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This Technical Specification shall describe the scope of work, Contractor’s work flow, fault restoration work flow, tools & test gears and work technical specification for Regional Network Operations, Telekom Malaysia Berhad.


The appointed Contractor shall maintain at all time the following criteria: a) Contractor registered with Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor (PKK) of minimum Class F b) Contractor registered with PKK under Kepala VIII, Kerja-kerja Telekomunikasi; and c) Contractor registered with TM


The Contractor shall provide sufficient manpower, vehicle and tools & test gears, indicating the numbers, type, model and years in order to deliver the required services as per docket restoration works. Manpower provided shall adhere to MCMC regulation with skill sets and CA under MCMC Sub regulation 26(4)1(a). 1(a) is Cabling provider – customer’s premises for copper pair installation, jointing, testing and maintenance.


Telekom Malaysia reserves the right to amend this specification in order to correct errors, omissions or discrepancies or to reflect any change in policy. Any amendment to this specification shall be effected by the issue of addendum.


The Contractor shall inform and give reasonable prior notice to TM before any changes of information to office address, manpower, vehicles, tools and etc.


TM is not liable for damages resulting from, or attributable to the provision of this specification. Users of the specification do so at their own risk.

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OFFICE AND COMMUNICATION FACILITIES The Contractors shall provide official address and all types and numbers of telecommunication services


3. 3. 3. skills and experience for Service Assurance Fulfilment Regional Network Operations. 3. of customers in stated sites/areas to be serviced and maintained Sufficiency of manpower is subject to determination by TM at anytime or time to time.2 There shall be sufficient manpower to perform work obligation for various services. no. and without prejudice to its other rights and remedies.3 The basic academic qualification shall be SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) or equivalent for DEL restoration and Diploma in IT or equivalent for ADSL restoration. at its absolute discretion.3 Contractor must allocate one field team each comprising of sufficient number of manpower to handle a minimum of 8 Trouble Report in urban areas and a minimum 5 Trouble Report in Rural Areas daily. 3.4 All contractors’ technical staff must have competency certification as follows: a) CA 1a b) NIOSH TM Safety Passport (NTMSP) c) Broadband Certification (for streamyx team) -3- . In addition TM may impose demerit points as provided in the Contract. qualification. Telekom Malaysia Berhad works. In the event of failure by the Contractor to provide adequate field team on a particular day. 3. TM shall also be entitled to employ and pay other persons to execute the outstanding works and recover from the Contractor all costs incurred in connection with the employment of other persons to complete the works. impose Liquidated Damages in accordance with the terms of the Contract for such affected day.1 MANPOWER REQUIREMENT This Technical Specification shall describe the manpower requirement. TM may.

D/Side. failing which Telekom Malaysia reserved the right to terminate the contract. TM reserves the right to alter/amend the franchised areas from time to time by writing to the Contractor. Training cost shall be absorbed by the Contractor. Telephone set / ADSL modem (if provided by TM) /ISDN BRI NT /CDMA set /BFWA / RILL / WILL / MARS -4- . 5. The franchised areas of the Contractor under this Agreement are as shown in the Appendix I-5. RILL / WILL and MARS services restoration.1 The area of responsibility of the Contractor on the line plant which is. Cabinet / SDF / FTTS / FTTO. AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY 5.1 All technical staffs employed by the Contractor shall undergo required training to acquire the certification with Telekom Malaysia Training College (TMMC) or relevant Certification Agency/Body within 6 month from date of contract signed.(involved pair changes only). Drop wire. The areas of responsibility are as follows: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) E/Side . Internal wiring. Socket. I-3 and I-4 for CDMA. TRAINING 4. area after MDF to customer’s premise and is as shown in the diagram attached (Appendix I-1). DP. TM also reserves the right to assign the same area to other Contractors. Refer to Appendices I-2.4.

etc. ISDN network termination unit (NTU). LMG must be informed immediately.8 A copy of the following documents must be submitted daily to the TM supervisor: a) b) c) Daily Activity Log for each Repair Team. the Contractor shall liaise with LMG to complete. telephone set. 6. b) Liaise with TM staff for access to cabinet or premise owner for access to SDF.4 The Contractor shall obtain the trouble report information from Webstar. Borang Pemberitahuan Pertukaran Pasangan Kabel/Port CPAS.6 In the event that the line cannot be restored due to network problem.2 The Contractor shall appoint dedicated supervisor to manage the day-today restoration work. The supervisor roles are as per Appendix II-1. The roll call shall be conducted in venues specified by TM.7 On completion of Works. The Contractor shall then dispatch repair team according to the priority and severity. 6. using DSR Form as in Appendix III-1. Activity Jobsheet. FAULT RESTORATION WORKFLOWS (CONTRACTOR’S SCOPE OF WORK) 7. -5- . 6. 6. verify and close the TR. 7. 6.1 The Contractor shall conduct a daily roll call as per the Best Practice Manual.3 6. 6.1 Contractor’s scope of work shall include the following: a) Obtain and collect standard TM’s stock items from LMG stores at TM such as drop wire.5 The Contractor shall carry out all activities as stated in the SOP to ensure the successful fault restoration. ADSL modem.6 CONTRACTOR’S WORK FLOW 6.

