Please find the relevant details related to credit Crads as follows: Overview This document attempts to explain in the

brief the credit card processi ng in SAP. SAP provides a flexible and secure payment card interface that works with the software of selected partners that provide merchant processes and clear ing house services. In SAP the credit card processing is integrated with the sales and distribution module. Payment card configuration Much of what is required for credit card processing t o work with VISA, Master Card, and American Express is already set up in SAP. Fo r all credit card configurations refer to Define Card Types Transaction SPRO IMG -> Sales and Distribution -> Billing -> Payment Cards Here we define the type o f cards that can be used in the system. A four-letter code is given for each card type. E.g. MAST for Master Card, VSAJ for Visa Japan. A function module for checking the card number is also specified here. 1. Define Card Types Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP Maintain Ca rd Categories (a) Define card Categories: Here we specify the card category of the payment car d. With this the system automatically determines the card category when you ente r a card number in master data or sales documents. (b) Determine card categories: Here we specify the acceptable number ranges for different card types. Also card categories are assigned to the card types. Even though SAP comes with card checking algorithms (Function Modules) for standard c ard types this configuration setting is particularly useful to those cards that do not contain any standard checking algorithm already set up in SAP. 2. Determine Card Categories Maintain Payment Card Plan Type In this step, you a ssign the payment plan type for payment cards, the payment card plan type, to al l sales document types in which you will be using payment cards. You cannot proc ess payment cards if you have not made this assignment The standard system conta ins payment plan type 03 for processing payment cards. 3. Show the screen where this assignment is done. Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP 3. Maintain Payment Plan Type Maintain Blocking Reasons In thi s step, you define blocking reasons for payment cards. You enter these in the pa yer master record to block cards. The standard system contains blocking reason 0 1 for lost cards. Risk Management for Payment Cards Transaction SPRO IMG -> Sale s and Distribution -> Billing -> Payment Cards -> Authorization and settlement > Risk Management for payment cards. Risk Management plays a central role within Sales, providing you with checks and functions to minimize your credit risk. In addition to letters of credit and export credit insurance, payment cards are am ong the payment guarantee forms that you can use to insure payment for sales ord er items. SAP comes with predefined payment forms of guarantee as shown below. Customer can also maintain other forms of payment suited for their line of busin ess. Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP Define forms of payment gua rantee 3. Define forms of payment guarantee Maintain payment guarantee procedures In th is step, you define Payment guarantee procedure. These procedure controls, which form of payment guarantee, are valid for a particular customer, and for a parti cular sales document type. The various settings done under this configuration ar e Define payment guarantee procedures Maintain customer determination procedure Maintain document determination procedure Assign sales document types Determine payment guarantee procedures Maintain authorization requirements* Here requireme nts* are set to tell the system how and when to carry out authorization when a s ales order is saved. SAP comes with two requirements Form routine 1. Carry out authorization only when the sales document is complete. The system

Checking the pre-authorization tells the system to carryout preauthorization if the order fulfillment date falls outside the horizon. SAP comes with the access sequenc . Define Checking Group Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP Here yo u can see a checking group C1 is defined with the authorization requirement 902. The authorization horizon specifies the number of days before the material availability date. but the aut horization for all the complete documents is carried out in batch. Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP 8. Assign validity period for authorization for different card types Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP Account Determination Transaction SPRO IMG -> Sales and Distribution -> Billing -> Payment Cards-> Authorization and settle ment -> Maintain Clearing House In the following steps. If a sales order is saved before the authorization horizon comes into effect. 6. The system uses the entries here to determine the clearing accou nt for the payment card charges. you maintain: -> Maintain field catalog. -> Condition tables and the field s that they contain -> Access sequences and condition types -> Account determina tion procedures -> You then assign these accounts to condition types. the system carries out authorization immediately . Authorization horizon (described below) and preauthoriz ation settings are done for this checking group. you set the condition te chnique for determining clearinghouse reconciliation accounts for authorization and settlement. Maintain condition tables Here condition tables are maintained with fields that are added to the field catalog. Add to fie ld catalog Here you maintain the fields that can be used in the condition table. If a sales order is saved wi thin the authorization horizon. Note that the authorization v alidity period has been set to 14 days in Customizing IMG-> Authorization and se ttlement-> Specify authorization validity periods. SAP comes pre-config ured with two condition tables 4 and 6. The transaction will have to be reauthorized if delivery activities take longer than 14 days. rather on Day 2. Carry out authorization only when the sales document is complete. Maintain Field Catalog. Refer to 9. Refer 11. 5. that the system is to initiate authorization. the postings in the rec eivable account for the payment card will be credited and a consolidated debit w ill be created and posted to the clearinghouse account. *Requirements are ABAP/4 code. Requirements for various functions can be accessed using trans action VOFM Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP 4. Maintain Condition Table Maintain access sequences In this step we define an access sequence and link the access sequence with the conditi on tables. Define checking group: Here a checking group is defined and the authorization requirement (described i n the previous section). The system does not carry out authorization when the order is saved on Day 0.carries authorization when the order is saved. Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP 11. Specify authorization validity periods Here number of days that an authorization can remain valid for different card types are main tained. Assign checking groups: Here the checking groups defined earlier are assigned to different sale s document types as shown 8. Preauthorization Concept In this example. 10. the system does not authorize at all. Here. Maintain Card Authorization Requirements Maintain Checking Groups How and whe n authorizations are carried out depends on the setting you make in the customiz ing for maintain checking group routines. Here an access sequence is defined. Form routine 2. When settlement is run. Assign checking groups 9. or billing date. Shows the transaction to maintain the field catalog. These accounts are a spe cial type of general ledger account that is posted from Sales and Distribution. 10. The three main settings that influence authorization are: a) Authorization requirements b) Authorization horizon c) Pr eauthorization There are two settings under this setting. or carries out preauthorization. the system has been set to authoriz e one day before delivery creation. Additional re quirements* can be assigned here as per the business requirements.

