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Review: ‘Trivial Pursuits’ – 5th-9th November 2002

Production is very good, say friends, relations
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he Carlton’s latest theatrical hit was ‘Trivial Pursuits’, as performed at the Wimbledon Studio Theatre. This heart-warming dramatic comedy was a celebration of all the things that make being part of an amateur theatre group worthwhile, namely drunkenness and obsession with the telly. No, seriously though folks, this was a corker. A fabulous cast of Carlton veterans and fresh, vital new blood, combined with perfect comic direction and timing made for an immensely enjoyable evening. This tale of graft, conniving, and blackmail was perfectly cast. Hilarious set pieces, spiced with expert timing, were topped off by the characters getting their just desserts. It was clear the cast were very well rehearsed – a tribute to Jeff Graves’ direction and planning. The CC happens to know that Mr. Graves used improve and character-building games to get the best out of his cast, and it certainly shows. On a purely capitalist note, the production had very low costs and made a healthy profit – a great example of everyone coming together to provide props, scenery and costumes –thanks to everyone who helped out! The final song and dance numbers were a revelation. Kate M and Mike T both enchanted the audience with their WestEnd-quality performances. Mike T, pictured wearing his blonde wig, asked that we not show his fishnet-clad legs. In order to preserve his dignity, we have


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the CC are glad to oblige. If, ~ however, the Carlton Prize Wordsearch membership wish to see what Triv quiz! has been censored, please ~ contact the editor and we’ll and lots lots more! discuss terms (USD or Sterling only). All in all, another classic Carlton success – WELL DONE to all DON’T FORGET! involved! See over The Carlton Christmas Party for more is at Wimbledon Community Centre photos! on Saturday 7th December from 7.30pm ‘til late. PLEASE BRING: Food, Drink, Xmas Party Music, Raffle Prizes! (see Help Wanted and C lton Calendar f d t ils)
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Carlton Chronicle, December 2002

Left: Derek (James D) bends yet another ear, this one belonging to the glamorous Jessica (Ruth). Right: Oldest trick in the book, mate. Deidre (Arabella) helps to relieve Teddy (Mike T). Left: Joyce (Kate M) takes advantage of the stricken (as a newt) Derek Below: Teddy and Joyce practise their big number. Eddie (Aubs) fascinates one and all with his telly knowledge.

Left: Roz (Netty) finally tells Nick (Carl) where to go. Right: Mona (Carole) explains the toilet queue to Pearl (Georgina)


Carlton Chronicle, December 2002

vital part of every Carlton production is the After Show Party. The exhilaration of putting on another great show, not to mention relief at the blasted thing being over and done with, means that these events are usually emotional and exciting occasions. And the Triv party was no exception. This took place at the house of a Mr. James Derbyshire, who apparently had something to do with the show. He was kind enough to allow us into his estate, for the usual rate. What happened next is documented below. The names have not been changed, because none of this lot are innocent. ~
Left: Netty, Simon Sound feat. Val and Kate M celebrate the passing of another bottle (surely ‘show’? – Ed.) Below: Carl forces Ruth to smile at gunpoint.



Above: Ian tries to collect the set. Right: Beware of the SM!

Left: Just say no, kids. Especially to the price Mike A charges. Right: Director Jeff doesn’t realise it’s the summons.

. Above: Mike T puckers up to reciprocate on Arabella.

Left: esteemed host James D, complete with his pet chinchilla.

Right: Kate M checks her card for white powder, while (Left) Katie O knocks it back like she knows how.


Carlton Chronicle, December 2002

his month sees the first newsletter from your new editor, yours truly, Matthew Petty. My predecessor, Andrew Smith, has left the UK for antipodean climes (I believe a woman is involved) and I have taken on his mantle. Thanks for all your time and energy Andrew—Keep in touch! I’m sure we all wish Andrew well in this exciting new chapter (or Act!) of his life. I have looked long and hard at the newsletter, but sadly it failed to write itself, so I had to pick a pen up. In deciding on what to do with the damned thing, I’ve tried to build on all the great ideas that the respected pantheon of previous editors had, and lay them out in a compact, professional and easily disposable format. Every month I hope to bring you all the usual features: production reviews, party reports (I know, my devotion to duty astounds me sometimes), and dates for your diary. Also, a Mid-Month Email Bulletin will keep you up to date. In addition, I’ve tried to include a few new items, and to give you as much information about Carlton events, dates, fees and activities as possible. If anyone in the Carlton is doing a play or performance of any kind outside the Carlton itself, and you’d like to get people along, I’d be glad to include it on the Listings page, space permitting (contact details on page 5). So there you go – wish me luck, and keep me posted! MP


