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Discover Your Leadership C Style with the FIRO-B A W The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior™ (FIRO-B®) is a personality assessment that identifies needs/wants regarding your interpersonal work style. Results from this assessment will help you gain additional insight about your leadership approach to help you work more strategically.
Friday, February 24 2:30-5:00 pm Lewis 1403

Navigating Your Career Change A Experienced professionals who are considering or already involved in the process of changing careers will benefit from this workshop. Learn how to develop a change plan by identifying the career development components you most need to work on. This workshop will help you identify the type of transition you are attempting and assess its level of difficulty.

Polish Your Professional C Interviewing Skills A W Refresh your interviewing skills and learn how to prepare for advanced interviewing techniques including critical behavioral, panel and case interviews. Review the do’s and don’ts for interview situations and learn how to address the most difficult questions.
Tuesday, February 21 5:00-7:00 pm Student Center 315

Strengthen Your Resume C and Cover Letter A W Learn about different resume formats and how to best market your accomplishments for specific audiences. This workshop is ideal for someone who has already written a resume and is looking to enhance or change the content or structure.
Wednesday, February 22 3:00-5:00 pm DPC 8002

Monday, March 12 5:30-7:00 pm A = This workshop is for working professionals, alumni, adult, and graduate students. DPC 9500


Attendance at these events is FREE, however pre-registration is required for all workshops, practice interviews and orientations through DePaul.Experience. Please visit to view the calendar and register for workshops and events.
Workshops are listed in alphabetical order.

= This event is part of DePaul Career Week and requires separate registration. Visit for more information.

Ace Professionalism and Beat Your Competition This workshop focuses on audiences working in internships, on-campus, part/full-time jobs. Give yourself an advantage in interviewing, accepting and declining job offers and become a pro on the job. Monday, February 27 2:00-3:30pm SAC 151


your most important work values and discover how to use what you’ve learned about your work values to help guide your career decisions. Thursday, February 9 1:30-3:00pm SAC 151

This workshop is for working professionals, alumni, adult, and graduate students.




DPC = DePaul Center, 1 East Jackson, Loop Campus Lewis = Lewis Center, 25 East Jackson, Loop Campus Richardson = John T. Richardson Library, 2350 N. Kenmore Avenue, Lincoln Park Campus SAC = Schmitt Academic Center, 2320 N. Kenmore Avenue, Lincoln Park Campus

Ace Your First Professional Interview Preparing for interviews can give you the confidence you need to highlight your strengths. This workshop teaches you how to prepare for the interviewing and post-interview follow-up process. You will be introduced to the various types of interviews, including behavioral interviewing. Monday, January 23 5:30-7:00pm DPC 9500 Wednesday, February 8 5:30-6:30pm Teleconference ¥ Tuesday, March 6 1:30-3:00pm SAC 151

Teleconference ¥ = This workshop is conducted via telephone. Check eRecruiting for details. TBD = To be decided.

Student Center = 2250 N. Sheffield Avenue, Lincoln Park Campus

Note: A number listed after the location key indicates the room or suite number.

Career Connections
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Connecting Your Values to Career Satisfaction Your work values play a very important role in determining what kind of work you find fulfilling. Through this workshop, you’ll assess and prioritize

Tuesday, February 21 1:30-3:30pm Student Center 315

Beyond Mingling: Networking C Strategies for All Types W Through a combination of lecture, interaction and self-assessment, we will present an authentic model of networking that emphasizes how personality preferences can enhance the setting, etiquette, and motivation for individual networking success. Specifically, participants will be encouraged to identify their preferences toward extroversion or introversion as well as environments that are controlled or spontaneous and apply this information to their best networking fit.

Hit the Ground Running: Career C Resources for Teachers W Note: These workshops are open only to students and alumni in DePaul’s College of Education. In these workshops, you will receive an overview of resources and career tips in order to prepare for your job search in the teaching profession. In part 1, we

Monday, February 20 9:30-11:30am DPC 8002

C Handling Job Offers W Determine the best techniques and practices to negotiate your compensation package. This workshop will include a discussion on salary and benefits negotiation and offer advice on how to handle salary requests and multiple offers.

