agent so much the players doesn't actually get a wage himself Transfers ========= .Previous completed board requests no longer appear to restart once a new board request movings to being in progress. . .Fixed staff members negotiating contracts when in fact they just dont have any interest in joining you . Board Requests ================= .g.Fixed contract end date not matching the contract offer screen end date .User can no longer request to improve the teams training and youth facilities if an upgrade is already in progress.Reduced the time period before agents will reenter contract talks with human f ollowing previous talks having broken down .Added code to help try and reduce inflated french squad sizes in future years in the game Contracts ========= . . . . . .Reduced the willingness of highish profile out of contract players from droppi ng down a division .Stopped human managers from having an unfair advantage when applying for job d ue to their attributes being really high .Correct player is linked when chatting about tutoring.When rejecting a contract offer you have requested you no longer keep getting offered a new contract each day.Removed inappropriate second conversation phase options for the new contract a nd give more time requests.Scouts who are away on assignments will no longer offer you scouting recommend ations. tutoring.Ensured transfer listed by request players asking prices are higher if they ar e important first team players .Stopped human user form being able to negotiate his own contract down to 1 .Prevented agent from demanding a lower wage after x appearances clause than th e basic wage when the user has upped the squad status .

Fixed confidence news item post-match stating fans went home in a bouyant mood after being knocked out by a late equaliser (away goals).Reduced the number of players reacting to feeling a teammate has been treated unfairly.Fixed happiness string indicating a players doesn't want to leave the club but he actually does Confidence ========== . . . . .Fixed Portuguese end of season date for when divisions are added to the nation .Altered match confidence stating fans are slightly concerned following a well fought out draw away to title rivals Social Networking ================= .Stopped players saying they don't want to be transfer list in a conversation a nd then request to be transfer listed afterwards.The reason the player is unhappy is now displayed for players who aren't at th e managers club. . Competitions ============ . .when a player is transfer listed the player can no longer be unhappy about not being transfer listed. .Improved upload progress for YouTube videos to make progress on state of uploa d clearer . . .Players who are transfer listed by request now request to come of the transfer list once the unhappiness is removed. .Players who have been promised first team football no longer claim the promise has being broken and request a transfer listed when they have been played regul arly.Fixed an instance of the board thinking the user was doing really well when in fact he was only mid table . . .Champion playoffs now work correctly for lower divisions. .If a player has a future transfer arranged then they will no longer get unhapp y about not wanting to leave the club.Fixed some issues to make it easier to offload players via the use of offer to clubs Player Happiness ================ .Improved AI managers handling of unhappy players.Fixed an issue with duplicating people.Playoff stages for custom reserve/youth competitions are now shown in the Stag es menu in the game. ..Removed in game hang when uploading a video so can now cancel while video is u ploading easier Editor ====== .Spaced out players getting unhappy about the club under achieving.Fixed some issues when more than 1 editor file with new people added are used together in a new game.Fixed some issues with adding new levels for Hong Kong. .Fixed bug where homegrown rules for a competition were being ignored. .Players unhappy at B teams underachieving no longer want to talk with the A te am manager about this issue. .

Swapped 2015 and 2019 Copa America hosts.Venue of the Belgian Super Cup should be that of current Belgian First Divisio n champions.Fixed incorrect match rule being displayed on the Rules screen for the Austria n First Division. .Removed Congo DR from the list of potential host of the African Nations Cup 20 15 and 2017 as they withdrew in the real world. Austria ------. Africa -----.Semifinal dates for the Belgian Cup have been moved to avoid clashes with inte rnational weeks.Stopped Russians being eligible for Belarussian player of the year award.Copa America got rid about the golden goal in the knockout stages . .Fixed foreigners rule in the AFC Cup (Confederation Cup in the game). . Europe -------.Fixed some team expectation issues with the Gold Cup. so soon after 2012. .. International ------------.Argentine Premier Calender table now sorted by total points and not average po ints.Fixed bug where team is asked if they want to participate in a reserve league which doesn't exist.Copa America pots for the draw have been adjusted to the new draw system based on the FIFA World Ranking Argentina --------.Fixed issues with South American U20 international teams not picking enough pl ayers for matches. Belgium ------. .African Youth Championship 2011 new schedule.Added Russia to host the World Cup 2018.If Belarus does not qualify for international tournament then national league matches should be scheduled during said tournament period . Belarus ------.Fixed issue with wrong coefficients being displayed on European Champions Cup group draw. . Asia ---. South America ------------. . .Fixed the competition rules screen to display the adjusted money for a positio n/macth prize instead of the default value as this varies going though the years in the game based on the league reputation.Fixed League Cup press conference/news item describing teams having got throug h the Preliminary round. .Fixed Great Britain hosting Olympics again in 2020.

