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Choosing a broker
There are many online currency brokers to choose from. You will need one that allows trading via the Meta Trader platform MT4. The internet will allow you to compare various brokers on grounds of cost, speed, location and efficiency. Small spread size is important, but not as important as having a broker with a good reputation. You should also consider the minimum account size and minimum trade size that the broker will accept. Typically, account sizes start at $100 with a minimum trade of $0.10. Some will go lower but most brokers also accept much larger accounts. Popular brokers include Alpari, FxPro, GoMarkets and Tadawulfx.

Installing MT4 trading platform
If you choose Alpari, for example, the following link will get you to their demo page. Type in, then click ‘open a demo account’ and fill in your details. No financial details are required at this stage, apart from the currency of the demo account. Alpari will email you with your account details. You can download the MT4 platform directly from a link in their email. After following the installation steps the MT4 platform will open. From the MT4 menu, click on tools / options and select the ‘experts’ tab. Make sure that only the following boxes are ticked:

all other boxes should be unticked. You can inspect or modify the account username and password emailed to you by Alpari by clicking on tools / options then selecting the server tab:

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alternatively select view / navigator and in this window look under the account heading.

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Load the EA – you’ll be trading in no time
When you bought Forex WindFall, we emailed your password to you. You will need this together with your email address to log into our website. Click on the link in the email to sign in. If you’ve lost the password, click on the forgotten password link or type in: If your MT4 platform is open, you should close it now. From our website select the download menu and then the download button. This retrieves the WindFallLoader program which will install Forex WindFall for you. Some browsers will let you run the WindFallLoader directly. If you can then take this option and skip the next paragraph. Alternatively you will need to save the WindFallLoader to a file. Press "ok" to proceed. You will need to locate this file before you can run it, it’s normally in the download folder unless you saved it elsewhere. If you can find the file (WindFallLoader.exe) you should do so now. Otherwise you can use the following method to find it: click on the windows start button and type WindFallLoader.exe into the search box. Pressing enter should locate the file.

Double-click the file WindFallLoader.exe then click the “select MT4 folder” button. Highlight your broker’s folder from the list: it’ll be named something like “Metatrader - Alpari UK”. Press ok.

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Open the MT4 platform (either from the windows start menu or from the broker's shortcut on your desktop).

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Attach the WindFall EA to a chart
Forex WindFall runs in both the EURUSD and GBPUSD 30 minute charts. Start by setting up the EUDUSD chart. From the MT4 menu click on view / market watch.Right-click on EURUSD (note there may be a slightly different description but these letter will be included) and select chart window.

A new EURUSD chart will be displayed. Right-click on the chart and select periodicity / 30 minutes.

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From the MT4 menu click view / navigator. If there is a + sign to the left of Expert Advisors, click that. You should see WindFall in the list. Right-click on WindFall and select "Attach to a chart".

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You will see WindFall appear at the top right-hand side of the chart.

Repeat this section to set up the GBPUSD chart.

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Setting up Forex WindFall
When you attach Forex WindFall to a chart you are presented with its properties box. If you close this box at any time and want to re-open it, click on the WindFall name located in the top right -hand corner of the chart.

Select the ‘common’ tab and set the options as shown:

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Select the ‘inputs’ tab and set the following:

Validation Code: enter the password that we emailed to you.

AutoCashManagement: set to true if you want the system to use constant risk (also known as compounding) or false if you want to use a fixed lot size.

Auto_PercentageRiskPerTrade: (Only used if AutoCashManagement is TRUE) Sets the maximum percentage of your account to risk per trade. The recommended level is 2 to 5 (percent) but the actual level you use is up to you. Forex WindFall EA will ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account before placing any trade.

Auto_MaximumLotSize: (Only used if AutoCashManagement is TRUE) Sets the maximum lot size to use. This puts an upper limit on the lot size calculated by Auto_PercentageRiskPerTrade.

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Manual_LotSize: (Only used if AutoCashManagement is FALSE) Set the fixed lot size you would like to trade. Remember that a one lot trade is equivalent to $10 per pip on the EURUSD and the GBPUSD. If your account currency is GBP and the exchange rate is 1.60 then this will be $10/1.60 = £6.25 per pip.