New broom takes up the reins

CC Editorial: Matthew Petty

‘Six Of The Best’: The 2003 Workshops
The workshops are starting rehearsal very soon – you’ll know if you’re involved. Carl has created a great rehearsal schedule, which email users should have received, and which can be obtained from your director. This schedule incorporates Raw! Theatre rehearsals. This year’s show is called ‘Six Of The Best’, because there are six main pieces, with lots of juicy goodies in between. The table below shows the pieces being rehearsed, in no particular order. This list is subject to change, and does not represent the final running order. Some pieces still require people to take parts – in fact they can’t go ahead without these parts being filled, so please contact the directors if you can help.
‘Trivial Pursuits’ Wordsearch
Hidden in the grid below are 13 words related to Carlton’s latest smash hit. First person to send the correct answers to the editor wins a fee strip of Raffle tickets at the Christmas Party!

‘Six Of The Best’ the 2003 Carlton Workshops
All’s Well That Ends As You Like It The Importance Of Being Earnest ‘Untitled As Yet’ Monologue by James Grayston Steaming Monologue by Simon Harris Singing Interludes

Carl Whiteside Val Foskett Sarah Hewitt Val Foskett Elizabeth Hawes epon. Georgina Gorham and Arabella Butler

Cast needed
2 men 1 man



GRATUITOUS SPACE FILLER I am currently listening to ‘The Girl With The Sun In Her Head’ by Orbital. Orbital are the Hartnoll brothers, Paul and Phil, and they took their name from the M25. The 1996 album ‘In Sides’ from which this track comes, is really good, and has ‘The Box’ on it as well. Textbook stuff. Thank you. MP


Carlton Chronicle, December 2002

Advertisement Feature


Raw! Theatre gives you something to chew on.
“UNCONSCIOUS ACTING” In the weeks leading up to a Raw! Theatre performance, the teams - and anyone else who’d care to join us - are introduced to the various games (referred to as challenges), which been inspired to use if they hadn’t been acting at the time. The result is both entertaining and startling as participants find new techniques to flesh out their characters, propel narratives and enliven their performances. It’s also a lot of fun! GETTING INVOLVED The teams have been selected for the first edition of Raw! Theatre! See below for details. And the evening will be hosted by your own newsletter editor! Rehearsals are being held regularly throughout November, December and January, so the Teams (and anyone else!) can acquaint themselves with the various challenges and format. Raw! Theatre’s will debut at the WCC on Friday the 31st of January 2003. If you have any questions or would like further information, you can email or phone Aubs on xxxxx.

fter the success of ‘Trivial Pursuits’, you’ll all be wanting to keep those creative juices in full flow—so read on! Raw! Theatre is an opportunity for participants to hone their acting skills and an evening of entertainment for those who’d rather just kick back and watch! Drawing on the inspirational work of Keith Johnstone, Raw! Theatre uses improvisation as a technique to explore imaginative characterisations, free flowing narratives and dynamic interaction. Essentially it’s a “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” for the stage! PLAY THE GAME Structured as a series of improvisational games, Raw! Theatre is spiced with a sense of friendly rivalry and competitive fun as two teams perform not only for the adulation of the crowd, but for points awarded by a jury of their peers. The team that accumulates the most points at the end of the evening will be deemed Raw! Theatre champions!

are designed to let their imaginations propel the performance as opposed to any form of “conscious acting”. In Raw! Theatre improvisation is about going with the theatrical flow and giving way to the spontaneous dialogue and actions that a performer might have

The mixed teams will be selected from the following gushing wellsprings of improv potential

Here are a few terms which will help you blag your way through an edition of Raw! Theatre – more next month!
Blocking Not accepting other players' offers and actually destroying these offers. Not the same as ignoring and not a good thing for improv! Cancelling Cancelling is destroying what has been established. Good improv uses all elements that have been introduced! Chivalry Not clinging to your own ideas, your own status, or even your own life (as a character). Chivalry is daring to give up control, allowing other players to change you. Be happy to change - even when you're forced too! Commenting Stepping outside of the scene to comment on what is going on. Basically the handle of asides it's best used sparingly! Conflict Conflict usually makes a story; once you've established a platform you will probably use a conflict to advance a scene. It's a good thing if the conflict fits within the platform and advances the scene, but you wouldn't usually start a scene with instant trouble! Gagging Joking, doing funny things, using verbal wit without advancing the scene. Might make you popular with the audience but probably not with your fellow players! Gossiping Talking about the action instead of doing it. Or talking about what other people do, or about things in the past or the future! Improv motto: "Play it, don't say it!" Ignoring Ignoring others offers. Not a nice thing to do to your fellow players. Considered even worse than blocking!


