Peace Corps

JOB OPPORTUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT Vacancy Number: Position Title: Opening Date: Deadline: Location: Area of Consideration: GR 107 TEFL Program Manager/South Region Immediate February 27, 2010 Amman, Jordan All Sources


The Peace Corps is a governmental agency that promotes peace around the world by sharing one of America's greatest resources: Volunteers. The Peace Corps has been operating for over forty years in more than 135 countries; the agency’s mission is to promote world peace and friendship, and the goals are: to help the peoples of interested countries and areas in meeting their needs for trained men and women; to help promote a better understanding of the American people on the part of the peoples served; and, to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of the American people. Purpose and Objective This position provides overall management for Peace Corps South region Secondary Education-TEFL Project. The functions include assisting in developing and maintaining a project plan in cooperation with appropriate ministries, schools, and other organizations; identifying viable, effective sites for Peace Corps Volunteers in response to requests from schools and organizations; monitoring and evaluating the implementation of individual Volunteer assignments to ensure their quality and consistency with the project plan; designing and managing appropriate technical training to enhance the initial placement of Volunteers and the quality of their projects; supporting Volunteers at their sites; and serving as a liaison between Peace Corps and Directorates of Education and agencies engaged in English education. Roles and Responsibilities Project Development and Management (45%)  Contribute to developing and maintaining a Secondary Education-TEFL project, which reflects and serves the needs of the country, in cooperation with appropriate officials and citizens, Peace Corps staff members, Volunteers, and others as appropriate. Project

development includes clarifying the needs to be addressed; formulating or revising project goals and objectives in cooperation with both Host Country counterparts and Volunteers; verifying the availability of Volunteers capable of participating in the project; identifying potential work sites for Volunteers; and providing ongoing support to Volunteers in the field.  Develop potential assignments for Volunteers through site visits and other relevant activities, and initiate and maintain contact with potential sponsoring schools and organizations. Explain Peace Corps’ development philosophy and the role of Volunteers to trainees, local sponsoring organizations, supervisors, and co-workers. Negotiate and evaluate job viability, available housing and office environments, level of sponsor’s interest, and supplementary local community involvement. Contribute to the preparation of the documentation for the Secondary EducationTEFL Project that conforms to the mission, goals and standards of Peace Corps. Project documentation includes 1) a complete project plan with the content and format as specified by Peace Corps; 2) Volunteer Assignment Descriptions (VADs) to be sent to potential Volunteers; 3) projections of trainee input requirements through Quarterly Trainee Request Summaries (QTRSs); 4) background information on the country and the project for use in welcome books, brochures or mailings; and 5) memoranda of understanding and other official documents as needed. Contribute to the preparation of the Integrated Programming and Budget Submissions (IPBSs) and participate in other Post planning activities. These duties include developing information for country reviews, participating in country problem analysis and strategy formulations, exploring new project opportunities, projecting future project levels and requirements, and providing advice on other aspects of planning as it relates to Secondary Education-TEFL. Initiate and maintain close and effective contacts with Directorates of Education and with schools, education centers, local governments, and other organizations utilizing or likely to utilize Peace Corps Volunteers at both the national and local levels. Design and implement effective project monitoring and evaluation activities with the participation of appropriate ministry officials, specific hosting institutions, and Volunteers. Assure that Volunteer activities advance project goals as intended and make adjustments in the project plan as warranted by Post’s Secondary Education -TEFL needs. Assist in preparing annual monitoring documents, such as the Project Status Reports (PSRs), and contribute to the preparation of the Training Status Reports (TSRs), as well as other required monitoring and evaluation reports. Provide site visit reports and project evaluation reports to the Country Director on a timely basis and make recommendations regarding Volunteer performance and problems. Supervise and manage the activities of the program assistant for the Secondary Education-TEFL Project.

Assume all programmatic responsibilities for planning, budgeting, implementing and monitoring sector-specific Center-funded activities, in conformance with relevant Peace Corps Washington and Center regulations. Assist in budget preparation and submissions with regard to the Secondary EducationTEFL Project as necessary.

