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Refer to the exhibit. The PC, the routing table of which is displayed, is configured correctly. To which netwo device or interface does the IP address belong? PC switch router interface fa0/0 router interface fa0/1
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Refer to the exhibit. A user wants to access the Internet from the PC. A part of the running configuration of t router is shown. Which default gateway IP address should be configured at the PC to enable this access?
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Which physical connector type is used for a serial V.35 connection to the CSU/DSU?

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Which prompt should the technic see when entering the hostname command? Router> Router# Router(config)# Router(config-line)# Bottom of Form 6 Top of Form . a network technician wants to name the router.Refer to the exhibit. Which Layer 2 protocol could be used inside nework A and network C? IP TCP UDP Ethernet Bottom of Form 5 Top of Form While configuring a router.

D. H. I G. F C. . G. What task can be performed at the privileged EXEC mode? Configure the device. B. E. Which set of devices contains only intermediary devices? A.Refer to the exhibit. B. I. J Bottom of Form 7 Top of Form Which OSI layer uses a connection-oriented protocol to ensure reliable delivery of data? application layer presentation layer session layer transport layer Bottom of Form 8 Top of Form A user types the enable command. D. G A.

Issue show and debug commands. Switch SW1 will forward the frame to host C. Switch SW1 will flood the frame out all ports except port Fa0/1. How will SW1 handle the frame? Switch SW1 will drop the frame. Switch SW1 will flood the frame out all ports. Configure individual terminal lines. Bottom of Form 10 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.Configure individual interfaces. At which OSI layer is serial interface 0/0/1 experiencing problems? . Host A sends a frame to host C with a destination MAC address CC. Bottom of Form 9 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. The MAC address host C is not in the MAC table of switch SW1.

SMTP 5.MDA 1.MTA 4.POP 8.MUA 2. The diagram represents the process of sending email between clients.SMTP 7.MUA 2.MTA 6.MUA 1.SMTP 8.Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 Bottom of Form 11 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.MTA 6.SMTP 3.SMTP 5.SMTP 4.MUA 1.POP 3.POP 3.MTA 6.MDA 8.SMTP 5.MUA 1.MTA 6.POP 7.MDA 7.MDA 2.SMTP 3.MDA 5.POP 8.SMTP 5.MTA 4.POP 8.MDA 4. Select the list belo that correctly identifies the component or protocol used at each numbered stage of the diagram.MTA 6.MUA Bottom of Form 12 Top of Form .MUA 7.MUA 2.MUA 2.MDA 7.MTA 4.MDA 3. 1.

subnet mask. The host was disconnected from switch 2 and connected to switch 1.10.101 192.10.35 IP address: 10.1.9. and default gateway should be assigned to this host to allow it to function in the network? IP address: 10.37 Subnet mask: 255. the PC is still unable to access the Internet.37 Subnet mask: 255.9. However. Default gateway: 10.35 .9. Which combination IP address.1 192. The NAT functionality of the router is enabled to provide Internet access to the PC.35 IP address: 10.Refer to the exhibit.168.1 enable the PC to access the Internet? 192.29 Subnet mask: Bottom of Form 13 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.255.201.255. Which IP address should be changed to 209.168.240 Default gateway: 10.168.191 192.248 Default gateway: 10.1.

Which password shoul the administrator use? enable aux console VTY Bottom of Form 16 Top of Form .9.255.224 Default gateway: IP address: 10.35 Bottom of Form 14 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.6 IP address: 10.9.63 Subnet mask: address: 10.224 Default gateway: 10.9.32 Subnet mask: 255.255.37 Subnet mask: Which layer adds the destination and source process numbers to ensure that data is delivered to the correct application? physical layer data link layer network layer transport layer Bottom of Form 15 Top of Form A network administrator wants to restrict access to the router privileged EXEC mode.224 Default gateway: 196. The headers added at each layer are shown.

130 Destination MAC: 0030.2 Destination MAC: 0030.8596.DE82 Default gateway: 172.16. Host A wants to access the Internet.1 Destination MAC: 0030.202.130 Bottom of Form 17 Top of Form Which fiber connector supports full-duplex Ethernet? . Which combination of a Layer 2 address and a Laye address will enable this access from host A? Destination MAC: 0030.44C4 Default gateway: 172.165.Refer to the exhibit.44C4 Default gateway: 209.16.8596. Default gateway: 209.

