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What an instrument engineer should know?
Posted on | March 11, 2010 | 2 Comments <!-google_ad_client = "pub-8473342413395135"; /* banner bawah */ google_ad_slot = "4895035613"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; //-->A. Instrument Specifications - Allocation Gas Metering Specification - Automation System Network Spec - Control Panel, Cabinet and Rack Specification - Control Valve Specification - Fusible Plug Panel Specification - General Instrument Design - HSSD Specification - Instrument / Telecom cable Specification - Instrumentation & Control Section of The Basis of Design - MCS, PSD, & ESD System Specification - Specification for Pressure Safety and Relief Valves - Specification for Shutdown Valves & Blowdown Valves and Actuator Assemblies - Typical System Functional Design Spec. - Wellhead Control Panel Specification B. Instrument Philosophies - Automation System Philosophy - Automation System Reset & Override Philosophy - Fire and Gas Philosophy - Instrument Earthing Philosophy - Shutdown Philosophy C. Documents Related To Automation System - Fire & Gas Cause / ESD and Effect Chart - Serial Link Data Listings and Addresses – Allocation Gas Meter, Chemical Injection, Wet Gas Meter, Fire Water Pump, Glycol Reboiler, MV SWGR, Fire Water Pump - Graphic for F&G, MCS, PSD/ESD (Review)

ESD.Serial Link Data Listings and Addresses .Datasheet of Actuated ON/OFF Valves .Intruder and CCTV management . Instrument Calculations .Calculation of Heat dissipation.Instrument loop safety integrity level listing (SIL).Calculation of Control valve sizing and noise. .. .Network Architecture (Review) . Instrument Datasheets . F&G. and Commissioning .Calculation of Restriction orifice sizing and stress and noise. . TCS . .Calculation of Thermowell and other insertion device stress and wake frequency.List of Test Equipmets E. TCS .Shutdown Hierarchy (Shutdown flow block diagram identifying each level and causes & effects) .PSD/ESD Cause and Effect Chart . .Calculation of Relief valve sizing and noise. .Calculation of Valve speed calculations (where required) F.Calculation of Actuator sizing. MCS. pumps and accumulator sizing calculations.Instrument Logic Diagram for Actuated Valve.Laboratory Equipment List . . Pump & Fan Motor. PSD/ESD.Instrument Installation. Miscellaneous Documents .Master Alarm & Trip Schedule .Calculation of Flowmeter sizing. PSD.Datasheet of Annubar Flow Meter . .Instrument & Automation Equipment List D. F&G. .Calculation of Instrument utilities consumption.Calculation of Hydraulic tank. .Instrumentations Tools . testing.Calculation of Tubing sizing calculations (Hydraulic) . TCS . . Pre-Commissioning.Instrument Cable Block Diagram-MCS.Calculation of Instrument power cable sizing calculations. .Instrument I/O List MCS.Logic sequence flow step charts. ESD/PSD.Datasheet of Actuated Ball Valves .

Datasheet of Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters .Datasheet of Displacer Level Transmitters .Datasheet of Flanged Thermowells .Datasheet of Choke Valves .Datasheet of Magnetic Level Gauge .Datasheet of Magnetic Flow Meter .Datasheet of Pneumatic Pressure Pilot .Datasheet of Guide Wave Radar Level Transmitters .Datasheet of Pressure Indicator .Datasheet of Duplex RTD .Datasheet of Orifice Flow Element .Datasheet of Flow Switch .Datasheet of H2 Detectors .Datasheet of Coriolis Flow Meter .Datasheet of Bubble Type Level Transmitters .Datasheet of Dew Poin Analyser .Datasheet of Deluge Valves .Datasheet of Flow Meter (Ultrasonic) .Datasheet of Intruder Detectors .Datasheet of Heat Detectors .Datasheet of Anti-Surge Control Valve .Datasheet of Electrical Hand Switches ..Datasheet of Differential Pressure Indicators .Datasheet of Gas Analyzer Chromatograph .Datasheet of Pressure Indicating Transmitters .Datasheet of Infra Red Flame Detectors .Datasheet of HC Gas Detectors (Point) .Datasheet of Pig Signaller – Intrusive .Datasheet of HC Gas Detectors (Open Path) .Datasheet of Differential Pressure Indicating Transmitters .Datasheet of Pig Indicators .Datasheet of Moisture Analyser .Datasheet of Control Valves .Datasheet of Junior/Senior Flow Elements .

Instrument CPP/Accomodation MCT Interface Layout .Datasheet of Smoke Detectors .Instrument Process Hook-up Drawings .Datasheet of Restriction Orifices .Datasheet of Self Acting Regulator Valves .Datasheet of Pressure Regulator Valves .Central Control Room Instrument Equipment Layout .Datasheet of Temperature Indicators & Thermowells (Bi-Metal) .Single line diagram for instrument power supplies in CCR H.Datasheet of Temperature Indicating Transmitters & Thermowells .Instrument/Telecom MCT Layout – CCR and EER .Fire & Gas & ESD display panels layouts in CCR (Review) .Datasheet of Pressure Switch ..Datasheet of Pressure Safety/Relief Valves .Instrument Tubing Hydraulic Routing .Earthing Layout – Central Control Room .Instrument Air Sub Header Layout – Each Deck and Platform .Instrument Tubing Pneumatic Routing .Instrument/Telecom Cable Routing . Instrument Layout & Drawings Inside CCR/EER .Datasheet of Wet Gas Meter G.Instrument Mounting Details .Instrument Location Plan – Each Deck and Platform including CCR and EER .Electrical equipment Room Instrument Equipment Layout . Instrument Drawings .Datasheet of Rotameter with transmitter .Instrument/Telecom Cable Tray Layout .Instrument Grounding Layout – Each Deck and Platform .Datasheet of Rotameter .Instrument Level Sketches .Central Control Room Earthing Layout .Instrument Pneumatic Hook-up .EER Earthing Layout .Datasheet of Temperature Transmitters & Thermowells .

Instrument Index .MTO – Instrument Cable Accessories .MTO – Instrument Junction Box .I.Hazardous Area Equipment Schedule .MTO – Instrument Fittings .MTO – Earthing Devices .MTO – Instrument & Telecom Cable .MTO – Multiple Cable Transit (MCT) J.MTO – Instrument Cable & Tubing Tray .MTO – Cable Glands .MTO – Instrument Cable Ladder & Tubing Tray .MTO – Installation Support .MTO – Instrument Tubing . Instrument Material Take Off .MTO – Instrument Manual Valves .Instrument Junction Box Schedule . Instrument Schedules .MTO – Fusible Plugs .MTO – Instrument Distribution Manifold .Instrument Cables Schedule .