Assamite Genre Packet

A Genre Resource Written for One World by Night
By Terra Doe, David Herold, Kory McJannet & Chad Halvorson
[June 25, 2007]

   This packet is a genre resource for Assamite Genre either printed by White Wolf, or recognized within OWBN. This document is a representation of the collective support of OWBN’s council members, and thus enforceable as official OWBN genre. This specifically includes, but is not exclusive to, the caste ranking system listed here. This packet supersedes and replaces all materials presented in previous Assamite Genre packets.

Table of Contents:
**Forward ** Our History –An Introduction to Clan Assamite ** Alamut ** Aspects of Haqim –the Castes -Vizier -Warrior -Sorcerer ** Where Things Are Tonight **The Schism **Divisions by Sect - Loyalist - The Herald – Ur-Shulgi - Factions within Factions - Loyalist views on the Laws of Haqim - The Khabar - Prestige and Rank - Schismatic - The Eldest in “Exile” – Al-Ashrad - Sub Factions within the Schism - Schismatic views on the Laws of Haqim - Regional Leadership structure - The Council of Scrolls - The Shadow, The Storm and The Tempest - The Warriors New Road - Dispossessed/Anarch - Assamite Antitribu, “the Unconquered” **Assamite Clan Structure -Haqim -The Eldest -The Du’at -The Caliph -The Vizier -The Amr -The Silsila

**Caste Ranking -Vizier Ranking -Warrior Ranking -Sorcerer Ranking ** Petitioning the Council of Scrolls -Rank Requirements - Additional Prestige - Out of Clan Prestige **Lore **The Darkening **Bloodlines **Clan Infiltrators **Merits and Flaws


If you are genuinely interested in Assamite clan genre we cannot emphasize enough the importance of actually reading the revised Assamite Clanbook. The intent of this packet is to parallel WW’s revised Assamite Clanbook by providing a summary of Assamite genre based on WW’s World of Darkness in conjunction with any evolution of this particular genre with in OWBN. The Assamite Clanbook (revised) was very well written so again, we urge players and storytellers alike to read it for a much more detailed overview of clan Assamite. As a further note, with the release of the revised Assamite Clanbook and with OWBN’s full acknowledgement of all such similar revised clan books, all prior WW genre publications for clan Assamite have since become considered non-viable for use in OWBN unless otherwise referenced or indicated in either the Assamite Genre or Sorcery Packets. This is done in the interest of promoting and maintaining a consistent understanding of Assamite genre with in OWBN. We hope you enjoy!

Our History – An Introduction to Clan Assamite:
And so it began… “Just as the Children of the Night acknowledge the duty of a leader to lead, they also acknowledge the duty of his followers to accept his rule. Just as the Children of the Beast acknowledge the need for a hunter to hunt, so too do they acknowledge the duty of the prey to be hunted. Yet our cousins reject their duty to submit to our justice, though they themselves cried out for us to render justice unto them.” Some among them have said that our time is past, that there is no further need for us, that the city is dead and all would do well to abandon it before its final collapse. A grain of truth grows in this – we have tended to the threats without at the expense of vigilance within. But the fault is not our own, in large part, for that lies with those who would play their games of scepter, sword and lily with the mortals as their tokens. Have we further need for judgment simply because our kind has outgrown a single city. There will be other cities. The crisis that confronts us tonight is one of duty. We know ours; our cousins made it plain in nights long past. And though they may scorn us, our charter of justice has never been revoked. We, then, must seek new ways in which to administer it, as the methods that we have pursued in the past are no longer the best tools for that trade. They tell us that the city is dying. We shall leave it to its death throes, then. We will go forth into the war-torn lands, the deserts, the mountains, the harsh, barren places that no others would claim as their domain. There, we will preserve the memory of these nights against the ravages of time. We will watch, and we will study, and we will wait. And when the need for our justice once again becomes so great that we cannot stand idly by and watch our cousins’ acts, we will come forth, and memory will be our spear.” --Haqim

Alamut: (The Mountain, The Eagle’s Nest)
All accounts of the clan’s exodus from the Second City speak of the journey as a nigh-unendurable trial. Haqim left the city in the height of summer, and the need for shelter from the sun meant that nearly a third of each night was spent breaking down and re-erecting camp. Many Children went to their Final Deaths as a result of sunlight piercing improperly lightproofed tents. The journey proved no less harsh for the mortal servants who followed Haqim into self-imposed exile, for the journey led through scorched and lifeless lands that had borne the brunt of the Baali conflicts. Water was difficult to come by, food was even scarcer, and vitae was all but unobtainable outside the caravan itself. By the time the travelers reached the foothills of the mountains that were Haqim’s destination, fewer than 50 Children and perhaps eight score mortal servants remained, and most of the latter’s livestock had been slaughtered for sustenance.

at least in matters of descent. Whatever the factors were that first defined the castes. Aspects of Haqim – The Castes: Until the last nights of the 2Oth century. only the Assamites know for sure. they arose during the time of the Second City.The ascent into the mountains was equally dangerous. who had to contend with members of close to a dozen other clans for territory and social position. They had no particular desire to accept masters other than themselves. Most Schismatic and Dispossessed who once where trained and lived there often comment on how they ‘miss the hallowed hall’ as if something is calling to their blood. let alone likely. The mortals of the region had never fallen under the sovereignty of the Second City. Arguably. forgotten. While the clan’s contract assassins and their ilk are no less formidable. an area of the world that other clans largely scorned. Iran and Iraq). Lacking competition for certain roles. The clan has a unique tripartite structure that few outsiders have knowingly glimpsed in the past millennium. such as the noble Ventrue or the socialite Toreador. all sharp steel and thinly veiled threats. Recent events. obscured. The three Assamite castes may be considered separate bloodlines for the purposes of sire childe relations –a warrior will always sire warrior childer. The Coord also controls the three countries surrounding Alamut. its true location is lost to many. which are also an approval (i. the judges (now the warriors) tended to the clan’s defense. they had encountered several broken survivors of the Baali. Or do they? Alamut is a place of mystery but not so much intrigue. It is the fortress of fortresses. Spoken of only in whispers out of fear of its minions. the Assamites had relatively few neighbors to fill the various niches that inevitably develop in Kindred society: the Followers of Set. and the sorcerers pursued their secrets.e. all of whom tended to their own affairs. however. nearly impossible to find and next to impossible to leave once entered. The viziers tended to the mortal herds. Non-Assamite scholars believe Alamut lies somewhere in the area of present day Turkey. and a vizier will always beget viziers and so on –but all three castes are Assamites. This division of labor allowed the Assamites to succeed on their own where a clan priding itself on its specialization. Note: Alamut is under the Assamite Coord's control and to use any plots stemming from Alamut require the Coord's approval. have brought to light aspects of the clan that few had previously considered possible. for fear of outside influence and public exposure. find that their memory fades slightly when trying to recall specifics about Haqim’s ancient House. By comparison. Note: *A* represents terminology used exclusively within the Assamite clan. present day Iraq. During the millennium or so after the fall of the Second City. Their vitae is indistinguishable except under the most acute observation. but when they begin reminiscing over the subject. perhaps due to differences between Haqim’s broods. and a scattered few Nosferatu. who were more competitors than allies. they are far from being the only Assamites. even to those of Clan Assamite. Whatever the truth. the clan thus maintained its separation of duties over the millennia rather than becoming specialized to one particular mode of existence. the Assamites were an impenetrable mystery to the rest of the Cainite world. It is an enigma to most and something that should be role-played by players. Toreador. This gave the clan’s main population a degree of isolation unknown to the vampires of Europe. This odd “family tree” has its roots in the Second City and has remained relatively stable into the modern nights. . Turkey. Gangrel and Tzimisce. For ages the great fortress of the Assamite Clan has been a story of myth and legend among Kindred society. Others claim that it lies in Northern Persia. many Assamites settled in the Middle East. Some Cainite scholars believe that the clan’s own internal caste system evolved parallel to those employed by the mortal cultures of the region. but for different reasons. and they knew how to fight the unliving. but they had heard stories from refugees of the Baali clashes. the Assamites have no one caste that is “more Assamite” or “more Haqim’s” than the others. born of his heart and cursed with his will. would have failed. Moreover. All Assamites are childer of their Ancestor. The truth is kept secret.

Viziers tend to keep to themselves unless involved in a mentor-protégé arrangement or conducting some cooperative venture. Quietus Sect Ratio: 40% Schismatic. few modem Cainites would have guessed that a portion of the Assamite clan could be devoted to peaceful pursuits. the vizier line appears to bear some vague similarities to the “clan of the rose. 5% Antitribu . the viziers are the eldest of the three castes. the viziers usually Embrace individuals who are exceptionally dedicated to their chosen professions. though the warriors never relinquished complete control of Alamut. in truth. or even slightly nudge the mortal masses. When the clan was more unified. and a surprisingly strong majority of the line has held to this ideal over the millennia. as a general rule.or guided by a single will. their innate monomania makes them less than adept at efforts to guide. 35% Dispossessed. many viziers selected their progeny on the basis of their ability to serve the Children as a whole. but his first brood was one of artisans and sages. However. Over one third of the caste may be considered dispossessed for all intents and purposes. but without that body’s resources for magical communication and coordination. caused no small amount of strife between Haqim and the Ancient Arikel. This is a product of both the caste’s shared psychological tendencies and the need for secrecy during the Long Night and later periods. the viziers make no particular effort to Embrace members of any particular ethnic extraction or gender. A significant minority of the caste remains loyal to Alamut. Few viziers are known to exist in the Sabbat. Few viziers are Embraced in the hope that they will realize some previously neglected potential. The viziers originated as seekers of knowledge. They were also the Children who. as their ties to the rest of the clan are marginal at best. if not pacifistic. Indeed. The viziers’ “caste culture” may best be described as a very loose affiliation of individualists. To suggest that a vizier is mad-or. and no few have chosen to enter social and political arenas – with varying degrees of success. had the closest contact with mortal society on a nightly basis. While the warriors gravitate toward the martial and religious aspects of any given culture and the sorcerers seek certain select professions. However. Paths of Enlightenment: Typically on Humanity save the Antitribu Disciplines: Auspex. Background: As a caste dominated by intellectuals. who most Cainite scholars agree was the founder of the Toreador clan. Vizier tastes often overlap with those of the other two castes. it seems as if the caste as a whole is driven to create and learn. the viziers became the clan’s thinkers. 20% Loyalist. Most of the caste is as disunited as the sorcerers. the Schism and the Schismatic's subsequent alliance with the Camarilla has allowed many viziers to exist relatively openly among other Cainites. Artisans. the viziers tend to associate with nearly any social stratum. Haqim was a warrior before he was a scholar. creators and occasional leaders. lacking freewill-is one of the greatest insults that one can bestow upon a member of this line. The decay of Assamite unity over the past few centuries has seen this practice largely fall into disfavor (with the exception of those researchers Embraced to assist in breaking the curse). and even these are likely scattered fugitives. Celerity. This latter state of affairs continues to the present night. Scholars. Indeed. each one the finest example of his chosen profession or craft that the Second City’s mortals had to offer. Yet few viziers consider their obsessive impulses anything more than perfectionism or the spark of inspiration (though the viziers are. artisans and a few politicians. Such exclusive selection. as if possessed by a solitary mania. Prior to the Final Nights. as the Children of Haqim settled into their modern caste structure. Yet the vast majority of the vizier caste is. worse.” though neither group is willing to admit any close relation. then at least inclined toward studies other than combat. and occasional disputes arise over potential progeny with particularly valuable abilities. no more capable of actual artistic creativity than other Cainites). After the fall of the Second City.Vizier: Nickname(s): Companion of Owls (*A*). The majority of the remaining viziers chose to follow al-Ashrad to the Camarilla. so the stories say. Like the sorcerers. By the most commonly accepted account.

