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Table of Contents Table of Contents 4 Introduction 6 Prevention 8 Anthony Risks His Back For You 8 The Root of Low Back Health 10 The Adrenal Glands 10 To Start With 11 What to Foods to Avoid for the Health of Your Lower Back 11 It Happened to Me (My Adrenal Story) 12 Supplements for the Adrenal Glands 13 Some Calming Herbs and Their Actions 14 Structural Issues Cause Most Back Pain 16 Misalignments and Back Pain 16 Neck Pain 18 Common Neck Pain 18 Bulging Disc 19 The Main Cause of a C5 Misalignment 19 Alternate Sugars that are OK 20 Serious Lower Back Pain Issues:Bulging or Herniated Disc 22 The Lower Back and Disc Issues 22 Causes of Disc Problems 21 Natural treatments: First Step 21 The Lower Back and Disc Issues 22 Causes of Disc Problems 22 Natural Treatments: First Step 22 Second Step 23 Final Treatment 24 Other Possibilities 24 Herniated Disc 24 Two Surgical Options 24 Natural Treatment 25 4 .

Supplement List 25 Conclusion 26 About Kalidasa 29 5 .

"Back Pain Secrets. In fact. I have also experienced pain in other areas of my back. It is so gratifying to have people show concern for my back when I do heavy lifting and I get to tell them not to worry. I am totally free from back pain.Introduction Thank you for ordering my free book. I have to admit that from time to time something might happen so that I have some kind of back pain. At times it was so bad that I couldn't even walk. In it you will learn about the causes of back pain and various treatments that are available to you. 6 . mostly in the lower back. At one time I could only crawl to get around. In fact. and I used to suffer from severe back pain. I have experienced just about every type of back pain there is. Now at fifty. my back is probably stronger than theirs. but I am able to deal with it instantly in most cases." The purpose of this book is to inform you about back pain. In the last few years I have had 100 percent success in treating a wide variety of conditions for hundreds of people. I am a natural healer and have been studying various natural healing modalities for my entire adult life. My name is Kalidasa. my back is nearly as strong as it was in my 20s when I used to do hard physical work for a living.

The secondary causes are the only things that are different.In my experience. It truly is a wonderful and gratifying thing to be able to see a solution to a problem that can so dramatically affect someone's life. I hope it helps you on your path to back health. back pain is a common complaint with common causes. And. I am really happy to be able to offer you some of this information. 7 . the root causes are common to most physical ailments.

I guess it's a common story. but that's because of good health. Once your back is healthy again. It's a good thing he is young and healthy! No backs were harmed in any way in the making of this video. I still am actually. I had no idea what I was doing to myself or how debilitating back pain could be.Prevention Prevention is the most important thing to know and understand about back pain. Click here to watch the video. It can be repaired as is evident in my back. The first time I hurt my back was doing the twist and lift that Anthony does in the second demonstration. I used to use my back in the wrong way as Anthony demonstrates for us. Anthony Risks His Back For You In this short video my young friend Anthony demonstrates the wrong and right way to lift. 8 . Not to mention that the damage caused by improper lifting is usually cumulative. it is important to keep it that way. What I didn't realize. Please pay careful attention to this as it is the most common cause of instant debilitating lower back pain. but the disc gets compressed when lifting with the back as in Anthony's first demonstration. I was once young and very strong too. and what no one ever told me when they warned me about how I was lifting. is that the damage is cumulative.

And.So. 9 . if there is damage to a disk. We'll get into that later. there are supplements that can help rebuild it. be careful with your back and how you treat it no matter how it feels.