Ammended the disciplinary system which now reflects the real world one. France -----.Fixed the way table points are rounded when starting the European places playo ff.Fixed lack of winter break in Croatian First Division after league restructure .Altered Danish reserve leagues scheduling.Ligue 2 winter kick off time updated Germany ------.Added a match rule for Greek national B (max 5 foreigners players allowed) .Minas Gerais State Championship format change. Brazil -----.Added the 6th Round in the cup involving the National Championship teams earli er in the competition . . . Greece -----. Denmark ------.Fixed duplicate transfer window.Adjusted Brazilian Bahia State Championship tv money Chile ----.Free transfers can now be registered outside a window now.Chilean First Division B South Zone teams now get 3/2/1/0 points when starting the Final Phase.Added extra income of 238k Euro to each club that participates in Greek Nation al B Division. .Tweaked Greek Superleague TV Revenues. . . .Croatian First Division restructure now postponed until 2012/2013 season.Tweaked Superleague euro competition playoff dates so that there are enough da tes to handle more than 4 teams involved and matches are played mostly on Sunday and Wednesday.Updated prize money for final position in the Brazilian First Division.Fixed schedule for the Chilean Cup. .Sao Paulo State Championship format change.Number of relegations/promotions between First and Second Division dropped fro m 3 to 2 from season 2012/12 as it will happen in the real world. .National Championship schedule updated .Fixed Croatian Cup only being played over one leg when between NK Dinamo and NK Zagreb. . Finland ------. . .Fixed Greek Cup final so that it takes place after the last of the Super Leagu e.Stopped playoff goals counting to the top goalscorer award in the Greek Nation al B Division. . Croatia ------.Belgian First Division top goalscorer award no longer includes playoff goals. .. .

India ----.Fixed maximum number of foreign players in Mexican Promotion League.No Israeli trialist permitted in Premier and National Toto Cup match squad. Israel -----.C1 playoff final is now correctly playing an extra time in case the two teams in the final are equal at the end of the two legs . . .Fixed an issue where teams weren't always playing on the 16th of May as they s hould.New date for Quarter Final draw and fixtures for the First Division Toto Cup .Fixed fixture venues in Mexican Promotion League.Trialist should only ever be able to play in Hungarian League cup matches. C1 and C2 . .Super Cup now uses winning team from recent Federations Cup.New schedule and venue for the Indian Super Cup. .Removed non-EU players limit for Icelandic competitions.Holland ------.Fixed the issue in which the contracts where expiring too early in some season having the players released before the last league match. Hungary ------. .30pm as it is in the rea l world . .Serie A Saturday match have moved to 6pm instead of 6.Improved TV dates distribution for Italian Serie A when Continental Cup matche s are played during the week.Signing a player on loan then on a transfer doesn't count as 2 non-EU players signed in one season. Italy ----.Fixed some issues with the European playoffs.Fixed some issues with the Dutch lower league system. Serie B.Some teams suffered a points deduction due to financial issue as happened in t he real world in Serie A. . . Norway -----.Fixed Israeli Discovery of the Year award. Mexico -----.1 non EU player per year rule is now applied to Jul to Jul and not Jan to Dec. not the previous season's. .Hungarian Cup new format is now supported in the game (extra early round).Serie B squad registration rules are now ammended (there was a small issue wit h them) . .Improved Italian Cup Semifinals schedule to cope with Champions League in a be tter way. Iceland ------.Hungarian competitions schedule has been updated to be more realistic. .Post split league fixtures now correct. . .Updated and improved the schedule of all the Icelandic competitions we have in the game.