It is designed to make IP a reliable protocol.Bottom of Form 18 Top of Form Which statement is true about the ICMP protocol? It is an application layer protocol. the host is not functioning. The IP address for the serial interface is configured. The FastEthernet interface is made to emulate a serial interface by assigning it a timing signal. If a host does not respond to an ICMP echo request. The interface timers are cleared. Bottom of Form 19 Top of Form What is the Cisco IOS? system software for Cisco devices Read Only Memory in Cisco devices non-volatile storage for device configurations an initial operating system that is used for boot functions Bottom of Form 20 Top of Form What is the result of using the clock rate 56000 command at the serial interface of the router? The interface is configured as a DCE device. It is often filtered out of networks for security purposes. Bottom of Form 21 Top of Form .

1 command. A PC is connected to a network.0. What should the network technician do to solve this problem? Configure the description at interface serial 0/0/0.0. Bottom of Form 23 Top of Form Which statement is true about router hostnames? . The router cannot ping the router that is directly connected to interface serial 0/0/0. Which action will verify that the PC can communicate its default gateway? Use the ping 127. Configure an IP address on interface serial 0/0/0. Bottom of Form 22 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.0. Use the ipconfig command. Use the ipconfig/all command. The serial interface of the router was configured with the use of the commands that are shown.Refer to the exhibit.254 command.0. Remove the no shutdown command at interface serial 0/0/0 Reboot the router. Use the ping 10.

Bottom of Form 24 Top of Form A network technician is tasked with setting up a network for six users. What type of network should be used? workgroup P2P applications peer-to-peer network client-server network Bottom of Form 25 Top of Form .A hostname should be unique on each router. A router hostname must be created before any other configurations can be added to the device. but the users should be able to use the accounts to log on from any of the six computers. A router hostname is configured in privileged executive mode. A router hostname cannot contain capital letters.

What is required on host A for a network technician to create the initial configuration on Router1? an FTP client a Telnet client a terminal emulation program a web browser Bottom of Form 26 Top of Form Which memory contents will change as a result of using the Router# erase startup-config command on a router? RAM ROM flash NVRAM Bottom of Form .Refer to the exhibit.

27 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. An administrator on PC1 wants to view some HTML code from a web page housed on t web server. Which client application will allow this request to be started? .

) It uniquely identifies each host. It identifies the host from the first part of the address. It assists in forwarding packets across internetworks. a network administrator determines that a workstation has the address . It uses a logical 32-bit IPv4 address. It is not a configurable address.Bottom of Form 28 Top of Form Which three statements are true about network layer addressing? (Choose three. Bottom of Form 29 Top of Form By using the ipconfig command. It is a physical address.

168.3.96/27 sales . Which logical topology describes the exhibited network? star ring point-to-point multi-access 31 Bottom of Form Top of Form A network administrator is asked to design a new addressing scheme for a corporate network. with 29 bits set in the subnet mask.88. 40 users in the branch office.3.192.16 192.64/26 manufacturing 192.3. To what network does the workstation belong? 192. Which VLSM addressing scheme that uses the 192.0/24 network will fulfill the requirements while wasting the fewest addresses? 192. There are 60 u in the main office.168.24 192.0/26 main and 4 users the research office.168. 28 users in manufacturing. Bottom of Form 30 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.32/26 branch 192.8 192.168. 12 in the sales office.88.

160/28 sales manufacturing branch research Bottom of Form 32 Top of Form Which device should be used for routing a packet to a remote network? access switch DHCP server hub router Bottom of Form 33 Top of Form .0/26 main 192.168.0/27 main sales manufacturing research 192.0/27 main branch 192.88.80/28 manufacturing research 192.88.80/29 sales 192.64/26 branch research 192.

2.10. What is the IP address of the primary domain name server used by the host? 10.5 192.168.99 192.100 Bottom of Form 34 Top of Form Which OSI layer uses the header information to reassemble the data segments into streams? application layer network layer presentation layer session layer transport layer Bottom of Form 35 Top of Form .168.10.Refer to the exhibit.1. A technician uses the nslookup command on the PC and views the output that is display in the exhibit.

