A AGATE - Good for transmutation; helps with the emotion of acceptance; gives a mellow, blended aspect; beneficial in stomach

area. Distinguishes truth; Grounding; Healing Price: 2.00 AGATE/BOTSWANA - Use with highpressure oxygen therapy; smoke inhalation. AGATE/FIRE - Master healer with color therapy; enhances all essences; grounds and balances; sexual & heart chakra binder; burns energy. AGATE/MOSS - Emotional priorities; mental priorities; colon, circulatory, pancreas & pulses; blood sugar balance; agriculture. AGATE/PICTURE - L & R brain imbalances; i.e. epilepsy, autism, dyslexia; visual problems; blood circulation to the brain; apathy is eased.

ALEXANDRITE - Low self-esteem & difficulty centering imply need; central nervous system disorders; spleen & pancreas. Amazonite- Creativity; Joy; Psychic Expanding AMBER - Memory loss; eccentric behavior; anxiety; inability to make decisions; thyroid, inner ear & neuro-tissue strengthener; activates altruistic nature; realization of the spiritual intellect. Awakens Kundalini; Harmonizing; Soothing Price: 6.00 AMETHYST - Headaches; blood sugar imbalance; L brain imbalances; edginess; facilitates healing; inner peace; psychic insight; stimulates third eye; aid for meditation, spiritual opening & internal surrender Dispelling Illusion; Healing; Meditation; Promotes Psychic Abilities, especially channeling; Psychic Healing Price:2.00-6.00

calms anxiety. helps one let go of old belief systems. dissolves fear & helps transform it into understanding. calms nerves. AVENTURINE . coughs.Skin diseases.Heavy metal maism is alleviated. problems with eyes. positive attitude. AQUAMARINE . nearsightedness. fear. anorexia. ears.00 AZURITE-MALACHITE . lack of discipline. VD. mental clarity. powerful healing force to . Price: 2. thymus gland. Price: 2. creative insight. teeth.00 ATACAMITE .Eliminates psychosomatic ills. neck. skin diseases.Arthritis & joints. thyroid. meditation.Fluid retention.ANHYDRITE . stomach. jaw. parasympathetic ganglia. fear.Genitals. surfaces psychic blocks that form physical blocks. Price: 2.00 AZURITE .

gallstones. Reduces Emotional & Mental Stress. hiccoughs. Price: 2. emotional release. Price: 2. Grounding. strengthens blood purifying organs. digestion. focuses attention to the present moment. fever. purifies bloodstream. use with citrine on lower 3 chakras. bowel cancer. leukemia. . all purpose healer & cleanser.00 CHALCEDONY .Grounding. Psychic Healing. bladder. Alinging.00 C CARNELIAN .physical body. stomach & bowel pain. swollen glands.Touchiness. eye problems. stimulates curiosity & initiative.00 BLOODSTONE/HELIOTROPE . Aligning.Circulation. Price: 2. melancholy. eye diseases. Grounding. B BERYL .Laziness.

helps personal clarity.00 CHRYSOCOLLA . digestive tract. prophecy. appendicitis. kidney.Gout.Heart. appendicitis. red & white corpuscles. alleviates fear. viruses. arthritis. Price: 2. creativity. feminine disorders.Emotional balancer & comforter. VD. liver & muscle healer. facilitates clairvoyance. eye problems. Price: 2.gangrene. promotes sexual organ strength. alleviates greed. thought amplifier. Price: 2. eases labor & birth. guilt & nervous tension.00 CITRINE QUARTZ . hysteria & selfishness. toxemia.stimulates maternal feelings & creativity release. cleanses vibrations in the atmosphere. depression.Inspiration. Price: 2.00 CHRYSOLITE . will bring out problems in the solar plexus & the .00 CHRYSOPRASE .

00 CLEAR QUARTZ . self-esteem. DIOPSITE & ENSTATIATE .00 E ELIAT STONE . poison remedy. eliminates self-destructive tendencies. balancer. Price: 2. . heart. antidepressant. draws out toxicity.Tissue & skeletal regeneration.Organ rejection. pituitary & pineal glands. Price: 2. all purpose healer.00 D DIAMOND . programmable. detoxification. lung & kidney stimulation. Price: 2. channeler of universal energy & unconditional love. karmic life acceptance.Transmitter & amplifier of healing energy & clarity.heart.All brain diseases.