the warrior caste was the Assamite clan. while a significant number of loyalist caste members follow Path of Blood. recent events have shaken the warrior caste’s resolve and forced many warriors to question their shared self image. the warriors are perhaps the only Cainite line whose primary focus is the study of the application of violence. Among the antitribu. Indeed. However. In the modern nights. soldiers. as the sorcerers are scholars and scientists as much as they are magicians. Still. Most come from some profession dealing with the application of force or personal violence in one form or another: terrorists. 20% Schismatic. The warriors traditionally make up the Children’s most visibly active caste. Some applied their martial skills for personal gain. They also seek above-average levels of education. both of their clan mates and Haqim’s legacy of justice. another gains immortality whose inept posturing is a thin excuse for the preservation of a pretty face. police and hit men are all likely prospects. or West Asian. In time. Obfuscate. gunsmiths and strategists are all respected noncombatant members of the warriors. a master sword-smith is forging blades in the depths of Alamut. at least to the rest of the Cainite world.Warrior: Nickname(s): Reaper of the Whirlwind (*A*). and able to grasp the abstract concepts and differing perceptions of reality that Assamite Sorcery presents its practitioners. the caste also Embraces professionals in related or generally useful fields: Photographic intelligence interpreters. For every assassin who stalks the nights in search of Cainite prey. Their role within the clan is that of the defender. The Assamite warriors. The caste’s mercenary endeavors gave birth to the tradition of the tithe. an intelligence analyst is whispering advice over a satellite channel. the warriors gradually became mercenaries. In fact several notable warriors are female. the caste does (in theory) serve a somewhat universal purpose as the sword and shield of the Children of Haqim. Disciplines: Celerity. Magi (singular “Magus”). in their own ideal. For every tactician who advises a desperate prince in a defense against the Sabbat. Quietus Sect Ratio: 55% Loyalist. not every member of the warrior caste is a warrior. sometimes called “viziers” by outsiders Background: The sorcerers usually select progeny who are strong-willed. military scientists. And for every warrior who receives the Blood for his martial prowess. However. though this more of a generalization than a rule and should not be taken to imply that all warriors fit that profile. Assassins Background: Many warriors are males of African or Middle Eastern descent. Laws of the Night – revised. are as close to “professional killers” as vampires can get –at least. in which a warrior who was paid for his services gave a portion (20 percent) of this payment to his sire in order to enrich the clan as a whole and to honor the individual who trained him and judged him with undeath. However. or a combination thereof. they will either return and learn willingly or die in discovery of their inadequacies. Nickname(s): Brother of Dragons (*A*). The predatory nature of the Beast and the violence inherent to the World of Darkness ensure that any vampire with more than a year of unlife has almost certainly been in (or run from) a fight. most Kindred don’t make an organized study of martial professions until they see an imminent need for it. Magical potential is not an absolute requisite. Even though it is more a loose organization of individuals with vaguely related skills. Paths of Enlightenment: Most Schismatic warriors follow Humanity. smugglers. some factors of the caste’s existence have remained constant. et cetera) when they are describing the magic possessed by clan Assamite. the Path of Caine and the Path of Honorable Accord are the most common alternate systems of morality. For a thousand years and more. The caste has no particular preference for gender or ethnicity. Warriors generally prefer to allow their new childer to go their own ways after a brief period of orientation and instruction. Despite the name. though this can be provided after the Embrace if needed. few Cainites dispute the assertion that the Assamite warrior caste collectively holds one of the most fearsome assemblages of fighters on the face of the planet. by comparison. and thus his only real heirs. As Cainites scattered across the Western world. 20% Antitribu Sorcerer: Note: The Assamite sorcerers are the same individuals that WW refers to as “viziers” in several of their earlier publications (ex: Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy. disciplined. . 5% Dispossessed. If they cannot. their judicial role abandoned and forgotten with the fall of the Second City. European. the warriors came to view themselves as the only true Children of Haqim.

25% Dispossessed. and even fewer have declared such allegiance since the Schism. Those few who still followed their forebears’ tradition of demon hunting swung into furious action. many of them byproducts of research into the curse and the nature of Tremere Thaumaturgy. Disciplines: Assamite Sorcery. shortly after Haqim created his second brood to act as the city’s judges. seekers of the truth and hunters of demons. both magical and social. and consorted with the scholars in pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake. and a few Iberian sorcerers are rumored to pursue the Path of Night. They worked alongside the judges as interrogators. and thus the leader of the sorcerers. The caste’s faith in its leader was nearly unshakable –but the appearance of a godling from the clan’s dim past was enough to shatter the faith of many. The sorcerers greet this notion with no small degree of ironic amusement. All but a tiny handful of sorcerers felt the fluctuation of energy when the Methuselah called upon the blood that flowed in their veins. The few sorcerers who may have joined the Sabbat at its inception are assumed to have died at some forgotten. cleansing their territories of servants of the Tremere and anything else unfortunate enough to cross their paths. After the Second City’s fall. with the caste’s organizational structure or an individual elder’s practices. it accomplished what hundreds of lesser sorcerers had vainly attempted for five hundred years. The seers swamped the warrior caste’s militants with reams of information on enemies and allies alike. chthonic city in Mesopotamia Centuries ago. Only in the past decade have the sorcerers rallied. urShulgi was the new Eldest and thus leader of the Children of Haqim. The caste boasts a moderate number of Path of Blood adherents. Obfuscate. The first of their number were mortal wizards enlisted in various conflicts with the promise of temporal power and eventual immortality. their role expanded to include such tasks as magical communication to keep the clan unified. Tonight. 35% Schismatic. weather sorcery to nurture the crops of the mortal herds that the Children of Haqim kept and combat threats from both Cainites and other supernatural creatures –in particular as the clan’s first line of defense against the Tremere. real or imagined. waiting to see what ur-Shulgi would do next. mainly among the loyalists. The question became one of loyalty to the Amr over the loyalty to the clan. the Amr. Though al-Ashrad was the Amr.Their existence has long been known to the Tremere. uniting brethren unseen in centuries in a resumption of purpose: find the roots of Tremere power and shatter the curse. but the rest of the modem Cainite world considered the notion of Assamite blood magicians unthinkable until recent nights. The caste collectively held its figurative breath. Their artificers and alchemists supplied the warriors with a myriad of creations. al-Ashrad. and few remembered ur-Shulgi as more than a name from a legend. rolled through the caste. The resulting conflict between the new Eldest and its childe. equal portions of the caste support ur-Shulgi’s bloody vision for the Children of Haqim and al-Ashrad’s calm words of moderation. though many are rather distanced from its higher aspirations by the end of their first decades of unlife. Eventually the majority of these individuals return to the fold sooner or later. Paths of Enlightenment: Most sorcerers follow Humanity. despite its refusal to formally claim the title. With a week‘s preparation and a single night of action. either out of a thirst for further instruction or to escape the attention of the Tremere. many Sorcerers have at one time or another walked the path of the dispossessed in their unlives due to some argument. Those few who may have recently joined or had dealings with the Sabbat find the Path of Caine and the Path of Power and the Inner Voice particularly enticing. The shock waves of its feat. Quietus Sect Ratio: 35% Loyalist. 5% Antitribu . returning to their former prominence as an equal and integral part of the Children of Haqim. the sorcerers’ first duty to the clan became the breaking of that same curse. A furious exchange of information crackled across the global telecommunications network and arced through the ether. Then ur-Shulgi arose. After the Warlocks levied the curse upon clan Assamite. rocked the sorcerer caste to its roots. as their own records state that they are the eldest organized blood magicians of any clan. Although now predominately either schismatic or loyalist. All but the eldest sorcerers knew the Amr as the greatest magician in the world. while no few sorcerers walk the path of the dispossessed in the hopes that the conflict will pass them by and they can return to their private studies. The Assamite sorcerers originated in the Second City.

slow. you believed it all. Then a tiny figure. first born to the true Magi and as strong as the mightiest of warrior. There is no fighting. Divisions by Sect: Loyalist: Everything you know about us is a lie. Now only Haqim and the Blood remain. . The sickness of false faith is now at an end. There is only peace in the anticipation. simplest explanation of actions whose true motives their grand sires had forgotten. almost noiseless. but they have divided responsibilities into lesser groupings to ensure their affairs are governed properly. It kept the Children safe for hundreds of years while they tried to find themselves again. the Clan has restructured itself and is no longer the way it once was. gradually becoming a steady flow that left the surviving Children ankle-deep in cooling crimson. There are no harsh words. It was an easy one to believe. The Mountain whispers the name Ur-Shugli.” Most of Ur-Shugli's heritage and becoming are shroud in the depths of time and the mists of forgotten history of the Clan. And we are already dead. The only certainty where Haqim’s childer are concerned is that their current state of upheaval will shake the foundations of Kindred society – as. or at least a truce with. Voice of the Eldest. It was a good lie. the Schismatics have restructured themselves accordingly due to the being more wide spread over the world. even thousands of bloodthirsty .literally – Arab assassins. As much as a third of the Assamite population has petitioned for membership in. Now these nights it would seem we are weaker.Where Things Are Tonight: With the coming of the Final Nights. and with him soon shall return the King of Scholars. Then footfalls: light. the Eldest still leads and Al-Ashrad is the Eldest of them all. While the Loyalists still try to hold true to their original structure. it already has. “I am Ur-Shulgi. We have watched as Al-Ashrad and Tegyrius spread the lies and the conjecture to win the disillusioned and the faint of heart. But we know the truth. and many of the clan’s own long-held beliefs are in disarray. Haqim himself. its eyes burned from its skull. while another third seems to have redoubled its efforts to wipe every other vampire from the face of the planet. a few drops seeping down through the tunnels. The Herald – Ur-Shulgi: From the Baali conflict of the second city – The blood began to flow into the cavern. indeed. the same way we lied to the rest of the Cainites. the Mountain is quiet. With the Schismatics. The Schism: “Can a person really serve two masters? Al-Ashrad said yes. The halls whisper his comings with red sand and we shall soon be set free to cleanse this world and to do Haqim's bidding.clung to it. Recent developments have shattered the Cainite world’s preconceived notions of what Assamites are. Are we truly weaker? The Herald has returned. his power is likened onto a God that only Haqim himself would be able to control. blackened and charred. But now.” it whispered. as the safest. to keep a secret safe from the ears of the young. Yes. Can one serve Haqim and their faith? Is there room enough in our heart for both? I like to think so for I do his work and HIS work. the Assamite clan is in a state of flux. The older ones say that Haqim speaks thru him like a conduit from a world out of time where the great Ancestor rests and awaits our preparations for him. the Ancestor of us all. They lied to us. The whispers are no more than an echo. Survive and prevail thru victory or death. so only victory awaits us now. The old rivalries are now put a side for the greater good of us all. We have spent thousands of years preparing for this moment and now only those who are of the purest of heart will survive the cleansing that the Herald demands of us all. the frightened and the weak from the Mountain's grasp. Haqim's most favorite son.” ~Jieeda Bint Zaire Ibn Nader. Contract killers slaying vampires for the greater glory of Caine and Haqim. or “Assam” as you may mispronounce his name. the Camarilla. the rest of the Cainite world believed it . And I am of the Blood. We promoted it and as time went on. Only a trickle at first. was it not? Hundreds. “Haqim sends me. He of the Spear and the Tablet. and that is one of the reasons why we left. emerged into the flickering light of the single torch that a ghoul had managed to keep burning. Childe of Tegyrius Due to the Schism. but one thing is for sure. as if those of a child tentatively making its way down the steep passages. even.

