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Dedafs Industrial tool

Beta v1,7

1) General info. 2) DATA sheet 3) Ore Mining sheet 4) Ore Calculator 5) Ice Mining Sheet 6) Ice Calculator 7) Ore/Ice Corp Mining 8) POS Production 9) T1 Production 10) T2 Ship Production 11) T2 Items 12) T3 Production 13) T1 Rig production 14) T2 Rig production 15) Jump Freighter 16) Capital Ship

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1) General
Before starting to use this tool there are some thing you need to know and do before you get the full use of it. This tool is build for Microsoft Office 2003 and newer, that means that the automatic Skill update and price update might not be working in ex: OpenOffice or older versions of MS Office, in that case you will need to enter the skill manually in the sheet called DATA. Dedafs Industrial tool contains 13 Tools to help you Mine the best Ore/Ice and see what is profitable to build T1/T2/T3 or Capital ships as well as a POS manager tool.

The First thing you need to do is to Import you Characters skills to this tool, you do that in the DATA sheet. To see how, go to page 3 in the section DATA sheet.

Trough out the Sheets in this tool, you will find fields with the colure blue, those are the fields you can modify



Or sometimes green text:

The fields with a purple back ground are locked, it is fields which is auto updated via the DATA sheet, mostly skill.


Backup and Restore

In each of the production sheets in this tool you will find 2 buttons. One called Backup and one called Restore. Clicking the backup will generate a Backup file at the hard drive location you specified in the DATA sheet

Backup files are named like this t1_production_backup.xml t2_production_backup.xml t3_production_backup.xml capital_production_backup.xml rig_production_backup.xml t2_rig_production_backup.xml jump_freighter_backup.xml

NB: This backup file also contains your API and UserID information

Backup function
Before going from an old version of Dedafs Industrial tool to a new, then go trough the production sheets you used and click backup.

Click YES to generate the backup file. NB: Vista and Windows 7 wont let you save files to C:\ So either enter a folder or another drive ex. D:\ 3

Restore function
When opening a new version of Dedafs Industrial tool for the first time, then you want to import all your backup files. Only way to do it is to go to each production sheet and press the Restore buttons.

Before restoring your files, make sure you have specified the right location of your backup files in the DATA sheet.

When the location of the backup files has been set you can now go to each of the production sheet and restore the data.
NB: Remember that the T1 backup file not only contain T1 BluePrint information but also contain your API, UserID and Character name, so to avoid having to enter them manually in each new version of the tool, then go to the T1 Production sheet and restore the T1backup file first, after this you will be able to select the API, UserID and character name via the dropdown menu in each cell.

Go to any of the production sheets and click restore.

Clicking YES will restore the date to the production sheet

NB: You need to do this for each of your production sheets

2) Data Sheet
1) Import of Skill data 2) Import of Price information

Import of Character data

In the Top of the DATA sheet you will find the 3 fields shown in the picture below.

You have 2 ways of getting you skill information in to Dedafs Industrial tool, 1)Automatic or 2)Manual 1) Automatic (only MS office 2003 and Newer) (OpenOffice not supported) Enter your APIKey in cell D3 and UserID in Cell D4, you can find your APIKey and UserID by clicking on this link


You can enter your Character name in Cell D5 or wait till after you click on the button Update Skill Data . If you enter the Character name at the same time as you enter the API and UserID, then all skills and information about that character will be updated immediately upon clicking Update Skill Data .

If you dont enter a Character name in D5 before clicking Update Skill Data, then you will be able to select a characters related to the User ID you entered in CELL D4. You will now have to click Update skill Data again, to import skill information. The reason to do it this way is to make sure you enter the name correctly.

2) Manual (Used for OpenOffice and older versions of MS office) When downloading this Tool for the first time, you will find, that I have pre-entered all the skills needed too use this Tool.

All you need to do here is enter your characters skill lvl in the column called LEVEL NB: do not change the TYPEID number, if you do the Tool will be broken. From here you can also enter you character name and your isk, though they are not mandatory for the sheet to work..

Import of Price information

For importing mineral and material prices you again have 2 options, Automatic and Manually For Mineral/Material you have 4 fields: Own, Sell, Buy and Avg. You can select which region to import price information from.