Thursday, January 12 12:00-1:30pm DPC 9500 Monday, February 13 2:00-3:30pm SAC 151

Demystify Networking and Create Connections Developing a strong professional network has become an increasingly important and powerful strategy used by effective job seekers in all fields. In this workshop, you will learn how to maximize your networking opportunities and build a set of contacts.

Tuesday, February 7 12:00-1:30pm DPC 9500

Creating Your Career Plan B Expand your career options. Learn how to assess your strengths and transferable skills to explore careers paths that might be a good match. Gain a better understanding of the job market and identify hot jobs and growing industries. Get an overview of various job search tactics and resources available at DePaul and beyond to optimize your job search.

How Can Alumni Help Me Plan My Career? What are your plans after getting your degree? Do you know what kinds of jobs you can get with your major? DePaul alumni can help! Learn about the different resources available to you as you think about classes to take and skills to build while you’re a student. We’ll talk about where to find alumni who can help you and how to approach them. It’s easier than you think! Tuesday, January 24 5:00-6:00pm DPC 9500 Thursday, Feb. 16 3:00-4:00pm SAC 151 Friday, March 2 12:00-1:00pm Webinar

Part 1 - Monday, January 16 3:00-5:00pm SAC 151 Part 2 - Thursday, March 8 4:00-6:00pm SAC 151

will review how to update your resume after student teaching, how to strengthen your cover letter, and review what components are helpful to consider when constructing your portfolio. Part 2 will offer resources in how to be strategic in your job search, the importance of identifying networking strategies, and how to prepare for the interview process. Students and alumni can attend one or both of the workshops.

Identify Your Skills and Accomplishments Through this workshop, you’ll assess your skills, determine which ones you want to acquire or further develop, and identify ways to do so. Also, you’ll learn how to clearly articulate your skill set

Tuesday, January 24 2:00-3:30pm SAC 151 Monday, March 5 5:30-7:00pm DPC 9500

How to Build a Career Portfolio A professional career portfolio provides you with a tremendous resource for showcasing your work skills and experiences to an employer. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to conceptualize and compile an effective portfolio.

iPrep – Find Your Dream Internship This workshop will help you create a strategy for applying to your dream internship. You will also learn about the University Internship Program (short-term internships) as well as the Cooperative Education Program (long term Internships). This workshop also meets the University Internship Program Orientation requirement. Wednesday, January 25 2:00-3:00pm SAC 151 Wednesday, February 15 11:00am-12:00pm SAC 151 Thursday, March 22 5:00-6:00pm SAC 151

Monday, February 6 3:30-5:00pm SAC 151

and provide solid examples of those skills in practice.

Job Search Strategies in a Challenging Job Market Get an overview of a multitude of job search tactics and begin the process of selecting the strategies that make the most sense for you. Learn how to maximize the numerous job search resources available at DePaul and beyond. Thursday, March 1 1:30-3:00pm DPC 9500

Monday, January 30 12:00-1:30pm

Is Graduate School Right for Me? This workshop will help you decide whether graduate school is the right option for you. Learn about the application process, the financial decisions you will have to make, and resources available to help you choose and evaluate potential graduate and professional school programs. SAC 151

Love What You Do – DePaul Interest Finder (DIF) This workshop is ideal for students who are exploring major and career options. Research has shown a strong correlation between incorporating interests into your career planning process and ultimate workplace satisfaction. Participants will take the DePaul Interest Finder (DIF), a tailored survey designed to specifically help DePaul students explore their interests and identify related majors, student organizations, and careers. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how your time at DePaul can be shaped to match your interests and help you work toward career satisfaction. Thursday, January 26 1:30-3:00pm SAC 151

C Turning to Teaching W Teaching can be an incredibly fulfilling career but navigating the steps toward certification can be a daunting process. This workshop will assist both those who have just begun to contemplate teaching as a career path as well as those who have already committed to the profession. In this session, attendees will complete selfassessments, identify resources needed to become a teacher, explore obstacles and solutions for gaining skills and making connections, and create a financial plan to keep them on track both in school, while student teaching, and during the job search phase.