clan book). deposing the Eldest and Caliph. They rebelled. He is our founder. But Ur-Shulgi refuses to openly call himself the Eldest. To have devotion to one's craft. This front created 'the terror of kindred assassins' that kept other clans at bay and to allow the other Clans to forget that there were such things as Viziers and Magi. and it is rumored that Thetmes has returned to the mountain to do the Herald's bidding. but that make no difference. Loyalist on The Laws of Haqim The Law of Leadership: "Honor the Eldest among meet his God." Jamal was the first Assamite to die in such a fashion. as he has abolished the Du'at with the leaving of al-Ashrad and Tygerius. but it was Haqim's word that we should do so. ur-Shulgi is his Herald." . Thetmes as well as others fronted the Web of Knives to produce soldiers that would become the Clan's biggest outward front from the viewpoint of the other clans. Not many are close to this being. Thetmes. his voice. to help over see the Magi that have remained behind and to over see the secrets of Alamut. one must honor the craft as if it were a grow child. one must spread a lie. for he is to rule my House when I am absent. Those that heard ur-Shulgi's call fought and spilled the blood of their brothers and sisters for it was Haqim's word that we do so. we shall watch our brethren from a far. . Ur-Shulgi has appointed Amaravati as his chosen Amr (see page 52 of the 3rd Ed. with the classification of Rare. Now we wait for the cleansing once again. To create order. one must create order. Thru him we shall see Haqim's true grand design." We have shed blood. the Herald arose in 1998. To spread a lie. Amaravati is often seen with scores of Silsila (keepers of the blood) who were once direct subordinates of the Du'at. and its members are ranked among the most devoted adherents to the Path of Blood. The Master of the Web of Knives is the ancient 'master assassin'.. Because of the amount of time they spend as Ghouls they receive Potence as a 4th In-Clan Discipline (Storyteller's discretion). his spear. Their goal is to create the deadliest individuals to do the bidding of Haqim's hand when he returns to lead his lineage in the Final War against the Cainites. They recruited the most formidable mortal assassins they could find and imparted accumulated centuries of knowledge and training. Web of Knives Characters are rare and unusual in OWBN. and that is why we were made. and many Schismatic Assamites still consider him a Martyr.. believing that Haqim speaks thru him like a conduit to give them a future. allowing them to learn Potence without a teacher and granting them the ability to teach it to others (again. and their training process became sought after by the elite of the Warrior Caste. The mortals may not know of us. 'The Shepherd' or 'The Ancestor’s Voice'. There are no leaders save HIM. A man who on more than one occasion refused the title of Caliph for the duty of becoming the greatest of assassins as well as training them." Mortals need or protection from the Cainites. as his mind is apparently closed like a vice around his thoughts. Jamal. Over the next century or so." Haqim is our only Eldest. Its main purpose was to produce the perfect warriors for missions and contract killings. and only a chosen few meet with his directly. Storyteller discretion). try to run. It is our duty to protect them from the corrupted leaches that walk this earth. Ur-Shulgi has claimed that Jamal refused to renounce Allah and has thus been "sent. one must have devotion to one's craft. They are weak and we are strong. this group became the Web of Knives. Factions with in Factions: The Web Of Knives: "To keep the truth. and tossing him from the black throne and impaling him on a spear for all to see. Please work with the Assamite Coordinator’s Office. solitude and secrecy. The Web of Knives still exists in modern nights. a small band of Warrior Caste assassins challenged the traditional custom of embracing progeny and allowing them to survive or die on their own merit (much like the Gangrel). sent to us by Haqim himself. Law of Protection: "Ward the mortals from Caine's descendants and treat with them honor in all things.Thetmes In 1102 AD. ur-Shugli leads us thru his visions. for that judgment is for the Eldest alone. and are all staunch Loyalists. Members of the Web of Knives begin their training as Ghouls.After eons of rest. Many of the Assamites still loyal to the Black Throne refer to Ur-Shulgi as 'The Herald'. revolted against the very reason why we exist. The Law of Destruction: "Slay not those of the Blood. referring to Haqim himself by that title. Until then.

The Khabar is not an easy Code to follow and often its tenets conflict with those who lie upon their humanity and cling to it.Tariq the Silent (Note: the Khabar is something that is from Second Edition before the revision into Third Edition. Often the practice of the Khabar is followed by the ridding one's body of the last remains of humanity to embrace Path of Blood.. Protection... When dealing with the Sorcerer and Vizier Caste. sitting in hiding. see the Schismatic section of this document. Muruwa (Honor). are seen by those who do not share this 'honor code' as 'docile monsters waiting to pounce'.. . Due to the Herald commanding that all contracts are null and void. All lies are punishable by death. While the Schismatics have evolved due to the pressures of the Camarilla as well as to show the truths behind Haqim’s Laws. Fida’i and Rafiq. wipe them all out! The Khabar (the Assassin's Code of Honor): ". Word and Leadership). but a mind-set of some Assamites still loyal to the Mountain. The Khabar is broken down into the Seven Towers of the Master's Castle: Asabiyya (Loyalty). so sayeth the Herald. Judgment.." All Cainites are a cancer upon this earth. but trust in their station. We have waited too long.) The Khabar is not a Law or a Tradition. followed primarily by few remaining Silsila and devotees to the Web of Knives prior to them becoming Rafiq to keep the peace amongst their brethren as well as to become effective killers..." To the letter! There is only the truth. Ur-Shulgi (and those close to The Shepherd) watches them closely for signs faltering as those who are close to Methuselah debate whether the Herald will allow the Khabar to persist or snuff out these devoted assassins in an instant... the Warriors rely upon the traditional methods of becoming prestigious as there are no ‘roads’ for them to follow. As there is no Caliph. PRESTIGE AND RANK Those still loyal to the Mountain have a very similar structure to their Prestige that mirrors the Schismatics. Just some have said there is 'honor amongst thieves'. It should be something that can be practice by Loyalist Assamites only and exclusively. but shall never over power Haqim's five sacred Laws (Destruction.The Law of the Word: "Deceive not those of the Blood. Their Prestige regarding the Sorcerers and Viziers remain the same as the Schismatics. sitting in wait." .... The Khabar itself means 'honor' and for the few that still follow it's tenants in conjunction with the Laws of Haqim. the Loyalist’s Prestige has remained diligent. The Law of Judgment: "Judge those of Caine's Blood and punish them. Mumin (Faith) and Umma (Community). for my House is founded on Truth. Taqqiya (Secrecy). while the Warriors have not evolved since before the breaking of the Clan.. Hadd (Vengeance)... Their title strikes not only fear. The Khabar is a Code of Honor that dictates to its user the intent of a killer to live amongst killers. Warriors are expected to be able to be left to their own devices to aid and better the Clan as they see fit. Its tenets mimic the Laws of Haqim.. Haqim awakens and we shall put things right. Wipe them out.. so does this code teach 'honor amongst assassins. They can increase their Prestige thru the following methods: +2 for the Title of Silsila These prestigious and potent Warriors are honor guard of Alamut.. should they be found wanting.. Please contact the Assamite Coordinator’s office for more information about the Khabar..' After the Breaking of the Clan. Once Rafiq. The Warriors: The Warriors have but two ranks. only a few who still follow Thetmes's original teachings with in the Web of Knives devoted themselves to such a code. Ikhwan (Brotherhood).

All members identify themselves by wearing a pin depicting a blindfolded woman representing Justice. and each year since 120 AD. That the Eldest has decreed. Its structure is formal and they take with in it's ranks many who seek to uphold a moral compass and stricture towards the Law of Judgment. (Coordinator NPC only. Da'i The Da'i is a subset of the Rafiq. the position now falls to Amaravati. this usage almost always refers to strict adherents of the Path of Blood. and realms of magical study. yet they hold hope. We are Camarilla. it often means that other Elders know and it has brought a negative light to the Schism. Amaravati ‘acts’ as Amr in his absence with in Alamut's walls. We must be perfection in the eyes of the Camarilla in the finest. While not all Sisters are Viziers. they must amplify what it is be to be Camarilla. that one day they will be welcomed with open arms as full members. Over the centuries the sisterhood has waxed and waned in size. But the sisters were patient and over came their pride and sought out other 'daughters of Haqim' who were equally piqued by the clan's collective. At that time the Clan was predominantly 'male' and the sisters were subject to ridicule. Any Warrior. We follow the Eldest’s will. Then hopefully then. . Alamut soon learned of the sisters and their powers and asked them to come to be known by the rest of the Clan. and has not been passed through OWBN Council. their 'sisterhood' revolving around being priestesses to Bacchus (god of wine and intoxication) who divination powers were said to work best when the entrails of a subject were still warm. and time and time again Al-Ashrad is chosen to lead the Magi no matter the dividing lines. the entire Sisterhood is nearly split in half between al-Ashrad's Schismatic and the Dispossessed. The title has not been formally given to him as each year a new Amr is chosen through divination of the stars on the vernal equinox. We must be the model citizens. The Eldest in “Exile” – Al-Ashrad: As al-Ashrad has left the fold. But it seems every step they take they are pushed back two more. we are not diablerist. We may be tired of this uphill battle but in the end the rewards will be far greater than what we know. as the ashes of ‘infidel kindred’ are as much a trophy as their souls. We must prove to the Camarilla Elders that we are not a threat but a valuable ally. All Sisters also follow the moral path of Humanity. There is no sheet for this NPC) Sub-factions within the Schismatics: The Sisterhood Of The Erinyes Stemming back to the nights of Ancient Greece when one foolish Vizier gave the Blood to a trio of sisters who were rumored to have powers of prophecy. male a rating of 4 or more on a Path of Enlightenment). al-Ashrad's childe and chosen successor. The position of the Amr is to aid the Eldest in matters of occult. Some may say that the Elders of the clan seem a bit harder on their own when something negative happens.+1 Per level of Ace: Destroying 5 vampires of higher or equal strength than your own. very few (if any) believe that ur-Shugli upholds Haqim's highest ideals. As time went on these sisters developed and adapted their divination powers to encompass the sacrificed ashes of Cainites. Stories that sire’s tell their childer to make them behave. al-Ashrad has been chosen to be the most suited for that position. Schismatic: The Schismatic Assamites continuously push the upward battle to prove them selves to the Camarilla. who is sufficiently versed in a religion to be considered an ‘ordained priest’ who has advanced sufficiently far along an alternative Path of Morality and believed to be capable of teaching it to others (an in. this is a White Wolf NPC. only then will their mission truly begin. +1 for those titled Da’i (See Below) for their religious conviction and knowledge. when that fateful night comes and they are blessed with that. the Leaders. While Al-Ashrad's childe is not the Amr. In modern nights. but when a Schismatic Child of Haqim messes to the degree that the Elders are involved. and we are not to taste the soul of another. (ST or Coordinator verification) These Levels of Ace are accumulative amongst Loyalist Warriors. They continuously try and breach that stereotype of the “Blood Devils” of legend. the supernatural. we follow the Edicts. (ST or Coordinator verification) +1 for ‘Rigorous Training’ merit that comes with being a Web of Knives member. we will do his biding and see his goal as our own. magic. becoming a social clique for female Assamites.

This is false. but their guides. And so al-Ashrad rules those that would follow him into Exile from Alamut. and so that the Coord is aware of you. seducing her targets and then publicly humiliating them at some important social event. even in at their bedside while dying. for that judgment is for the Eldest alone. As least one sister has been know to enforce her own personal ethics through character assassination. running from the righteous to the malevolently gleeful. After Benzion's death his followers scattered to the winds. their morals must be high as well as their general sense of justice. and surviving in their base of operations in Israel. and he. Schismatic View on the Laws of Haqim: The Law of Leadership: "Honor the Eldest among you. Eldest’s of Countries. . All follow al-Ashrad. and who displays both willingness and ability to defend the Jewish people from outside supernatural threats. former Cainites servants the Leopards destroyed in 1967). but their humble watchers. for he is to rule my House when I am absent. To be a Leopard it is recommended to work with the Assamite Coord on your background. To be a Sister it is recommended you to work with the Assamite Coord on your background. it shall be he who this right is reserved for. and for thousands of years we have adapted by watching them. to follow Haqim's true and righteous path. Wisest of the Children of Haqim and who true age is surrounded in mystery. It is also recommended that Sisters take Mentor and Allies as major backgrounds to represent the 'Sisterhood'. We are not their teachers. We co-exist. The Law of Destruction: "Slay not those of the Blood. It is the natural course of things to ensure that they are not twisted and corrupted by the Jyhad. lead at that time by an Elder name Zev Benzion (literally: Wolf of Zion) who lead 8 skilled warriors on a bloody assassination of Camarilla members who supported the Nazi Party. only to be brought back together by Amaris bat Ariela who lead a silent slaughter in 1967 to destroy every outsider Cainite in Israel (only the Followers of Set have managed to retain a foothold in Israel since the purge who now constantly play a game of move and counter move with the Leopards). No. but not often. The Law of Protection: "Ward the mortals from Caine's descendants and treat with them honor in all things.To play a Sister: Sisters believe in the personal standard of honor. who keep the Laws sacred and keep the truth from being clouded in the deceptions the Camarilla can breed. faithful followers of the Schism. They are our wards and we shall honor them. Their interpretation of 'judgment' varies across the sisterhood. Regions and Domains. Accidents happen." For the Schismatic there is only one Eldest. Benzion was torn to shreds in a bloodhunt in Rio de Janeiro in 1951. It falls to the Eldest of us all. and should Haqim walk amongst us. not conquer. We must make way for them. seeking passage into the Camarilla to bring a better tomorrow to the world. the Leopards last great insurgence was in the late 1940's. al-Ashrad took the mantel of Eldest soon after the death of Jamal. Not all Leopards are Assamites anymore. and even though they can be of any Caste. Most sister rank very high in Humanity and Conscience. even if said sense is to 'let them eat cake' rather than to kill." Only the wise and mighty al-Ashrad may lay you low. They have shown us far greater truths about the world than any book or scroll. Tonight the Leopards (lead by Amaris bat Ariela) are staunch Schismatic. but not before he and his followers accounted for over 50 Final Deaths and several hundred executions of German and Austrian mortals. although non-Assamites are scrutinized and watched closely. To play a Leopard: A Leopard is an Assamite of staunch Jewish faith. has chosen Exile before open war. too many so called 'Eldest of areas' decide that this right is reversed for them. the great and mighty al-Ashrad." The mortals are our future and we shall not perverse them. We are not their masters. to role-play the IC acceptance. Ur-Shulgi has yet to dare move against them save the death of Sarah Schneider. Wise is al-Ashrad. All listen and follow his words. following the words of al-Ashrad. to role-play the IC acceptance. for he spreads the 'old ones' across the globe to be his eyes and ears. He has seen to much fighting amongst the masses. Most Leopards have more recently descended from Amaris herself (most of them are liberated. and so that the Coord is aware of you. The Leopards Of Zion Originally started by zealous and solely radical Jewish clan members.

