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(I was challenged to write this after a sermon by Pastor Gary Tebbe from our church.

A lot of this is actually the notes I took from his sermon.) But I think its a message we ALL need to hear, especially on Fathers Day. The eye that mocks a father And scorns to obey a mother Will be picked out by the ravens of the valley And the young eagles will eat it. Proverbs 30:17 Disrespect destroys trans-generational vision. There is around the globe a serious collapse of fatherhood: divorce, abandonment, children born out-of-wedlock, and (perhaps most devastating of all) emotional separation between fathers and their children. These problems exist from Dallas to Moscow, from Toronto to Buenos Aires. This breakdown is as global as it is intentional. While there are numerous causes one could argue about, I just want to deal with one today, and that is the issue of Feminism. Before moving on, I want to make some things very clear: Feminism BEGAN as a genuine movement to secure womens rights and protect women from exploitation. It no longer functions as such. Feminism has penetrated so deeply into the minds and lives of our everyday lives that we are no longer aware of it. Every home in the church has been affected by it. Feminism is based on a revolt against nature. In the beginning God made both man and woman. We are compliments, not clones. We have equality of worth, not equality of sameness. To stoop to catchy one-liners, The same God made us both, but God did not make us both the same. Feminism rejects the God-given distinctions between man and woman that are deeply etched into our nature. As a consequence, feminism hurts women by trying to erase their femininity, and it hurts men (usually starting when they are boys) by trying to destroy their masculinity. Feminism told us that women would be liberated by eliminating the oppressive males who exploit them, particularly their husbands and fathers. What a wonderful way to liberate womenIn other words, women will not be safe until they have removed themselves from the influence of their fathers and husbands. Brilliant. Now girls have given their fathers the finger, and are no longer looking for husbands. Congratulations. Are they safer now? Are they more respected by the world? Cherished? Loved? NO. They have successfully removed the ONLY two men in their life that gave a care and who were the most interested in her life. The truth is, women are MORE vulnerable than ever before. Men no longer view women as people to win and protect; they are now raw pieces of meat in a butchers shop, to be used to get the most enjoyment out of, and then thrown away. Women are exploited more than ever by pornography, prostitution, slavery, and if that were not enough, look at the single mothers in the world today Children growing up without fathers to protect them and who do not grow up looking for a husband to love them. The vicious cycle begins

But feminism effects men too (if not more). Boys are aggressive. They love to fight, to get dirty, and run wild. They USED to be taught to curb that aggression by protecting women. Now they are taught to tame their inner beast by BEING women. However, boys have an innate desire to be men. (DUH). If they dont know what that looks like, they will grow up effeminate, frustrated, falsely-macho, irresponsible, temperamental and lazy 18 year-old toddlers. Consequence: Feminism does not teach boys to respect women, but resent them. So how do we fix it? The answer is actually quite simple: 1) Men, be men. Stand up to be the protector for the women in your life. Boys, if your sister brings home a guy, rake him over the coals. You are your sisters guardians. Dont be fooled by a loser, and dont let HER be fooled by a loser. (Ive let my sister know that any guy she brings home is fair game.) Now, you may or may not have sisters. So, help ANY lady that comes in you path. You may not be appreciated. You might be misunderstood. You may be downright unwelcome. But that is a small price to pay for being a man. Respect the girl for who she is: a woman, a sister in Christ, whom the Lord has put in your path in this moment in time for a specific purpose. So STAND UP and be that man for her. 2) Ladies, let the man be a protector. My sister has told me that she EXPECTS me and by brother to challenge any boy that shows interest in her. You girls, who dont have brothers, let the guy open the door for you. Let him carry the bag. He may not be the suave, debonair, good-looking knight in shining armour. He may be an awkward, overweight, all-thumbs-and-horn-rimmed-glasses homeschooler, trying to carry a bag for you thats too heavy for him. Dont laugh respect him for the effort he is making. He is attempting to do what God designed him to do. You wield great power of influence over men. Use it to hold us to a higher standard of living. EXPECT us to be chivalrous. Challenge us to be Godly men by being Godly women.