1. Please fill out the Application Form legibly.
2. Print it out and handwrite it with dark colored ink.
3. Answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability.
4. Please write only on the printed side of the Application Form, but feel free to attach additional sheets if
5. Attach a recent photograph of yourself (passport size) and a photocopy of your NRIC or Passport (page
comprising personal particulars).
6. Only successful applicants will be called for an audition/interview.
7. Please mail your completed Application Form to:
The Producer
“Million Dollar Money Drop”
MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Annex Building Level 2
Caldecott Broadcast Centre
Andrew Road
Singapore 299939
Alternatively, you may return your completed Application Form to the MediaCorp reception at the above address.
8. If you are called for the audition/interview, for verification purposes, please bring along:
(a) your NRIC or Passport; and
(b) a recent passport size photo (similar to the photo submitted with your Application Form).

The Application Begins on the Next Page
Thank you for taking the time to complete this Application Form.


CONTESTANT APPLICATION Name (in full): _______________________________________________________________________ Name to be addressed on screen: ____________________ *NRIC/Passport No. who is your current employer and what is your current occupation? Tell us more.______________________________________________________________________________________ c.______________________________________________________________________________________ b. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2) How much do you currently earn?  <$999  $1000-$1499 $1500-$2499 $2500-$3499 $3500-$4999 >$5000 3) Please list your last three jobs and employers: a.______________________________________________________________________________________ 4a) List the schools you have attended at each level: Primary: _______________________________________ Tertiary: __________________________________ Secondary: _____________________________________ University/Postgraduate: ___________________________ Pre-University: __________________________________ 2 .:_________________ Date of Birth:____________________ (DD/MM/YY) Age:__________________________________ Tel (Home):_____________________ Gender: F / M (Office):_____________________ Race:_________________________________ (Mobile):____________________ Home Address:_______________________________________________________________________ Postal code: ( ) Email:__________________________ Are you a Permanent Resident of Singapore?  Yes Nationality: _____________________  No Place of birth:_______________ * delete accordingly Part I: About Me 1(a) Are you currently  Studying  Employed Unemployed  Others please specify:_____________________ 1(b) If you are employed.

Others please specify:_____________________________ 3 .

please give details: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 8) What is your marital status?  Married Engaged  Divorced Widowed  Dating Single 9) Do you have any children? If yes. how many and how old are they? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 10) What are your goals in life? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 11) What would your friends say are your best qualities? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 12) What would your friends say are your worst qualities? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4 .room HDB flat  4-/ HDB flat  Landed please specify:_______________________ (semi-detached etc.4b) Highest academic qualification (Please provide details) PSLE O’ Levels A’ Levels Diploma in _________________________ Degree:_________________________________ Others (please specify):________________ 4c) Have you received any prizes or awards? If yes. please elaborate: __________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 5) Your current residence is  Rented  Owned by parents  Self-Owned  Mortgaged 6) Type of housing  2-/3.)  Others please specify:_______________________ HDB maisonette  Condominium 7) Did you serve National Service? If YES.

and why? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 20) What is the most daring and dangerous thing you have ever done? Please elaborate. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 15) What are some of your hobbies and interests? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 16) Which of the following interests you? (Please circle): ARTS ENTERTAINMENT GEOGRAPHY HISTORY LITERATURE POLITICS EDUCATION CULTURE FOOD PEOPLE SPORTS OTHERS__________ 17) What is your unique and personal motivation for wanting to be on the show? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 18) How will you prepare for this show if you were selected? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 19) Who is the most important person in your life. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 21) Describe your most embarrassing moment: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 22) What is the weirdest thing about you? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 5 .13) How competitive are you in your every day life? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 14) List 3 bad habits you have.