" Do not lie at any time. They are given authority over very large countries or groups of smaller nations. our duty and path to show them their errors. Are we not forgiving? Are we so impatient as to not show them the way. The Law of Judgment "Judge those of Caine's Blood and punish them. If an ST would like these NPCs portrayed in their game they are to obtain permission from the Coordinator's Office. They oversee things on a global level and report directly to the Du'at and the Council of Scrolls. They serve the same purpose as the Regional Leaders only on a much higher level. to let them see their errors? Or are we 'Assamites' and nothing more than the rumored 'dark skinned devils' the Tremere would have the Camarilla believe we are? We are Camarilla.moderation. We are the judges off old. Any of the blood visiting a domain should make their presence known to the Eldest. for my House is founded on Truth. However. . Not all judgments must be done immediately and at once. Lying to those outside the Clan is more than acceptable. Our basis. for all words are and can be heard if they are founded without falsehood. Speak plainly and speak truthfully. and thus we adapt. Regional Leaders provide arbitration between the domains in their sphere of influence and act as a communication link to those higher up in the Clan Structure.. It is our job. abilities. Some say it is better not to speak at all. our continuing existence and everything we have ever and will become shall be grounded on us telling each other the truth in all things. even if it makes us angry. to see them repent. come to show and guide and be a voice of reason. should they be found wanting.The Law of the Word: "Deceive not those of the Blood. 4-10 of these should report to a Regional Leader.. or experience that may warrant a ranking or title. Paths. The individual is responsible for any brothers or sisters in his area or Domain that he is accountable to. but then all you are doing is coveting a lie that has yet to be told. Regional Leadership Structure: Eldest within a Domain (Can be PC or NPC) To obtain this post. Not all punishments should death. They are authorized to administrate a region of a major County or State or Province. kills. you must obtain the approval of those in your domain.. If an ST would like these NPCs portrayed in their game they are to obtain permission from the Coordinator’s Office. Approximately 5 Regional Leaders will report to each National Leader.Coordinator. We have joined the Camarilla.moderation. Requirements: To achieve the position of Eldest of your Domain we ask that all of the blood report the following information: Your Name within the clan Any aliases used publicly within the Camarilla The name of your Sire and Grandsire (If known) Approximate age since birth (not embrace) Your domain of residence Your caste within our clan Any Clan or Camarilla titles you possess or believe you qualify to possess. We cannot kill without the rights to do so.. Duties and responsibilities would be otherwise comparable to a Camarilla Primogen. National Leader (Coordinator NPC only) These NPCs are only to be portrayed by the Coordinator or Sub.. Include any skills.." Moderation. Regional Leader (Coordinator NPC only) These NPCs are only allowed to be portrayed by the Coordinator or Sub-Coordinator.

No challenge was issued. and yet our vision turns inward and we are allowed to look back thru the time we have spent to see ourselves from the beginning to make our existence mean something in the end.The Council of Scrolls The ’Monster’s’ accession to the throne was done illegally and without due cause. but once followed. they must forever follow it or renounce all roads entirely. the Eldest in Exile (Al-Ashrad) commanded that the Council be reformed. But whispers of rumors are still abundant. the Middle and the End. its remaining members spread thru out the world in hiding. Their words hold much sway with the Du’at. Many of the current Council’s whereabouts are hidden. These Paths are seen as the Beginning. But now. as they aid in the decision on whether a individual is deemed guilty or if they are deemed innocent. the Shadow and the Tempest “You wish to hear a story? First.” – Kyoshi Ji Gumo. It is up to the individual warrior whether they follow one of these paths. thus breaking two of our Laws. more than ever. The Warrior Caste itself has evolved in these modern nights in the Schism and been placed into subsections. the Da'i and the Sharif. the Viziers and the Sorcerers also have their own secret policemen that subsequently work directly for the Caste Leaders (The Caliph. or becoming dispossessed out of confusion and fear. Much like the ‘Iktihaam’ amongst the Warrior Caste’s Sharif.” –Tegyrius the Vizier During Ur-Shulgi awakening and rise to power. Clan security and secrecy is a must amongst the Camarilla. no debate brought into the processes. . the Vizier and the Amr) with in the Du’at. in which we are not allowed to see. Each title is proclaimed and granted by the Du’at directly and their titles hold enough weight to investigate any matter no matter whom they investigate with in the Clan. you will tell me yours…NOW!” – Dominus The nights of the Silsila are gone. The Storm. left behind in the dusty trail and footsteps taken from the Mountain. I find him guilty of wanton destruction and spreading lies and conspiracy. but their titles strikes fear to those who may have wronged the internal security and secrecy of the Clan. One of their subsequent duties is to decide upon prestige. the Thhul (the Shadow) amongst the Viziers and the Iasof (the Tempest) amongst the Sorcerers. it raises the ire of the Du’at directly. THE WARRIOR’S NEW ROAD: “The boy he was at the beginning cannot see the boy he will be at the end. The Council became broken and disbanded. he turned his attention immediately to the Council. In 2002. There can only be one of each title at one time. for fear still runs rampant that ‘The Monster’ will send his minions to once again disband the Council through force and bloodshed. which we shall learn about later in this section. and their powers are limited to their rank. These are the Iktihaam (the Storm) amongst the Warriors. or the Ace. the order and conduit of information they possessed quickly passed back into hands of the Eldest and the Du’at. Amongst the three. destroying many of its members before they could flee or even know of their fate... As the Seats began to refill. age and prestige. This by many are seen as a Caste with in a Caste. and no deliberation by the Du’at to advise the Eldest. but Elders see it as paths that are essential to the Clan itself as well as order with in a Caste that are full of blood thirsty warriors. the Iktihaam has the most power as he can call upon the Sharif at any time to aid him with his cause and can cross Caste boundaries if he so chooses to do so (with the Caliph’s permission). secret even from those loyal to the Eldest in Exile. while the others (the Thhul and the Iasof) are limited to their own Castes to investigate. Should any Clan-mate impede their investigation within the Clan.

they shall be granted the title of ‘Iktihaam’ (The Storm). whether it be disciplines.." -Fatima al-Faqadi 'Dispossessed' is a term traditionally given to Assamites who choose their own paths over the clan’s internal hierarchy. one must simply approach the Caliph on the subject. secret police. those who keep the Clan in check. In these modern nights. protectors. In modern nights. property. Assamites who claimed Inconnu membership were always considered dispossessed. To become Ace. wrote of her rebellious childe as “a wanton and wild thing. The direst of results are the Ace and the Sharif working together. Nothing could be farther from the truth. those who are tacticians. a group of honor-conscious individuals briefly earned the label of “dispossessed” before establishing themselves as the Assamite Anti.C. Such a term in the Assamite Clan could be attuned to those who are 'protectors of the clan'.” In the early Middle Ages. land. The Da'i are not currently lead by any particular Elder as their views are too expansive for one 'ordained priest' of any one particular religion or faith to lead them. wells. and thus in the hands of the Du’at. etc. The Da'i: Any Warrior. This is not far from the truth.. and those who will ensure all Clan Secrets remain just that. such information is placed into the Caliph’s hands directly. however. Many of these 'Aces' are or were cold blooded killers. as were those rare few who gave the Camarilla their loyalty or fled east to attempt alliance and coexistence with the Cathayans. but they have an essential purpose and that is to deal out death when ever the Caliph commands it. dispossessed warriors seeking mercenary employment in the Cainite courts of Europe gave birth to the first tales that cast the Assamites as hired killers. The greatest numbers of dispossessed existed during the Long Night.. perhaps as many as one in three Assamites were dispossessed. one must kill at least 5 opponents of equal or greater power than one's self. Da'i can also refers to any Rafiq who has advanced sufficiently far along an alternative Path of Morality and believed to be capable of teaching it to others (an in-game a rating of 4 or more on a Path of Enlightenment). blood thirsty and ready to kill at a moments notice. This population boom could not last. the Da'i is essential to keeping peace to the Warrior Caste. The 'Sharif 'are often seen as 'the Caliph's Shield'. if they dare. dispossessed by his own hands and lips of the safety of Alamut’s hearth and the comradeship of Haqim’s Children. The first recorded use of the term dates to the eighth century B. though a few Da'i hail from other religions. To become one. and watchers. When the Sharif learn of the teaching of Clan secrets. Many nonaligned Assamites met Final Death prior to the Treaty of Tyre for no . Lead by the Elder Kyoshi. who is sufficiently versed in a religion to be considered an ordained priest. It was this very view of the Assamites that started the greatest of lies. and thus they are often referred to as 'the Caliph's Spear'. Most Da'i are Muslim. Many of the 'Ace class' see these 'warrior priests' as weak and far too ‘humane beings’. heeding no authority save that of the spear. when the warrior caste’s historian.The Ace: This once badge of honor has evolved into a road not easily followed. There are no initial strictures needed to walk this road. lore or the like. giving its members spiritual guidance and harmony when ever possible. Thucimia. The Sharif: This is a traditional Arab tribal title given to those who serve as the protector of the tribe and all tribal assets. which is a terrible act in itself. Dispossessed/Anarch: "Mercy is sharper than any knife. Once an Appropriate ’Judge’ is found. Many of the Clan frowns upon them. only full devotion to the Clan before anything else. for they are the first spawning of the why Jamal martyred himself and thus they are often referred to as 'the Caliph's Soul'. though the clan has never kept exact records of the number of newly Embraced members who turned their backs on Haqim’s legacy. is a Da'i (meaning ‘summoner’ or missionary).Clan Secrets. Several centuries later. and the nascent Camarilla’s crusade against the Assamites fell heavily on the dispossessed. The Sharif is lead by the Caliph directly (until he can find an appropriate ‘Judge’ to lead them) as Clan affairs that they are most involved with fall under his privy entirely. these brash and honor bound warriors often come off as the very stereotypical ‘Assamite of old'. In this era. The Ace are indeed battle ready soldiers whose main duty is any forward assault or quiet manipulations. shall come from it. this usage almost always refers to strict adherents of the Path of Blood. for only death. or that religion's version there of.