Carlton Chronicle, December 2002

The Probe

James’ CV in Full
Main Productions After Magritte (my first!) Carlton Cavalcade Absent Friends The Lower Depths No Sex Please We’re British The Sea The Hollow The Good and Faithful Servant The Crucible Chorus of Disapproval (1st time!) Juno and the Paycock Plaza Suite Hay Fever On Monday Next Witness for the Prosecution Twelfth Night The Tempest A Midsummer Night’s Dream A Woman of No Importance The Erpingham Camp A Dream Play Lysistrata Merchant of Venice The Visit The Hypchondriac Fur Coat and No Knickers Macbeth Much Ado About Nothing The End of The Food Chain Workshops André’s Mother Pride and Prejudice The Importance of Being Earnest Julius Caesar The Ribs and The Cover (Hone-Kawa) The Rehearsal Resting Place Happy Jack Return Journey Two Times Twenty A Talk in the Park The Mouse in the Fields Mother Figure Ginger!

Assuming the position this month:

James Grayston

James is one of the Carlton’s longest-serving members, and over the years he’s been a regular actor and contributor—hear him spill all! What did you think of ‘Trivial Pursuits’? They were so bad I went twice! (Seriously, I thought it was brilliant) How are you? Fine, trying to get back into physical shape to re-enter the battlefield, sorry, stage. How long have you been a Carlton member? Fourteen and a bit years. Man and boy, as they say. Were you in theatre before the Carlton? Yes, in various Am Dram groups, but I hadn’t acted for about twenty years, due to family and business commitments. What Carlton productions have you been involved in? Have you got half an hour? (see table opposite - Blimey!) Which was your favourite? Merchant of Venice – I played Shylock. It brought out the ham in me! What was your most embarrassing theatre moment? The usual nightmare. I completely ‘dried’ while playing the lead in The Ghost Train. I was in the RAF at the time, and it was in front of practically the whole camp. Was I ever embarrassed! Are you rehearsing at the moment? What for? No, but subject to the approval of the committee I hope to do another monologue in the Workshops – alas no part for a ginger wig! (I’ll see what I can do – Ed.) Do you have any tips you’ve picked up about acting? Always remember you are part of a team, and every player counts as much as the next, however small the part. What are you wearing right now? Dressing gown and pyjamas. Doesn’t everyone when labouring over the computer? So, er, anything planned for the weekend? No, my friends tell me I’m boring – but I can change!
(We wouldn’t have you any other way James, thank you very much! – Ed.)

~ If you have any nominations for someone to be subjected to The Probe, let the editor know at the usual address.


Carlton Chronicle, December 2002

The names in this piece have been changed to protect the innocent. The cast of Trivial Pursuits were stars of their very own real life episode of The Bill on the Sunday 3 November, when they thwarted the nefarious plans of a group of local ruffians, intent on depriving our thesps of their possessions. On returning to the Studio Theatre, after the short break between rehearsals, Ms G Gorman was shocked to find two ‘youths’ leaving the building in a suspicious manner. “I once played a special constable in ‘Who turned out that Gaslight, Fanny’ at Kidlington Rep,” said Ms Gorman (25), “And I think it was this training that made me immediately suspicious of the ‘lads’. That and the massive bag full of our stuff that they had slung over their shoulder.” Ms Gorman (33) immediately alerted the other members of the company who leapt into action, without any Stanislavskian preparation, costumes or props, like the true professionals that they are. After getting a description from Ms Gorman, chase was given by Mr Mark Tulney (MBA) and another member of the group who wishes to remain anonymous (in case the little slags find out where he lives and come round and scratch his Porsche). Amazingly, the toe-rags were apprehended, with able assistance from Ms Caitlyn Michel, and Mr Kevin Blacktop (Treasurer) by Mr T et al, improvising the most masterful performance of Good Cop Bad Cop, since the experimental workshop production of SW19PD Blue. The police were called and thanks to the heroic efforts of the cast the majority of the goods purloined by the light-fingered adolescents were recovered. Afterwards Director Jim Tombs (MFI) gave the cast notes on their performance, whilst Ms Gorman (6) was driven to the police station in a squad car to give a statement. On asking the accompanying officer if he could turn the siren on and receiving a negative answer, proceeded to sing “ne na, ne na ne na” quietly to herself in the back of the car all the way to the nick. Fagin’s gang were unavailable for comment, but their ring leader (who was later revealed to have been wearing a rubber mask and was actually none other than Mr Liam Operating-Room (J-LO) was heard to remark “I would have got away with it, if it hadn’t been for those pesky actors”, as he was being led away for to commence his sentence of hard labour (in the Workshops)

