• Safety MUST be the first consideration for rigging and moving any object. • Weight estimations MUST be close calculations, not guesses. • Proper rigging MUST be selected and used. • Always wear protective leather gloves. • Hands or fingers shall not be placed between the sling and its load while the sling is being tightened around the load. • Use only approved rigging equipment. • Never use rigging for anything other than its intended purpose. • Never exceed the capacity of the rigging equipment. • Always choose rigging that fits the object to be moved. Never under-rig and be careful over-rigging. • Thoroughly inspect all rigging gear before using it. • When using chain falls, snatch blocks, or other lifting devices, ensure that the structure the device is rigged to will support the intended load. • Inspect rigging regularly during extended work periods. • Be careful to try to find the center of gravity of an object before attempting to lift it. • Always test lift an object one to two inches to ensure that it is balanced. • Never stand beneath or place any part of your body beneath a suspended load. • Personnel who work around mobile cranes must obey all warnings and watch out for their own safety and the safety of others. • Crew members MUST understand their specific safety responsibilities and STOP all work if an unsafe condition is recognized.