.Senior players now count correctly towards the roster rules.Upgraded the FA Cup format and schedule. Wales ----. . .Fixed the teams that take part in Singapore Cup. . United States ------------.Bosnian and Montenegrin players no longer have to have played a certain amount of league games to gain Serbian nationality.Right TV dates are now displayed for the midweek matches.Fixed K-League foreigners rule. South Korea ----------. .Fixed K-League top goalscorer award (from a new game or new season). . Russia -----.New schedule for the League Cup.New schedule for Singapore S-league.User can now only offer the appropriate minimum wages for MLS contract types o n the contract offer screen.Fixed Singapore league start and end month Spain ----.Fixed issue with players being suspended for 1 match after receiving 2 yellow cards in different matches. . Singapore --------.Fixed players with a low number of league appearances being selected in the KLeague All Star squad.Fixed Polish reserve and youth Leauge issues.Players no longer have to speak fluent Serbian to gain nationality.Spread the fixtures for every single match day in the Welsh Premier league Assets ====== Portugal .Dundee suffered a 25 pts deduction Serbia -----.Schedule for Russian Premier has been updated avoiding clashes with the intern ational weeks Scotland -------.All Star Cup no longer played.Fixed some draw rules for Serbian Cup early rounds .Poland -----. .Fixed loan options . .Added the possibility to register unlimited under 20 players to the squad outs ide the squad size limit for the Serbian Super League . .

.Fixed missed shots that stayed on the pitch from showing up as blocked shots o n the match analysis screen.0 ----------------------------Crash Fixes =========== .Fixed a bug where user confirms tactics without making a change.Fixed assistant manager feedback during matches about opponents outnumbering o ur players in defense/midfield/attack. . .Fixed issue where teams were wearing European kits in domestic matches.Stopped players being sent out from parent clubs when it is not possible for t he loan to go through. . .Fixed player/non-player not accepting mutual termination when manager first jo ins as promised.Fixed mac only player shirt corruption when switching between high\medium\low detail during a 3d match. .Fixed issue with defensive line instruction changing when user set tactical ro les for players when using classic tactics. . . .Fixed issue where the start of first highlight is missed when user watches all goals/highlights.1.National and continental reputation database filters for creating a new game w ere including too many players. . requires new game. he can now ma ke future tactics changes without any problems.Fixed launching from Windows Media Centre in fullscreen .Closing down player instruction now defaults to 'team' for certain positions w hen using classic tactics.Fixed issue where players were getting preferred squad numbers instead of star ting squad numbers in the first season.Added 2D and 3D kit images for Liga ZON Sagres and Liga Orangina teams ----------------------------Football Manager 2011 v11.Fixed starting days to gain nationality being calculated wrongly for some play ers in countries with the continuous living in nation requirement. .Fixed framerate glitch when the commentry bar changes colour . .Fixed startup movie rendering off the bottom of the screen.Fixed text for PPM training in player profile training section from clipping.Fixed dynamic sounds not playing during the match when watching in "commentary only" mode.Fixed player motivation showing up as "complacent" when trailing in matches.Fixed dynamic weather system which could often result in too much rainfall dur ing match when not forecast.Adjusted some of the pass tracking on the match analysis screen. . . .Fixed crash when generating award news items Match ===== .Improved framerate of 3d match for older graphics cards running 3d in low deta il. .Fixed a possible match divergence for matches going into extra time.-------. . .Fixed an assert on training screen coach assignments when no coaches at the cl ub. .Fixed possible crash when removing condition from player search filter dialog. . General ======= . .Games played in position now doesn't include data for when players do not play long enough to get a rating. . .