Friday, February 10 10:00-11:00am LPC Student Center TBD 12:30-1:30pm LPC Student Center TBD

Thursday, February 23 3:00-4:30pm

Advanced LinkedIn & Twitter for Job Searching **In order to attend this workshop you must have attended one of the Twitter or LinkedIn Basics for Job Searching workshops. Discover how to go beyond the basics. Learn advanced tips and tricks for using LinkedIn and Twitter to find jobs, internships, or network for career development. Tuesday, February 28 2:00-3:30pm Loop TBD

Tuesday, January 31 4:00-5:00pm Loop TBD

Twitter Basics for Job Searching This is a “hands on” workshop held in a computer lab. This workshop is designed to help you understand how to use Twitter for networking and job search. Learn the basics of Twitter including how to get started and who to follow as you job search. You should have a Twitter account created prior to attending this workshop.

Thursday, January 19 4:00-5:30pm Loop TBD Tuesday, February 14 3:30-5:00pm LPC TBD

LinkedIn Basics for Job Searching This is a “hands on” workshop held in a computer lab. Learn the benefits of creating a LinkedIn profile, including how to make connections, get recommendations, and join industry or interest-specific groups. Learn why creating a professional online portfolio is important in today’s job market. Please be sure to create a LinkedIn account before the workshop so you have a starting point when you attend the workshop.

social media workshops

Tell Me About Yourself 101 This workshop will help you build confidence in approaching and talking to potential employers at job fairs. Specifically scheduled before and during the Fall Job Fair, attendees will work on perfecting their introduction to employers. You will leave knowing exactly what to say when an employer says, “Tell me about yourself.” Hosted by DePaul Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK). To learn more about ASK, visit

Tuesday, January 17 12:00-2:00pm Wednesday, March 7 1:00-3:00pm

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Looking for work that is intrinsically interesting and gratifying to you? The MBTI is used to assist individuals in identifying their personality strengths, preferred work environments, communication styles and career possibilities. While few occupations provide a “perfect” match between personality and work tasks, this indicator and workshop will assist you in making an informed decision. SAC 151

Tuesday, January 31 11:30am-1:30pm Monday, February 6 11:30am-1:30pm Wednesday, February 8 5:00-7:00pm Thursday, February 9 5:30-7:00pm Thursday, March 1 5:00-7:00pm Thursday, March 8 5:30-7:00pm

Maximize Your Job & Internship Fair Experience First impressions count! Learn how to approach employers and make a lasting first impression. DePaul’s Career Center hosts multiple Job & Internship Fairs throughout the academic year with hundreds of employers looking for candidates like you. Student Center 313

Co-op Internship Program Orientation The Co-op Internship Program (Co-op) allows undergraduates to gain high-level, real world experience, and also earn an income year-round. This is a prerequisite workshop for the Co-op Program and must be completed to earn Experiential Learning credit and/or participate in the program. The workshop is open to undergraduate students (seniors must have at least 2 quarters left prior to graduation) in LA&S, Communication, Science and Health, Commerce, CDM, and SNL. Wednesday, January 4 11:00-12:00pm Tuesday, January 17 1:00-2:00pm Thursday, January 26 2:00-3:00pm Friday, February 3 11:00-12:00pm Monday, February 13 3:00-4:00pm Thursday, March 1 11:00-12:00pm Wednesday, March 7 2:00-3:00pm DPC 9500

program orientations

SAC 151

Student Center 313 Loop TBD Student Center 316 Loop TBD

DPC 8002

DPC 9500 SAC 151

DPC 9500 DPC 9500 SAC 151 SAC 151

DPC 9500

University Internship Program (UIP) Orientation This is a prerequisite workshop for UIP and must be completed in order to enroll in an academic internship course to earn Experiential Learning credit. The UIP Orientation provides you with the information you need to complete the enrollment process for the University Internship Program. In this workshop, you’ll learn the meaning and purpose of the UIP 250, 251, 252, 253, 254, 350 and 366 courses as well as how completing an internship contributes to attaining your career goals. Tuesday, January 3 2:00-3:00pm Wednesday, January 4 3:30-4:30pm Thursday, January 5 3:30-4:30pm over for more UIP DPC 9500 SAC 151 DPC 9500

