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Texas-New Mexico Power service area Issue Date: 03/15/2011
Average monthly use Average Price per kWh at $4.25/MMBtu and above Average Price per kWh at $3.25/MMBtu Average Price per kWh at $2.25/MMBtu This price disclosure is based on the following prices: Base Charge: Indexed Energy Charge *: Texas-New Mexico Power Delivery Charge **: per month $0.00 All kWh $0.085/kWh initially $5.96 per month and 2.9225¢ per kWh. 500 kWh 12.6 ¢ 12.3 ¢ 12.0 ¢ 1000 kWh 12.0 ¢ 11.7 ¢ 11.4 ¢ 2000 kWh 11.7 ¢ 11.4 ¢ 11.1 ¢

* Indexed Energy Charge = $0.085/kWh - Natural Gas Discount Factor (NGDF) NGDF, applicable if Monthly Natural Gas Price/MMBtu is lower than the Initial Natural Gas Price/MMBtu of $4.25, = ($4.25/MMBtu - Monthly Natural Gas Price/MMBtu †) x 0.003 MMBtu/kWh. ** Texas-New Mexico Power Delivery Charges include all recurring charges from Texas-New Mexico Power passed through without mark-up. †The Monthly Natural Gas Price/MMBtu will be determined each month using the closing price of the next month's NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contract on the last day of options trading for that next month's natural gas contract. This closing price will be applied as the Monthly Natural Gas Price in the formula above to determine the Energy Charge you will pay for meter readings after the 15th of each month. For example, the Indexed Energy Charge applied for meter readings from June 15 to July 14 will be determined by using the last settled price of the June NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contract, established on the last day of June gas contract option trading during the last week of May, as the Monthly Natural Gas Price in the formula. Your cap is $0.085 and is the maximum amount for the Indexed Energy Charge throughout the term. From time to time, Reliant may include discounts on your bill. Your average price per kWh will be calculated by summing the Monthly Base Charge, the Texas-New Mexico Power Delivery Charges, plus your usage multiplied by the Indexed Energy Charge and dividing that total by your usage. To find the current price for this product, visit reliant.com/myaccount or call 1- 866- 222 -7100.

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See Terms of Service for full listing of fees, deposit policy, and other terms. Type of Product Contract Term Do I have a termination fee or any fees associated with terminating service? Can my price change during the contract period? Indexed 12 months Yes. $150. Yes It can change by any amount due to changes described in the formula and to reflect actual price changes that are allowed by Public Utility Commission rules due to changes in law or regulatory charges. The Indexed Energy charge will never be higher than the cap listed above. Fees not included in the price above: Returned Payment Charge: $25; Disconnect Recovery: $25; Service Processing Fee: up to $5.95; Late Payment Penalty: 5% of past due balances. Information on other non-recurring fees is available in the pricing section of your Terms of Service. No Yes This product is 20% renewable.

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Statewide average for renewable content The statewide average for renewable content is 6%. Reliant Energy Residential Services (dba), PO Box 3765, Houston, TX, 77253 reliant.com, e-mail: service@reliant.com, phone: 1-866-RELIANT, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week PUCT Certificate Number #10007