Fixed some issues with live league table.Adjusted non-football costs for Premier league clubs. days injured) appearing corrupt on the pl ayer profile training section when no physios available at the club. .Improved weather with particular regard to reducing snowfall at higher tempera tures. .Fixed being able to click on players to take you to their profile in the Set P iece Creator.Fixed issue when applying for a vacant B team job.Fixed some of the data (ppm trained.Fixed transfer clause news item link sending manager to wrong screen.Custom views on squad panels now works across human and AI teams (not separate for each of the two). .Fixed wrong string being displayed in the affiliated clubs screen for clubs wi th access to other club training facilities.Fixed a bug where goals of the season don't get shown properly. If this message persists yo u can do one of the following. . . . . .Fixed a problem where the same string was displayed twice in the pre match ana lisys before a Cup Final. .Fixed row selection changing automatically when accepting an offer in the Tran sfer Offer Centre. latest scores and goal updates not w orking correctly on the competition screen.Human preferred formation on profile panel now defaults to 4-4-2 if the human' s formation can't be calculated. . .Fixed Player Comparison panel not being translated properly when changing in-g ame language.Fixed possible corruption of human training info when resigning from a club/na tion when managing both club and a nation at the same time. . wages. .. . . .Adjusted chairman club loans. . Install the full Direct-X SDK or install shader e mulation software such as Swiftshader. . . . . .Fixed player training screen to not show first team match preparation workload for youth players.Adjusted non-football costs for lower league clubs. . .Adjusted criteria for semi-pro clubs turning pro. Interface ========= .Fixed "Cannot run game failed to set up graphics".Team record defeat records are now displayed 0-10 instead of 10-0.Adjusted manager wage requests when being hired from non-managerial roles.Fixed too little ground rent being paid. . .Auto team selection now doesn't pick players who are co-owned and away at the other team.Fixed bug where fixtures in a group would not show underneath the group table.Prevented first team coaching assignments from being re-adjusted if only the y outh team was missing assignments when hiring/firing staff. .User can now not use the Past Positions tab to view the drawn groups just befo re the draw has been displayed. . .Fixed issue where the player happiness panel may not update until the game con tinues. Finances ======== .Fixed bug where B team manager buys a player who is then unavailable to play i n matches even though registered.Adjusted South Korea ticket prices.Fixed right side panel in tactics changing to player instructions automaticall y when dragging a player selection and scrolling in the left side squad list pan el. .Squad filters sometimes would be of incorrect team type and show no players fo r the team (mainly reserves/U23).

. 'fledgling international career'.News item regarding dangerman reads better and "Respond to comment" is no long .Fixed display of match time during extra-time .Fixed "Take Control" button on team screen when adding a new manager .Fixed shortlisted player being described as own team's youngster in contract e xpires soon news item.Fixed match widgets not remembering positions . .Fixed 'Where Are They Now' News not displaying on request for unemployed human s.Holiday dialog now remembers "Return from holdiay on date" setting . .Ensure appearances stat should only be displayed in news towards latter stages of season. W orld soccer Magazine. every season.Fixed news item prompting to name an international squad for a double header a gainst the same team repeating the team name twice.Fixed some untranslated text on the Upload Highlights and Fixtures screens .Fixed layouts of Hall of Fame panels . .Stopped over the top reaction to a B team winning a league. . . . . .Reference talking point rather than highlight in matchday round-up when it's t he losing team.Fixed tactic buttons not being set to disabled when changes are pending . .Fixed rounding issue with Transfer Offer news item which occasionally stated t hat a transfer bid is slightly higher than offered.g. .Fixed code in news item about a player been unhappy at the sale of another pla yer.Fixed string announcing stadium will be packed when not anywhere near capacity .Penalty shootout bar is now collapsable .Scouting panel .Fixed user being able to buy and sell other teams transfer clauses .Fixed wrong match view mode being set when selecting an incident in the Match Overview screen .Stopped managers making incorrect comments based on the type of the last match . . .Managers no longer comment on an other managers recent appointment when they h ave been at the club for a long time. .FIxed code in news item about a player been unhappy about a transfer bid been refused.Give precedence to winning league over winning other competitions in team desc riptions.Tidied up the layout of match panels News ==== .Fixed Champions Cup seedings news item referring to 2010/11.Manager to manager comments are now more varied. .Ensure distance in stat analysis news uses distance preference settings.Fixed incorrect description of international players in 'players involved in n ational team' round-up e.Fixed "Past Experience" not updating after resigning .Fixed problem where player description would describe a club captain as his na tional team captain if he was currently in the squad.g.Fixed headline describing teams as 'easing past' when it was closer than that.Fixed sort order on quad panels not updating correctly when using the top butt on bar to change team selection/positions.Fixed popup menus on the Team Settings .Fixed sort order when sorted by picked status (Pkd) on tactics after clicking "Undo Last" would not updating correctly.Fixed news item predicting record attendance listing away following as being a lmost as big as the total attendance.Fixed minor friendly recieving press coverage from high profile journal e. . . . .. . .Fixed incorrect sub tabs showing during match . . .

