Dennis 1 Kelly Dennis Alan Salzenstein Intro to Music Business 7 June 2011 Droopy’s Fiasco Droopy Fiasco, although

enjoyed a long, successful career, made many mistakes in his career. However, that is not to say that he and his management did not make fantastic choices. After all, one cannot enjoy a healthy career if they make countless poor choices. In my opinion, being signed my an independent record label initially is in the artist’s best interest. Usually, an independent label is more ‘user friendly’ in that they are more interested in the music itself rather than making a profit. Concerning Droopy’s record deal with Speedbump records, it is great that Dandy Jackson wanted to sign a one record deal, however it would have been in his best interest to try and negotiate a two-firm record deal. This means that if the first record sells more than 150,000 records, the label is obligated to consider making a second record, however if you fail, they have the right to drop you. Although it seems picture perfect that Dandy Jackson not only signed Dandy but also provided him with a team, this is not ideal. An artist needs to handpick their personal manager so that they can both agree on what the artist wants to accomplish. This stays true for the agent and attorney as well. It is also not ideal to have Dandy’s relative be your agent. In some circumstances, Mandy will choose family before Droopy, and that could be disastrous. Dandy also forgot to provide Mr. Fiasco with a business manager; this person is crucial for managing an artist’s funds and keeping track of how much money is going in and going out. A business manager would have especially helped Droopy in

his mixer gave him a check. If Droopy were to run out of money after making the record. Although Dewey.000 advance on an independent label for a new artist is fairly standard. but the problem arises when he wants you to do a derivative work of “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay. informed him that he wouldn’t have to worry about paying his manager. however. usually 15% to 20% of all your earnings. they must be paid out of pocket and on time. Finally. the record company would be forced to take the money out of the next record. or agent because of royalties. Droopy’s manager. A 50. the agents receive 10% of whatever they helped you book like concerts and appearances. the name of the record is breaking copyright laws. attorney. even at the end of his career. By recording this song. because of what Dewey initially said was under the impression that all of the payments would be taken care of by royalties. This means that Droopy and his label needed to get permission by Coldplay to not only record the derivative work. As far as recording the record goes. Adele owned the name “Rolling in the Deep” and had the name copyrighted. Droopy is infringing on the copyright placed over that song. Dandy made a big mistake. this is not true. One of Droopy’s foolish mistakes was buying a $42. It is perfectly acceptable that he composed songs for you and even that he is having you record very old gospel songs. After completing the record. Attorneys usually charge per hour and their fee is anywhere from $150/hour to over $600/hour. therefore.Dennis 2 his career because he repeatedly expressed that he did not know how much money he made at a time. all adding to his recoupable debt. The personal manager is paid by commission. Droopy may have been wondering why he was sued for the rights of “Viva La Vida” and the . It is crucial that the agents are not given 10% of the money earned off records since they did not work on it. mixers are not payed out of the recoupable debt. but to distribute it and perform it as well. Droopy.000 Lexus with his advance before he had even started the record.

the group is over and the label will most likely drop the other band members. the business and personal managers could have come to an agreement on what was financially fit and essential for the tour. travel. which is a major label. Getting signed to Interscope records. Going on tour is always a good thing for an artist. Droopy was making money which means that he paid off the $50.000 worth of recoupable debt. Basically. Although as a new artist it is inevitable that they will lose money. which made sure that whenever Droopy’s songs were played publicly. . Droopy’s personal manager. His first project at Interscope was “Droopy Fiasco and The Rejects”. Instead of letting Ima throw around Droopy’s money. where a business manager would have come in handy. is the step that makes sense after having a successful first record with an independent label. This is. In the end of his independent career with Speedbump. in the end it gives them more exposure which can lead to greater record sales. making Droopy the key member. it was done so legally. When Nough Rhythm left the band. he did immediately sign up for ASCAP. Enough time has passed since the gospel songs have been written that they belong in the public domain. Besides creating a promoting machine. touring also builds better performance skills. Although Droopy’s lawyer did make the mistake of not getting the rights of the song before Droopy recorded them. An artist who does not have a good live show will fade quickly. again. Droopy will already have to pay for rehearsal. and hotels so making him look good and traveling in first class should not be the number one priority of the tour.” This is an ideal situation for both Droopy and Nough because she is getting credit for what she worked on and nothing else. or leader of the group.Dennis 3 record name but not the old gospel songs. if the key member leaves. was not conscious of the amount of money should be spending. she asked for one-fifth of the money to date and the money that they earned from “Who’s Laughing Now. equipment. however. nobody owns them.

Droopy enjoyed a long career due to starting out on an independent. Since they are a collaborative team. unlike the previous single Down In Flames. Since while “Droopy Fiasco and The Rejects” were a group they never got rights for the name. This was a smart move on his part because this new band’s potential could lead people back to Droopy. which in my opinion. If his career were to be more successful. Also. When another band came out with a similar name. Still today. A prime example of this is Lady GaGa. 3) I believe that in today’s music industry. you have to be attractive or unique looking to be successful. Letterman. MTV was a sort of ticket to exposure. Droopy insisted on leaving it alone. The band did not enjoy a long career simply because they could not come out with another hit single like Closing Time. I thought it was interesting how the band is not signed to ASCAP alone but also BMI. When talking to Jake. For years she tried to break into the New . I was under the impression that they would all need to be under the same company. visiting Leno. got loads of radio time before Feeling Strangely Fine. This gave the band new hype that they had never seen before. and eventually signing to a major label that could carry his stardom. increasing his popularity yet again. someone else used it. promoting his tour. The band continued promoting the song and album as they toured with Matchbox 20 and performed various festivals moving to the bigger stage instead of a small bar. Droopy would have to had hired a business manager who could have managed his funds. Droopy does not know how much money he made as an artist. is crucial information. and Conan. 2) Closing Time. the band made a music video that MTV accepted to run on their channel. Closing Time got more exposure when they went on the late night show run. therefore their next record did not live up to Feeling Strangely Fine. Droopy kept his record deal simply because he was the key member of the group.Dennis 4 When “The Rejects” were terminated from Interscope.

Louis Armstrong. 360 deals confirm that the music industry is becoming less and less about the artist/music and more about the money that record executives receive. but they should not get credit for other work that the artist does. the ‘best’ artists seem mediocre to the music gods of the past like The Beatles. but she was not getting noticed. If these artists continue to speak up.Dennis 5 York scene by playing at clubs. . The Mamas and the Papas. that are perhaps not the most popular. he does not get rewarded for work that he does not do. The idea of 360 deals is in favor of the record companies. but then I hear the music my old roommate listened to. If an artist works on a movie. 360 deals mean less creative control for the artist. perhaps the music industry will be saved of this image. more standardized music or one style of music that is being distributed across America. The artists today are not making music. I agree. and therefore get what they want out of the artist. The same should go for record companies. the record labels are responsible for boosting popularity of artists. Part of me thinks that people are aware that artists are simply trying to fit an image and are aware that we are not getting the same musical experience that our parents perhaps did. To do so. Yes. She thinks that Lady GaGa’s new record is the best in ten years and that her outfits are simply ground breaking. they are making an image. This makes me think that the music industry will only get worse in their image. It is like an agent. and apparently the American music industry enjoys seeing the same perfect image over and over again. their is hope. and Stevie Wonder. Many artists. there is no way that the record company should get 10% of their earnings. However. she resorted to dressing in ridiculous costumes to let her music be heard. But is it even good music? In today’s music industry. are aware of the corruption of the industry. 4) 360 deals are just another way for the record label to have more control over the artist. and most likely. Although the agent helps get the artist more popularity.