___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ _ 25) If you had Aladdin’s lamp and 3 wishes. 1.23) Where is your dream vacation.__________________________________________________________________________________ 2.g. a) Do you save money regularly?  YES  NO 6 . and why? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 24) Do you have any lucky charms / rituals? If YES please give details. what would you wish for? (Rule: you can’t wish for money or more wishes).__________________________________________________________________________________ 26) Please use this space to tell us a little bit more about yourself. any unrealised dreams or unfulfilled ambitions? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 27) Underline the words that best describe you: Confident Intelligent Funny Happy Ruthless Risk taker Lucky Aggressive Enthusiastic Optimistic Witty Sweet Outgoing Calm Humble Introvert Nasty Greedy Helpful Ambitious Alert Friendly Superstitious 28) If you won a large amount of money how would you spend it? a) Sensibly:_____________________________________________________________________________ b) Frivolously:___________________________________________________________________________ 29) Please tick the answers to the following.__________________________________________________________________________________ 3. e.

] 33) Have you applied to be on any TV shows in the past year?  YES  NO 7 .b) Do you enjoy driving at a high speed?  YES  NO c) Are you cautious in unusual situations?  NO  YES d) Would you be careful to declare everything at customs if you had been travelling abroad?  YES  NO e) Do you sometimes put money on races. please fill in the following: Show Name Air Date (Include Recording Date if not yet aired) Description / Amount won [Use the back of this sheet if additional space is necessary. lottery and the like?  YES  NO If YES please give details: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 30) Which TV character or personality can you identify best with and why? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 31a) What is the largest amount of money you have ever won? Please specify which game. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 31b) What is the largest amount of money you have ever lost? Please specify which game. or which may air within the next year? _______________ If YES. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 32) Have you appeared on any game/talk/reality shows that have aired in the past 2 years.

please describe the website(s) you created and/or the materials you posted. including. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 38) Why do you think you are a good couple to play this game? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 39) Tell us something about him/her that he/she thinks you do not know about.If YES. please describe: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 36) Have you ever created a website or posted any material on a website? If yes. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Part II: Your Game Partner 37) Tell us more about the relationship you have with your game partner. which ones? __________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 35) Have you ever appeared in any magazines. advertisements. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ __ 40) Describe your partner in 10 words ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 41) Is there something about your partner you would like changed? Why? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 42) Which is more important to you: Winning the game or losing the friendship? 8 . publicly disseminated photographs. an game or contest shows?  YES  NO If YES. without limitation. which ones? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 34) Are you currently being considered for any other reality shows. or the internet? If yes.

please provide the dates below: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Part IV: Important Information 1) What kind of loans do you have? (Please tick all options that are relevant)       Car loan House Study Renovation Personal Others please specify:______________________ 9 . 2 July (Sat) 6 July (Wed) 3 July (Sun) 8 July (Fri) 4 July (Mon) 9 July (Sat) 5 July (Tue) 10 July (Sun) 11 July (Mon) Will you be leaving Singapore within the next 4 months? If yes. Please note that recording will take the entire day.___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ __ 43) Is your partner a risk-taker or safe? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 44) What is the most frequent reason for arguments in this relationship? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 45) Who will usually have the final say when there is a disagreement? ___________________________________________________________________________________ _ 46) What makes this relationship work? Or not work? ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ __ Part III: Your Availability Please circle all the dates you are available.

publicity (if any) and the exact nature of the incident(s). the nature of the case(s). tell us when and where the event occurred. in National Service. date(s). the exact nature of the charges and proceedings. at work or in any other context?  YES  NO If YES. whether you were the plaintiff or defendant.) ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 3) Have you ever been declared bankrupt? When? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4) Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offences?  YES  NO If YES. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 8) Have you ever done or been involved in anything that would reflect negatively on you or on the Program. name of party seeking the restraining order and relationship of such party to you. place(s). setting. including. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 10 . context. the setting. place(s). etc.2) Are you in debt? What kind of debt? (Credit card etc. please explain in detail. and the outcome. date(s). and the actions taken in connection with the charges and/or proceedings. including. the Producers and/or the television network/station that broadcast the Program if you are chosen to participate in the Program?  YES  NO If YES. please describe when and where the event(s) occurred. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 7) Have you ever been the subject of disciplinary proceedings/ actions in school. the other party(ies) to the lawsuit(s). please describe in detail. describe in detail. and what the outcome was: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 5) Have you ever had or has anyone tried to obtain a restraining order against you?  YES  NO If YES. person(s) involved and their relationship to you. please give details. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 6) Is there any pending litigation against you?  YES  NO If YES. without limitation. place(s). including. without limitation. date(s). without limitation.