News items about players been unhappy about actions at their parent club no lo nger incorrectly refering the team they are on loan at.Fixed occasional instance of wrong news being sent when a player completes lea rning a preferred move.Finetuned jumping attribute in relation to player height.Adjusted home grown status given to extra players generated at empty clubs and virtual players.Adjusted code for filling in height and jumping attribute.No extra youth players created at the start of the game for clubs without yout h facilities. .Fixed some strings where we want to refer to a talking point for the losing te am in a match report without it being a highlight.Fixed user receiving several separate competition round-up news items when the y are not subscribed. .Adjusted long term goalkeeper agility and balance attributes. . . Press Conferences ================= . . . the team would always be drawn away. .Fixed problem where teams were being mixed up in a news item referring to byes through rounds in certain competitions. . . .Fixed being questioned about my inability to speak language when taking over a team where the majority of players can speak that language. .Fixed minutes being incorrectly totalled in press conference question about mi nutes since goalkeeper last conceded.News item praising the manager for signing a recommended player now correctly comes from the player rather than the manager.Fixed <media_source#1> string shown in title chasing news item message.Adjusted long term attribute development .Fixed user questioned about toughness of away draw when due to nature of the c up round. .Adjusted newgens from inactive African nations Subscriptions ============= . .Fixed overall best eleven news item button taking you to the latest seasons be st XI not the overall.Fixed occasional instances of unsubscribe action being undone when player is a utomatically removed from shortlist. . . .Stopped user being inundated with squad number reaction news when subscribed t o competition. .Adjusted Brazilian common names for newgens.Fixed issue where play-off contenders were not being considered as promotion c andidates.er shown. . . .Fixed popup action buttons sizing issues Newgens and Player/Non-Player Progression ========================================= . .Fixed some retirements of non-players that were happening right before the clu b season ended. . .Adjusted second nationalities for Bosnian newgens. .Improved main talking point selection. . .Fixed some strings which weren't feminised. . .Fixed press conference option for player signed without work permit as he will be farmed out immediately.Finetuned non-player progression.Fixed press conference asking how disappointed I am with elimination after vic tory through play-offs.Fixed user receiving record news for reserve competitions when not subscribed to them.

