COM 310 A

Writing for Public Relations
Rosemary Tutt


Stevie J. Schenk

Bivins. report writing.m.m. to 12:45 p. audience analysis. 6th edition. Emphasis is given to research. to Noon *Please call for an appointment Course Description: This course includes writing for print. .m.m. view. Room 340 Phone: (904) 819-6353 E-mail: RTutt@flagler. timely and pertinent material relevant to the public relations profession You are expected to read. 6th ed. M. Online Workbook (posted to LMS) The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook is also an essential tool. Mon & Wed. Additional Sources for Required Class Discussion: PR Newswire <prnewswire. event planning. The course prepares students for advanced writing in public relations and provides practice in developing news releases.A. Wed: 11:45 a.m.m Thurs: 10:45 a.Flagler College Communication 310 Writing for Public Relations Course Syllabus Spring 2011 Instructor: Rosemary> PR Watch <prwatch. and listen to both mass and specialized media for which you will be>. electronic.m Tues: 10:45 a. to 12:45 p. and publications. – Room: Library 302 Office: Proctor Library. newsletters.m Fri: 10:00 a. Mailroom: Box 1357 Office Hours: Mon: 11:45 a. Pearson. controlled and uncontrolled media. and presentations. APR Assistant Professor of Communication Credit Hours: 3 hours 10:30 to 11:45. Public Relations Writing. and selection of appropriate writing styles and media.m. ISBN 978-0-205-6428-3. You will be preparing materials for mass media and AP is the most generally accepted style.. Prerequisite: COM 222 or permission Required Text: Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques. 3:15 to 5:15 p. to 12:45 p.m to 12:45 p.

3. . Assignment & Student Evaluation • Weekly (homework) 25% of grade (9 Assignments) • In-class Participation 11% of grade (6 Assignments) • Online Newsroom/Crisis 10% of grade • Midterm 14% of grade • Final 20% of grade • Final Project 20% of grade All assignments should utilize the following format: 1) typed and double-spaced 2) be free from spelling and grammar errors * Note: Deductions will be made if these stipulations are not followed. planning and coordination. develop an understanding of the basic legal and ethical issues of public relations writing. used in print and broadcast writing. Skills The student will … 1. Please take this statement seriously and exercise caution before submitting an assignment. 2. 2. learn through hands-on experience how to create and utilize public relations tools from the research phase through the evaluation stage. develop an understanding of the theory and considerations behind the development of successful public relations vehicles. test or other required projects. that is accepted by both the media and public relations profession. design. cultivate knowledge concerning the methodology of PR writing and media placement through research. *Any mistakes in grammar. obtain an understanding of how effective promotional writing impacts the public relations and marketing fields. learn basic terminology. punctuation or spelling will seriously affect your grade and may even generate an “F” for the assignment. Method of Instruction: Lectures In-class exercises Guest speakers (dates & topics TBD) Out-of-class assignments (homework) Mid-term and final exams Course Outline. 3.Expected Student Learning Outcomes: Knowledge The student will … 1.

Jan 17 Martin Luther King. Ch 1( pp 20-31) Ch 2 (pp 55-58). Controlled & Uncontrolled Assignment: Chpt 1 (pp 1-19) Week 2 (1/19) Monday. 3-1 . This oral and written presentation will demonstrate your ability to develop content for each of the following: Audience analysis Issue statement News Release Brochure (full color mock-up) Feature Story for Newsletter Cover :30 PSA or Radio Spot Web Site Home Page (with explanation of related screens and links) Grade Scale 90-100 = A 80-89 = B 70-79 = C 60-69 = D 59 or below = F Tentative Schedule Schedule subject to change based on class lectures/assignments. 2-1 Assignment: AP Style & Grammar (online). Week 1 (1/12) Introduction. projects. overview. Day – No classes Lecture: PR Planning & Research Assignment: Chpt 2 (pp 34-54). goals. 1/26) Lecture: Persuasive Message Strategy & Issue Statement In-class: Bivins Exer. requirements Lecture: Types of Information. expectations.The professor reserves the right to make content/topic changes to any homework or in-class assignment Final Project For the final project. students will work within a group and be required to prepare a public relations “blitz” promoting an event or product launch for a company/organization chosen from a list of options. Bivins Exer. Wilcox p 32 #6 Week 3 (1/24. Issue Statement (handout). Jr.

21. 2/9) Lecture: Finding & Making News Assignment: Chpt 5. 3/2) Lecture: Fact Sheet. Wilcox p 303 #4 Week 8 (2/28. 2/2) Lecture: Ethics of Persuasion & Propaganda. Bivins Exer. Style & Grammar (most common mistakes) Assignment: Chpt 4.Week 4 (1/31. 3/30) Lecture: Newsletters & Brochures. News Features In class: Bivins Exer 7-5 Assignment: Chpt 9. 3/23) In class: Online Crisis Press Conference – group presentations Assignment: Chpt 13 & 7 Week 12 (3/28. 3/16) Lecture: Crisis Communication Prepare for Online newsroom – Crisis response Assignment: Crisis handout exercise 6-3 (Vermont Teddy Bear “Crazy for You Bear) Week 11 (3/21. 2/23) Lecture: Getting Along with Journalists In-class: Wilcox p 303 #2 MID-TERM EXAM (2/23) Assignment: Ch 6. 2/16) Lecture: News Releases & Multimedia Releases In-class: Timely News Release (topic to be provided) Assignment: Chpt 11 (pp 272-300) Week 7 (2.7-6 . 3/9) COMMUNICATION WEEK Week 10 (3/14. Bivins Exer. 4-4 Week 6 (2/14. Media Advisories. Kits & Pitches In-class: Media Advisory (special event topic) Assignment: Crisis Communication Handout. Ch 11 (pp 300-302) Bivins Exer 6--6 Week 9 (3/7.7. Wilcox p 59 #5 Week 5 (2.

) Attendance A student who is absent for any reason. Academic Honesty and Integrity Cheating. tardiness (five or more minutes late for class) will not be tolerated. dkamm@flagler. 4/6) Lecture: Television & Radio In-class: Bivins Exer. Not only is it insulting to the professor and fellow students. Flagler College’s policy states that students who miss more than five Tuesday-Thursday classes or eight MondayWednesday-Friday classes will receive a WP or WF. In order to receive special academic accommodations. Students must request all excused absences through the Office of the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs or through the College Nurse and must provide adequate documentation to obtain an excused absence. 11-1 Assignment: Bivins Exer. This policy will be strictly followed. more than 20% of the scheduled class meetings for the academic Semester will not receive credit for the course.m. Services include alternative test administration and/or services of interpreters. Deborah KammLarew at 819-6460. and readers. but will seriously affect the “participation” component of your grade. .edu. In addition.Week 13 (4/4. or falsification of academic work is a serious breach of College expectations and is subject to immediate disciplinary action. a student must register with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) and provide required documentation of disability. violation of test conditions. complicity in dishonest behavior. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. note-takers. Statement on Disabilities Flagler College offers special academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities. plagiarism. (excused or unexcused). Students must contact Dr. 4/13) Group Presentations of PR Program Plans (both sessions) Week 15 (4/18) Final Exam on Monday. or. April 18 (10 to 11:45 a. 11-5 Week 14 (4/11.