Fortunately. I have seen this more times than I can count. 10 .The Root of Low Back Health The Adrenal Glands Weak adrenal glands are the number one cause of common lower back pain. Sugars and other processed foods cause a stress on the adrenal glands that affects the strength of the ligaments in the lower back. These hormones make you feel good with a lust for life and a positive outlook. The most common stress factor in our modern world is junk food. They are the root energy system for the body in certain terms. The adrenals produce three different classes of hormones including sex hormone precursors that are converted into either testosterone or estrogens. Eating right is more than half the battle to having a healthy back and body. almost everyone in modern society today has adrenal fatigue. The adrenals also produce hormones in response to stress on the body. you don't have to. The relationship is obvious to anyone who studies biochemistry. I can never stress this enough. I'm going to explain it in simple terms for you. And. Over-consumption of processed foods is the cause of most modern ailments today including lower back pain. The short answer is processed foods. but with many other conditions. I talk and write a lot about the adrenal glands. The second most common factor is emotional stress. Not just with lower back pain.

Most people can tighten up their diet for two weeks especially if it could mean freedom from back pain. They work and work to keep up with the demand. Most people will experience feeling better in the lower back sooner than two weeks. Many of the nutrients that the adrenals need are also needed for ligament tone. Other joints in the body may also experience problems caused by weak ligaments and tendons. For now we'll focus on diet. That means sugar of all kinds including honey.Both of these stressors deserve attention. To Start With I would highly recommend that people with lower back pain go on a very strict diet for at least two weeks. maple syrup. 11 . age. the main thing to avoid is sugar. For some people can take weeks for diet alone to help if at all. Supplements and herbs can be a significant help in healing the adrenals and therefore the lower back. It depends on how far things have gotten and other factors such as general health. those ligaments tend to weaken first. Since the lower back supports the weight of entire upper body. What Foods to Avoid for the Health of Your Lower Back As I already mentioned. toxicity levels and a few other factors. Anything that stresses the body stresses the adrenal glands. drawing nutrients away from other systems so they can keep their priority work going.

Also. And. the sugar is concentrated in them. and my back and energy levels were doing just fine 12 . but too much can still put a load on the adrenals. It didn't go like I had hoped at all. my back only ached a little. Out of frustration I quit eating all grains. but for the most part it was fine. For example. I was so low on energy. my back was only sore at the end of the day and sometimes a little in the morning. After the fifth day the job was done. Sweet fruit like bananas and red or sweet apples are also to be avoided. avoid grains that have been processed. After two days my energy was really picking up. Breads. After four days. they aren't as bad as grains. so I agreed to help out. so that wasn't as bad as it could have been. It Happened to Me (My Adrenal Story) I had my biggest breakthrough by stopping all grains.fructose or any other natural or 'healthy' sugars. but I had been taking some really powerful nutrients and herbs for them. Sweet potatoes are better than potatoes too. I also ate potatoes and sweet potatoes. and the heavy work was causing my lower back to hurt more each day. whole oats are okay while the quick cooking kind that are chopped up are almost as bad as white sugar. Whole wheat means nothing if it is ground up. the increased surface area releases the stored sugar much faster than unbroken grains. I was helping a friend out on a rather large tile job. I ate lots of animal protein and vegetables. but it was bad enough. but not too much. Same with fruit juice and dried fruit. pasta. I was reluctant because I knew my adrenals were weak. I had already figured out how to adjust myself. white rice and other processed grains also need to be eliminated.

after a month they are usually completely gone.5-6 g (5000-6000 mg) per day spread out through the day. Be sure to get niacin amide. This is the least expensive way to go with supplements that you can get from health food stores.300 mg in the morning Niacin amide -.50 mg in the morning and 50 mg in the evening Vitamin C -. It is okay to use the whole tablet. Be sure to get pyrodoxyl 5 phosphate for the enzyme activated B6. The main reason I list these supplements is because they are easily found in the health food store for a relatively low cost. it may cost a little more. Notes: Pantothenic acid and niacin amide both usually come in 500 mg tablets. niacin amide doesn't have that effect. Supplements for the Adrenal Glands Here are some supplements and dosages I recommend to help strengthen the adrenals. There are more expensive supplements that are often more effective. The good news though is that the worst of the cravings only last three to five days. but it is much easier on the system. It really can be as simple as altering the diet. 13 .despite a long day finishing up. Pantothenic acid-.300 mg in the morning Enzyme activated B6 -. That can be difficult for various reasons I won't go into now. I recommend calcium ascorbate. Niacin causes a flush that most people won't like. It is often called P5P for short. but the above is a good start for a budget.