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UIP Orientation, continued

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Debt 101: Demystifying Student Loans Loans: you know different types exist, but you don’t know exactly what they all mean. Attend this workshop to gain a deeper understanding of your student loans. Learn about the different types of student loans, how to estimate your debt load upon graduation, and what some of your repayment options may be. Wednesday, February 8 5:00-6:00pm Richardson 400 Wednesday, March 7 4:00-5:00pm DPC 9500

financial fitness workshops

Tuesday, February 7 10:00-11:00am Monday, February 20 3:30-4:30pm Thursday, February 23 10:00-11:30am Wednesday, March 7 5:00-6:00pm Tuesday, March 13 10:00-11:00am Thursday, March 15 1:30-2:30pm Tuesday, March 27 3:00-4:00pm Wednesday, March 28 3:30-4:30pm

DPC 9500 DPC 9500 SAC 151 Webinar

SAC 151 SAC 151

DPC 9500

DPC 9500

How’s Your Credit History? Do you know how your credit habits will affect your lifestyle? Learn important information about choosing credit cards, understanding credit reports and credit scores and managing existing credit card debt. Wednesday, January 18 1:00-2:00pm Richardson 400 Tuesday, February 14 12:00-1:00pm DPC 9500

Savings Plans that Won’t Fail We all want to save, but sticking to a savings plan can be hard. Learn some strategies for saving. This workshop will help you to set reasonable and attainable

Tuesday, January 17 12:00-12:45pm

5 Tips for Financing Graduate School Are you considering graduate school but not quite sure how you will fund it? Learn about calculating total costs, funding options including loans, grants and scholarships, and a method to determine if you are borrowing wisely.

Thursday, February 9 12:00-1:00pm

The Graduate’s Guide to Financial Success Graduating students: learn simple strategies for becoming financially successful. Topics covered include repayment of school loans, how to create a realistic budget for a full-time job and credit strategies.

Wednesday, January 25 2:50-3:40pm Student Center TBD

Study Abroad Without Breaking the Bank Sure, studying abroad is a great opportunity but isn’t it too expensive? Learn the true costs of studying abroad. This workshop covers basics about the costs of overseas study, strategies to save for your trip and manage your money while abroad, and how to find scholarships to help finance your experience.

Thrifty Travel Tips If you are looking to plan a getaway without going broke, this is the workshop for you. We will review insider tips, the best times to buy and some of the best sites to use. Thursday, January 26 12:00-12:30pm DPC 9500 Friday, February 24 12:00-12:30pm SAC 151

Thursday, March 1 5:00-6:00pm

goals that can motivate you to keep your savings on track. Once you have goals in place, both savings and budgeting become easier! Richardson 400

DPC 9500

Turning to Teaching Teaching can be an incredibly fulfilling career but navigating the steps toward certification can be a daunting process. This workshop will assist both those who have just begun to contemplate teaching as a career path as well as those who have already committed to the profession. In this session, attendees will complete self-assessments, identify resources, explore obstacles and solutions, and create a financial plan to keep them on track. Thursday, February 23 2:30-4:30pm SAC 151

Wednesday, January 25 12:00-1:00pm Tuesday, February 28 4:00-5:00pm

Buying a Home Purchasing a home can be complicated and scary. Attend this workshop to learn what is really involved in making this big purchase. Participants will receive step-by-step processes that will assist them in making a financially sound choice. DPC 9500

Thursday, February 2 5:30-7:00pm Thursday, February 16 5:30-7:00pm

Introduction to Investing If you are interested in learning how to maintain and build wealth, this is the workshop series for you. Topics covered include investing basics for stocks, bonds and mutual funds. This workshop will provide you with basic knowledge and resources for making wealth a reality! DPC 9500

Thursday, February 16 4:00-4:45pm

SAC 151

SAC 151

DPC 9500

DPC 9500

For more information, contact Financial Fitness at 312-362-6482 or send an e-mail to Visit our website at

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