Prepare for job (manpower.g. SDF. FTTS. Update / Inform LMG supervisor on any pair changes using Borang Pemberitahuan Pertukaran Pasangan Kabel/Port CPAS as per Appendix III-2. which do not require escalation to TM (for e. d) e) f) g) h) Operate only within designated franchised area. n) o) Replace antenna (CDMA / BFWA / RILL / WILL / MARS). transportation. The Contractor is responsible for the safety and safe keeping of the Instrument while in his custody and possession. . the Contractor shall replace it with a new set at its own cost. the Contractor shall repair the Instrument with the supply vendor or other capable vendor at its own cost. material). or/and p) q) Replace RILL / WILL CPE. DP or customer’s premise. i) Change D/side or E/side cable pair or jumper wire at cabinet. Test and troubleshoot fault at cabinet (E/Side and D/Side). or/and Replace faulty telephone / ADSL modem / ISDN BRI NT / CDMA set (if supplied by TM). At customer’s premise. FTTS or FTTO. or j) k) Replace and recover faulty drop wire at DP. The replacement of the instrument’s battery (if any) including its cost shall be the responsibility of the Contractor. FTTO. rectify fault including performing CDMA configuration. For DEL restoration activities. Test call / test service to confirm line is in service.the instrument shall be used where there is any pair changes required. The instrument is provided by TM to Contractor on loan basis. If the Instrument is lost while in his custody. Receive trouble report through Webstar and/or ICare Prime. Call customer at contact number before attending fault.c) Attend to other non-faults works. -6- . recover unused jumper. house keeping etc). If the Instrument is found faulty or malfunction due to the negligence of Contractor or its employees. l) m) Test and troubleshoot fault for DEL / ADSL /CDMA / BFWA / RILL / WILL / MARS / ISDN BRI. SDF. cleaning of rust.

Performed throughput test via Speedometer/FTP command line interface from notebook. s) Login using customer’s account to test the line connection and speed. iii. w) Fill in Repair Team Daily Activity Log as per Appendix III-4. Details tasks of ADSL troubleshooting involves: i. Fault due to other service providers. iii. v. iv. dial tone. Network facility damage due to third parties. complete remarks must be given to the LMG so that necessary updating can be done in the system: i. For cases stated below. Deferment of service restoration request by customers u) Fill in Activity Job Sheet as in Appendix III-3 and get customer’s signature for faults that require visits to customer premises. If successful. Faulty customer equipment. test from notebook. filters and wiring. Verifying the modem status. vii. fill in Activity Job Sheet as in Appendix III-3 and leave the customer’s copy at customer’s premise. Test at TM’s last point to isolate fault due to internal wiring or customer’s CPE. Contractor is required to bypass the customer’s connection using the notebook or performed connectivity test at TM point of entry when it deemed to be necessary. Bypass customer’s network (CPE) and performed connectivity ii. v. Configuring modem and re-installing the dialer. t) Feedback to LMG immediately after work completion. Damage to network facility due to force majeure. Faulty customer infrastructure or internal wiring.r) To verify the CPE issue for docket on ADSL CPE (Broadband). Customer premises inaccessible. vi. advice the customer to check their CPE and internal wiring. v) As for Premise Close cases. ii. iv. -7- .

1 TOOLS. 10.1 The Contractor shall provide good and reliable vehicles for each type of works. The minimum requirements for each type of tools and test gears are stated in Appendix lll-6. iii. TEST GEARS AND SAFETY GEARS The Contractor shall equip with appropriate tools and test gears for each type of works.x) y) Advise customer on internal wiring or CPE fault. Daily Activity Log for each Repair Team.2 The test gears shall always in good working condition and calibrated.1 The following Work Technical Specifications are attached in Appendix VI for the references of the Contractor. 9. Any doubt in the use and application of the specification shall be referred to the Network Operation Manager for clarification.2 Network Performance Indication (ADSL Fault Restoration) -8- . VEHICLES 9. 8. 10. ii. Contractor shall follow the current version of SOP as listed in Part III. z) A copy of the following documents must be submitted daily to the TM supervisor: i. WORK TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 10. Any replacement of internal wiring is subject to charges as per Appendix III-5. 8. 8. Borang Pemberitahuan Pertukaran Pasangan Kabel/Port CPAS. Activity Jobsheet.