We need people to get involved in this year’s Christmas Party - furniture movers, party helpers, decorators, all welcome. Call Val Foskett on xxxxx or email her on xxxxx. If you’re coming to the Christmas Party, don’t forget to bring buffet food, snacks and lots of drinks (soft or otherwise). Partying is thirsty work! And you can’t party without music, so bring Christmas Party CDs! And of course, the Christmas Party wouldn’t be complete with the raffle, so please please please bring prizes – anything welcome – we need booby prizes as well! (But don’t skimp on the good stuff!) Save £££’s! Don’t buy soap. I don’t. Use grit. It’s cheaper. Contributions to the Chronicle are always needed (I mean, you’ve read it). Anything from a suggestion or idea, to a photo, to a full article—all are welcome! It’s your newsletter! (nice bit of buck-passing there). Contact the editor for details! Help me! I need help! For God’s sake help me! Free most evenings. No time wasters.


Carlton Chronicle, December 2002

As you may know, Carlton’s Spring 2003 production is a new adaptation of the classic theological drama Dr. Faustus. This new version, written and directed by Mehmet Izbudak will be a modernised vision of the story. In a London suburb, there lives a Dr Adam Faustus, an unpublished lecturer in Marketing and Media Studies at the University of North Cheam. He has tried several times to become head of department but with no success. His other half, Mrs Eva Faustus, is a former TV soap star who hasn’t been offered a part for 13 years in spite of having one of the country’s top agents representing her. Their lot is not a happy one: no children, inertia, an indestructible mortgage and a car that needs constant repair. Moreover, middle age and middle age spread have installed themselves permanently into their lives and bodies. The perfect specimens! With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, it’s a good time to look at how Beelzebub has been a common figure in our culture. There are many stories which revolve around Old Nick, Satan, The Prince of Darkness, call him what you will, and his proclivity for making deals and playing with those whose souls he wants. A close friend of the Dark One, Chris de Burgh, wrote ‘Spanish Train’, the story of God and Satan playing poker for thousands of dead souls. Unfortunately, and reasonably I guess, Satan cheats by hiding an ace up his sleeve. However, in the country fiddle extravaganza ‘The Devil Came Down to Georgia’ by Charlie Daniels, which tells the story of The Great Deceiver and his fiddle duel with Johnny, Old Nick not only loses, but keeps his side of the bargain, showing that he can play fair sometimes. Johnny keeps his soul, and is presented with a golden fiddle. ‘The devil bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat, And he laid that golden fiddle on the ground at Johnny's feet. Johnny said, “Devil just come on back if you ever want to try agin, 'Cause I told you once, you son of a bitch, I'm the best that's ever bin”’

diabolical etching: Dr. Faustus by Ralph Fabri (1947)

In Terry Gilliam’s film The Time Bandits, David Warner shows another facet of the old adversary. Evil, as he is descriptively named, is horrified at how things are run by The Supreme Being. “Look how he spends his time – forty-three species of parrot! Nipples for men!…I mean, are we not in the hands of a lunatic?” “If I was in charge I wouldn’t have bothered with buttercups and daffodils. I would have started with lasers! Eight o’clock, day one!” All in all, it would appear that He Who Walks Backwards is somewhat bored, and spends his time in sulky contemplation. No wonder that when two juicy targets like the Faustuses (Fausti?) come along, he jumps at the chance of a bit of sport. MP


Carlton Chronicle, December 2002

Carlton Dramatic Society Information
We are an amateur dramatic and Chapterhouse Theatres), and We’ve been running for over 75 society based in Wimbledon. We a third 'Workshop' event over a years, and we currently have 67 welcome members from 16 to 60 couple of evenings, usually members - and new members (or older!) either as actors, consisting of a few shorter plays are always welcome! directors, set-makers, costume or scenes from plays, that give designers, lighting and sound budding actors and directors an Here’s a quick description of a engineers, or for any of the other opportunity to try new skills. show week: tasks that putting on a play In addition to the Sunday ............................Get in requires. No audition is performances, we hold Monday ............ Dress rehearsal necessary! rehearsals, play readings, and Tuesday.................... First night Our shows range from comic workshops for learning new Wednesday......... Getting into it to tragic, from the ancient techniques and adding to our Thursday .......... Nearly halfway Greeks to the 1980's, and from 5 repertoire of skills. Friday ........... After Show Curry minute pieces to full We also arrange various social Saturday .................... Matinee / productions. The group puts on activities throughout the year. ............................. Final Show / two or three major productions a These range from parties (after ....................................Get out / year, each lasting a week, which all, what drama group would be ........................................ Party! have recently been performed in complete without its end of play Sunday ................ What’s next? professional theatres (the parties!) and group dinners to Wimbledon Studio Theatre and theatre trips. the Merton Abbey Colourhouse The Carlton Chronicle Contacting the Carlton is the official newsletter of Carlton Dramatic Carlton Dramatic Society can be contacted in the Society. following ways: Editor: Matthew Petty Email Contributors: Aubs Tredget, Kristen Bowditch, Post .............................................Carl Whiteside James Grayston, The Muse. .....................................................................xxxx Please send contributions, reviews, adverts, praise, .....................................................................xxxx money to: xxxx .....................................................................xxxx Complaints: see opposite .....................................................................xxxx