and for healing. balance the aura. healing & patience. The emerald is affected by the moon. skin . Price: 4. 3rd eye center. increases psychic & clairvoyant abilities. Price: 2. Used to quiet the emotions.Bone disorders. all mental illness. balances polarities. and best used when the moon is full. meditation. The emerald generates clairvoyance. anesthetic. ability to concentrate. hyperkenesis. It has great spiritual value in that it can enhance wisdom from the mental planes Also associated with love. Amplifies effects on the spirit.00 F FLOURITE .EMERALD . circulatory & neurological disorders.Capillaries. mental capacity & intellect.Radiation toxicity.00 G GARNET/RHODOLITE . keener insight into dreams. transmits balance.

hormone imbalances. anger.cancerous conditions. protection from pre. helps alleviate stress. H HEMATITE . inflammations. balances polarities.Bad dreams.00 HERKIMER DIAMOND . depression. sexual disease.elasticity. aids in astral projection. GARNET/SPESSARTINE . hematite has a negative physical affect when worn too long. draws toxicity from physical form. self esteem. and can be worn with many stones as an amulet. augments meridian flows.Blood cleanser & purifier. . hemorrhages. increases healing ability. Price: 4.Enhances dream state. physical and spiritual. Hematite will help to focus energy patterns and emotions for better balance between the mental. develops ability to "give". self esteem.

Price: 2. past life recall. amulets of jade are worn for safe travel. strengthens body. Wearing jade is good for attempting to attune to the needs of others. parathyroid. kidneys. Works on the physical and spiritual plane. liver. Calms the wearer and centers the mind.00 JASPER/PICTURE . betters the immune system. helps a person to reach the depths of wisdom and the depth of a problem. when searching for a solution. intestinal spasms. . balances healer's auric field.00 JASPER/GREEN . Price: 2. longevity. heart. spleen. bladder. thyroid & parasympathetic ganglia healer. It is a good stone for meditating.Kidney. ulcers. esp. clairvoyance. thymus.Constipation.J JADE . larynx. Jade is a reminder of the integrity between mind and soul. gallbladder & general healer. thymus & their neurological tissues.Skin.

Feminine disorders. colitis. retardation. memory loss.00 JET . self-esteem. pain.00 K KUNZITE . fevers. thymus. stomach pain. Price: 2. Price: 2. thyroid malignancy. Price: 2. gums. alignment of lower spine. Price: 2.Alcoholism.overactivity in dream state & hallucinations show a need for it.Liver. etheric body alignment.00 JASPER/YELLOW . stomach troubles & infections.Endocrine system tissue. hair loss. glandular swelling. phobias. emotional equilibrium. schizophrenia & manic-depression. headaches.00 JASPER/RED . pancreas. teeth. sympathetic ganglia stimulation. anorexia. arthritis. . epilepsy. gout.

00 M MALACHITE . sore throat.Frontal lobe stimulation. Price: 2. radiation eliminator. fevers. inflammations. eliminates old & negative emotions. thought form amplification. liver diseases. hypertension. helps in creating mantras. throat chakra. lecturers & speakers. immune system. used on 3rd eye for meditation.Draws out impurities on all levels.L LAPIS . all purpose healer. evil eye protector.Neuralgia.00 LAZULITE . Price: 2. balances L & R brain functions. penetrates subconscious blockages. co-ordination and vision. . use with other healing stones. mental illness. mental & spiritual cleanser. especially in solar plexis & good for healers. energy focuser for teachers. melancholy.

Soothes & balances the emotions. stabilizer.Color. aids peace & harmony & psychic abilities. spiritual . intestine &I general muscle tissue healer.Larynx. Price: 2. parasympathetic nervous system. lungs. helps eliminate fear of "feeling". thyroid. O OBSIDIAN .00 MOONSTONE . encourages inner growth & strength. bacterial & viral inflammations. ONYX .00 MORGANITE . parasympathetic nervous system. thyroid. stomach. digestive aid. lower intestines.Objective thinking. N NATROLITE .Protects the gentle from being abused. sciatic nerve. major muscle tissues.Price: 4. aligns vertebrae.

kidney. Price: 2. helps bring the emotions to mystical experiences. depression. eye and nail strengthener. also used as a heart.Balances L & R brain hemispheres for neuro disorders. of sexual origin. helps absorb nutrients. OPAL/JELLY .inspiration. nerve. capillary. cellular reproductive problems. intuition & joy. lethargy.Reproductive organs.Red corpuscle & blood disorders. aids . balances. stimulates white corpuscles. stress & neurological disorders. minimizes wide mood swings. OPAL/LIGHT . amplifies creative & intuitive thought. spleen & pancreas. sking. apathy. grounds radical emotional body. bone marrow. OPAL/DARK . hair.Spleen & abdominal diseases. depression. esp. control of emotions & passions. apathy. help eliminate negative thinking. mystical thought amplifier.00 OPAL/CHERRY . filters red corpuscles & aids white corpuscles.