please identify all such persons. 2. (c) Any sponsor of the Program. Ltd. or in the past TWO years. If YES. officers. (please list their name(s) and number(s)_____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 10) Is there anyone among your family/friends/colleagues that would object to your appearing on television? YES NO If YES. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 11) Do you know anyone who is now. any party supplying prizes for the Program or such sponsor’s or supplier’s advertising agency. any party supplying prizes for the Program or such sponsor’s or supplier’s advertising agency. been an officer. you must satisfy the following eligibility requirements: 1.9) Do you know anyone else who is applying to be on the Program (other than your supporters)?  YES  NO If YES. agent or representative of: (a) MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte. directors or agents of any of the following: (a) MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte. Contestant Selection and Application Terms & Conditions (A) Eligibility Requirements: To play in “Million Dollar Money Drop”.V or any of their respective parent. Neither you nor any member of your immediate and extended family or anyone living in your household may be or have been within the last year employees.. employee. (b) Any MediaCorp television station or channel that airs or that may air the “Million Dollar Money Drop” (the “Program”). pleas give details below: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ PART V: Eligibility Requirements. Endemol International B. You must be 21 years of age or older (as of 1 July 2011) and a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore. or (d) Any party supplying services to the Program. or 11 . (b) Any sponsor of the Program. subsidiary or affiliated companies. Endemol International B. Ltd. subsidiary or affiliated companies.. including your relationship with them and the reason they would object.V or any of their respective parent.

(C) Application Terms & Conditions The following additional terms and conditions shall apply: 1. You must complete and sign the Producer’s official “Million Dollar Money Drop” Application Form and attend one (1) or more audition/interview sessions as notified by the Producers. The Producers. to be sufficiently connected with the Producers. at the Producer’s discretion. 3. the Producers reserve the right to invite any contestant(s) back for special or additional episodes of the Program. The foregoing notwithstanding.(c) Any party supplying services to the Program. in their discretion: (a) shall determine which applicants auditioned/ interviewed will be placed into the pool of eligible potential contestants (“Audition Player Pool”). The Producers are not obligated to select anyone. including without limitation release and consent forms. By submitting the Application Form and applying to participate in the Program. such that his/her participation in the Program could create the appearance of impropriety. distribution. before the recording of the Program. All Finalists shall complete. if you are so invited. In which event. Please note that only successful applicants will be notified. You further accept that the Producers’ decision in this regard shall be final and not subject to enquiries. you undertake to participate in the production of such special/additional episodes. Failure to sign and return such documentation shall render the Finalist disqualified from the Program. 3. 4. 2. subsidiary or affiliated companies. any other party related to the production. “Terms & Conditions”). However. the “Million Dollar Money 12 . their parent. challenge or appeal. you consent and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions set out in this Application Form (collectively. a “Finalist”). sign and return all documentation in the form and manner required by the Producers. 4. and (b) shall select contestants from the Audition Player Pool to become finalists for episodes of the Program (each. (B) Contestant Selection: 1. sponsorship or administration of the Program. even if such person meets all eligibility requirements and all criteria for selection. to be in breach of any of the above eligibility requirements. determined at the Producers’ discretion. casting. or (b) any contestant. you acknowledge and agree that the Producers reserve the right at any time to disqualify or render ineligible: (a) any contestant found. Selection of Finalists and contestants shall be made by the Producers based on such criteria as the Producers shall determine in their sole discretion. You must understand and be conversant in English. 5. You must not have been a previous contestant in the Program. You agree that the Producers’ decisions regarding the selection of Finalists and contestants are final and not subject to challenge or appeal.