The CARLTON COMMITTEE in alphabetical order Kathryn Arundell ................. Chair Adam Cain .................. Vice-Chair Val Foskett.. Social & Fundraising Simon Harris...Stage Management Jane Lewis ...................... Publicity Matthew Petty.............. Newsletter Alison Raffan................. Secretary Carl Whiteside ............... Treasurer



Yearly Subscription—£30 We meet twice a week , Associate Membership—£15 on Mondays and Thursdays, Full Production Cast Fee—£10 at the Wimbledon Community Centre, St. Workshop Production Cast Fee—£5 George's Road in These fees are subject to change. Wimbledon at 8.00 pm. After rehearsals (10.30 pm until To pay any fees, just give a cheque, we get thrown out), you'll payable to Carlton Dramatic usually find us in the Society, to the Treasurer, or post it Hogshead pub at the bottom to the address above. of Wimbledon Hill. All are welcome to pop in to a rehearsal, or catch us in the pub – see you there!


Carlton Chronicle, December 2002

Your monthly guide to what’s up and what’s on at the Carlton and elsewhere

Saturday December 7 , 7.30pm ‘til late Carlton Christmas Party Wimbledon Community Centre ~ Friday December 13th Merton Arts Council Christmas Candle-Lit Supper ‘The Café’ at the Civic Centre ~ Monday 23rd, Thursday 26th, Monday 30th December and Thursday 2nd January Carlton Closed For Christmas – no meetings at the WCC Wimbledon Community Centre ~ Friday 31st January 2003 Raw! Theatre Performance Wimbledon Community Centre ~ Thursday 27th February 2003 Workshops Dress Rehearsal Wimbledon Community Centre ~ Friday 28th February & Saturday 1st March 2003 Workshops Wimbledon Community Centre

Buffet food, snacks, dips, and of course drinks of all kinds are required – the more the merrier! No Carlton Christmas Party would be complete without a Raffle, so please bring along a prize – chocs, booze, gifts, anything. And help is also needed setting up the venue beforehand - See the Help Wanted section for details of how to get involved.


And there’s no rest for the downright evil as January 31st brings the first edition of Raw! Theatre—this will be a great evening for cast and audience alike—and great physical, mental and theatrical exercise to boot! See this months special advertising feature for details.

Your Treasurer is watching you!
Your director will be reminding you at your next rehearsal. Your subs keep the CDS alivedo the right thing!

The Carlton’s commitment to innovation is exercised again at the end of February, when the annual Carlton Workshops bring together an eclectic mixture of comedy, drama, writing old and new, and of course wine and nibbles. See the Help Wanted section for details of how to get involved, and the Carlton Info section for a bit of background on why the Workshops are such fun!

press…stop press…stop
More details as and when…

We don’t have the Community Centre booked the two Christmas weeks, so don’t bother going there. I guess you could still go to the pub twice a week.

Another year comes to an end, and once again it’s time for the Carlton Christmas Party. Last year’s do saw a musical knobbly knees contest (won with aplomb by the piano) and a sumptuous and notat-all seedy pantomime based on the Harry Potter books, which featured a lot of ‘wand’ jokes. Who knows what that shower will come up with this year. As well as great entertainment, there will also be great food and drink – but only if you bring it!

Merton Arts Council’s annual candlelit Christmas Supper is on Friday 13th – but they’re very lucky because our own Jane Lewis will be performing a classic Joyce Grenfell monologue to entertain the diners.

The Spring 2003 production will be: “Dr. & Mrs. Faustus” directed by Mehmet Izbudak Tuesday 27th to Saturday 31st May 2003 Auditions in March T.B.A. ~ The Carlton Arts Exhibition and Craft Fair will be in Spring 2003, at St. Marks Church, Wimbledon ~ The Winter 2003 production will be at the Studio, Tuesday 4th to Saturday 8th November 2003 Directors - start thinking of ideas – it’s never too late!