No longer advised to scout other nations if the club can only sign basque play ers. Board Takeovers =============== .User now controls introducing the tutee in tutoring conversations rather than them appearing on their own.Fixed advice been displayed suggesting the team needs 4 points from one game t o achieve their target. .Fixed bug where assistant manager team talk setting wasn't being applied immed iately after going to a team talk.g.Ensure that news about international player retirements also gets delivered to their club manager.Stopped very good players playing for non-fifa nations e.Fixed problem with honours occasionally being duplicated if person had more th an one job at same team. . .Ensure user can set friendly instructions for own player when he is called up as a replacement in international squad. Interaction =========== . .Ensure AI managers don't demoralise players by withdrawing them before potenti al international debut. . . Team Talks ========== .Fixed advice been displayed suggesting the team needs -1 point to achieve thei r target. . France / Guadelope .Tutoring completion news item is no longer randomly selected. Biography ========= .Will no longer mention appearances for players where that information does not exist. .Fixed player call-up news item mentioning international competition that hasn' t started yet. . . .Stopped young players taking up nationality because they think they can play f or a nation they will never be good enough for.Fixed press conference question not taking promotion into account when referen cing past answer for choosing title winners.g.Fixed some questions displaying the wrong answer set.Ensure humans get report on players on international duty if they have other s taff apart from assistant manager. Almunia) taking up a nationality to play for a country t hat they will never be allowed to play for.Stopped players (e. .Fixed assistant recommending 26 man squad before naming a 23 man tournament sq uad. .Fixed full time team talk assistant feedback not being stored for players who were subbed during the match but got a team talk at the end. Backroom Advice =============== .No longer advised to drop players due to bad form when they are in good form.Ensured person leading local businessman takeover is local. International ============= . . .Enabled "Encourage" team talk option when leading only by two goals (will be e nabled in ME version 903). .. .

.Improved the recent form and last game conversation flow. .Added better descriptions for the linked people on the interaction screens.The happiness category is now correctly disabled once you've already had a hap piness related chat. . . .News item When a player agrees to mutually terminate their contract in a conve rsation is now always sent.Cut down on the amount of tutoring the AI teams setup.Stopped players who don't want to leave the club accepting mutual contract ter minations. . . .Goal uploads now have differing titles and descriptions .Added an option to conversations to let the user leave the conversation once i t has reached the second stage. .Fixed bug where players who wanted to become non-players were not doing so fol lowing a recommendation by the manager. .Decreased the amount of players getting unhappy about settling in the area.Stopped the board agreeing to purchase players that they cannot afford. .Stopped players becoming unhappy at the same time.Fixed issue where having multiple managers in hot seat game where a manager wa sn't logged in to Twitter could lead to them posting to another managers Twitter feed . . .Prevented use of keyboard shortcuts during upload process .Players no longer get unhappy about their squad status changing when the manag er hasn't changed it. . .Unhappinesses are now always removed when the conversation has a positive outc ome. . .Ensure that news reaches the human when managers comment on people at the huma n's team.Player no longer get unhappy about been placed in the reserves if they are ban ned.Board no longer incorrectly reject buidling a new stadium for financial reason s if the club has money available in the bank. Social Networking ================= . .Stopped players getting unhappy at been left out of the league squad if they a re unavailable.Players now get unhappy if they are left out of the league squads for the seas on. .Increased the likelihood of players backing down in conversations. .Players who agree to come out of international retirement now come out of inte rnational retirement.Fixed players incorrectly thinking a promise to improve man management has fai led.Stopped players who are out on loan becoming unhappy about being placed in the reserves. Board Requests ============== .Players no longer request to be transfer listed if they are unhappy about not wanting to leave the club.Decreased the effect on morale having conversations have. .No longer abled to make board requests to alter the current stadium once a new stadium is already planned.Fixed issue where uploads would fail if team name contained '&' symbol . .Stopped potential jump to match overview panel while uploading a clip . Player Happiness ================ .Made players more likely to agree leave of absence or promise to bring in a fr iend when they are struggling to settle at the club. . .