a gland in the brain. The herbs are mostly in a class called nervine herbs which are used to calm the nerves. but that's another subject. then having what is there last longer allows the adrenals to take a break. regulates emotions. Rosemary -. but the main issue is that there is stress going on causing the adrenals to continuously produce cortisol. The hypothalamus. If the body is going to be demanding cortisol anyway. Emotions can cause the body to go into a flight/flight response that is hard to turn off.a Carminative and a nervine.Nervine and anxiety Hops -. Also good for headaches. at least on a regular basis. after stopping processed foods and nourishing them. The emotions cause stress hormones which increase sensitivity to emotions. Licorice it is an adaptogenic herb that causes cortisol to last longer the blood.There are also herbs that are good to treat the adrenals directly. So. The ideal would be to have the body not experiencing stress at all. It becomes a cycle.Nervine Lemon Balm -.Nervine Chamomile -. Passionflower -. There are both herbs and supplements that help with this. Some people may think that cortisol is bad for you. is to calm the hypothalamus.Relaxant 14 . Then brain chemistry gets out of balance. The kind of stress I mean is both daily stress and stored emotions. Some Calming Herbs and Their Actions. the best thing to do for the adrenals.

Mediherb as the brand I use for my clients.Nerve pain. They have a great Nervine herb formulas. There is usually someone there that can look up some of the herbs for you if you want more information. nervine.Nervine. Other herbs may be present. antidepressant. cold/flu The problem with herbs is quality.Sedative. that is fine as this is a short list.Nervine. I believe you can too with just these simple suggestions. Kroger herbs can sometimes be found at health food stores and can usually be found online.hypnotic. Many other herbal formulas are completely useless. look for capsules that have a mixture of the above herbs. A typical dose of a really good tincture would be 4 to 10 ml. The only brands I know of that are of the highest quality are Kroeger Herbs and Mediherb. restorative Baical Skullcap -. The tinctures tend to be weak and way to expensive. Johns Wort -. bottle.for when much is going on or doing too much.Vervain -. The capsules at least tend to have the whole herb and cost less even though you may need to take up to four times the recommended dosages to get the full benefit. anxiety St. If you do go to the health food store to find some of these herbs. stress Oats -. That's ends up costing a lot at $10 per 30 ml.Nervine Valerian -. anger Kava -. Relaxant. 15 . You can e-mail me if you would like to know more about them. relaxant Skullcap -. And. I have seen too many people get free from back pain using diet and a few supplements and herbs not to believe that it is possible for everyone to have a strong and healthy back.

There are many reasons that a misalignment can happen. the knots that most people experience at some point in their lives is the muscles reacting to one or more ribs being out of alignment. There are other possible factors. When it is a simple structural issue with nothing else involved. it can cause more serious problems that are discussed later. This can be done by a chiropractor or self adjusted using Self Adjusting Technique. One or more of these issues as well as any of the other possibilities. Left untreated. the area can become inflamed and uncomfortable or even painful. however these are the main ones. You can prove this to yourself by pressing on a knot in your back. when a joint is out of alignment for a long period of time. all that needs to happen is for it to be adjusted. The three main possibilities are structural. In fact. Go ahead and press hard. or maybe a fall. Does the knot feel as hard as a bone? That's because it is. However. Many minor subluxations work their way back into alignment and go unnoticed. The word for this is subluxation which means a partial dislocation. can be involved in any given condition. This is the kind of problem that comes from sleeping in a strange position. The rib you are pushing on has 16 . Upper and mid back pain is mostly caused by a rib or ribs being out of alignment.Structural Issues Cause Most Back Pain Misalignments and Back Pain The main reason for most back pain is a misalignment of the joints. emotional and chemical.