Assign Merchant ID->s Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SA P Authorization and Settlement in SAP 20. Approved: When the credit card transaction is approved the systems c hecks for the material availability. encrypts the data and communicates with the third party processor who in turns communicates with the card association and card issuer. confirms the material for the ordered quant ity and saves the order. Maintain Access For Access Sequence Selecting an access and clicking fields will display the fields for the selected access as shown below for access 10 as shown above. 17. 14. Assign Accounts (G/L) G/L accounts are assign ed here for the combination of Sales organization. Credit Card Configu ration And Processing In SAP 15. SAP processes the order calculates the taxes. 18. it is linked to the condition tables as shown in the next screen. and the order is rejected. Declined: The material availability check for the mater ial is not made. A small do llar amount usually ($1) is used as the authorization amount. If the material c an be delivered within the horizon date. Here. Here an account determination procedure CC01 is defined and the condition type CC01 is assigned to it. 12. chart of accounts and condition types as shown in the 17. Assign G/L accounts Set authorizatio n / settlement control per account Each G/L account is assigned an authorization and a settlement function module. Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP 18. shipping information is pa ssed to SAP. the shipping costs an d reads the configuration information settings and executes the function module setup as described in Fig. Payment Card Screen Path Header -> Payment Cards. Settlement Leg ally the merchant can charge the credit card after the order has been completely processed. Set Auth orization and settlement function module Maintain merchant IDs per account A mer chant may have one or more IDs for each clearinghouse with which it does busines s. using the card check algorithm function module as descri bed in 1. Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP The third party p rocessor responds back with the response whether the transaction is approved or declined or referred. Referred: The order is saved and is blocked for delivery. *RFC (Remot e Function Call) *Payment Application: Middle ware between SAP and third party p rocessor/bank. the order infor mation. These are The condition tables.e A001. During the resched uling run the system will check for the material availability. Sa les Order Entry Screen in SAP Payment Card Information Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP The first line in payment card screen is the card check p erformed by SAP system. The system will read the configuration a call the authorization and settlement function module during authorization and settl ement respectively. Sales Order Cycle With Credit Card Aut horization When an order is placed through the front-end system. billing information. Define Access Sequence Once the new access sequence is defined. 21. Condition types are contained in ac count determination procedures and control which access sequences the system use s to find condition records. De fine account determination procedure 16. a full authorization for the order is c arried out. then authorization is not carried out for the full amount. The function module formats the data and makes a RFC * call to the payment application**. you assign these different merchant IDs to their related receivables ac counts. Card type. Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP 13. Display Access Fields Maintain condition types Here condition types are defi ned and the access sequence to linked to it. Access sequence linked to the condition type Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP Assign account determination procedures In this customizing the previously set up account determination procedure is assign ed to different billing documents. Define condition type Maintain account determin ation procedure In this step an account determination procedure is defined and l inked to the condition type (which in turn is linked to the access sequence). The payment application screens the ord er for fraud. In this situation is merchant calls the bank checks for th e available credit on the card and a manual authorization is carried out. In SAP this happens after a delivery is created and the goods has be . 19. Assign account determination procedure. Note: When any item in the order does not have a confirmed quantity. And the remaining lines represent the actual authorizations that are c arried out. 22. credit card information.

the system goes out the get the authorization for the remaining amount. In case there is not enough authorization for the order to be delive red.en shipped. In SAP settlement is initiated using the transaction FCC1. The third party processor then transfers the fund from the cardholder->s bank to the merch ant bank. The payment application encrypts this d ata and communicates with the third party processor. The third party processor c hecks if the settlement request has a valid authorization against it. Authorization Response Credit Card Configuration And Processing In SAP . All the valid authorizat ion is submitted in a batch to the payment application at scheduled intervals as specified by the third party processor.