e) Packet loss Shall not exceed 1%.3 No traffic prioritization The Contractor undertakes to achieve the following service level targets for the Works as follows : -9- . No guarantee on Quality of Service (QoS) pertaining to international accessibility ii) 10.a) The delivery of technical support in the form of rendering troubleshooting and identifying the cause or problem are based on the following standard testing procedures. d) Throughput/Bandwidth Utilization Throughput or bandwidth utilization between the user and the nearest edge node of the regional broadband network or BRAS shall be: o No less than 80% of the subscribed level for 95% of the time for the purposes of uploading and downloading effective 1 January 2008. the demarcation line is from DSLAM up to ADSL modem or TM point of entry (terminal block) c) Network latency From broadband user to all connection within local network shall be less than 85ms or 95% of time during busy hours. and o No less than 90% of the subscribed level for 95% of the time for the purposes of uploading and downloading effective from 1 January 2009. b) Access Network For any connectivity issues involving physical and data link layers. f) International Network Performance i) Provided as “best-effort” basis. Measured by averaging sample measurements over the reporting period.

as the case may be. and to be attended and completed within the agreed time referred to in sub-Clause 10. PPoE means Point to Point over Ethernet.10 - . for DEL P2 and P3 customers. . for ISDN BRI customers. for DEL P1. (f) 100% of the Works attended and completed within 8 hours from the time the trouble report is created.3(a). * The segmentation code are defined by TM PPoA means Point to Point over ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode). for ADSL PPoE P1 customers. restoration works have to be carried out subject to arrangement of appointment by TM. (e) 100% of the Works attended and completed within 4 hours from the time the trouble report is created. hours from P2 and P3 hours from PPoE P4 (i) 100% of the Works attended and completed within 4 hours from the time the trouble report is created. or sub-Clause 10. (g) 100% of the Works attended and completed within 16 the time the trouble report is created. for ADSL PPoE customers. (h) 100% of the Works attended and completed within 24 the time the trouble report is created.(a) 100% of the Works attended and completed within 8 hours from the time the trouble report is created. (d) For trouble report received after office hours. P3 and P4 customers respectively.3(c). (b) 100% of the Works attended and completed within 16 hours from the time the trouble report is created. or subClause 10. for ADSL customers. for DEL P1 customers. (c) 100% of the Works attended and completed within 24 hours from the time the trouble report is created. for DEL P4 customers. P2.3(b). for ADSL PPoA customers.

11 - . The target set for Fault Rate under “Kerosakan Telefon Tahunan Akses (KTT-Akses) ” is below 0. WILL.4 The Contractor shall guarantee the highest service quality of the network. 11.10. For the purpose of measuring the performance the record use shall exclude those dockets or fault that cannot be rectified and/or delayed due to cause that does not fall under Contractors responsibilities.5 Target Performance a) Performance will be tabulated monthly by TM. ABBREVIATION ADSL ANOC BFWA BTS CA CDMA DEL Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line Access Network Operation Centre Broadband Fixed Wireless Access Base Transceiver Station Certification Agency Code Division Multiple Access Direct Exchange Line (includes via MARS. 10.134. CDMA) FWT ISDN BRI LMG Fixed Wireless Terminal Integrated Service Digital Network Basic Rate Interface Local Maintenance Group which is TM’s control centre for telephone fault restoration services MARS RILL SLT SRT WILL Multi Access Radio System Radio In Local Loop Single Line Telephone Subscriber Remote Terminal Wireless In Local Loop . RILL.

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17 .APPENDIX I-5 FAULT RESTORATION FRANCHISED AREA The following cabinet areas are assigned to the CONTRACTOR for the telephone / ADSL/ ISDN BRI/CDMA / RILL / WILL / MARS fault restoration works according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. EXCHANGE AREA CABINET NUMBER TM reserves the right to amend the above-mentioned areas by informing the CONTRACTOR in writing.

