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April 28, 2008

Results inline with expectations

HDFC Banks reported net profit of Rs4.7bn inline with our expectation. However NII growth was much better than what we expected. The NII grew 55.7% yoy to Rs 16.4bn driven by stronger NIMs. The operating profit grew by 42.3% yoy to Rs10.9bn driven by higher other income which compensated for higher Opex. However net profit grew by only 37.1%, as the banks made a higher provisioning of Rs4.7bn in the quarter as compared to Rs2.7bn in the corresponding quarter last year which was also compensated by lower tax rate of 24.4% We continue to like robust business model of HDFC Bank and robust quality of its earnings as well as assets. At the current valuations of 19.5x its FY2010E EPS and 3.3x FY2010E P/ABV, the stock seems quite attractive. We retain BUY rating on the stock with a price target of Rs1,700.

Price Rs1, 498 Sensex Target Price Rs1, 700 17,126

Price Performance
(%) Absolute Rel. to Sensex
Source: Capitaline



6M 12M

4 (2)

(1) (0)

(3) 9

45 21

NII grows 55.7%yoy led by NIMs expansion

HDFC Banks NII (net of amortisation expenses) grew by 55.7% yoy to Rs16.4bn driven by 35.4% yoy growth in core customer assets to Rs704bn and NIM expansion of 30bps on yoy basis and 42bps sequentially. NII reports strong growth

Stock Details
Sector Reuters Bloomberg Equity Capital (Rs mn) Face Value No. of shares (mn) 52 Week H/L Market Cap Banks HDBK.BO HDFCB@IN 3544 10 354 1825/976 Rs531bn/USD13.2bn 843923 29.5mn

Q4FY08 Reported NII Add: Amortisation exp Adjusted NII 16,421 1,010 17,431

Q4FY07 10,545 632 11,177

Q3FY08 14,376 719 15,095

% yoy chg 55.7 56.0

% qoq chg 14.2 15.5

Higher yield on advances and investments drive margins

The NIMs expanded by 30bps yoy and 42bps qoq driven by higher yield on advances and investments. The yield on advances grew by 101bpsyoy to whereas yield on investment grew by 57bps yoy. NIM analysis
(%) Q4FY08 11.9 7.7 8.9 4.0 5.0 4.4 Q4FY07 10.9 7.1 8.5 3.9 4.7 4.5 Q3FY08 11.1 7.5 8.6 4.1 4.5 4.3 Change in bps yoy 101.0 56.8 41.5 11.5 30.0 -10.0 qoq 78.4 19.3 31.4 -10.4 41.8 10.0

Daily Avg Volume (No of shares) Daily Avg Turnover (US$)

Shareholding Pattern (%)

(31 st Mar.08) Promoters FII Institutions Private Corp. Public

Yield on advances* Yield on investments* 23.3 50.3 6.2 8.1 12.1 Yield on assets* Cost of funds* NIM* Core NIM (reported)

Source: Company, Emkay Research * Calculated on basis of average quarterly balances

Business growth remains healthy..

The bank registered a 42.5%yoy growth in the overall business. The advances have grown by 35.1% yoy to Rs634.2 bn, whereas deposits grew by 47.5%yoy. The C/D ratio fall to 63% in the quarter from 69% in the same quarter last year as the bank seems to have sold down some loans to reduce priority sector lending requirement for FY09. Balance sheet expansion
Kashyap Jhaveri +91 22 6612 1249 Pradeep Agrawal +91 22 6612 1340 Rs bn Advances Deposits C/D ratio Q4FY08 634 1008 63% Q4FY07 469 683 69% Q3FY08 714 994 72% % yoy chg 35.1 47.5 % qoq chg -11.2 1.4

Source: Company, Emkay Research

Emkay Research

28 April 2008

Result Update 1




Result Update

Growth in retail assets continues to remain selective

The growth in the retail assets was led by personal loans, business banking loans and auto loans. Credit cards business has also seen significant expansion. 2-wheeler loans continued to decline as the bank has stayed away from the segment due to increasing instances of delinquencies. Retail loan portfolio mix
Rs mn Auto Loans Personal Loans CVs Loan Against Securities 2-Wheelers Business Banking Credit Cards Others Total
Source: Company, Emkay Research

96,000 66,500 59,500 13,500 15,000 85,500 31,500 25,500 393,000

% yoy change 37.1 51.1 24.0 3.8 -25.0 64.4 57.5 59.4 38.9

Proportion (%) 24.4 16.9 15.1 3.4 3.8 21.8 8.0 6.5

Change in bps yoy qoq -31 -292 137 80 -182 -116 -325 338 95 83 47 13 -81 141 62 30