All details submitted in the Application Form shall be deemed to be current. As a condition to entry and participation in the Program. The Terms & Conditions shall apply to all stages of the Program and production thereof. activities and time schedules related to the Program. You understand and accept that personal particulars and information stated in the Application Form and any information supplied by you may be used by the Producers for purposes in connection with the promotion. marketing. If you fail to attend briefing sessions. 2. 3. without further reference to you. you shall fulfill all obligations (if any) specified by the Program and/or prize sponsors of the Program. 11. marketing. regulations. the sponsors of the Program or prizes. You shall at all times comply strictly with the Producers’ specifications/ requirements (whether oral or written) as to your appearance. attire and/or accessories. you shall be disqualified if the reasons for such absence are found to be unacceptable by the Producers. In the event of any change of such details. promotion. You undertake to abide by the Producers’ decision(s) 13 . 7. publicity or obtaining sponsorship of the Program for broadcasting and the exploitation of the Program throughout the world. broadcast. if applicable. judges. You shall make full and honest disclosure of the particulars requested in the Application Form. and any cash and prizes won shall be forfeited and returned. 9. 14. For the avoidance of doubt. 12. A failure to meet any such specifications/ requirements shall result in disqualification from the Program. 13. You consent to the disclosure by the Producers of such personal information and particulars to third parties. 4. sponsors and the public. you represent and warrant that you have not entered into any contractual or other arrangement which might prohibit or prevent you from participating in the Program. recording sessions or other events. 10. and such prizes can only by used by you only at such times as specified by the Producers or. 5. You shall make yourself available to participate in the Program and production thereof at the times and locations required by the Producers and you agree to abide by the rules. you shall notify the Producers promptly. with details to be provided to the Finalists at a later stage. including but not limited to the media. You shall not transfer. Your non-compliance with any of the Terms and Conditions and/or any Program Rules shall immediately disqualify you from further participation at any stage of the Program. rehearsals. Auditions/interviews for successful applicants are tentatively scheduled in May and June 2011. publicity or obtaining sponsorship of the Program. Your refusal to accept any prizes (be it cash or non-cash prizes) prior to delivery shall release the Producer from all obligations to you in connection with the prizes. Any non-cash prizes won by you at the Program shall not be transferable nor exchangeable for cash or otherwise. In addition. the conduct and production of the Program shall at all times be at the Producers’ sole and absolute discretion and you agree and accept that the Producers’ decision at all stages of and on all matters or disputes relating to the Program is final. 6. the selection of contestants and Finalists. You understand that any false particulars or willful suppression of material facts will render you liable for disqualification. use such photographs for purposes in connection with any promotion. 8. fire and safety regulations and security arrangements as may be imposed or devised. The production schedule of the Program for Finalists is tentatively scheduled from [2 July] to [10 July]. sponsorship or distribution thereof. All photographs and any other recordings or materials (“Applicant’s Materials”) submitted pursuant to this application shall be the property of the Producers who may. skills. exchange or redeem any non-cash prizes won. You shall bear all costs and expenses relating to your attendance for the production of the Program and/or for any other events or activities related to the Program.Drop” rules (“Program Rules”) and you acknowledge that the interests of the Program shall override those of any contestant.