4 1.2 1.1 1.3 1.2 1.6.2 1.7 TR Restoration Tasks Conduct Daily Roll Call Docket Print-out from Webstars Docket Assignment in Webstars Docket Segregation Collection of : Individual Team Daily Activity Log Borang Pertukaran Pasangan Kabel/Port Activity Job Sheet SAF/Access Escalation Form Action Log Review performance Retrieve daily report in webstars/ensis Daily scorecard/balance sheet check Weekly/Monthly review with executive Follow through on critical/aging TR Performance gap analysis Analysis on staff productivity Closing/verifiying of TRs Daily TM TM TM TM VENDOR TM TM VENDOR VENDOR VENDOR VENDOR VENDOR VENDOR VENDOR/TM VENDOR VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR VENDOR TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM VENDOR/TM TM 18 .4 1.3 1.5 1.5.4 1.5.5 1.5 1.0 1.6.1 1.6 1.5.3 1.5.6.APPENDIX II-1 Supervisor's Role for Outsource Areas 100% outsourced Weekly Monthly Partial outsourced Weekly Monthly Daily 1.6 1.6.5.

APPENDIX III-1 DSR Form TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD DISTRICT STORE REQUISITION FORM (DSR) DATE: The following materials request for ……………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………… No. : Company Stamp : Date : ________________________ : : 19 . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Requested By : Acknowledged By: Signature : Name : Staff No Date Material No. Material Description Quantity Required Issue Unit Signature : Name : IC No.


APPENDIX III-3 SERIAL NO : ACCESS NETWORK OPERATION . Please contact* _______________________ to fix suitable appointment. tetapi gagal menghubungi sesiapa di premis tuan/puan. We would like to proceed with the task.Kham is (Utk negeri yang cuti umumnya jatuh pada hari Jumaat) to untuk kerja Repair Baikpulih Install Pemasangan Recover Pengambilan Semula but was unable to contact anyone at your premises.Thurs : 9am .5pm (For States which Pub. Terima kasih. Sila hubungi* untuk membuat temujanji yang bersesuaian. CUSTOMER'S VERIFICATION PENGESAHAN PELANGGAN I / We agree the above service has been commissioned / restored / modem recovered by TM's personnel Saya/Kami mengesahkan bahawa kerja-kerja baikpulih / pemasangan / pengambilan semula telah disempurnakan oleh anggota TM NAME Nama : : SIGNATURE Tandatangan DATE Tarikh : *Sample Activity Jobsheet 21 .5pm Isn in. Holiday falls on Friday) Ahad . Kami ingin meneruskan tugasan kami. Thank you. oleh itu kami ingin mengetahui tarikh dan masa yang bersesuaian dengan tuan/puan. however we shall need to know the time and date which is most convenient to you.Fri : 9am .ACTIVITY JOB SHEET O&M: ____________________ SERVICE/CIRCUIT NUMBER: NOMBOR TALIAN DATE : TARIKH TIME : MASA INSTALLATION PEMASANGAN RESTORATION BAIKPULIH OTHERS : ( PR / ER ) LAIN-LAIN CUSTOMER UNREACHABLE PELANGGAN GAGAL DIHUBUNGI ACTIVITY CHECKLIST SENARAI SEMAK AKTIVITI O&M'S COMMENT CATATAN O&M Please tick ( / ) Sila tandakan (/) Please tick ( / ) where applicable Sila tandakan (/) di mana berkaitan 1 2 3 4 5 TM ACCESS NETWORK LOJI TALIAN TM 1 INSTALLATION / RESTORATION / RECOVERY COMPLETED PEMASANGAN / BAIKPULIH / PENGAMBILAN SEMULA SIAP LAST POINT CONNECTION SAMBUNGAN TITIK AKHIR 2 3 4 CUSTOMER'S CPE FAULT KEROSAKAN ALATAN PELANGGAN PARALLEL / INTERNAL WIRING CONNECTION SAMBUNGAN SELARI/PENDAWAIAN DALAMAN CUSTOMER'S INTERNAL WIRING FAULT KEROSAKAN DAWAI DALAM PELANGGAN TELEPHONE SOCKET/SPLITTER SOKET TELEFON / SPLITTER TELEPHONE SET/MODEMS/OTHER CPEs SET TELEFON / MODEM / ALATAN LAIN INSTALLATION / RESTORATION / RECOVERY COMPLETED BUT CUSTOMER REFUSED TO SIGN PEMASANGAN / BAIKPULIH / PENGAMBILAN SIAP TETAPI PELANGGAN ENGGAN TANDATANGAN CPE DETAIL BUTIRAN ALATAN MODEM/NT/FWT SERIAL NO (ESN) NO SIRI MODEM / NT / FWT (ESN) : Appointment Time (if any) Masa temujanji (jika ada) : : TYPE OF MODEM/FWT JENIS MODEM / FWT STAFF NAME Nama anggota : : SIGNATURE Tandatangan CUSTOMER UNREACHABLE PELANGGAN GAGAL DIHUBUNGI Our personnel has been to your place at Anggota kami telah ke premis tuan/puan pada Date: ___________________ Tarikh Time:________________ Masa * Working Hours Waktu Bekerja 1.Jumaat 2. Mon . Sun .