Own: Is used for those who cant do automatic price update or for those who are building items for corporations using fixed internal corp mineral prices, or for those who dont think the imported prices are correct enough for their region. Sell: is updated during an automatic price update with imported price information from EVE-Central. It is calculated from the SELL order transactions done in Empire regions. (Completed SELL orders) Buy: is updated during an automatic price update with imported price information from EVE-Central. It is calculated from the BUYorder transactions done in Empire regions. (Completed BUY orders) Avg.: is updated during an automatic price update with imported price information from EVE-Central. It is calculated from the average between completed Buy and sell order transactions done in the Empire regions. NB: since the amount of completed sell and buy orders, are not the same, then avg. price sometimes can be very close to either sell or buy price. Not a bug Clicking the update buttons in this tool will only update the price information that are related to the sheet where the button is located, to update everything price and Skills then click the button Update everything in the DATA sheet.

NB: Do NOT update price information every 5min. if you do, then you will be blocked in EVE-centrals firewall and thereby not be able to do price updates again. Ones a day should be enough.

3) Ore Mining sheet

Setting up your mining ship

If you are using any other ship than a Exhumer, then set this field Using Exhumer to NO

When exhumer is set to NO and you have selected Strip miners then the sheet will give you bonus as if you are flying a Mining Barge. That is to say, you dont get the Exhumer bonus of 3% pr exhumer lvl NO= any non Exhumer ship. The sec. shown here is the cycle time of you lasers

Updating Price information from internet

Here you can select which mineral price to use when calculating the Ore/mining profit. Options: Own, Buy, Sell and Avg. Clicking this button will update Minerals price and any other material price in every sheets throughout this tool. It will also update you skill lvl via the APIkey. So you dont need to go to DATA sheet to Update your skill anymore. Just click update

This is the character name and time, of the last skill and market price update.

Mining and Refining

With your skills this is what you can earn pr hour using todays mineral price Price of one rock calculated from the amount of minerals you get when refining it. This is the amount of ore you need to do 1 refine

Ore table

Enter the ore you have mined and/or compressed Select the type of ore

This field shows you what and how much of each mineral you get when refining with your skills

Refining yield of each Ore type

Shows your individual Ore skill lvl (Auto updated)

To get the right refining results, dont forget to set the right, Station refining and Tax at the place you are refining at. This is the Scrapmetal Processing yield To see you individual Ore processing yield refer to the % column in the Ore table

Hauler tool

Enter the cargo capacity of your hauler This is the amount of hauls you need to do to move the ore

This is the total m3 of the ore you have entered in the ore table to be refined NB: Only uncompressed Ore is calculated en this tool 10

4) Ore Calculator


NB: Before starting, make sure that you have setup your mining ship, with the correct lasers and station refine, in the Ore Mining sheet (as described here ) since the mining time and amount of ore to-be-mined, depend on the information you have entered in the Ore Mining Sheet

In the table Available Ore, you have 3 options for each type of ore Options: Available Dont mine Not Available

Available: The ore is present in your region Dont Mine: The ore is too low in profit to waist your time on. Not Available: The ore is Not present in the region you are in. Option: All Regions, Amarr, Caldari, Gallente or Minmatar Option: 1,0 - 0,0 = All security levels 1,0 - 0,3 = High and Low security space 1,0 - 0,5 = High Security space only Next you need to enter the amount of each mineral you need

Here you select if you want to Mine or Buy the mineral Mine:The calculator finds the best Available ore to min for this type of mineral Buy: The calculator wont directly mine for this mineral, but if other ore that are mined contains this type of mineral, then it will still be subtracted from the amount you need to buy in the end. This is the missing minerals and price you need to invest to get all needed minerals This show you the amount of spare minerals and the profit of the spare mined minerals 12

Time spend on mining

According to which minerals you have entered in the blue fields Enter Needed Minerals the calculator will find the best suited Ore and tell you how much you will need to mine of it.

Type and amount of Ore to be mined

Here you can see the time you need to spend on mining each Ore type.

This is the isk pr minute you earn mining this specific Ore.

