Daniel Giraldo Period 1, US History

The Booming Revolution As veterans returned from Europe and the Pacific after the end of WWII, there was a significant amount of increase in children born in the US. Beginning in 1946, the baby boom, saw the number of children born in the US go up to 3.7 million in comparison to 1945’s 2.8 million.1 This generation was raised in 1950's conventional culture, which was short cut hair and a conservative business suit. It was expected for children to dress, act, and remain within invisible boundaries but in the 1950's teens began creating their own fashion, music, and style.2 They went against everything mainstream and from this attitude the hippie revolution took place, rocking America like nothing before it. This youth movement challenged typical 1950's social and political systems through political resent such as the Yippies and the Beat Generation. The Beat Generation started off with close groups of friends and later turned into a revolution. Most of the writers were struggling to get published at first but later reached breakthroughs at readings and other showcases of their works.3 An example of such groups is Allen Ginsberg, Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Burroughs, Herbert Huncke, Lucien Carr, and Kenneth Rexroth. They all lived in Manhattan at the time or the beat revolution. They were a mix of friends, lovers, and other relationships.4 They wrote about what they believed and the hippie counter-culture ideals were present in such works. Anything having to do with the government or anything popular was viewed negatively by the hippies. They thought the government was an evil establishment, oppressing the people and sending innocent
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com: Breaking News. the finger man of behemoth.go. They also nominated Pigasus as their presidential candidate and stated that they were serious.men off to war.ABC News.com/Entertainment/popup?id=3321269>. were very theatrical and exaggerated with their moves. The hyena with polished face and bow tie. Notebook in hand. 6"1969: Height of the Hippies . ambulatory cancer. The murderer of the young men."5 The line ". Web. 07 Apr. these new thinkers were thought of as dangerous and radical. even asking for secret service aids. As a result of conservatives. The jackal in double-breasted gabardine. wrote the poem "Thou Shalt Not Kill" in 1953. Lecturing on the Age of Abundance.7 At Universities all over the country.ABC News. The vulture dripping with carrion. The Superego in a thousand uniforms. Good Morning America. Carefully and carelessly robed in imported tweeds. Barking by remote control.htm>. protests. In the United Nations. as they were called. they were barely taken seriously. <http://findarticles. toying with his decerebrator.edu/bps/rexroth/poems/1950s. These were very successful as well as the protests in neighborhoods but when it came onto a national 5"Rexroth Poems (1950s). marches. Their ideas and beliefs are being suppressed in what is supposed to be America. 2011." Center for Digital Discourse and Culture | @ Virginia Tech. <http://www. a strong poet during the beat generation.cddc. The autonomous. The vampire bat seated at the couch head. <http://abcnews.the office of a billion dollar Corporation" is reffered to the wealthy companies of America and the government. Kenneth Rexroth. Magazine Back Issues & Reference Articles on All Topics. The author speaks often of their murder of young men. Exclusive Interviews . 7"Yippies . The Beat Generation in the 1950's showed their resent towards the government in their poems." ABCNews. and festivals to their causes. Web. people participated in protests and sit ins for all types of causes. freedom of speech. In the office of a billion dollar Corporation devoted to service. The Yippies. "You.com/p/articles/mi_g1epc/is_tov/ai_2419101355/pg_2/>.Page 2 | St. World News. An example of their theatrics would be their alleged plan to leak Chicago's water system with LSD. the men are being murdered. 2011. James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture. .6 They staged sit ins. the place where freedom flourishes and among those freedoms. Web.. 07 Apr. 07 Apr.vt. Politics. Although in a metaphoric sense. You. They sought out to cause political change but by their satirical nature. 2011." Find Articles at BNET | News Articles.

The root of hippie ideals is in the Beat Generation.edu/modules/vietnam/index. They strove for freedom. the Hippie revolution would not have taken such a stronghold over America and caused such political and social change in comparison to the 1950’s.com/poems/agh.wussu.htm> . by Ginsberg could not have been published. the political activism of the hippies would not have gone as far as it did.cfm>." Digital History.digitalhistory." Weed. <http://www. 07 Apr. Their infamous moves and efforts would not have been noted on a national level. peace. 07 Apr.8 As the Hippie revolution continued throughout the 60’s. the hippies could not properly organize themselves to gain political power.uh. Web. Without either. love.Howl. such poems as “Howl”. Without the Beat generation. and youth. Without the Yippies. 8“The Vietnam War.9 Without such poems the hippie ideals would not have spread like it did. The very Vietnam War they detested was not over until 1975. 2011. equality.level. 9"Allen Ginsberg . events such as Woodstock and Civil Rights Changes marked victories for the Hippies. 2011. Web. <http://www.