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Final Exam Study Guide
Modern World History

Use your textbook, the PowerPoint presentations, your old tests and quizzes, your old study guides, and your notes to study from! None of this is new material so you already have everything you need to study from!

Exam Layout:
 60 Multiple Choice Questions (1 point each)  2 Open-Ended Questions (20 points each) – you will have three questions to choose from on exam day

Topics Being Covered /What to Study:
Industrial Revolution • What was the Industrial Revolution • What role did Great Britain play in the Industrial Revolution • Impact of technology • Impact on cities • Positive/negative impacts of Industrialization • Marx and Communism World War I • Long term causes of WWI • Short term cause of WWI • Countries in the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance • New technology of WWI • Schlieffen Plan • Trench warfare – why was it used? What were the major disadvantages? • Where were the Western and Eastern fronts? • Zimmerman Telegram • United States’ entrance into WWI – why did the US get involved? • Russia’s withdraw from WWI • Treaty that ends WWI • Total War

Russian Revolution • Rulers in Russia • WWI and the Revolution • March Revolution • Lenin’s Revolutionary Slogan • Lenin’s economic policies Aggression in Europe and Asia • Similarities and differences between fascism and communism • NAZI party • Countries being aggressive in Europe and Asia (and where they were being aggressive • Munich Conference • Appeasement World War II • Blitzkrieg • British and French declaration of war • Battle of Britain • Lend-Lease Act • USSR declaration of war • D-Day invasion • German invasion of USSR – major cities being targeted and how the invasions went • Battle of the Bulge • Manhattan Project • Nuremburg Trials Cold War • Iron Curtain • Truman Doctrine • Containment • Blockade of Berlin • NATO and the Warsaw Pact • Third World • Space Race • Cuban Missile Crisis • Reagan and the “Star Wars” initiative .

In what ways did the histories of the United States and the U.S. and political differences between WWI and WWII. Each response must include a THESIS STATEMENT (worth 5 points) and THREE BODY PARAGRAPHS (worth 5 points each) for a total of 20 points. and the balance of global power.Short Answer Questions: Three of the questions below will be on your final exam. and fears during the Cold War? 4. affect their outlooks. Compare and contrast the major social. Explain whether or not the Industrial Revolution should actually be considered a Revolution.R. How does the desire for power and the relationships between nations influence decision-making processes? 2. . You will be required to answer two of them! You will receive a graphic organizer to help you prepare your responses.S. goals. Explain how the Russian Revolution can be used as an example of revolutionary progress. 3. 5. economic. war and peace. 1.