Fixed bug with custom division playoffs where a losing team from a lower divis ion would be relegated from the lower division instead of remain in the lower di vision.Fixed problem with Champions League/Europa League not updating properly if cus tom continental cups are added with different season start days. .. . .Can now use more than 200 nations for custom continental competitions.Stopped camera angle selected getting stuck after using view goal option from the upload panel .Players no longer occasionaly glide at start of new clip during match highligh t package . by increasing the value of quali fying for champions league unexpectedly etc. Awards ====== .Non player's preferred formation is now displayed correctly.Movie recording no longer getting cut short if user left full screen mode whil e encoding video .Fixed Swedish Referees Association Manager of the Year from being given to man agers outside of the premier division. Quick Match =========== . .Fixed issue with continental cups being setup too early. .Club Youth Setup.Encouraged more internal transfers. Torino .Loan rules for a parent competition now work for sub-divisions. .Toro. defaulting to havin g Sandy Martens displayed as captain. Transfers/Contracts =================== . .Can now delete derbies from the editor. . .Fixed crash uploading individual goal from match that went to a penalty shoot out . .Fixed some issues when adding custom lower divisions to a nation . . Youth Academy and Youth Recruitment fields can be be assigne d a -1 value to stop clubs producing youth players.International friendlies for nations are now sorted by date. . e.Fixed problem where Championship playoff wasn't picking teams properly from a group stage. Editor ====== .Fixed some issues with custom continental competitions which use a lot of team s. .Increased the time out on YouTube uploads which should cut down on issues bein g seen with uploads failing Foreign Languages ================= .Stopped physical teams overperforming.g. . .Stopped a manager undeservedly winning manager of the month if he moved clubs during that month.Fixed issue where loan rules for one division were being used by all divisions . .Fixed obscure issue whereby a player would accept an offer but then reject a s lightly better offer.Championship playoffs across sub-divisions now work correctly.Nicknames not showing correctly in club background news in foreign languages.Stopped created teams with no captain or vice-captain set. .Improved manager of the year award selection.

Competitions ============ .Made a change to help prevent teams from signing backup players and then fail to register them. the baor recieve enough money for him. is displaying a diffe rent string . the code is now checking h ow many fixtures to go there are.Stopped user being able to offer wage after x appearances to former players.Got turkish teams to adhere to the foreigner rule.Fixed issue where if a d could state you didn't whereby board would think the manager was underperformi doing exactly as asked in the league. .Fixed issue where national team squad numbers were not being restricted correc tly. .Ensured players who are good enough to be first team regulars get stated as su ch in the loan offer news item.Pre match analysis strings are now taking into account the goal difference gap between two teams before saying things like "Team A can overtake Team B after n ext match".Slowed down number of transfer decision by managers in minor divisions . . . . . player was sold for an extremely large amount.Fixed confidence issue ng even though they were .Move matches to Sat or Wed option now works for leagues which have real-life f ixtures defined.Improved neutral stadium selection for custom continental competitions.Enabled agent offers of free transfer players outside of transfer window.Made it harder to bribe players with high signing on fees instead of giving th em decent wages.Allowed user to re-enter contract negotiations following an adjustments in bud gets. . .Pre match analysis are now showing an additional string with extra info when a vailable (team score requirements). . . .Fixed match highest earner increases not being activated following a transfer.Stopped all hotseat managers from getting wants improved contract news item (w hen player isn't thiers). . . ..Fixed player rejecting contract offer due to not getting enough appearance bon us when he was offered what he requested.Fixed issue where minimum fee release clauses were not being setup correctly a t the start of the game. .Made a change to help movement of higher earning players when offered to clubs . Network Game ============ .Fixed the pre match news for domestic cups which wasn't taking into account fi xed draws when mentioning possible rivals to face in the next round . .Pre match analysis new feature: some new strings are into the game (not sure i f they gonna be translated) displaying the minumum number of points a team needs .Before saying that the fate is in hands for a team. and.Fixed issue where code may show up in press conference news items on the clien t. .Toned down the initial agent demands regarding very large contract offers. .Fixed issue where player loaned out before squad registration still is include d in the count of players selected. . when it's just one. Confidence ========== .Fixed news item stating player was due monthly installments from a transfer de al.