This is the total value of all needed Ore

Total time you will spend on getting all needed Ore


5) Ice Mining


Setup you Ice mining ship

Select what type of ship to use. NB: Exhumers has priority over Barges so if selecting both a Barge and an Exhumer, then it is the exhumer which is calculated Select type of Ice mining laser (T1 or T2)

If using Laser upgrades then specify type and number

Depending on you ship, skills, implants and if mining in a gang, you cycle time will change This show the m3 or Ice unite pr cycle

This is you laser cycle time

This is the amount of ice you can mine pr hour, with your skills and ship setup.


Mining and Refining

With your skills and the station yield where you refine at, this is the fuel you will get from each Ice type when refining. Enter the Ice that you have mined

With your skill and ship setup, this is what you earn pr hour

This is the value of the Ore that you have mined

This tells you the difference in m3, of the Ore that you have mined, Unrefined and Refined

This is the total amount Price for one Ice cube of each individual fuel, that you calculated form the amount of will get when refining. fuel you get when refining it. NB: Race specific fuel are calculated in the same pail, this is because you can never mine more than one racial fuel at a time.


6) Ice Calculator


NB: Before starting, make sure that you have setup your mining ship, with the correct lasers and station refine, in the Ice Mining sheet (as described here ) since the mining time and amount of Ice to-be-mined, depend on the information you have entered in the Ice Mining Sheet


In the table Available Ice, you have 3 options for each type of ore Options: Available Dont mine Not Available

Available: Dont Mine:

The Ice is present in your region The Ice is too low in profit to waist your time on.

Not Available: The Ice is Not present in the region you are in.

Next you need to enter the amount of each fuel you want or select to use the fuel needed of your POS

If you dont want to Mine for a specific fuel, then select BUY

This show the fuel need of your POS, its in imported from POS Production missing fuel column. NB: POS missing fuel is only calculated if you set this parameter to YES

Ex: Select which region to mine the ice in Specify which racial ice to mine for


Time Spend on mining

To get the fuel needed the you need to mine this type and and amount of ice.

This is the time you need to mine in order to get the needed Ice.

This is the total time you need to mina all needed Ice


7) Corp Mining


Starting the Corp mining.

Set the OP start time. NB: Only to be modified on OP start. Do not modify this time during the mining op!

When the Corp mining ends or when a player quit the mining OP to have a break, then set this timer. When a player joins the mining OP then enter his name, Ship type and start time

If Ship type is set to Hauler remember to set the cargo hold capacity NB: Payout for Hauler pilots are calculated from a percentage of the m3 you entered here. Ex. 100%*(25000m3/35000m3)= 71% payout

Payout for each player is Calculated from 2 factors. 1. Ship type 2. Time, being in the mining OP

If using a Hauler, this is the m3 you need to get a 100% payout. (Can be modified)

Hulk is EVEs best mining ship so using a hulk will grand you a 100% payout. NB: using ships with less than 3 lasers will get a lower Payout Apoc. with 8 T2 mining lasers only Covetor mines 13% less than a hulk, therefore Yield 57% of a hulk. Using ships with 87% is the max payout you get using a Covetor. Less than 8 lasers, will get less than 57% payout. Ex. 5-lasers: 57%*(5/8)= 35,625% Payout


Payout calculation The Sheet calculates the payout based on 2 factors, 1) Type of ship used during the mining op. 2) the time the pilot spend mining. Ship Type payout Defense Hulk Covetor Mackinaw Retriever Other 8 Other 7 Other 6 Other 5 Skiff Procurer Other 4 Other 3 Other 2 Other 1 Hauler Orca / Rorqual

100% Defending ship will get a 100% payout. Mostly used in 0,0 for tanking belt rats. 100% Hulk is best mining ship in EVE and players will therefore get 100% 86,95 Covetor dose not have the same bonus as the exhumers, and therefore mine 13% less than a Hulk 66,66666667% 57,96666667% 57,61% Other means any none exhumer or barges.1-8 means amount of lasers. 50,40875% 43,2075% 36,00625% 33,33333333% 28,98333333% 28,805% 21,60375% 14,4025% 7,20125% xxx Haulers payout depend on the haulers capacity and the value you selected as being max capacity 70, 80, 90 or 100% The payout for Rorqual depend on the amount of people in fleet. They will only get 100% if there are more than 4 mining ships. Ex: 1miner=70% 2miners=80% 4or more=100%

