Hot-Tossed Nuts Pecans, olive oil, salt 5 Deviled Eggs Fresh eggs prepared to chef’s daily whim

2 Pimiento Cheese & Crackers Housemade pimiento cheese, baked lavash crackers

Bar Bites Victuals


Country Ham Sliders Benton’s Smoky Mountain (TN) country ham, buttermilk biscuits, apple butter 8 Nashville Hot Chicken Corn pone, housemade pickles, Tennessee buttermilk ranch dressing 8 Benedictine & Bacon Cucumber cream cheese, Broadbent (KY) country bacon, toasted bread 7 Cornish Pasty Diced beef, potatoes, onions, golden crust, parsley gravy 8 Frog Legs Pan-roasted pair, garlic butter, tomato 9

Burgoo Barbecued mutton, chicken, corn, potatoes, butterbeans, corn pone 7 Black-Eyed Pea Salad Mesclun, black-eyed pea cakes, bacon lardons, shallot vinaigrette 8 Garden Patch Salad Fresh greens, local produce, Tennessee buttermilk ranch dressing 8

Soup & Salad

Dram Burger Angus beef, Col. Bill Newsom’s (KY) country bacon, Kenny’s (KY) aged gouda 13 Kentucky Dipped Burger Western Kentucky barbecue dip 11 Bison Burger KY Bison, sweet-onion chow-chow 13 Pimiento Cheeseburger Angus beef, house pimiento cheese 12 Lamb Burger Ground lamb, Kenny’s Farmhouse (KY) aged cheddar 13 Gatlinburger Angus beef, country sausage, fried farm egg 12 Memphis Chicken Sandwich Grilled chicken, smoked paprika, pickled-pepper mayonnaise 10 ~ Sauces ~
Bourbon Honey-Mustard Rosemary Ketchup Henry Bain’s Cumberland Chow-Chow Apple Butter


Dressed to preference with Aside

Twice-Fried Fries Duck-fat-fried, rosemary ketchup 5 Panko Onion Rings Tempura-fried, garlic mayonnaise 5 Grits Weisenberger Mills (KY) stone-ground 4 Sour Mash Sweet Potatoes Cullman sweet potatoes, Maker’s Mark Sorghum Baked Beans Allen County (KY) sorghum 4 Pot-Likker Greens Slow-cooked, corn pone for dipping 4



Falls City Filet Grilled prime filet, Henry Bain’s sauce, sour mash sweet potatoes, pot-likker greens 32 Herb-Roasted Chicken Sour mash sweet potatoes, grilled squash 20 Grilled Salmon Salad Local spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onion, sorghum vinaigrette 17 Fish & Chips Panko-fried haddock or cod, handcut chips, horseradish aïoli 17 Hot Brown Roasted turkey, Broadbent (KY) country bacon, tomatoes, mornay sauce, toast points 16 Game of the Day Changing dish with featured fresh game Market


[ Monday ] Steak & Biscuits [ Tuesday ] Braised Short Ribs [ Wednesday ] Fried Chicken [ Thursday ] Cornbread-Stuffed Quail [ Friday ] Grilled Prime Strip
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


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