P PEARL . amplifies other vibrational energies & positive emotional outlook. nervous exhaustion. helps one master the heart chakra.00 Q . aids stomach.00 PYRITE .Eliminates emotional imbalances. upper intestines. helps liver & adrenal function.00 PERIDOT . digestive aid. spleen. Price: 1.Protects against nervousness. grounding. aligns subtle bodies. aids in healing hurt feelings & bruised egos. Price: 2. incurs strength & physical vitality. helps alleviate spiritual fear. intestinal tract & ulcer problems. Price: 2.abdomen.Helps purify the bloodstream and upper respiratory tract. pituitary & thymus problems.

Balances emotions. aligns emotional & spiritual bodies. unconditional love & forgiveness. evil eye protection. enhances capacity to love. clears solar plexus of blocked energy. extreme emotional trauma. self worth. promotes calm. Price: 2.Lymphatic cancer & circulatory problems. poor eyesight. astral body.Inner ear.00 RHYOLITE . nightmares & hallucinations. confidence & enhanced sensitivity.QUARTZ/SOLUTION . R RHODOCHROSITE . confusion & mental unrest.Narcolepsy & narcophobia. helps the psychologically inflexible. Price: 2. stimulates clarity of self expression. . self worth. kidneys.oo RHODONITE . alleviates anxiety. mental breakdown. helps one utilize the creative power of the higher energy centers.

love & self-acceptance healer for emotional wounds. helps one gain power to balance the physical body.Heart chakra. opens crown chakra. prevents miscarriages. balances love & all spiritual endeavors. Aid to mental concentration and brings strength to the wearer. RUBY . It affects heart and throat centers and purifies the blood. self-esteem. increases altruism.00 ROYAL AZEL (SUGILITE or LUVALITE) . Silver: Silver enhances any crystal or gems psychic properties. Enhances the higher aspects of love and devotion. Price: 2.Price: 2. visions & general understanding. heart expression. strengthens neurological tissues around the heart. Encourages a spiritual communion between the divine .Heart chakra opener. dissipates anger & tension.L & R hemisphere balance.00 ROSE QUARTZ . protects against negative vibrations.

inner peace. anti. When worn as a pendant it can draw negative forces from other people. bringing joy and lightness. pituitary. Aid those with quiet natures and attitudes. mental illness.00 RUTILE . metabolic rate of glandular functions. personal expression. because they amplify the emotions of the wearer. colic. rheumatism. S SAPPHIRE .Spiritual enlightenment. They spiritually reflect the quality of love and are useful as a meditation stone for those lacking in self love. It is a guardian against . telepathy. Spphire heals on a mental and spiritual plane.Alleviates blockages within the psyche from childhood pressures. Best worn in a ring of silver. also for pain. Shouldn't be worn when under severe emotional distress. aids psychokinesis. increasing the depth of beauty and thoughts of the wearer.and the wearer.depressant. clairvoyance & astral projection. Price: 4.

Mental self control. cleanses & protects the astral field. helps intellectual understanding of a situation.Stimulates Kundalini energy. awakens 3rd eye. anxiety & especially for grief.00 SARDONYX . SMITHSONITE . Price: 15. good for hyperactivity & excess energy.enchantments and has a powerful influence for purifying.00 SODALITE .Leg conditions. powerful general healer. Price: 6. draws out distortion on all levels. Price: 2. Price: 2. detoxification aid.Eases fear of interpersonal relationships. . depression. balances perspective.00 SMOKY QUARTZ . cleanses the mind. merges astral & emotional bodies. grounding. when worn on solar plexus.00 SPINEL .Oversensitivity.

Mind focuser. hemorrhages.Balances emotions. concentration & eloquence improve. gout. syphilis. genetic disorders. disorientation. heart diseases. charisma.00 TOPAZ .Arthritis. Price: 2. tuberculosis. tranquil sleep. endocrine system stimulation. spiritual rejuvenation. psychic vision. universal law. blood disorders. general tissue regeneration. grounding. raises altruism. TOURMALINE . reverses aging. releases tension. raises vibrations. increases poor appetite.Dispels fear & negativity & grief. feelings of joy. helps purify the blood system of pollution & toxins.T TIGER EYE . dyslexia. TOURMELINE/BLACK . calms passions. VD. calms nerves. anxiety. deflects . cancer & hormones regulated.

