realtime marketing prepping for primetime

NY ’11 Realtime Marketing Reality Check Survey Findings

RLTM NY ’11, presented by the Realtime Report, was inspiring and educational with engaging presentations about today’s best realtime marketing case studies and exciting speaker panels featuring category leaders. And while there was real optimism and commitment to realtime marketing, The Halo Group sponsored “Realtime Marketing Reality Check” survey findings show that marketers still face challenges implementing new marketing strategies within their own companies.


realtime marketing prepping for primetime
The Halo Group’s “Realtime Marketing Reality Check Survey” findings show that while realtime marketing is evolving rapidly there are certain operational realities that are making the adoption of new communication strategies difficult. The survey identified four key areas marketers need to focus on in order to effectively implement realtime marketing: culture, training, technology and budget. The following are the key findings for each area:
A Culture of Innovation
It’s no surprise that 75% of attendees described their workplaces as “innovation obsessed” or “innovation encouraged” at a conference about realtime marketing innovations, but what stood out was that 1 out 4 described receptivity to innovation in their company as only “baby steps permitted.”

Got Mobile Website?
Like social media, most attendees were planning on using some form of mobile marketing within the next year, however only 25% have a completely mobile-friendly website.

Lack of Social Media Training
While the majority of attendees were already using or intended to use some form of social media as part of their marketing mix, only 14% had a highly developed training program for staff that manages their brands’ presence.

Realtime Marketing < 25% Budget
While Shiv Singh of PepsiCo was advocating for at least 50% of one’s budget to be on realtime marketing efforts, the lionshare (71%) of respondents allocate less than 25%.


about the survey
The Halo Group designed an innovative realtime program that used a QR code to access a mobile survey, where respondents where asked 8 questions about marketing and were entered into a drawing. The responses were tabulated on the spot using google documents, a winner was chosen at random and the results presented within an hour of closing the survey. The survey was designed to help understand the reality of creating, implementing and measuring realtime marketing efforts. And there was no better a place than the RLTM Conference, where attendees included marketers from top brands and the industry’s best marketing communications partners.


survey vitals

question multiple-choice mobile survey accessed via QR code at RLTM

8 77 1
respondents, roughly one-third of all attendees

winner of an iPad 2


question 1:
Rate your company’s receptiveness to realtime marketing.
Baby Steps Permitted 24% Innovation Obsessed 30%

Innovation Encouraged 46%


question 2:
How are you using social media, mobile marketing and other realtime marketing efforts as part of your marketing strategy?
53 42

27 21 13
Customer Relationship Marketing Customer Acquisition Revenue Generating Promotions Brand Building and Development Customer Service


Marketing Research


question 3:
Do you have an internal training program for staff that manages your brands’ social media presence?
Customer Relationship Marketing Revenue Generating Promotions Brand Building and Development

None 42%

External Partners 4%
Highly Developed Training Program 14%

Limited Rules of Engagement 39%

Customer Acquisition

Customer Service

Marketing Research


question 4:
Not Really 41%

Does your brand have a mobile-friendly website?
Don’t Know 3%

It Mostly Works 31% Yes, 100% Compatible 25%

Customer Relationship Marketing

Customer Acquisition

Revenue Generating Promotions

Brand Building and Development

Customer Service

Marketing Research


question 5:
What is your experience with QR codes?
I’m Dabbling 75%
Today Was My First 21%

QR is My Life 4%

Customer Relationship Marketing

Customer Acquisition

Revenue Generating Promotions

Brand Building and Development

Customer Service

Marketing Research


question 6:
What forms of realtime marketing tools do you plan on using to market your brand within the next year?
40 31 41 39


Customer QR, shortcode, or Revenue Brand Location based Promotionaland Relationship of Customer other form Generating Building offers via social media Marketing mobile marketing Acquisition marketing Promotions Development

Realtime customer interaction or Customer Marketing Video content creation and sharing customer service Other Service Research

question 7:
None 6 28 21 13

What portion of your current marketing budget is dedicated to realtime, social media, or mobile marketing efforts?

<10% 11-25% 26-50% 51-75% 5 >75% 4


question 8:
What/who do you think is the biggest barrier to getting buy-in for innovative marketing strategies?
Head Honcho (CEO) 10 22 Moneybags (Finance) Geeks 4 (IT) Board Staff None 5 16 20


about the halo group
Founded in 1994, The Halo Group is an independent marketing communications and branding agency, specializing in the education, consumer products, travel/tourism and financial industries. Halo brings together a roundtable of seasoned marketing, branding, creative, traditional, digital and mobile advertising, public relations and social media experts to work with a select group of international clients. Halo has been honored with more than 250 industry awards. For more information, visit online at or via mobile at


about the realtime report
The Realtime Report (formerly known as TWTRCON) is entirely focused on the business use of the social, mobile and realtime web. Its products include The Realtime Conference, a one-day event that features case studies and best practices from leading brands, non-profits and government agencies; and the web site and email newsletter, focused on social media business case studies, statistics and campaigns. The Realtime Report and The Realtime Conference series are produced by   Modern Media, a team of people dedicated to driving innovation in the media industry.


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