. then they shall wait for the true Eldest to find them. I have thought of rejoining the fold. roughly as many chose to follow no leader rather than submitting to a power structure that they had known as the enemy since receiving the Blood. the 'dispossessed' remain aloof of their parental Clan for their own reasons rather than their Clan's. Laws: “Family quarrels are bitter things. pay homage to those who are older than they. They have to realize that if HE calls. and I do not want to be one of anything save my own self-preservation. entered torpor. I find the Laws unfair to those of us who seek our own path. We are not so unforgiving to our own that placate our oldest traditions and beliefs. or sought sanctuary with the Inconnu (this last one was very rare). but I do not practice them. period. Although many members of all three castes fled Alamut for the relative security and stability of the Camarilla. We must talk to them. Such harsh views upon the 'dispossessed' often force them into hiding rather than choose one side over the other as well as learning that they are but the few to the greater numbers of the Schismatic and Loyalists. I would be one of them. confused Children. Leadership: Obviously due to their very nature. For many of the dispossessed. their very nature would suggest following the Laws of Haqim are optional and change from one individual to another. Whatever the reason. for those who know of Haqim's old ways and or Laws and still respect them. then one must follow the Eldest and be lead by them. They do. And there are those who remain utterly and completely Independent.” ~F. but right now these are my own words. if one Law is to be up held then all of them are to be up held. but no one can be sure. They don't go by any rules. There are also those who have joined the Anarchs to hide in their numbers for the sake of safety or thru revolt for their own Clan's power structure that galvanizes Elders as the their leaders.even if it is Haqim himself. Both faction heads (Schismatic and Loyalist) are scrambling to bring these diverse individuals back to the fold . “Laws of Haqim? You mean the Laws that belong to fanatics? Yes. one side or the other. to find our own gain. They're not like aches or wounds. then they have broken one of our own laws. If such things are the case. but if they do not. They do not understand why this rift happened in our clan.” .. Often these last groupings are either due to not wishing to involve in such politics of either side. but they do not as yet make a very good case. Scott Fitzgerald As same as Leadership. and many Assamites feel that none of these options are acceptable. less than a few score dispossessed remained in existence across Europe and North Africa. they're more like splits in the skin that won't heal because there's not enough material. that is their choice. the Dispossessed do not have any organization to speak of save if they join the Anarchs. the dispossessed 'may' now make up a portion of the clan close to that of a millennium ago.reason other than their heritage. I know are the various (and few remaining) leaders of the Assamite Anti. to live in freedom of tyranny.” ~Jieeda Bint Zaire Ibn Nader Thru the lines of divide there are several types of dispossessed. Yet many a 'dispossessed' have run into one dividing faction or another (Loyalist or Schismatic) and survived the encounter once to tell the tale that that nearly ended in their demise and reiterate the words "ignorance is not an excuse". turning their attention directly to the Anarchs or Independents. Should I follow these Laws. or that they do not know of their own Clan's history. if this is the case. Dispossessed elders were favored targets of Assamite-hunting coteries by virtue of their unnaturally dark skin. Perhaps I shall wait and see which side comes out on top and rejoin them then. this rule changes from one dispossessed to another. But again. There are those Elders who have remained in torpor so long that when they awake and here the news of such drastic change that they stay neutral out of fear of retribution from either side of the Schism. and they do not answer. Where are they this night? “I maybe HIS voice. By the time the treaty was signed in 1496. with the Sabbat lying somewhere off the scale. These are lost. Owing to recent events. The rest had either perished. sway them to us. renounced their iconoclasm and rejoined Alamut. To them Alamut and the Camarilla are two polar extremes. For others.

Over the course of two weeks. The Assamite antitribu of the Sabbat may consider themselves a separate bloodline. led by the first hulul went into hiding. the Assamite became targets for the ire of all vampires. The antitribu kept to themselves. Over a single night. Many had no idea of the existence of separate “castes” of Assamites. that was enough. the symbol of the Assamites’ submission to the Camarilla was shattered by blood magic that was ancient centuries before the curse’s casters were born. they claimed to be maintaining the only pure line of the Assamite clan. the Camarilla subjected clan Assamite to a powerful Tremere curse. In the aftermath of the Anarch Revolt. By the end of the 18th century. Not every Assamite succumbed to the blood curse however. this was a frightening sign that the Antediluvians were close to awakening. In light of the overwhelming opposition posed by the young Camarilla. few Assamite antitribu neonates were aware of more than the haziest basics of their clan’s history. which was core to many Assamite’s ethical code. the faction’s leadership had always considered its sectarian allegiance one of convenience –the Sabbat was a useful means of striking at the Camarilla. the Assamite antitribu made up the majority of the Black Hand’s leadership and comprised far more of the Hand’s total membership than any other single clan or bloodline. ur-Shulgi. it best to speak directly with the Assamite Coordinator to distinguish and discuss this matter in full. Then ur-Shulgi completed the Breaking. as their lack of affiliation does not aid the Clan at all. as a corrupt. Clan Assamite found itself in a deadly predicament. and it provided formidable protection from other enemies that the antitribu had made at the time of their split from the main body of the clan. it does not. Haqim. it was an invitation to return their ancestral home.Prestige: Prestige is a funny thing with a group that claims no affiliation. For the faction’s elders. Many subscribed to the Path of Caine. [WW Sources used: Clanbook Assamite –revised. Over the centuries. Under the leadership of the hulul and his shakari advisors. But Prestige cannot be granted or increased either. which set them in direct opposition to the more “humane” elements of the Camarillanot to mention the main body of their own clan. By late 1998. Whatever the Sabbat thought. In this case. consequently.” . the Sabbat’s elite military arm. was not an escape from disgrace. however. Their motivation now. The Hand –and. They no longer revered their clan’s patron. Prestige does not go away. the Sabbat holds itself above mortals in such a manner as to spit on the Law of Protection. maintained a high average level of combat prowess and generally regarded outsiders as potential meals (with the exception of their fellow Sabbat members). “the Unconquered”. and so with the Dispossessed. abandoning their vows to Caine's Chosen. Normally. but rather from an influx of refugees. the Assamite antitribu grew into the backbone of the Black Hand. This faction of the clan would later be known as the Assamite antitribu. rather they seen him as all other loathed Antediluvians. the majority of the Black Hand’s leadership simply disappeared. but rather a flight from what one early arrival termed “the walking atrocity that sits on the Black Throne and claims to speak with Haqim’s voice. Within a year. the Assamite antitribu –were spearheading the most successful and profitable series of assaults in the sect’s history. Assamite Antitribu –The Unconquered: Note: The length of following section is not intended to present the Assamite antitribu in such a way that lends to giving an impression of their overall prevalence in the Assamite clan. they had little to offer the sect but their blades. the antitribu gradually grew away from their warrior-caste roots. The Assamite antitribu began its existence as a group of desperate survivors fighting to salvage their clan’s honor in the face of what they saw as an unconscionable submission to an inferior opponent. By its own admission. This power did not come without a price. The Black Hand –Caine’s Chosen. however. the Assamite antitribu‘s ranks swelled again with new recruits –not from “war draft” Embraces. The Sabbat Guide –revised & The Storyteller’s Guide – revised] In the nights following the Anarch Revolt and the Convention of Thorns. Assamites were defecting from Alamut en masse. though there is no functional difference between them and the main body of the warriors. or more appropriately. Our intention was simply to form a compilation of relative content taken from various WW sources in the interest of consistency of Assamite genre with in OWBN. For the first time since the faction’s inception. however. When the ragged handful of warriors joined the nascent Sabbat. In their desperate pursuit of a new role in unlife. For the Assamite antitribu neonates. A few bold Assamites of the Warrior caste. To temper the threat the “Saracen Assassins” posed. rendering the Assamites unable to partake of Cainite vitae. malignant force that will one night rise and devour his children.

The refugees from Alamut are very much a mixed bag. and involves a good deal of field work. Haqim was as harsh as he was to other Cainites.” Jamal was the first Assamite to die in such a fashion. answerable only to Haqim. the last Eldest was Jamal. Generally speaking though. the Assamites maintained for millennia a hierarchy unsurpassed by any clan save the Tremere (and some would claim that the Warlocks cheated by coming into the vampiric world with an organization already in place). and they found the Camarilla too much of a stifling alternative to consider. the ancient chose to test the Children’s loyalty from the top down. a warrior who held the Black Throne from 1494 to 1998. the instructing dominions keep a watchful eye on their charges and step in quickly to prevent any interference with the educational process. the nights of all-Assamite antitribu packs membership in the Sabbat are not as prevalent as they once were prior to the elders’ departure. Assamite Clan Structure: Although organizing vampires is much like herding predatory beasts. actually. the position became a formal one. referring to Haqim himself by that title. New arrivals from Alamut are usually inducted into existing cosmopolitan packs. When Haqim left for his frequent journeys. newly re-established in the wake of recent events. and many of their most promising lieutenants perished in the chaos that followed the elders’ abandonment of the sect. the better to keep an eye on the new recruits until the Sabbat can determine their true motives. The Assamite antitribu are still a major component of the Sabbat’s paramilitary arm. Toward his own descendants. The Sabbat would do well to not count them out of the running to regain leadership of the Black Hand. It is not an easy process.” Eldest in Exile. This structure has broken down under the strain of recent events. the Assamite Antediluvian. When urShulgi arose. The Assamites train their fledglings for seven years. [Schismatic: Throughout the centuries. He rewarded success well and only punished failure when it came as a result of laziness or foolishness. but they all share two common traits: They found ur-Shulgi’s presence too terrifying to endure. however. The Eldest (colloquially known as “the Old Man” even during the two occasions when a female held the position) was the oldest childe of Haqim interested in directing the clan in the Ancestor’s absence. nor a short one. competent (else they would not have survived the initial wave of uncoordinated reprisals) and highly motivated. is well-documented. When the shakari and their contemporaries parted with the Sabbat. he would place one of his childer in charge of the affairs of his home. they serve their clan first and the Sabbat second. now teaches its clan's antitribu fledglings somewhere in the southwestern United States. however. In light of the recent more recent events. though their role is somewhat diminished in the Final Nights. An Assamite camp. As defined. and many schismatic warriors consider him a martyr. though several charismatic young leaders are taking steps to forge scattered elements into a cohesive whole once again. though. of course. the Assamite antitribu are still organized –damned cliquish. A cadet's training lasts several years (anywhere from four or five years to seven for Assamite neonates). Some learn faster than others. Jamal refused to renounce Allah and was thus “sent… to meet his young god. After the Children of Haqim founded Alamut. the Assamite antitribu are far from their previous prominence. their actions eviscerated the Assamite antitribu‘s claims of purity and jeopardized the survival of the descendants they left behind. of course. Haqim’s name –and even his appearance. the Eldest is the supreme leader of the Assamites. only the most extreme accounts speak of him as an unfair master.] . The faction as a whole is disorganized and demoralized. with the Cainite from whom his descendants take their collective name: Haqim. However. Ur-Shulgi refuses to take the mantle of Eldest. most have recognized the impossibility of exerting “control” over all their “subjects. The Eldest: The office of Eldest began in the Second City as an unofficial honor. They are by no means broken. Haqim: The clan hierarchy begins. al-Ashrad] [Loyalist: Prior to the Schism. Their elders within the Sabbat have all vanished except for a select few. Unlike those of many clan founders. Most Assamite antitribu in the modem nights are young (under a century of age).Tonight. but both of the clan’s major factions maintain enough of it that it is still worthy of examination. Ur-Shulgi claims that.

