OPERATIONAL STANDARDS MANUAL - Human Resources DISTRIBUTION: General Manager, Training Manager SUBJECT: Job Description Training Manager Hotel
JOB TITLE: DEPARTMENT: SUPERVISION RECEIVED FROM: directly SUPERVISION RECEIVED FROM: indirectly SUPERVISION EXERCISED: BASIC FUNCTION The Training Manager co-ordinates, conducts and supervises all relevant training activities within his/her area of responsibility of the Hotel operation. This always with due regard to execution and maintenance of our operational policies and standards, international and domestic. He/she shall be primarily responsible for the courses/modules for the General Training, the co-ordination and supervision of departmental Technical/Skills Training and finally, in co-ordination with Regional- or Corporate Training department for the Basic Leadership Training. He/she ensures that the Hotel consistently disposes of an adequate, up-dated and professional training material and equipment. He/she cares that the Personnel Manager is constantly informed about the training activities and that all activities are properly and constantly administered. In performing these duties he/she shall at all times maintain good relations with his/her supervisor, the in-house departmental training co-ordinators, the Department Heads and supervisors. SCOPE     Organisation of training administration  Training planning for all departments of the Hotel Compilation of and adherence to financial  budgets within Training department Organisation and monitoring of all administrative affairs within and outside the Training department Execution, supervision and co-ordination of training activities within the Hotel (skills training, general training) The following duties within frame of work: 1. Establishment of relevant course material 2. Administration 3. Training 4. General tasks 5. Special Training Manager Personnel & Training, Level “3” HR Manager / General Manager Resident Manager / Area Training Manager Training related staff / Training Co-ordinators

RESPONSIBILITY & AUTHORITY Internal: Works in harmony with all staff and supervisors, implementation of operational standards External: Area Training Manager, external trainers and corp. Training Department MH&R, Intranet Materials: All training related material More detailed duties and responsibilities are listed attached in form of a checklist and are not meant to be complete. Local needs and special requirements may ask for adaptation and amendments. To fulfil the duties the jobholder is given the relevant authority to reach the goals by the General Manager of the Hotel operation.

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Employer Employer General Manager Area Training Manager TRAINING MANAGER - WORK PERFORMED:

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Continuously adapts them with relevant supervisors to their operational requirements. w) Ensures the general orientation during the introduction of new employees. SPECIAL ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ . cc) Takes personal care of a regular exchange of technical know how with his/her colleagues from the MTI at the MBRS’s Head Office in Switzerland. in collaboration with in-house specialists and the Regional Training Manager. y) Provides support and supervises the activities of the departmental Godfathers and checks regularly the proper introduction of new employees. q) Prepares his/her financial needs for the financial budget on a yearly basis and discusses it with his/her supervisor. t) Ensures that departmental training schedules are established every six months in advance. aa) Is familiar with all related company documentation and especially with the relevant Operational Standards Manual for his/her field of responsibility. x) Provides personal and technical support for the MMT (MBRS Management Training Program). selecting of those to cover every required field (How to Train). o) Co-ordinates up-dating of personal files of employees together with the Personnel Manager. g) Evaluates customer needs from feed back of the guest questionnaires and compiles relevant measures for correction or improvement. c) Is familiar with Training Guidelines and Human Resources Policy issued by the Corp. j) Compiles hotel inspection reports. k) Ensures proper course material and up-dated job descriptions for in-house departmental Trainers are available for all departments. GENERAL / MISCELLANEOUS z) Informs Personnel Manager and supervisor regarding important events and news from within the hotel operation to avoid misunderstandings and rumours/gossip. l) Counselling of supervisors/employees in training matters (How to Train. Controls the inventory on a regular basis. v) Conducts General Training topics and ensures that all new employees are taken care of within the Work Supporter System (always in co-ordination with the Personnel Manager).Human Resources ESTABLISHMENT TRAINING TOOLS a) Compilation and updating of the requisite technical training manuals and tools per field.). n) Maintains a monthly overview of course breakdown and attendance. TRAINING r) Training of in-house departmental Technical Trainers. e) Orders and organises distribution of Training Certificates. ADMINISTRATION h) Compiles course/training requirements. etc. u) Co-ordinates training activities with regional or corporate Training departments.MBRS HOTEL OPERATIONAL STANDARDS MANUAL . s) Conducts. d) Helps in co-ordinating and supports yearly performance evaluations for supervisory staff together with the Personnel Manager. f) Ongoing information of arising problems or conflicts within the departments on a confidential basis. Head Office and ensures that they are applied accordingly. bb) Activities shall be guided by the principles shown within the General Training Guidelines. on the job observance. p) Keeps the video library up-dated and cares that the Hotel always disposes of proper and good quality copies. i) Compiles and establishes course/training control instruments. m) Establishes monthly reports according to Hotel's/regional office requirements. co-ordinates and supervises all kinds of internal technical training and courses of the Department Heads and supervisors. b) Updating of personal training history files of all employees in co-ordination with the Personnel Manager.