In the event that the sponsor fails or refuses. royalties. shall be entertained. the Producers. licensees and/or agents without the prior written consent and approval of the Producers. likeness and voice and any of your biographical details. 21. No weapons. residuals or other consideration will be payable to you in respect of your participation in the Program. for whatever reason. or their related companies. the Producers do not undertake any responsibility to ensure that such prizes will be delivered by the sponsors to any prize winner. The Producers shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss. alcohol or non-prescription controlled substances will be permitted at the Producers’ recording studios or any other premises used for the Program or during any part of the Program. and at their discretion replace. 15. the Producers shall not be liable or responsible for losses (of any nature whatsoever) arising form such failure or refusal. times and venues of auditions/ interviews/ production. in any special or additional episodes of the Program. allow publication. to deliver or transfer the prize or make good on its promise or offer to the prize winner. photographs and recordings separately from or in conjunction with the Program or the sponsorship 14 . No fees. The Producers shall have no liability to a contestant who is unable to attend or take part in the Program for whatever reason and the Producers shall be entitled to disqualify. 25. registration. any such contestant at any time therefore. any broadcast subsequent rebroadcast or retransmission or any other use by the Producers (or any assignees or licensees) of the Program or any part thereof in any manner or media now known or hereafter invented. The Producers reserve the right to change the format of the Program as they deem fit including without limitation changing the dates. 23. visual or audio). You hereby waive irrevocably in respect of your contribution to the Program any and all “moral rights” which you may have now or in the future including but without limitation any of your rights under the Act or any similar laws of any jurisdiction and acknowledge the Producers’ right to use your name. such that the Producer shall be entitled to use and exploit and license others to use and exploit such contribution by all means and in all media and formats whether now known or hereafter invented throughout the Universe for the full period of copyright including any extensions and renewals thereto and thereafter insofar as is possible in perpetuity. 18. unless such loss. You shall not at any time make any personal appearance. all consents and waivers as required by the Copyright Act of the Republic of Singapore as may be amended from time to time (the “Act”) or any similar laws of any jurisdiction to enable the Producers to make fullest use of your contribution in and to the Program without restriction. Should any prizes of the Program be sponsored.and you agree and accept that no enquiries. With full title guarantee you assign irrevocably to the Producers (including present assignment of future copyright) the entire copyright and all other rights of whatsoever nature to your contribution in and to the Program and to the Applicant’s Materials. damage or injury is caused by the Producer’s gross negligence. nor disclose any information or details whatsoever concerning yourself. 19. verbal or written. adding auditions/rounds to the Program and requesting re-recording from you. 22. Furthermore you grant irrevocably. You shall also not use or say anything whatsoever during the Program that seeks to promote any person. in any media (be it on-line. 16. print. You are required to refrain from wearing any clothing items bearing designer or sports logos or bearing the name or likeness of a celebrity. officers. prize winners. or bearing any offensive language and/or graphics during any part of the recording of the Program. 24. challenges or appeals. the Program. damage or injury sustained by you at any stage of the Program. entity products or services. 20. give any interview. living or dead. You undertake that your contribution to the Program including without limitation any the Applicant’s Materials shall not and do not infringe any rights (including copyrights) of. or defame or embarrass any person or company and you shall indemnify the Producers from and against all claims arising from a breach of this term. 17.

the Terms and Conditions shall prevail. You acknowledge and agree that it is an offence to give or agree to give any member of the production team. 31. You shall indemnify and keep the Producers indemnified from and against any and all loss. publicity. 15 . The Producers reserve the right to amend or vary any of the Terms and Conditions or any of the Program Rules without prior notice to you. In the event of any inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions and the Program Rules. damage. but not by way of limitation on Program. any representatives of the Producers. related web-sites or other online media and in advertising. The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with Singapore Law. 29. You irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore. You acknowledge and agree that the Producers are not obliged to record your contribution to the Program and/or include you in the broadcast version thereof. No third party shall have any rights to enforce any of the provisions under the Terms and Conditions against the Producers under the Contracts (Rights of Third Party) Act of the Republic of Singapore. any part of your prize winnings or anything else of value to arrange your appearance on the Program. 30. or any other party associated in any manner with the Program. 26. sponsorship and exploitation material. 27. claims and /or costs (including costs on a full indemnity basis) suffered and/or incurred by the Producers as a result of your breach of any of the Terms & Conditions.thereof in all media and formats throughout the Universe including. 32. 28.

*NRIC/Passport No. 16 . ________________________________ Signature ___________________________ Date * delete accordingly Thank you for your time and effort in completing the Application Form. I have read. understood and agree to abide and be bound by the Terms & Conditions and the Programme Rules. I understand that should there be any changes to the information provided. 2. All information given in this Application Form is true and correct. Don’t forget to attach: (a) a photocopy of your NRIC or Passport (page comprising personal particulars). I shall inform the Producers immediately. and (b) your recent passport-size photo.PART VI: Applicant’s Agreement & Declaration I.:_________________) hereby confirm and declare that: 1. (Name: ______________________________ .