Member of The Month:
Congratulations to: Jane Farver Jane is an active contestant in our 12 Week Challenge, and she even won the first monthly challenge. She is new to our Fitness Club, and has done a great job of getting to know other members and is a great addition to our atmosphere!!

Important Information:
The last monthly challenge will be weight lost… Good Luck!! We will do another challenge starting in May, Keep an eye out for information at the front desk. Remember to look for new classes on the schedule as well as new programs that we will be offering such as “Kids’ Spinning” and “Golf Shots”

March Birthdays

Smoking and its Effects on the Musculoskeletal System
As we all know cigarette smoke is bad for us. We are aware that it contributes to cancer and heart disease as well as many other conditions. A lesser known fact is how it can impede our body’s ability to heal itself. Smoking constricts blood vessels (approximately 25% of their normal diameter) in the body making it more difficult for the blood to reach the area that needs to be healed. This restriction prevents nutrients, minerals, and oxygen from getting to where they need to go via the blood stream. Secondly smoking decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood which is vital to healing wounds. Finally, smoking decreases the development of collagen, which is a connective tissue that is integral in the healing process. Smoking also causes additional problems including: 1. increased risk of infection 2. formation of blood clots near wounds 3. deposits mucus in the lungs causing colds and pneumonia 4. reduces vitamin C 5. decreased bone density 6. lumbar disk problems 7. high risk of hip and wrist fractures 8. high risk of failure of bone fusion and grafts low back pain Those recovering from an injury, fracture or planning to have a surgical procedure should refrain from smoking. Otherwise your chances of recovering completely will decrease, your recovery time will increase, and you will be less satisfied with your outcome.