CASA deposits remain stable

The CASA ratio has remained fairly stable on sequential basis as it improved by 360bps qoq. On yoy basis, the CASA mix has gone down primarily because in Q4FY08 the bank had significantly decelerated its balance sheet growth. Deposit mix
Rs bn Total Deposits Savings % of total Current % of total Total CASA % of total
Source: Company, Emkay Research

Q4FY08 1,007.7 261.5 26.0 287.6 28.5 549.1 54.5

Q4FY07 683.0 195.9 28.7 198.1 29.0 394.0 57.7

Q3FY08 993.9 249.6 25.1 256.0 25.8 505.6 50.9

% yoy chg 47.5 33.5 45.2 39.4

% qoq chg 1.4 4.8 12.3 8.6

Fee income growth slows down

The other income has grown by 39.3% yoy to Rs5.5bn driven mainly by treasury profits (treasury loss of Rs650mn last year). The fee income (CEB+derivatives/forex gains) grew by a bit slower 20% (34% for M9FY08) Fee income
Rs mn Fee income Other Total
Source: Company, Emkay Research

Q4FY08 5,508 -15 5,508

Q4FY07 4,596 -652 4,596

Q3FY08 5,474 1,315 5,474

% yoy chg 19.8 -97.8 19.8

% qoq chg 0.6 -101.1 0.6

Opex continues to remain high

During the quarter, the operating expenses have grown by 61.2% yoy (5% sequentially) to Rs11.0bn. Both, employee expenses as well as other opex grew by ~60%yoy to Rs3.5bn and Rs7.6bn respectively. The increase in expenses has been mainly driven by branch expansion.

Emkay Research

28 April 2008

Q4FY08 Branches ATM
Source: Company, Emkay Research

Result Update

Q4FY07 684 1,605

Q3FY08 754 1,906

761 1,977

Provisioning higher however asset quality remains robust

The provisioning requirement during the quarter has gone up substantially driven by Non Performing Assets and standard asset provisioning of Rs2.9bn. In addition the bank made a provision of Rs1.7bn during the quarter for legal and other contingent liabilities. However, the bank continues to enjoy robust asset quality as the GNPA as well as NNPA remained 1.3% and 0.5 % respectively, broadly inline with last year.

Comfortable capital adequacy

The bank had Capital adequacy of 13.6% and tier I CAR at 10.3 % at the end of Q4FY08. The bank has raised fresh equity capital of Rs37.8 bn during the current year via preferential allotment to its promoter and ADS.

Valuations and view

We continue to like robust business model of HDFC Bank and robust quality of its earnings as well as assets. At the current valuations of 19.5x its FY2010E EPS and 3.3x FY2010E P/ABV, the stock seems quite attractive. We retain BUY rating on the stock with a 12m price target of Rs1,700.

Emkay Research

28 April 2008

Quarterly results
FY08 Net interest income Other Income Fee income Other Net Income Operating Expenses Operating Profit Provisions & Contingencies Loan loss provision Profit before tax Provision for Taxes Net Profit 52,279 22,832 20,543 2,289 75,110 37,456 37,654 14,848 6,912 22,806 6,905 15,902 FY07 34,685 15,162 15,794 -632 49,847 24,208 25,639 9,252 7,110 16,387 4,973 11,414 % yoy chg 50.7 50.6 30.1 -462.3 50.7 54.7 46.9 60.5 -2.8 39.2 38.8 39.3 Q4FY08 16,421 5,493 5,508 -15 21,914 11,027 10,887 4,651 2,930 6,236 1,525 4,711 Q4FY07 10,545 3,944 4,596 -652 14,489 6,839 7,650 2,671 1,398 4,979 1,544 3,436 Q3FY08 14,376 6,789 5,474 1,315 21,165 10,501 10,664 4,231 3,501 6,432 2,139 4,294

Result Update

% yoy chg 55.7 39.3 19.8 -97.8 51.2 61.2 42.3 74.1 109.6 25.2 -1.2 37.1

% qoq chg 14.2 -19.1 0.6 -101.1 3.5 5.0 2.1 9.9 -16.3 -3.1 -28.7 9.7

Valuation table
Y/E March 31 FY2007 FY2008E FY2009E FY2010E Net income 52,258 75,622 99,139 122,045 Net profit 11,419 15,646 21,911 28,196 EPS (Rs) 35.8 43.5 59.6 76.7 ABV (Rs) 187.3 315.7 374.2 456.4 RoA (%) 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.5 RoE (%) 19.5 17.0 16.8 18.3 PE (x) 48.2 35.2 25.1 19.5 P/ABV (x) 8.0 4.7 4.0 3.3

Note: numbers are not adjusted for Centurion Bank of Punjab numbers

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28 April 2008