The most common issue that seems to overlay almost every physical complaint is emotional. It seems to go 50-50 between Ligaplex by Standard Process and glucosamine sulfate as to which one is best for the individual case. The most complicated issues are chemical in nature. This happens in the lower back as was discussed earlier.shifted out of alignment. This can be done by a chiropractor. an osteopath or you can use Self Adjusting Technique to put it back yourself. supplements such as the ones used for disk issues can be used. Removing the emotion can be done using Applied Kinesiology techniques. All that is needed is an adjustment. Emotions can get stuck in the body which can then cause different problems. One chemical issue that often happens are lax ligaments. or with one of the tapping techniques that are now available such as freedom from fear. or they can be muscular or connective tissue related. Anything that doesn't fall into the other two categories usually falls into the chemical realm of things. 17 . but it can happen with any joint in the body. or it can be something currently going on. When this happens. An emotional issue can be long gone from your mind. A chemical issue can range from allergies to complex biochemical issues.

but what if it doesn't? Most neck pain is simply one or more vertebra being out of alignment. The tensed muscle pulls the vertebra out of alignment. there can be complications. Something I call "neuro (as in neurological) emotional components" can get stuck in the neck muscles causing them to tense up. which could take days. you can have the neck adjusted. then you need to have the neuro emotional component removed. The most common complicating factor is emotional issues. What do you do? If you're like most people. sometimes instantly. However. and it will just go out again. 18 . If that is the case. There is a technique that many natural healers used called Neuro Emotional Technique or NET that does this nicely. the emotional component can remain causing the misalignment to return. This can happen with any joint in the body. A trip to the chiropractor can take care of most neck pain. you probably put up with the discomfort until it eventually works itself out. Even if you are clear about what your emotional issue is and deal with it.Neck Pain Common Neck Pain You wake in the morning and your neck is stiff from sleeping in an awkward position. If that is the case. One of the most common back pain complaints is neck pain. And. it's one of the easiest to deal with.

Bulging Disc One of the biggest complications that comes with neck pain is a bulging disc. if the emotional issue remains then it is likely to get stuck in the same place again causing the problem to return. A bulging disc can press on the nerve causing a lot of discomfort and pain if it gets bad enough. However. The nerve that is pressed on is the one that runs down the arm. though there can be complications that need to be addressed. Chiropractors who don't know or use NET really are dong their clients a disservice. 19 . It is often mistaken for carpel tunnel syndrome. In fact. The most common one is the disc between C5 and C6. Realignment is the primary way to correct most neck pain. Vegas nerve goes down as far as C5 then branches out to various areas of the body. I have a similar method that I use. The Main Cause of a C5 Misalignment There is a major nerve that runs down from the brain stem on either side of the spine called the Vegas nerve. Discs in the neck can herniate with serious consequences that are discussed below. The cause is the same as the bulge in the disc between L5 and the sacrum discussed below. One of the main things that Vegas nerve is responsible for is receiving information from the gut that tells other systems what to do about handling sugar.This is an energetic technique that takes the energy of the emotional component out of the body. I use this technique more that any other energetic technique.