the name al-Ashrad has been synonymous with the title of Amr. depending on Alamut’s political climate.The Du’at: The du’at council is traditionally the assembly of the heads of the three Assamite castes: the Caliph of the warriors. He has held the title of Vizier for three consecutive terms. He later followed al. Additionally. The du’at was the Eldest’s closest circle of advisors.] The Caliph: The warrior caste’s leader is known as the Caliph. Traditionally. this small warrior priesthood is composed of those whom the du’at and the Eldest feel are the truest adherents to Haqim’s teachings. but the viziers are accustomed to it. Amr or Vizier among the loyalists. and secret clan councils have no place in such a body. their duties are the advancement of Haqim’s Laws (and. There has been no other for close to two millennia. as well as one in the mid. It is the clan’s observed authority on matters of policy. they are also the keepers of Alamut’s library and museum and the core of its defenses should the Mountain ever come under assault. the Path of Blood). were once the direct subordinates of the du’at. including the affairs of and the threats presented by other Cainites. Alamut’s records put the formation of the du’at as a formal body at approximately 2000 B. The spiritual elite of the Children. [Schismatic: The Current Caliph is Dominus Ibn Lazus. and it seems to only be a matter of time before actual conflict erupts. but individuals who believe they will be able to best advise the Eldest during the next six decades usually come forward a year or two before the election. otherwise known as shakari or the Keepers of the Blood.14th century. Al-Ashrad currently seeks to restructure his followers into an organization more palatable to the Camarilla. it is unlikely that a du’at will be re-formed in the foreseeable future. at any rate). Additionally. The Vizier is the foremost academician among the viziers and serves as the conduit for information that the Eldest needs from the caste.] The Amr: Amr’s primary responsibility is to advise the Eldest on all matters relating to magic and the supernatural. However. and many Assamites cannot conceive of the greatest magician in the world being ousted from the position that he himself defined. should a trial by single combat arise whose outcome affects the entire clan. Most likely candidate for Assamite Justicar. The council also collectively arbitrated cross-caste disputes that threatened the stability of the Children as a whole. [Schismatic: The current Vizier is Tegyrius. several loyalist warriors have tentatively advanced themselves as possible claimants. its holdings and its mortal subjects (when the Assamites had mortal subjects. apparently preferring to allow its followers to sort themselves out without its guidance. Elder of Western Europe. and the Amr of the sorcerers. [Schismatic: With the destruction of one member and the subsequent departure of the other two. No process exists for formally declaring candidates. Traditionally. However.D. and he hunts a dangerous foe. he still is in Europe somewhere watching the North American Children.] [Loyalist: Currently. the position of Caliph is open following ur-Shulgi’s destruction of the previous holder. the viziers elect the Vizier in a simple majority vote every 63 years.Ashrad into exile. The Silsila: The silsila. the Vizier of the viziers. and no one has yet stepped forward to claim it.] The Vizier: The leader of the vizier caste (also known as the “scholar caste”) goes by the title of Vizier. 120.C. the Caliph is the Cainite who fights on the Children’s behalf. the Amr is generally recognized as the most powerful sorcerer in the caste. in theory. . Spiritually. Since A.] [Loyalist: Ur-Shulgi refuses to acknowledge a new Caliph. though council members often drew information from their subordinate specialists. usually applying a subtle emphasis to “the” when referring to the Vizier. Tegyrius opposed ur-Shulgi’s usurpation of the Black Throne on the grounds that it did not follow the proper precedents for a transition of the Eldest. The Caliph‘s primary duties are to advise the Eldest on matters that pertain to the defense of the Children as a whole and to guide the warrior caste in its defense of the clan. the Amr is re-selected every year on the night of the vernal equinox. He is. the greatest combatant among the Children of Haqim. This somewhat vague definition means that he must not only deal with magical threats to Haqim’s legacy but also with the realm of magical study in general. This may seem a confusing arrangement to outsiders. though few Caliphs have been masters of every form of combat. Every sorcerer who is present participates in a nightlong ritual divination that reveals the identity of the sorcerer who is best suited to lead his brethren for the next cycle of the stars.

Schismatic” The Council would be best understood by many to be more than just a body of scholars and learned men and women. email the Council of Scrolls Subcoord or the Assamite Coordinator. just as vast as the great unknown. They will then contact the players STs to verify they meet all requirements and permission to test the PC. Now.[Schismatic: A sizeable portion of the silsila‘s score of members declared schismatic loyalty. but they have the patience and wisdom to peruse the knowledge that is out there in this world. Their composition reflects the distribution of the castes within Alamut: Warriors make up the vast majority of the silsila. for what your test will be like. A player must meet the out of character requirements. there is no set format each are individual as each Assamite. . with a handful of sorcerers and only one (presumed) vizier member. The Council will review their request and then arrange a meeting place for the test to occur.” ~Makyron Sioned. They grant Prestige dependant on the actions of the individuals and their combined word can only be over-turned by the leader of the Caste in which they are 'judging' or the Eldest himself.] The Council of Scrolls: “Those who rise up in front of us are not greedy. Only in the absence of an organized Council do the Caste Leaders (the Du'at) reward Prestige. Petitioning the Council of Scrolls: Once an Assamite as reached a certain level to where he/she must petition the council of scrolls to rise in rank. Lesser Offices & Ranking: Vizier & Sorcerer Ranks: Rank 1: Aspirant: Rank 2: Associate: Rank 3: Master: Rank 4: Distinguished Master: Rank 5: Full Master: Vizier & Sorcerer – Inner Caste Prestige . and continue their stewardship of Alamut to the present night. none are known to have survived to the present night in the face of fierce loyalist attacks.Emeritus Warrior: Rank 1: Fida’i: Rank 2: Rafiq: Rank 3: Emektar: Rank 4: Hagakure: Rank 5: Sharur: For Loyalists Warriors please read in Loyalist section of the packet. These individuals assist the Du'at in the need to keep order and record on the deeds accomplished by the Clan. For we are vast in fields of stud. It is really all depending on which Council member you petition. diversity is our strength and not our weakness. as they fulfill their role under ur-Shulgi’s fanatical supervision.] [Loyalist: All silsila that remain are strong Path of Blood adherents. Seat of Tongues. They are also the counters and judges of Prestige in the modern night.

also.meaning. but will now go by the title Emektar. political/legal. Veteran Hagakure = Japanese . will retain their rank. Brother Emektar = Turkish .meaning. and to encourage character growth and development.meaning.Assamite Rank Requirements: Vizier Caste – Rank Requirements: Note: The abilities chosen as a Vizier’s primary area of study should be supported by secondary and tertiary abilities that mesh with their chosen field of study. Sharur = Sumerian . Rarely are such fields of study inclusive of direct combat application (e.meaning. linguistics. Requirements Dodge. & Athletics Rank 1: Fida’i 1 1 1 1 1 Rank 2: Rafiq 2 2 2 2 2 Rank 3: Emektar 3 3 3 3 3 Rank 4: Hagakure 4 4 4 4 4 Rank 5: Sharur 5(*) 5(*) 5(*) 5(*) 5(*) (* Ability specialization required) Secondary Abilities: Player’s Choice 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 Celerity Obfuscate Quietus 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Out-of-Clan: Player’s Choice n/a n/a n/a 1 n/a n/a 2 1 n/a 3 2 1 4 3 2 Fida'i = Arabic . Brawl. Rank & Ability: Ability: Ability: Rituals Advanced Paths Requirements Theology Meditation Astrology Rank 1: Aspirant 1 1 1 5 1 Rank 2: Associate 2 2 2 10 2 Rank 3: Master 3 3 3 15 3 Rank 4: Distinguished Master 4 4 4 20 4 Rank 5: Full Master 5 5 5 30 5 Sorcerer Caste – Rank Requirements: . brawl.g. Meditation. Devotee Rafiq = Arabic . Those who had officially attained the rank/title of Castillian by approaching the Council of Scrolls (requiring Coord/Subcoord involvement) and meeting after meeting all of the requirements. You will also notice that the title “Castillian” (which means “Spaniard”) has been removed due to a lack of genre continuity. Contacts. science. et cetera). Rank & Requirements Rank 1: Aspirant Rank 2: Associate Rank 3: Master Rank 4: Distinguished Master Rank 5: Full Master (* Ability specialization required) Primary Area of Study & Supporting Abilities: Player’s Choice (see above) 5(*) 3 2 n/a n/a n/a 5(*) 5(*) 3 2 n/a n/a 5(*) 5(*) 5(*) 4 3 n/a 5(*) 5(*) 5(*) 5(*) 4 3 5(*) 5(*) 5(*) 5(*) 5(*) 5(*) Knowledge: Lore & Language 3 3 6 6 12 12 15 15 20 20 Allies. Stealth. The Shadow of the Leaves. & Astrology are required for ALL practitioners of Assamite Sorcery. Theology. melee.meaning. & Resources 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 Influences 5 10 15 25 35 Warrior Caste – Rank Requirements: Note: We have incorporated a five tier ranking system for the Warrior caste to bring them in-line with the other two castes. et cetera). Practical and Spiritual guide for a Warrior -. These abilities tend to be more academic in nature (history/lores. Supreme Hunter Note: See the ‘OWBN Assamite Sorcery Packet’ for further explanation as to why these three abilities. Rank & Primary Abilities: Melee.

While holding one of these titles. Granted to one and only one Warrior. but the two Castes in the Schism award it to their brethren none the less. This method of seven years as a Ghoul plus seven years as a Vampiric Fida'i was brought forth by the (at the time) Prestigious Warrior camp known as the Web of Knives. For example: Tegyrius. 6) “Master of Weapons” (Warrior only) This is more a Title than an additional Prestige. this training technique flowed over into the other Castes as well as dwindled in the Warrior Caste. has said once this title is granted. The holder of this title is said. players that take the merit "Rigorous Training" are seen as one Prestige higher than their peers. More colloquially. Kyoshi Ji Gumo. for often their words can mean the life or death of a individual who has wronged the Clan. Please see the Merit and Flaw section of this document for more information. if they can best him. Vizier and Amr) conceivably add 5 additional Prestige points while a member of the Du'at holds that title. Note: For Assamites in play. Such rigorous training is engrained into the individual. he shall step down as their leader and depose his leadership to ‘The Master’. Each member of the Council of Scrolls is seen as having 2 prestige points higher than their rank. the Vizier of Viziers. These are those who are seen as Assistants to a Council Member as seen as 1 prestige higher than their rank. The Loyalists have granted the title to Janni. (Coordinator Verification) This Prestige adds 1 to the total Prestige the possessor holds. this means that an individual with this Merit can be seen and treated like a Rafiq instead of a Fida'i and expected to act appropriately or else receive more punishment. Obviously a Schismatic Sorcerer or Vizier cannot claim this Prestige. the Schism has yet to grant this title onto one of its members. The holder of this title seen as 2 Prestige points higher as long as they are acting as ‘his voice’.Additional Prestige: 1) "The Du'at" The Du’at titles (Caliph. it can also refer to a sorcerer or vizier who has declared dispossessed status by actively refusing to choose a side in the Schism. and for them to fail is seen as a large blemish upon them. 8)”Voice of the Eldest” This title has been granted exclusively to Jieeda in the past 4 years. the possessor is granted 1 additional Prestige on top of his or her current rank. can claim up to 10 Prestige with in Clan Assamite (His Vizier Prestige of Full Master plus an additional 5 from his title as 'The Vizier'). Should the holder of this Prestige ‘return to the fold’ the possessor loses it. a young Warrior whose prowess great skills in every weapon imaginable. In the Warrior Caste. This ‘title prestige’ effectively grants 1 addition prestige point to the holder who must defend the title from any warrior who wishes to claim it there after. the Thhul (‘the Shadow’ amongst the Viziers) and the Iasof (‘the Tempest’ amongst the Sorcerers) these are the leading internal police of the Clan. Appended to any title of master or greater (“Distinguished Master Emeritus”). (Note: Seat Aspirants are chosen by the Seat Holders alone). including her own body. If this is the case. this merit can be seen as retroactive upon confirmation from their STs and costs 2 XP to purchase. this title denotes a Master who has withdrawn from active participation in clan affairs butwhose expertise is still acknowledged and respected. Due to their very nature they are expected to act with much more honor and integrity that their supposed peers. 7) “The Storm. to speak the words of Al-Ashrad directly. Most often in the Final Nights. the Shadow and the Tempest” (Warrior/Vizier/Sorcerer) Also known as the Iktihaam (‘the Storm’ amongst the Warrior). . the leader of the Aces. 5) “Emertius” (Viziers/Sorcerers only). when needed. But this merit comes with a slightly Flaw. delivering judgments and punishments alike as well as detailing the will of the Eldest to the entire Clan. In some cases. 2) “Rigorous Training” ‘Seven plus Seven’ is not the traditional way the Assamites embrace their progeny and raises them. (For example: A Distinguished Master who sits on a Seat of the Council of scrolls would be seen as having 4 + 2 for his holding of that seat) 4) "Seat Aspirant". while in the other Castes this merit would make their peers expect much more from them than others who were embraced and not put under such rigorous training. 3) "Seat Holder". this is used to mark an elder who has entered torpor to await Haqim’s return or to ‘contemplate his or her knowledge for a later time’. There names are feared and respected by all Children of Haqim loyal to the Eldest in Exile.