Argentine teams now play friendlies in mid season break.African Super Cup Past winners have been ammended and the years stored updated to the current game format.Fixed issue where a player might not be classed as home-grown when he is. .Fixed number of matches in the Austrian First Division. . .Bahia State Championship now has 2 relegated teams.French players now banned for international friendlies as well as competitive matches. International ------------. Argentina --------. Denmark ------- . Africa -----. . Miscellaneous ============= . .Fixed Belgium super cup attendance. Austria ======= .Asian Champions League scheduling has been updated.Average points column now added to Argentine Calendar table.Host nation always plays in first World Cup match.Fixed a situation where a team would play twice on one day.FA Cup and Super League clashes with International matches are now fixed.Updated game credits.African Confederation Cup has its format and its schedule updated.European Championships 24 team schedule starting from 2016 extended a few days to cope with the extra games. . Asia ---. . Brazil -----. .Teams now don't arrange friendlies for dates where they are set to play in Eur opean competitions.Premier Division calendar table at start of game now filled out with Closing t able standings from 2009/10 season. . China ----.African Nations Cup host for 2015 and 2017 is now coming from the three nation s which placed bids in the real life for these two competitions. Belgium ------.Added some missing tooltips.16/17 year old youth players don't get given 15-21 homegrown status at the sta rt of the game if they have no history entries.to secure a fate from the next fixtures. . . .Fixed some issues with the European Club Rankings news item.African Champions League and Super Cup have now their schedule updated. .

Updated Durand Cup participants and fixture schedule.League Cup First Round draw is working properly now. . Rep.Removed the second leg Israelian Premier and National Toto Cups in the quarter finals.Fixed 2011 Euro Cup final venue. .New scheduling for the Championship. avoiding teams from the N orth to play teams from the South. Holland ------. England ------. Hungary ------.Danish Superliga now doesn't use Non-EU players on pitch rule. should be 6 from 7 subs. .Re-format of the Irish League Cup. Italy ----. .New scheduling for Israelian Premier and National Toto Cups .Updated First Division schedule. Israel -----. 2011/12 and 2012/13. .Set the right host for the League Cup final in 2010/11.Fixed Scottish Premier League Saturday 3pm matches being shown to be on TV. Portugal -------.Fixed disciplinary rules for First Division (2nd tier). .Updated Israeli Toto Cup's group stage draw rules. Poland -------.Dutch Cup winner doesn't take part in end of season European playoffs now. which i s now alternating between odd and even years too. . A red card leads to a minimum of 15 points.Maximum of 8 B teams can enter the Second division in one season. .Fixed Community Shield sub rule.Loan players in the SPL cannot play against their parent club. meaning they would get a match ba n anyway. Ireland -----------..Fixed issue with a player getting a two match ban due to automatic red card ba n. League One and League Two finals. Europe -----. Scotland -------.Serie C teams can now renew non-EU player contracts.Updated Blue Square Premier TV money.Maximum of 4 Over-22 players (1 goalkeeper + 3 other players) can be named in the match squad in any B team. India ----. .

Spain ----.FC Copenhagen kits .Fatima logo ..New Myanmar flag Denmark ------.Penafiel logo Scotland -------.Randers kit Northern Ireland ---------------.Uruguayan Second Professional Division format change. Assets ====== Nations .Moreirense logo .Hamilton Academical player pictures .Lyngby kit .Spanish teams can now freely sign any Spanish based player during January tran sfer window.Liga Orangina logo .Aab kit .Fixed teams in the Scottish Football League notbeing able to register free tra nsfers they make after the closing of the registration period.Arouca logo .Brondby kits .Portadown player pictures Portugal -------.FC Nordsjaelland kits .AI teams now always register their new signings Uruguay ------.Horsens kits .FC Midtjylland kits . United States ------------. Switzerland =========== . Sweden -----.Bans from Swiss Challenge League now cover league matches and not cup matches.Liga Zon Sagres logo .Changed Swedish youth contract maximum age to 19 instead of 18.Inverness Caledonian Thistle player pictures .

3 & 4 removed as well as car texture -river texture resized -50.National service teams now cannot terminate loan contracts. .50.Zaragoza away kit 3D Assets ---------all outside scenes resized and tidied up -street_floor_texture 3-7 added to clean up the changes to the outside scenes -shopfront texture 1. 0-5B roof and xsi file fixes -updated all stadium meshes with double sided polygons where needed .Athletic Bilbao kits .Transfer budget now not shown for national service teams.South Korea ----------.000 TO 10-20B side blocks updated (xsi scene files and sia files) with doubl e polygons -5-10A top stand .000a right stand. 10-20A. Spain ----.