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12 week Challenge Info
Don’t be down about our current challenge coming to an end. We have the perfect way to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution. We will be starting another 12 week challenge on January 7th. We are very happy with the results and progress from this challenge, and look forward to another successful one right away. Contact a trainer for more info.

Decem ber Ma s s a ge

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Trainer’s Corner: Why Core Training?
When most people think “core”, they think abdominal exercises. Sit ups, crunches, leg lifts, and the life fitness abdominal machine. Our core involves much more than just abs. Core strength is the ability to maintain form and generate force in all directions. Our core is the only connection between our ribs and our hips. It is our base for generating strength and power. A strong core allows us to connect the strength of our legs with the strength in our arms. Our gluteus, hip flexor, and vertebral column muscles play a major role in core strength and stability. There are many exercises that strengthen key areas and aid in creating a stable, strong, functional body. Looking for a core exercises? Try the move of the month this month or stop any one of our trainers for advice. See you at the club.

Marty LinclauMiller BS, NASM-CPT G. F. Team Leader Personal Trainer

Supplement of the Month: B-Complex In the cold, winter months, your energy levels will drop due to a lack of motivation. The best solution to this dreary winter attitude is to increase your energy friendly supplement intake. B-complex will give you the right amount of energy to hit the gym, and get the workout you need.

December Birthdays:

Stiff Leg Bridge with Rotation - Feet on SB

Benefits: Core Strength Preparations: Lie with shoulders flat on the floor, arms to side with palms facing up, and feet on the stability ball. Activate abs and glutes to maintain a straight line body posture. Activate Glutes to keep hip alignment. Do not allow back to sag.

Movement: 1.) Maintain shoulder and upper spine contact with the
floor. Slowly rotate hips to the right. 2.) Contract abs to maintain stability. Do not allow back to sag. 3.) Keep straight legs throughout rotation 4.) Repeat on opposite side. Keep repetitions even side to side.