the translation could also be seen as "Not Food”. The most Common ‘Out of Clan Prestige’ can only be translated from an ancient form of Enochian to "Not Thy Enemy". In such a case. much less associate with someone who has done anything that would warrant direct attention of the Clan Elders. with as much detail as possible. The request should be posted. thus making Prestige semi worthless in a world where "the Eldest shall lead". Such a ruling by the Council can only be over turned by the Eldest himself. he who is Eldest is simply. This chastisement can go as far as issuance of a negative award to the requestor. If unsure. Specific details of the negative award will indicate how the person should be treated (i. they cannot remove it.Using Prestige with in the Clan: The Schismatics are terribly informal when speaking to each other as long as a certain amount of respect is given between them. they too could join such a fate. These rare cases usually mean that the individual is being stripped of his very name and the 'undoing begins' (this usually results in the individual being stripped of all prestige so his name is stricken from the Council's records and then put to death). especially when it goes against the Laws of Haqim. Once the Council has come to consensus on the request. Fida'i is often given a long leash which can easily be reined in by anyone of higher prestige.Eldest. This recognition may be positive or negative in nature and should be fully outlined. “Not Prey”.. killed at best chance. and directly to the council. or “Not Hunt Worthy”. Such things can only be done by the Eldest himself and is extremely rare. Positive Out of Clan Awards: Positive awards are signs of a major accomplishment. most clan members are only likely to issue a request when they are confident that the request is warranted. Apart from any 'mechanical dynamic'. so since they have started with the biases of one who is not of the Blood. and granted all the rights and respect due to one of the Blood that has proven them-selves. (OOC: We recommend you post to the IC Assamite list. This is also the only way an award can be issued to a non-clan member. avoided as incredibly dangerous. One who is recognized will likely be known on sight or at least by reputation by most members of the Clan. As such. Most brothers and sisters would rather avoid you than be seen with you. this number is minuses by 2. People outside the Clan who earn such an award will in effect be considered a brother or sister. the blackballed individual can forget it. but this requires approval from the Council of Scrolls to be considered legitimate. Even more. one may add the amount of Prestige they have onto their total of Social Traits when speaking amongst others of their Caste. For non-clan members this is the equivalent of marking a person an Enemy of the Clan. The most noted and common Negative Prestige given to non clan members is known as simply . PUBILCLY throughout the clan. and email the Assamite Coordinator was well) The public posting is expected to receive comments from others of the blood and such comments will be reviewed by the Council in their decision making process. Removing Prestige: Note that even though the Council grants Prestige. Such action by the Eldest is the highest dishonor a Clan member can receive to the point if once finished if a Child of Haqim so much as utters the name of the dishonored individual. Procedure: A brother or sister must issue a request for special recognition of the individual. Note: Frivolous proposals can result in chastisement from the Council for wasting the elder's time. a public announcement will be made indicating the results and noting the details of the award. But Prestige is an important part with in the Castes when taking other members seriously. Out of Clan Prestige: Council of Scrolls issued prestige awards: It is possible to earn or award special clan prestige to individuals outside the clan. They will be treated with respect and admiration for their accomplishments. Out side of Caste. But let us remember. It's best not to pull Prestige on such an individual. Negative Out of Clan Awards: Negative awards are very severe when issued against a Clan member. As for gaining favors or approval from the Clan or the Council. if any. For those who are actually fluent enough. one should discuss the matter with other clan mates before submitting an official request. or shunned and blackmailed at every opportunity).e.. those of higher rank are often heard from first and their word is taken above those of lower station by the Eldest and the Du'at.

. and that each of them fulfill a different function within the Clan hierarchy. Someone named Al-Ashrad is the notable exception. Viziers and Sorcerers. all that he knew. all that they thought he was. Assamite Lore x 1: *You know that the primary Assamite Disciplines are Celerity. and that Assamites will generally defer to the eldest of their kind in a given city. *You are further aware that Assamite Disciplines listed in the first level of Lore apply only to the Warrior caste. *You know that recently the Clan seems to have endured some sort of schism. *You know that the ritual diablerie practiced by Clan Assamite is supposed to bring one closer to 'Haqim'. the Assamites had been placed under a curse by Clan Tremere which physically prevented them from imbibing Kindred vitae."Düþman" (Turkish for "Enemy"). You know that there is apparently more of a historical record following him. died with him. You know that the Viziers possess Auspex and the Sorcerers possess Sorcery rather than Celerity. *You know that an Assamite's skin gradually becomes darker over time. which count to them as level 5. all that they thought he knew. the fifth dot having to taught to them by an Elder of the Clan. *You know that the Du'at are the three heads of the respective castes: the Caliph (Warriors). which a great number of them follow. in fact. *You know that the Clan follows a very rigid hierarchy and that it is centralized around a location known as Alamut. *You know that the Clan is traditionally ruled by the eldest among them. rather than paler. *You know that Assamites thirst unceasingly for Kindred vitae and that they have a reputation being both serial diablerists and professional assassins. *You are aware that the Assamites have developed their own Path of Morality. meaning level 1 and 2 are counted as level 1. *You are aware that until recently. This continues up to level 6. You are aware that most Assamites which outsiders encounter are Warriors. Assamite Lore x 2 *You have heard that the progenitor of the Clan is known as Haqim and that he has a unique relation to his Clan in contrast to other Antediluvians. *You are aware that there are. and that a sizable portion of Assamites joined (or have at least made arrangements with) the Camarilla. Lores: Outsiders learning Assamite Lore are not privy to the last level. *You know and can recite the Laws of Haqim (although you may not understand their meaning). *You know that Tariq the Silent is dead. actually very dead. Insiders who are of the Clan are privy to one stage higher. the Vizier or Fikiri (Viziers) and the Amr (Sorcerers). Diaberlized by Madame Guil. multiple castes of Assamites: Warriors. . and level 3 is counted as level 2. *You know that the curse upon the Assamites was created by the Tremere at the end of the First Anarch Revolt. and that Quietus is unique to their Clan. and he enjoys near godlike status within the Clan's ideology. They can learn levels 1 thru 5. known as the Path of Blood. Quietus and Obfuscate.

one of the four Seraphs of the Black Hand.. master. similar to Clan flaws. Jamal.) *You have heard of the order of female warriors known as the Sisterhood of the Erinyes. who claim no affiliation. a famous high-ranking assassin among the warriors. Since his return the Assamites have split into multiple camps. of famous Assamites such as: Djuhah. and of how he eventually left. who follow = Al-Ashrad. who claims to be the chosen herald of Haqim. present at the Convention of Thorns. although you do not know all of the positions and who fills them. You also know the story of how Ur-Shulgi originally appeared in one of these battles. *You know about the series of events in the First Anarch Revolt that led to the Tremere curse and have probably read the Treaty of Tyre.. *You are aware that there are slight abnormalities inherent to each of the castes. the Schismatic. of how he founded Alamut from a solid mountain by striking it with his spear. *You have heard of legendary Assamites such as: Izhim. Assamite Lore x 4: *You are aware that the Antitribu made up the bulk of the Sabbat's elite fighting force. *You are aware that the Assamites have been credited with embracing such historical figures as Mata Hari (although this is disputed by the Ravnos). and who served as a Dominion of the Black hand. who follow Ur-Shulgi. *You know all of the major positions on the Council of Scrolls and have heard of Sarah Schneider (Seat of Copper and Lightning) who was destroyed for her part in the Schism. one of the Four Seraphs of the Black Hand. *You have heard of the Baali Wars and how the Children of Haqim apparently fought back infernalist forces bent on overtaking the Second City. and that he is said to have single-handedly slain the entire Baali force at that time. the Antitribu. *You are aware of all of the terms used to describe ranks of the various castes. (fida'i." an informal grouping of any Assamites who have managed to kill other Kindred from a kilometer away or more. and the former disciple of Izhim Ur-Baal.Assamite Lore x 3: *You know that 'Haqim' was said to be a judge for the other Clans and their unruly childer. *You have heard the stories of how Haqim created each caste in the Second City. and the Dispossessed. *You know that the silsila are a group that was supposed to directly serve the Du'at as peacekeepers and interpreters of Haqim's laws. and Tariq the Silent. and Thetmes. and that the warriors always show signs of diablerie (regardless of whether or not they have performed the deed). *You are familiar with the Council of Scrolls. aspirant. They are: the Loyalists. Fatima al-Faqadi. a serial diablerist who ranks amongst the most highly sought anathema of the Camarilla. and of the "Thousand-Meter Club. that the sorcerers seem to be constantly imbued with the aura of their blood magic. You know that the Viziers tend to be maddeningly obsessive about their specializations. disgusted with his childer's bickering. the former reigning eldest in Alamut. the former Amr of the Du'at). and that some Assamites strive to carry out this imperative. in passing. rafiq. current Caliph of Alamut. destroyed by Ur-Shulgi. *You are aware of some of the terms used to describe ranks of the various castes. the Black Hand (time to buy some Sabbat Lore). etc. who have joined the Sabbat (also known as the Unconquered or the Angels of Caine). You are aware that the Clan at the time refused to capitulate and join the Camarilla. *You know that the schism occurred with the return of Ur-Shulgi. *You have at least heard. .

and that skilled sorcerers could from this donation recall the blood of any Assamite who had used to the well. that all of our crimes. . It is said that when any Assamite placed a drop of his blood into the Heartsblood. alone of the Children of Haqim. rendering the normal dating procedures ineffective. The Darkening: All Assamites do indeed grow darker as they age. a uniquely Jewish Assamite order. Assamite sorcerers were said to have created a ritual whereby one could create a false diablerie through the ramification of accumulated blood. not Caine. the grisly spirit that guards her remaining digital copy of the Assamite libraries *You have heard any and all extant stories pertaining to Haqim. *You have heard that the Schismatic have digitally preserved the Alamut libraries which Ur-Shulgi ordered sealed. after which their skin returns to its mortal coloration. * You know the Truth behind Tariq and his duties. and this is why the warrior-assassins for so long accepted blood as payment for their services and tithed it to their Sires. The Amr himself has offered no hints. an elite secret assassination organization within the Clan. *All Assamites experience an odd darkening of the skin with age. This stage is reached at around the first millennium of unlife. *You now know Tariq's real purpose (see the Assamite Coord for details and or read their ed Clan Book).*You have heard of the Leopards of Zion. and have probably read the entire corpus of his ascribed writings. Assamite Lore x6: *You have heard a terrible rumor about precisely what Sarah Schneider discovered regarding the nature of Ur-Shulgi. it may be possible to determine an Assamite’s age to within 50 years by indexing his skin’s coloration and luster. With access to the proper reference materials. our misdeeds. and you know about Nap-Sheptha. although you know little else. but the auras of each caste’s members shift in radically different manners after the Embrace. and that great magical defenses have been put in place to preserve them. has pale white skin. quite unlike other Cainites. who become progressively more pallid over the years. were blamed on this one man alone. that the Assamites acquired their Clan curse. his teachings and his life. To perpetuate the lie and continue the “bad Assamite diablerie spree”. *You have also heard that it is from the Baali. *Frequent diablerie measurably speeds the process. the entire well would bubble with similar vitae. *Darkening begins between 50 and 100 years after the Embrace and proceeds at a steady rate until the individual’s skin is obsidian black and slightly shiny. *You know the truth and not rumors behind Ur-Shugli and his design by Haqim. By us. *You have heard of the Web of Knives. Assamite Lore x 5: *You know that prior to the lifting of the curse. Their observations have produced the following guidelines: * Assamites experience the initial post-Embrace pallor that other Cainites undergo for approximately two to five years. Several Assamites have charted the rate of this shift over the millennia. *You have heard of the Heartsblood. No Assamite has satisfactorily explained why al-Ashrad. a mystical well once rumored to be within Alamut.