at least for a time. so take heart. dried fruit. I find this one to work pretty well. The body doesn't 20 . Personally. and so didn't survive. or at least not as bad as white sugar. It also can be sugar from fruit. There are a couple of exceptions though. for many people. from whom we are descended. I don't eat sugar at all. The survivors. There are studies that indicate that metabolism is changed dramatically the very first time sugar is introduced to the system. This is true of all animals from the flat worm all the way up to humans. fruit juice. Anybody that didn't have a taste for fruit didn't fatten up for winter. Fruits were only eaten at the end of summer when they were available. this fattening up for winter is what gives us all a sweet tooth. simply limiting sugar consumption. In fact. maybe at Thanksgiving.Sugar in this case can be any processed food such as bread or white rice. and of course so do we. Nothing could be further from the truth." Many people have the mistaken belief that these natural sugars are good for them. all have a genetic predisposition for wanting to eat sweets. Another is xylotol which is an alcohol sugar. honey. if there is a sever problem then all sugars must be stopped. However. Well. Sugar is sugar no mater what form it is in. but too much can still cause a problem. In fact. you don't have to give up all your pleasures. maple syrup and just about any other kind of "natural sugar. Our bodies evolved eating mostly meat and just a few plants. Alternate Sugars that are OK One substitute is agave nectar. I also don't eat grains at all. and eating it appropriately can help a lot.

it is usually just the body getting rid of it. It has an after taste that many people don't like though. so diarrhea tends to be short lived. It usually comes in a white powder form much like sugar. It can be measured and used just like sugar in cooking. But. and it has other beneficial qualities. If it does. Be careful though.use xylotol like sugar at all. the taste can be acquired with time. too much xylotol can cause diarrhea. but it takes very little to sweeten things. 21 . Stevia is a great substitute.

Then. a bulging disc. Of course. the main thing is to stop the junk food and support the adrenal glands. I know I'm repeating myself.Serious Lower Back Pain Issues: A Bulging or Herniated Disc The Lower Back and Disc Issues There are more serious possible lower back issues than have been discussed so far. One technique involves blocking and manipulation. We looked at how to solve the weakness that can lead to a chronic misalignment. Natural Treatments: First Step There are chiropractors and osteopaths who specialize in 22 . but it is absolutely imperative to support the adrenal glands for full recovery of most lower back pain. This is something that needs to be done on you by a knowledgeable practitioner. is more likely to be healed in a relatively short amount of time. Its less problematic predecessor. is a very special case. Another uses specialized equipment. The bulging or herniated disc is almost always between L5 and the sacrum at the base of the spine. Causes of Disc Problems Ultimately. there are some specialized techniques for helping a bulging disc. the cause of both a herniated disc and a bulging disc in most cases is a long term misalignment. The most serious. a herniated disc.

This is called spinal decompression therapy. and had been working with stretching and exercise. a complex of whole foods that support the ligaments. Adjusting the diet can greatly shorten the time. When I was just starting out treating health issues. There are supplements that help with this process. We were reading about it together in my practitioners reference guide. She had already changed her eating habits. before I knew much about back treatment. a friend of mine asked me about Ligaplex for her bulging disc. And. subsequent scans showed a healthy disc. after the spine is decompressed and the vertebrae are aligned is to strengthen ligaments. The blocking is to rotate the hips back into place. I didn't know how big of a deal it was at the time. be aware that it takes multiple treatments. 23 . Unfortunately. The method I use involves blocking the hips and working the vertebra apart from each other with gentle pressure. At least five. Some of them use tables that traction your body giving the disc space. so she was primed. and she wanted to try it. With this kind of issue. Second Step The next step. and it works really well in most cases. most people won't have this kind of result.taking the pressure off a bulging disc and helping it back into place. Over the next couple of months I ordered her three or four bottles. If you wake in the morning with lower back pain and find yourself walking in a twisted way then you know what I'm talking about. The main one I use is from Standard Process called Ligaplex. and as many as 20 or more. the hips shift causes a rotation. Whatever technique you chose. one hip usually shifts forward while the other shifts back. but she was pain free after that.