APPENDIX III-4 REPAIR TEAM DAILY ACTIVITY LOG D T E A M : E X C H A C A D S L T R P P O A P P O E P 1 T E L E P H T R P 2 P 3 O N E C D M A B I S D R I N T R P R I S 'V E Y M D F S M A R T A I L Y A C T I V I T Y L O G A N G E : T I M C R E A T E D T / T IV IT Y E R E S T O F I N R E D E D / < 8 P E R < 1 6 F O < R M 2 4 A N < C 4 8 E > 4 8 B i l N U M B E R O F T R O R O R D E R J P R J P R S T A R I S H h r s h r s h r s h r s h r s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 1 9 2 0 R 1 2 3 E A S O N N O T A C H I E V E D T A R G E T I S S U E . : : : : Company Stamp Date : ___________________________________ 22 . Prepared By : Signature Name IC No.

If the customers select TM’s registered contractors to replace Internal Wiring and/or telephone socket. PAYMENT BY CUSTOMER FOR REPLACEMENT OF INTERNAL WIRING AND TELEPHONE SOCKET TM's network is up to last termination point (Drop Wire). TM shall not be liable for the arrangement made between the Customer and TM's registered contractor. the charges are determined by TM registered contractor. 23 . The relevant payment is to be made directly to contractor. The socket and internal wiring are under Customer's responsibility.APPENDIX III-5 1.

SAFETY GEARS Safety Cone Safety Belt Safety Helmet Safety Vest Ladder with safety features First Aid Kid Signboard Body Harness Wellington Boot Safety Boot Safety Goggles Blinkers Aviation Lights Note: "x" required items Mini JKH TROS x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Company Team Team Team Team Team Company Company Company x x x x x x (optional) x (optional) x TM to supply x(optional) x x x x x (optional) Team Team Individual Individual Team Team Team Team Individual Individual Individual Team Team x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x .TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD APPENDIX III-6 TOOLS. TOOLS Individual COD Hammer Drill Team x Complete Tool Box Team x Complete Tools for Jointing of Plastic Cable Company Complete Tools for Jointing of Lead Cable Company Complete Tools for Pulling of Overhead Cable Company Complete Tools for Pulling of Underground Cable Company Water Pump Company Generator Company Exhaust Fan Company Puncher tool set Team x Pair identifier Team 2. TEST GEARS Signal strength tester (Rill/Will) ADSL Tester Laptop Multimeter Insulation Tester Faultsman Telephone ISDN BRI Test Set Earth Tester Gas Detector Pair Verfication/Updating Instrument 3.Company or 1. TEST GEARS AND SAFETY GEARS Team .

5. b) Avoid hot spots. survey and check for any suitable conduits or hollow skirting available in the premise for hidden wiring. Place drop wire cable inside the PVC casing and move towards the telephone socket position. 4.TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD APPENDIX lll-7 SPECIFICATION FOR PROVISION OF TELECOMMUNICATION WIRING AT DP TO CUSTOMER’S PREMISES Materials : Drop wire. d) If parallel route with electrical wiring is unavoidable. ii. PVC casing. If surface wiring is unavoidable. Perform continuity test on the wiring: a) At one end of the wiring remove the wire insulation and loop the A and B wires to form short circuit. . select the most suitable wiring route with the following considerations: a) Always try to hide wiring behind furniture in the room and choose corridor to access. rusty objects and location susceptible to mechanical damages. c) Avoid contact with electrical wiring. For electrical route < 650 V (minimum 5 cm) For electrical route 650 V (minimum 30 cm) For high voltage electrical route single core > 650 V (minimum 50 cm) 3. Before installation of wiring route. iii. ensure the following minimum spacing between both routes: i. arrestor (PKS102). external antenna. 2. Cut PVC casing to suitable length and fix it with concrete nails on the wall. socket and concrete nails : Basic Tools (Appendix III-9 item 1) Tools Procedures : 1. MKII wire.

Remove any excessively exposed wires. Always try to use double-sided tape provided for fixing the socket. Remove the short circuit loop after the test. Close socket cover. test the wire continuity with a multimeter for a reflection in ohm measurement. b) c) d) . which are holding the green and red wires. This is to avoid any splash of water into the socket when the floor is being washed. If it is not suitable. At the other end of the electrical wiring. To terminate the wiring to telephone socket a) Remove about 10 cm of external insulation from the wiring with a cutter Terminate the wiring to the screws inside the socket.TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD b) c) 6. then screw should be used. Fix socket to the wall or any other suitable furniture at least 15 cm above the floor.