TURQUOISE .Lungs. eliminates guilt.Creativity.Master healer. TOURMELINE/WATERMELON . immune system. strengthens anatomy & guards against all .00 TOURMELINE/RUBELLITE . thyroid. Price: 4. opens heart chakra. fertility. balancer. blood pressure. security & self-containment.Heart chakra healer. psychological problems with the father. integration. resentment & insecurity.e.00 TOURMELINNE/BLUE (INDICOLITE) . i. protects against environmental pollutants. blanches passive or aggressive nature. TOURMELINE/GREEN .negativity. eliminates conflict within. parasympathetic nerves. Fnervous system. balancer.Creativity. asthma. larynx. Price: 2. neutralizes distorted energies. imparts sense of humor to those who need it.

improved absorption of nutrients. tissue regeneration. eye disorders. Travel.disease. subtle body alignment & strengthening. Price: 2.00 Minerals Aluminum: Folk Name: Aluminum (British) Energy: Projective Planet: Mercury Element: Air Powers: Mental abilities. Image Magic Antimony Energy: Projective Planet: Sun Element: Fire Powers: Protection Brass Energy: Projective Planet: Sun Element: Fire Associated Metal: Gold .

healing. Wisdom. Brings great intensity and passion to bear in its elemntal form. Topaz. Protection. Pyrite Powers: Power. Peridot. Money. Healing. Astarte. Turquoise. Zircon Associated Metals: Lodestone. Sardonyx. It enhances emotional release. luck. Success. Male sexual dysfunction Copper Energy: Receptive Planet: Venus Element: Water Deities: Aphrodite. Sunstone. love. money.Powers: Healing. Lapis Lazuli. Istar Associated Stones: Quartz Crystal. Olivine. Protection Gold Energy: Projective Planet: Sun Element: Fire Associated Stones: Quartz Crystal. Copper aids in attunement . Money. Emeral Associated Herb: Mimosa Powers: energy direction. protection.

Iron Energy: Projective Planet: Mars Element: Fire Deity: Selene Associated Stones: Quartz Crystal. Nettle. strength. Copper is worn to relieve the pain of arthritis. Holey Stones Associated Metals: Lodestone. Lead Energy: Receptive Planet: Saturn Element: Earth Associated Herbs: Rose. Rue. and there can be a release of frustration. Defensive . tension and nervous energy. grounding. return of stolen goods. Helps the flow of energy throughout the body. Protection. defensive magic. Nervous system and brain functions are strengthened. Cumin Powers: Divination. Meteorite Powers: protection. healing.between the spiritual and mental bodies.

Magic Lodestone Folk Names: magnetite. way stone. Business. Games Of Chance. Gold Powers: Power. Copper. Receptive . Healing. Money. heraclean stone piedra iman (contemporary spanish) Energy: Receptive Planet: Venus Element: Water Associated Herbs: Sandalwood. magnetis (ancient greek). Yarrow. Will. Attraction. Friendship. shadanu sabitu (ancient assyrian). Protection. Male Sexual Dysfunction.00 Mercury Folk Names: Quicksilver Energy: Projective. loadstone. Fidelity. Love. Lavender Associated Star: Polaris Associated Stones: Coral Associated Metals: Iron. magnet. Rose. Silver. Price: 2.

Planet: Mercury Elements: Water. Lucina. meteorites are associated with the universe Elements: Akasha. Luck Silver Energy: Receptive Planet: Moon Element: Water Deitjes: Isis. Iron Pyrite Energy: Projective Planet: Mars Element: Fire Powers: Money. Diana. Pyrites. Divination. Aerolite Energy: Projective Planets: None. Astral Projection Price: 2. Air Meteorite Folk Names: Aerolith.00 Pyrite Folk Names: Fool's Gold. Luna. . Selene. Earth. Fire Deity: The Great Mother Associated Stones: Peridot Diamond Powers: Protection.

Money Steel Energy: Projective Planet: Mars Element: Fire Powers: Protection. Anti-Nightmare. Lapis Lazuli Powers: Invocation. Luck. Pearl. Psychism. Peace. Dreams. Healing. Jade. Protection. Love. Money Becart's Prices .all moon and night goddesses Associated Stones: Emerald. Tin Energy: Projective Planet: Jupiter Element: Air Powers: Divination. Travel.