254: 80.168. The session is established using TCP.168.1. Enter the interface commands to allow the device to connect to the network. and the socket number for the web server is 192.1.168. and the socket number for the web server is 192.1. A dynamic port number of 49152 is assigned to the browser.168.254: 49152 Bottom of Form 37 Top of Form What are two characteristics of the data link layer? (Choose two. and the socket number for the web server is 192.254: 80.2. . The session is established using UDP.10. Which statement is true? The session is established using TCP.2/24.) It segments and reorders the data.254/24. Bottom of Form 36 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.168. Perform a show running-config to verify that the file was removed.If an administrator wished to return a router to the default state. and the socket number for the web server is 192. The browser sends a request for a web page to the web server w an IP address 192.1. what additional step must be taken after issui the command erase start-up config? Reload the device. A web browser is running on host PC1 with an IP address 10. Issue the command copy running-config start-up config.1.254: 49152 The session is established using UDP.

) DNS FTP DHCP HTTP SMTP Bottom of Form 39 Top of Form Which three IPv4 addresses represent a broadcast for a subnet? (Choose three. Which two application layer services should be added to the server to allow these needs to be satisfied dynamically? (Choose two.191 /26 /27 172. It retrieves signals from the media and restores them to their bit representations.95 /27 172.It exchanges the frames between nodes. Bottom of Form 38 Top of Form A network has grown too large for technicians to configure network addresses and hosts files for name resolution.) 172.4. It defines the method by which network devices place data onto the media. /26 /26 172.221 /27 Bottom of Form 40 Top of Form .4.16. It manages the transfer of data between the processes that run on each host.16.

To correct the problem.Refer to the exhibit. which wire pairs need to be switched on one of the Ethernet cable ends? pair 1 and pair 2 pair 1 and pair 3 pair 2 and pair 3 pair 2 and pair 4 Bottom of Form 41 Top of Form The Layer 4 header contains which type of information to aid in the delivery of data? service port number host logical address device physical address virtual connection identifier Bottom of Form 42 Top of Form . A network administrator is troubleshooting a link that is down between Router1 and Router2.

Bottom of Form 43 Top of Form .) Four collision domains are present. Two broadcast domains are present. Three networks are needed.Refer to the exhibit. Which two facts can be determined about the topology? (Choose two. One logical network is represented. Three logical address ranges are required.

1.1 tracert Bottom of Form 44 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.168. Which command can be run at host X to determine which intermediary device is responsible for this failure? telnet 192.1. Host X is unable to communicate with host Y. Which option shows the correct topology given the configuration of Router1? .1 ftp 192.168.Refer to the exhibit.1 ping 192.168.

hosts can resume transmission after a random timer has expired. Devices can be configured with a higher transmission priority. After detecting a collision. Data is transmitted only when the data signal is present. Bottom of Form Top of Form 4 6 Top of Form . A jam signal is used to ensure that all hosts are aware that a collision has occurred.Bottom of Form 45 Top of Form What are three characteristics of CSMA/CD? (Choose three. It uses a token system to avoid collisions.) It monitors the media for presence of a data signal.

A network technician has made several changes to R1 since the configuration has last been saved. The modified configuration did not produce the desired changes.Refer to the exhibit. The technician wants to store a backup copy of the saved configuration on a TFTP server before reloading. Which action will cause the unmodified data to be saved on the TFTP server? Bottom of Form .

254.0 255.0. what is the likely cause of the problem? network card failure network cables unplugged IP address incorrectly entered .1 was successful.255. Host A in the Clerical office failed and was replaced.255.0? 7 255.128 Bottom of Form 48 Top of Form Examine the graphic with current configurations.255. With prox ARP disabled on the Fa0/0 interface of the New York router.0.255.0 255. what is the subnet mask that allows 510 hosts given the IP address 255.248.Top of Form 4 As network administrator.0 255. the replacement computer cannot access the company network.0 255.0. Altho a ping to

subnet mask incorrectly entered Bottom of Form 49 Top of Form What information is contained in the header of Layer 3 to help data delivery? port number device physical address destination host logical address virtual connection identifier Bottom of Form 50 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.FFFF. The switch will rebuild the MAC table by assigning the FFFF. The switch will retain the MAC address until host B is powered on again. Bottom of Form Bottom of Form . The switch will remove the MAC address at Fa0/19. Host B was powered off.FFFF address to port Fa0/19. What change will occur in the MAC table of the switch? The table will remain unaffected.