Present: Roanna Hepburn (Chair), Tyson Cormack (Vice Chair), Elaine Bishop (Treasurer), Karin Streu (Secretary), Ivan Fleming, Gerald Brown, Martin Landy, Chris McCarville (Executive Director). Regrets: Michelle Bruce, Phillip Cramer, Leah Decter. Guests: Khalin McGiffen, Victor Sawelo, Christa, Molly.

2011.04.01 WELCOME/INTRODUCTIONS., Khalin, Victor, Krista, Molly joined the meeting. 2011.04.02 ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA. Additions to Other Business – AGM, Bylaws, Town Hall Federal Election. Elaine moved. Gerald 2nd . Carried. 2011.04.03 PRESTO. (a) Upcoming Federal Election (b) The river is high (c) Bike stabbing incident outside Yale Hotel (d) Closing inbound traffic from Higgins & Sutherland. MOTION: Marty motioned the PDRC send letters to the City of Winnipeg regarding: 1. Traffic and truck route issues on Euclid during Disreali closure. 2. BFI service to community. 3. Garbage. Gerald 2nd. Carried. ACTION: A form email re traffic and BFI issues will be taken up with Environment Committee. ACTION: Chris & Tyson will draft a letter regarding garbage. 2011.04.04 APPROVAL OF MINUTES (March 10.2011). Changes: 2011.03.03c. add – Kevin Lamoureaux at the Indian Metis Friendship Centre. Action 2011.03.07 change Confer to Defer. Tyson 1st. Elaine 2nd. Carried. 2011.04.05 OLD BUSINESS. ACTION: Item#2011.03.05 Chris did not get a letter from Norquay CC. 2011.04.06 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT (Chris McCarville). (Handouts) MOTION: Marty moved that the PDRC apply for a partnership small NA! grant ($2,500.00) with the Women’s Centre for a Bike Rodeo and the Austin Street Festival. Elaine 2nd. Carried. MOTION: Tyson motioned that the PDRC apply for a NA! grant ($2,500.00) for the Harvest Festival Event on Saturday, September 24, 2011. Gerald 2nd. Carried. MOTION: Tyson moved that the PDRC continue with supporting the Share the Warmth event only if the program is suitably funded outside our granting system


and resourced adequately externally and at the discretion of the PDRC Executive Director. Tabled until after this meeting. ACTION: The Executive Director to write an evaluation report on Share the Warmth and meet with the committee to discuss the pros and cons.

There has been no community consultation regarding the River Point Centre although Kerri Irvin-Ross had promised to do so. ACTION: The Executive Director to write a letter to Jim Rondeau, Kerri Irvin-Ross, Theresa Oswald regarding our concerns for more community consultation. MOTION: Tyson motioned to join Picnic in the Park event August 20. Gerald 2nd. Carried. MOTION: Elaine moved to approve the (amended for submission) 3 Year Sustainability Plan as requested by NA! from 2 years ago. Tyson 2nd. Carried. MOTION: Gerald moved that the (amended for submission) 5 Year Strategic Plan be accepted as requested by NA! from 2 years ago. Elaine 2nd. Carried. 2011.04.07 FINANCIAL REPORT. No report. Elaine and the Executive Director are in the process of restructuring in QuickBooks. ACTION: Defer the budget to the next meeting. MOTION: Elaine motioned that the Assiniboine Credit Union Line of Credit be tabled. 2011.04.08 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT (Karin Streu). MOTION: Elaine moved that the Executive accept the revised notification from Karen Peter’s end of maternity leave moving it to April 16 from the one originally filed indicating a return to work on April 4th, a date confirmed by Karen Peters during our meeting on March 25, and notifying the PDRC that her return to work has been revised to April 18. Tyson 2nd. Carried. MOTION: Elaine motioned that we ask Chris McCarville to work for the PDRC for an additional two weeks, changing the date of the end of her contract to April 15, 2011. Tyson 2nd. Carried. 2011.04.09 ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE REPORT (Tyson Cormack). We are approved for one Green Team person starting in the middle of May. ACTION: Khalin will give the Executive Director a tool inventory for the PDRC. 2011.04.10 GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE REPORT. There will be no constitution, bylaws only. The Governance has been working on bylaw revisions. ACTION: Roanna to email both revised and previous Corporate/Bylaws for the board’s thoughts/changes. MOTION: Ivan motioned that Khalin McGiffen be appointed a board member. Elaine 2nd. Carried.



2011.04.11 HOUSING COMMITTEE REPORT (Tyson Cormack). Ivan has volunteered to stand as chair of the Housing Committee. ACTION: A Housing Committee meeting will be called to discuss the TLC situation. ACTION: Executive Director will ask TLC person for more accountability and/or active presence. 2011.04.12 WINNIPEG FOLK FESTIVAL OFFER. Tyson volunteered to help with this offer but is unable to chaperone anyone to the site. ACTION: Tyson will get forms re the Folk Festival program and follow up. 2011.04.13 OTHER BUSINESS. 1. Iron Cops Run - We will wait for Sel Burrows to contact us for assistance. 2. Educational Project - Victor discussed the backlash he received from his board (the Manitoba Historical Society) regarding his educational project on the history of the land use and soil toxicity. Vic is appealing and may need a letter of support from the PDRC. 3. Gerald is finishing his 6 year term on NERC board and suggested maybe someone from our board may want to fill that position (June 23 is their AGM). TOWN HALL FEDERAL ELECTION. ACTION: Tyson will contact the board. 2011.04.14 IN CAMERA SESSION. In 8:02 pm. Gerald motioned. Tyson 2nd. Carried. Gerald motion Out 8:08 pm. Tyson 2nd. Roanna motioned to adjourn at 8:08 pm. Tyson 2nd. Carried.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, May 12 @5:30 pm@ Filipino Centre.