Defination of Gazetted Officers in India A gazetted officer is a civil servant and the authority to stamp comes from pres

ident of India. In India, Gazette is published on regular bases, it is a official Central Govern ment Publication(nicked name Gazette). It publishes the promotions of of certain government official. If a person's name is published in the Gazette, he/she is called Gazetted, in mo st cases they are honorary Justice of peace and have same standing as some of th e Magistrates. This is why their signatures on certain document are recognised. Therefore gazetted officer is an officer in Indian government service whose sign ature is required for attesting certificate copies & photograps of a person. The Indian government officials are classified into Class C,D,B and A. The Class C and D consist of Upperdivision and lowerdivison clerks grade. Grade B and A b elong to the class of officers whose transfer, appointment, promotion and supper annuation is published on an yearly basis in the official gazatte.These official s belong to the managerial class of the government services and belong to the po licy formulation, policy implementation, personnel management and the like. Such officers, among other functions have also in their jurisdiction, the power to v erify the documents for academic and other purposes Any catagory of persons who are listed in "Gazette of India" are Gezetted. As si mple as that..!! Governments categorise their employees from Class 1 to 4. Class 4: Unskilled or semiskilled. eg. Peon, attender, driver, gardener, Lans Naik, Naik etc Class 3: Semi skilled with no decision making authority. eg. Clerk, Head clerk, Assistant, Typist, Stenographer, Telephone operator, Hava ldar, Havaldar major and NCOs, etc Class2: Officers with some supervisory/managerial role. eg. Section Officer, BDO, Tahsildar, Junior doctors, Assistant Executive Enginee r, Lecturers in Government colleges, Headmaster of Government high schools, Juni or Doctors in Government hospitals, 2nd Lieutenant to Major, etc Class 1: Executive power vested officers,with decision making powers. All India services, though posted to states; promotees from states to the cadre of Assistant Commissioner and above and to the cadre of All India services ; Pol ice officers of Circle Inspector and above; Additional District Civil surgeons, Executive Engineers and above, District Medical Officer and above, Lt.Col. and a bove, Principals of Government colleges and above, Readers and above of Universi ties, etc. Nationalised bank officials are not gazetted officers but protocol ranks exist. Among the powers and responsibilities of a Gazetted Officer, are the certificati ons and authentification of photo copies etc. That's why we go to them for attes ting our copies where they actually have to see an original of that and certify

that the copy is the actual copy of the original as seen by them.