GMToffset: This is the time difference between GMT and your broker. It is used by the program to suspend trading when high impact news is expected. The correct value is broker time minus GMT. To find broker time look in the MT4 platform, click on view / market watch. Broker time is shown at the top of the market watch window. For example, if broker time is 17:23 and GMT is 16:23 then GMToffset = 1 if broker time is 17:23 and GMT is 19:23 then GMToffset = -2

Spreadlimit: This is the maximum spread that will be accepted by the system. At times of high volatility or low liquidity, spread can get very high. Spreadlimit should be set slightly higher than the normal spread. 5 pips is default but you can alter this according to the pair and broker you are using.

AdjustTarget: The EA calculates in advance the price at which to trade. AdjustTarget is the worst deviation from the calculated price that the platform will accept. In other words, if the next trade is long the EA will trade below the calculated price but will not trade any higher than AdjustTarget above the calculated price. The default value is 1 pip.

Magic_Number: This is an identification number which allows Windfall to recognise its own trades. Ensure that this number is different from the magic numbers currently being used by other EA's on the same account.

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New to version 2:
TradeComment: Enter your own trade comments. These can be used to label your trades or confuse your broker and are displayed in the trade summary.

User defined StopLoss and TakeProfit: These let you modify the default SL and TP settings to experiment with fine tuning the program for your broker/account combination. Enter values in pips, for example, 12 (pips) rather than 0.0012. Setting these to -1 will use the default values.

Stops to breakeven with user defined trigger and profit levels. Stops_to_breakeven must be set to true to use this function. Stops2BE_Trigger sets the profit (+pips) or loss (-pips) level which triggers this function. Stops2BE_Profit sets the new profit or loss level for the stop loss. Note that the Stops2BE_Profit must be less than Stops2BE_Trigger. This feature can be used to protect profits ... Example 1: Set Stops2BE_Trigger to 10 and Stops2BE_Profit to 5. This lets you partially protect a trade in the case that the full take profit level is not met. You can use the strategy test optimizer to work out the best values for your broker/account combination. ... or aim for higher profits Example 2: Set TakeProfit to 35, Stops2BE_Trigger to 12 and Stops2BE_Profit to -12. You could also run this alongside another trade using only default settings so that each profit on the default covers the maximum loss after trigger. This lowers the risk while the higher take profit target is attempted. Testing this on GBPUSD shows that drawdown is reduced while profits are increased.

User defined first and last trades of the week ... allows you to stop trading around weekends. Use -1 for the default settings. Otherwise, enter time using hours and fractions of an hour. (eg. 7.30pm would be 19.5) StartWeekOnMondayAt lets you set a time to start trading on Monday. This will cut out Sunday trading completely. It is useful, for example, if you think a gap may occur which would disrupt the trade indicators. EndWeekOnFridayAt lets you stop trading early on Friday so you won't have an open trade on your mind for two days.

Other changes in version 2 The program version number is now shown on the chart display. The spread shown on the chart display is now shown in pips rather than broker units. Running with default values is the same as using the previous version.

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Registering your MT4 account number(s) with Forex WindFall
You are able to use Forex WindFall on up to three of your MT4 accounts. From our website, click on the "my account" menu button and enter your account number(s) on the right hand side of the page. For each of these accounts your name must be shown as the MT4 account holder.

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Start trading with Forex WindFall
When Forex WindFall has been added to a chart, its properties have been set and your account has been registered, you are ready to trade. Make sure that the expert advisors button at the top of the MT4 platform is pressed and a smiley face shows at the top right-hand corner of your chart.

Please note that you will not see the smiley face at weekends or at any other time that you see 'no connection' displayed at the bottom right-hand side of the MT4 platform. The system needs to be receiving price data to work. If the platform is working correctly you will see trading information displayed on the left hand side of the chart. This information will reflect the trading style you have chosen. The top line of the display will pulse to let you know that Forex WindFall is actively looking for its next trade.

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At the bottom of this display you will see other comments relating to upcoming news events, the state of the market or the latest program upgrades. If you are unable to look at these comments because you are away from the computer or you are running the system on a VPS, don't worry. They are not critical to the success of the system and do not require you to take action. If you have any comments that you wish to add to this section please forward them to us.

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Contact details:
For support contact us at: For downloads and help, or to register the MT4 accounts that you will use with Forex Windfall visit: Forex WindFall at Winstock Software Jewry St. Winchester UK SO23 8RZ

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