Mining time payout Hulk1 mines 60min*Hulk bonus 100%= 60min Hulk2 mines 30min*Hulk bonus 100%= 30min Covetor mines 60min*covetor bonus 86,95%= 52,17min Final payout is calculated like this. Total time all miners spend mining is Hulk1 + Hulk2 + Coevtor = 60+30+52,17=142,17min Hulk1 payout of the total mineral mined is (60min/142,17)= 42,2% Hulk2 payout of the total mineral mined is (30min/142,17)= 21,1% Covetor payout of the total mineral mined is (52,17min/142,17)= 36,7%


Player taking a break from the Corp mining. Player on break: If a player stop helping the Corp mining OP then you need to set his end time. 1 st set the End time, 2 nd select from the dropdown menu the time he have been helping. Auto-calculated NB: Important thing here is to have the right Start time of each player, since the Break time is auto-calculated from the players Start time and the Mining/Player end time

If the same player joins again, then enter his new start time, if he then goes on a new break, then do step 1 and 2 again 1. Set end time, 2. set the time the auto-calculated time 23

Ending the Corp mining. Total time each player has spend in the mining op
Hours : Minutes

To end the Corp mining do as followed. 1. Set end time 2. On each player, select from dropdown menu the auto-calculated time. Enter the Corp Tax NB: No player should have a time longer than the total corp mining time 24

Splitting the minerals According to the Ship type and the time each player spend in the Corp mining Op the minerals will be split amongst them.

If tax is set then This is the amount the corp gets

When all ore is refined, then enter the amount of minerals here. Each player will then have his share of mineral or Isk depending on which Ship he use and how much time he spend in the corp mining OP.


8) POS Production



9) T1 Production


Inter the minerals you have in stock at the building station

Values of your minerals in stock

Your ISK imported Via the APIkey

Name of your BluePrint Material Level Slot number You have 20 slots in total Price of Original or Copy Blurprints. Original BPs will be added up and shown in your Total wealth

Depending on the Minerals in stock, this will show you how many you can build of this type of Item

Setting this to a number of Runs will Indicate that it is a BPcopy, the buy price of the BPc will then be included in the building price of that item.
Ex. Minerals+(BPcPrice/runs)=Build Price

Items in stock Empty slot Items you want to build


Start with selecting Category Then select Type And last select the item

Material level

Auto-calculated 1 unit build price. Enter your sell price.

Number of units pr Batch If original BluePrint, then select Original. If Copy, then enter the number of runs, that the BPc had when you bought it. NB: BPcopy build-price will include the BPcopy buy-price divided with nb.of runs.

Total number of items that will be build NB: Will only show if Units pr batch is more than 1 Mineral needs calculated Profit calculated in % from the ME level of between Build and the BluePrint Sell price

When setting WantToBuild to 1 or more, then the sheet will calculate the amount of minerals needed for the production and show it here

If you do not have the required minerals in stock, then the calculator will show you which and how much of each mineral is missing.

This is the ISK you need to invest to get the last minerals. Total m3 of mineral for the whole Production mineral need Total m3 of the missing minerals. 30

10) T2 Ship Production


Start with selection the Category Then select the T2 ship T2 ME lvl,

Select Copy or Original If copy: set the Price & Number of runs the BPc had when you bought it.

NB: The sheet will automatic find the needed T1 ship When set to copy the price of the BPc Like with the T2 print you need to set ME lvl will be included in the build price Build at POS means that Blueprint copy or original and last the price you are doing the reactions When Build at POS for that material at your own POS is set to YES the material price change to Build price

Minerals in Stock Are imported from T1 sheet When Build at POS is set to YES then the missing material will be listed under To Be Build in the POS sheet 32

The type of Components needed for the production will change automatically depending on which ship you have selected to be build. The gray slots are autolinked to the ship production. Set the ME lvl of the component BPo/c to make the ship build price more precise. Build price of each T2 component and its profit

The blue slots contains a dropdown menu, which allow you to build additional T2 components. 33