Like the Camarilla or Sabbat. Quietus. Members of the Ashirra believe that redemption for the kindred was among the promises Muhammad made if they chose to follow Allah. Clan Infiltrators “We have spent hundred of years watching you. former Caliph of the Schism. The Ashirra. talking like you and even being you. To play a Byzantine Vizier: This blood line has the following inclans: Auspex. This includes those wishing to infiltrate the separate factions of clan Assamite. Infiltrators into clan Assamite must be passed by the Assamite Coordinator and notified to council before coming into play. This does not mean that there can not be infiltrators. These individuals hold no sectarian allegiance and are only nominally loyal to Alamut. beginning in the Dark Ages. 3rd Ed Assamite Clanbook) One group amongst the viziers was active in Byzantine politics during the empire's nights of prominence. and is classified as Rare. and it's survivors and their descendants still favor Presence over Celerity. Obfuscate. Do you really think we would be so fooled?” – Jalal ibn Jamal. lore’s. listening to you. both as this is such a rarity and so the Assamite Coordinator's Office can be sure of the validity of the infiltration. Lineages are known and can be researched by many Vizier Mentors.Bloodlines: Bedouin: North Africa is home to a small nomadic warrior line of Bedouin stock that practices Animalism and makes extensive use of ghoul predators and warhorses to maintain their dominion over the thinly populated wastelands that they call home. acting on their own agenda in the courts of Ashirra (they are considered Dispossessed). and which rules over Arabia and North Africa. is the organization under which Islamic kindred declare their faith in Allah. and they are largely confined to the Middle East. To play a Bedouin Warrior: This bloodline has the following inclans: Celerity. While Assamites are indeed capable of being infiltrated. . Please work with the Assamite Coordinator’s Office Web of Knives: See Loyalist section. from the Arabic word for brethren. skills and general expertise is extremely hard to come by. and is classified as Rare. Animalism This bloodline is consider Rare and Unusual in OWBN.lipped about their Clan and its structure to outsiders. This is a rarity among Assamites and they are sought out and destroyed upon their discovery. Assamites are typically tight. it does not happen often because the knowledge. There are basic signs that Assamites use to be sure that those professing membership are actually of the Blood of Haqim. Please work with the Assamite Coordinator’s Office The Byzantine Viziers (from page 46. While some kindred are true followers of Islam. Quietus This bloodline is consider rare and unusual in OWBN. but this is an explanation to something that is Rare and Unusal. Perhaps two dozen members of this courtier line exists in the modern nights. and their general lineage. the vast majority of kindred involved in the Ashirra follow Islam because it is convenient for them or to make it easier to operate in the Middle East. the Ashirra is prone to power plays and political maneuverings. the skin coloration of their fellow clan mates. The signs include: each Caste's Aura. Presence.

while others taken directly from the 3rd Ed Clanbook and better explained. You may not use Fortitude powers or other supernatural abilities to reduce this damage.but for you. While this is of little advantage to the average neonate. The grand majority of the time the Elder's response is "if they were meant to be embraced by Haqim's family. taken from 3rd Ed Clan Book) For whatever reason. You now share your caste's thirst for Cainite blood . appropriate for Assamite sorcerers. It is degreed from 1 to 5 points and causes reality around the character to behave unnaturally. Characters with this Merit have the same physical appearance as Cainites of other clans — that is.) Un-aging (2 pt Supernatural Merit. You may not take this Flaw unless you have at least one basic Assamite Sorcery power. taken from 3rd Ed Clan Book) Whether through a weak will. Supernatural Flaw. it would have been so." Such is the way of the Clan. shadow falls in the opposite direction. flows from the supernatural nature of these beings. milk curdles. You gain one free retest on every Self-Control challenge dealing with the warrior caste flaw. or light breezes permanently accompany the vampire.or 5-pt. don’t actually do it yourself. creative writer of the 3rd Ed Clan Book. although these Blood Traits ‘do’ enter your Blood Pool after the damage is inflicted. the very substance you crave is still a poison. and you have emulated his Blood with your words. you have become addicted to the alchemical psycho-active drugs that some sorcerers use to focus their blood magic. smoke from a cigarette flows against the wind. door swing shut. Many a humane Child of Haqim has debated this point with their Elder on how 'one has proven themselves' or 'one should have been embraced a Child of Haqim'. Only those who can prove they are of Haqim's lineage are brought forth into the folds of the Clan and given rank amongst their brothers and sisters. you have done Haqim’s work. For higher levels the effects are more distinct. adapted from Mage: the Ascension and taken from Clayton Oliver's web site) This flaw. Going beyond a mere physical or psychological addiction.Adoption: “Yes. Only an Assamite of tenth generation or lower may take this Merit. and it is lost if she drinks her way to ninth generation or higher. Magical Addict (3. the Tremere curse was stronger in you than in most of your clan-mates. taken from Clayton Oliver's web site) Your skin does not darken. as does that of most Assamites. water whirls in the other directionthat it is supposed to. you must bid two extra Traits on all challenges related to your blood magic when you are not under the influence of your substance of choice. However. For 5 points. a lingering anomaly from your mortal days or overuse of ritual components like kalif. when ur-Shulgi cast the Breaking. If you take the Flaw at 3 points. Un-Broken ( 5-pt. this dependence goes so far as to affect your very mastery of the powers at your command. actions and deeds. Physical Flaw. it will become progressively more valuable as you grow older. But I will never… NEVER call you ‘brother’. and so on. MET System: You take one health level of lethal damage for every Blood Trait of non-Assamite blood you ingest. If taken for 1 point the flaw's effect is barely noticed. and some were taken from the web site of Clayton Oliver. Your competence with Assamite Sorcery is dependent on the frequency at which you cater to your addiction. That right is reserved to those whose blood is pure and whose spirits are not greedy in their aspirations. Echoes (1. It . the great ritual's power did not fully cleanse you. Some were created by the Assamite Coord Team. At the highest levels the flaw is quite severe. the current Caliph of the Schism. For the assistance of the terminally stupid. and similar effects. Supernatural Flaw. This was no great liability while all of you were so afflicted. you may not use any of your blood magic powers or rituals without the aid of your preferred chemical. things start to levitate. Do not ask again. Merits and Flaws (The following Merits and Flaws are from various sources.” – Dominus. This flaw doesn't create things that don't exist. we’ll say this explicitly: Role-play your character’s drug use. pale and lifeless — but they do not encounter the typical Assamite social difficulties after their first few centuries of un-life and they find passing as a member of another clan much easier. like hallucinations. sweet tastes bitter.

even those who do not make extensive explorations of Assamite Sorcery. We have listed this Flaw as this has been known to spread over into the other castes. while in the other Castes this merit would make their peers expect much more from them than others who were embraced and not put under such rigorous training. In some cases. this training technique flowed over into the other Castes as well as dwindled in the Warrior Caste. The warriors also suffer from stained auras. Despite their protestations to the contrary. it is recommended that they take this Flaw. Every vizier finds himself caught up in the continuance of his chosen pursuits to the exclusion of trivial concerns such as daily shelter or . The caste widely believes this to be a remnant of their judges forbears' practice of ritual diablerie in the Second City. Supernatural Flaw. taken from the 3rd Ed Clan Book and further explained here) A vizier character has an Obsessive/Compulsive derangement that is related to the creative or intellectual Ability in which he has the most Ability Traits. the viziers are mad. Such rigorous training is engrained into the individual. This method of seven years as a Ghoul plus seven years as a Vampiric Fida'i was brought forth by the (at the time) Prestigious Warrior camp known as the Web of Knives. Whether or not this is the case. A sorcerer's aura always shows the distinctive signs associated with blood magic. the character becomes least. For reality's recoil from the magical essence of a vampire mage. Due to their very nature they are expected to act with much more honor and integrity that their supposed peers. All uses of Auspex or other supernatural perception on a sorcerer gain two bonus Traits. the player must make a Self-Control test again or the character enters immediate hunger frenzy. taken from the 3rd Ed Clan Book and further explained here. Success lets the observer know what the derangement’s focus is. players that take the merit "Rigorous Training" are seen as one Prestige higher than their peers. If this is the case. Rigorous Training (2 pt. by the standards of the game system. made by the OWbN Assamite Coord Team) "Seven plus seven" is not the traditional way the Assamites embrace their progeny and raises them.) The sorcerers claim to have practiced blood magic since the nights of the Second City. In the Warrior inspection of a warrior's aura reveals signs of diablerie. Sorcerer Weakness (3 pt. even if the character has no knowledge of Thaumaturgy or Assamite Sorcery and even if the observer fails the Static Mental Challenge required to read the sorcerer’s emotional state. Warrior Weakness (3 pt. this means that an individual with this Merit can be seen and treated like a Rafiq instead of a Fida'i and expected to act appropriately or else receive more punishment. The observer must have at least one Ability Trait in Empathy to attempt this identification. Every time a warrior tastes Kindred vitae. it displays itself in subtle patterns in the vizier’s aura. Supernatural Flaw. For those in and or outside the Clan that learn Assamite Sorcery who are not of the Assamite Sorcerer Caste. a character with Aura Perception attempting to penetrate a sorcerer’s Obfuscate treats his Auspex as if he knew The Spirit’s Touch when comparing it to the sorcerer’s level of Obfuscate mastery. Any observer using supernatural perception to pierce a sorcerer’s Obfuscate is considered to have one more level than she actually has for purposes of comparative power levels. and for them to fail is seen as a large blemish upon them. they are not actually of a higher rank. they have been at the task long enough for it to mark them. every time he comes into contact with that Cainite's vitae. the player must make a Self-Control test (verse 4 traits). Vizier Weakness: (3 pt. While it allows the individual to be treated as though they are of a higher rank. When this derangement is active. and any observer with the ability to recognize auras will always see these markings. even if the character has never so much as tasted Caintie vitae since his Embrace. but can be a severe impediment to a warrior who seeks Camarilla acceptance. But this merit comes with a slightly Flaw. If this test is failed. An observer who uses Aura Perception on the vizier while this derangement is active may make a Static Mental Challenge against a difficulty of the vizier’s permanent Mental Traits. Supernatural Flaw. From that point on. and the individual should always keep that in mind when speaking to their peers or their betters. This staining is little problem among the loyalist or the Antitribu. Any use of Aura Perception on a sorcerer reveals that he practices blood magic. taken from the Laws of the Night and further explained here) All warriors may become addicted to the blood of other Cainites. Social Merit.

until dispersed from them they are transformed to this person you once encountered.) In your past you diablerized an enemy of yours. body structure. Anyone ingesting your blood will suddenly gain 'distinctive traits' from your old enemy (such as hair color. Embracing someone completely transforms the person into the person you once diablerized and ghouling someone changes the person in a extreme manner. Nice Blood (2-pt Supernatural Flaw. If the character has a particular area of expertise.nightly nourishment. taken from Clayton Oliver's web site and modified for MET.) Somehow your vitae is not suited for the toxic effects of the Quietus discipline. 6+ Blood Points . All blood point cost for appropriate Quietus powers are doubled. after doing so their blood still circulates in your veins for some strange reason and has never left and will never leave. he focuses on it to the point of monomania. If 6 Blood Points or more are taken. Clayton Oliver for allowing us to use his website for information and taking things from it for this packet.Height. Eyes. If there is no such focus for his nightly existence. Mind you the effects only last as long as the Kindred has the blood in their body. I would like to thank all the Assamite players. Lastly but certainly not least. and as such is available to non-Viziers. Skin Color 4 Blood Points . eye color. It takes more effort to transform your blood into poisons and other offensive substances. Each blood point causes one lethal to your opponent unless 2 blood points are spent into it to transform the vitae into a more potent material. or their effects are halved. thanks guys. he fixates on the minute details of routine tasks. every single one of the subcoords. End Credits Well. and I say slight because its all it is good for. STs and such for being supportive and making this happen. I would like to thank Porch. This derangement flaw sometimes bleeds over into the other Castes. Those drinking of you or ingesting your blood not through the Embrace or Ghoul (such as other kindred) would gain certain traits of the person depending on how much is taken: 1 Blood Point .Voice of Person 3 Blood Points . ect) depending on the amount ingested from you.mannerisms. This Flaw can also be a slight blessing. that they not be allowed to be bought off as Haqim and the Baali's curses are much stronger than any one individual's will. will Baal's Caress and Taste of Death is dependant on the blood traits spent.Residual memories remain for weeks. this packet has been a year in the making. David Herold for all his endless nights of work on this packet. Like a disease it is passed on by carelessness. It is recommended for all the Caste Flaws. It will discourage anyone who decides to drink from you and also anyone who is to diablerize you will gain this flaw yet the person they change others to will be you. taken from Clayton Oliver's web site and modified and edited for OWbN. ~Terra . gestures 2 Blood Points .Entirely mental and physical transformation. and as a SubCoord. Example: Basic Quietus and Dagon's call (first intermediate) costs 2 blood traits to active instead of one. and his contribution to the Assamite team both as a player. Familiar Faces (4-pt Supernatural Flaw. the residual memories of your enemy last for weeks even after the blood the individual has taken from you is spent. facial features. Weight 5 Blood Points .Hair. the Sabbat Coordinator for advising me on the Unconquered section.