Emotions can have a profound effect on your health. Of course. the nucleus or mater inside the disc leaks out of the disc. The disc then offers no padding between the vertebrae. For most people. they tend to store in the muscles causing them to tense up which pulls the vertebra and other joints out of alignment. and 24 . These issues are relatively easy to correct with natural healing techniques. For the back. These could be tight muscles. Herniated Disc A herniated disc is a different matter all together. One surgical option is to have the part that ruptures out of the disc removed. There are some surgical options that don't always work. Other Possibilities There are other issues that may be present as well. One result is that the nerve that runs out from the spine is compressed between the vertebrae.Final Treatment The final clearing to completely heal a bulging disc is to clear any remaining emotional components from the area. there are good outcomes with a surgical option as well. the total process usually takes from 6-12 weeks. Two Surgical Options When a disc ruptures or herniates. reactive connecting tissue toxicity. This can be very painful and is why many people chose a surgical option. The final emotions don't always show up until after the first two steps are completed. energy imbalance or weak muscles. This is an option that a lot of people chose. About 95 percent of cases will respond favorably. and have been known to leave people in more pain.

it just depends on the individual case. it doesn't cause pain. MSM 4. It requires a great deal of discipline. 25 . The vertebra are permanently connected together with a piece of bone and screws. The total process can take ten to twenty years. Some people endure the pain rather than have surgery. but the disc can eventually be built back up with supplements. Ligaplex from Standard Process 2. If it is successful. Email me if you would like to consult about it. so I won't go into it here. 3. It takes years. chondroitin -. Sometimes though. The vertebrae are connected together in a way that will keep pressure off the nerve. Fusion surgery is a more permanent solution. but some people swear by it. When that mater is left in it can cause pain which is why people often chose to have it removed. The natural treatment is to use enzymes to dissolve the remains from the disc.I have seen people with this surgery recover nicely.Glucosamine Synergy from Standard Process is the best one I've found. Glucosamine sulfate -.I don't use this one much. There are many different types of treatments that are completely individual. Supplement List The supplements that are good possibilities for building up a disc are: 1. Natural Treatment The natural treatment is similar to the one done with the more simple surgery where the mater that came out of the disc is removed. and other nutrients to build up the disc. they can have a normal pain free life.

ligament. 26 . They target the specific components that are needed for specific muscle. However. one or more of the above will help in most cases. connective tissue etc. but they are very specific.There are other supplements I use sometime.

There is also a phone number at the bottom of every page which you can use to leave a message for me. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about your particular back issues. The best way to contact me is through the contact form on my website. I 27 . There is a lot more to tell about back pain and the various natural treatments that are available. I really want you to have a happy and healthy back. There will be a link at the bottom of every email I send you that you can click to stop receiving emails from me. I would also like to let you know that in the last few years of my practice I have been able to cure every case of back pain that I have come across. I have a lot more information to share. I am the first to admit that I don't know everything about treating back pain. But. So anything that I may tell you about your health in general will most likely help to keep your back healthy as well. It's an automatic system that will stop sending to you instantly. I would like to stay in touch with you about your back health. Most of them have the same root causes. so be sure to send me your questions.Conclusion That's it for Back Pain Secrets. I also have great success in treating other conditions. I know other experts that I can consult if I need to. I hope you found it helpful. However. so I'll be sending you something from time to time. Feel free to ask about other conditions if you like.

really don't want to be sending things to to you if you don't find it useful. 28 .

He considered this practice. chiropractors and others. homeopaths. 29 . acupuncturists. His ability is widely acknowledged among his many students and yoga teachers alike. His healing ability is highly acclaimed by his clients and piers which include medical doctors. but his results were such that his practice grew quickly. he has written three books on back care. nutritionists. This process started in 1993 and still continues as he finds more and easier methods to facilitate gentle adjustments. Shortly after he began his studies he began treating friends with surprising Kalidasa Kalidasa is a yoga teacher and natural healer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1995 he started studying natural healing and applied kinesiology from a master healer. You can find more information on his website at http://SelfAdjustingTechnique. He has been a successful yoga teacher since 1980 working with thousands of people over the years. He used his knowledge of the body to develop Self Adjusting Technique. As an author.