Volunteer Support (35%)  Travel regularly to the south region of the country to establish and maintain effective working relationships with sponsoring organizations and community officials. Visit Volunteers periodically at their sites to provide advice and assistance to them and their counterparts and supervisors to enhance working relationships and performance. Document activities and results in regular site visit reports.  Assist Volunteers in improving their job performance and their social and cultural adaptation through the provision of technical support, cultural insights, and direction to relevant and available resources. Support Volunteers with personal and cultural counseling and guidance on various policies, procedures, and administrative matters. Maintain up-to-date information regarding relevant legislation; national policy changes; contact lists of relevant local organizations, institutions, and agencies; and other published resources including reference texts, professional journals and other similar information; and make it available to Volunteers. Coordinate with Safety & Security staff and others as appropriate to ensure a safe and secure work and living environment for Volunteers. This includes informing host country nationals about safety & security requirements and gathering relevant information.

Pre-Service and In-Service Training (10%)  Coordinate with Senior TEFL Program Manager, Program Assistant, Training Manager, Language Specialist, staff members from other projects, administrative staff members, and others as appropriate for the design, implementation, and evaluation of pre-service training. This includes preparing comprehensive technical training programs; preparing training sites, human and other training resources; developing training materials; delivering training sessions; and providing input on budget management; as appropriate. Assess the training design and recommend changes to enhance the pre-service training program.  Participate in training events. This includes performing needs assessments; designing and implementing training activities; participating in the development and management of budgets; participating in training events and necessary follow-up activities; and evaluating effectiveness. Participate in the evaluation of the qualifications of each potential new Volunteer during and at the end of pre-service training. Assume an active role in the site assignment process.

Formulate a comprehensive training agenda for each new group of Volunteers over the course of their service, in coordination with the Programming and Training Officer (PTO) and other appropriate staff members.

PC/Jordan Organizational Support: (10%)       Participates in the Duty Officer rotation and responsibilities. Act as a Staff coordinator for volunteer committees and initiatives Actively participates as a professional member of the P&T Unit team and works closely with colleagues on new directions and policies related to programming and training. Encourages open and effective communication between P&T staff and all other staff and promote teamwork. Functions as member of the Staff of PC/Jordan for meetings, discussions, activities, and decisions which concern the relevant country program. Attends relevant meetings, seminars and conferences, in Jordan and in other countries. Participates in regional and sub-regional training conferences to maintain/improve training and management skills. Adheres to Peace Corps policies and guidelines, and advises the PMs, TM, PTO and Senior Staff on ways to improve overall operational efficiency and effectiveness. Perform other duties as assigned.

 

Safety and Security: (integrated into other functions)  Immediately and without prompting reports safety incidents and/or issues which pertain to the security of Volunteers, Staff, or PC property? Also informs the PTO and CD of Volunteer support concerns. General Safety and Security responsibilities: -Will abide by Peace Corps safety and security policies as outlined in the PCJordan Security Handbook -Support fully all activities carried out by PC/Jordan during an emergency. -Fulfill my roles and responsibilities per the Emergency Action Plan (EAP). -Participate in Safety and Security training events, tests or drills. -Bring safety and security related concerns or issues immediately to the attention of the Safety/Security Coordinator and/or the Country Director. -Safeguard PC/Jordan confidential and sensitive information (i.e., PCV roster, staff roster, EAP, warden cell phone numbers). -Accompany/take responsibility for my personal/official guests/visitors to PC office.

MS Degree with 2 years experience or a B.A Degree with 5 years experience in a discipline related to education, teaching, curriculum development or development assistance. Two years experience teaching English in a Jordanian Classroom Fluency, written and oral, in Arabic and English required

Cross cultural communication experience Familiarity with American and Jordanian cultural context Jordanian driver’s license required Familiarity with word processing, spreadsheet tools and data management Willingness to travel throughout Jordan with possible periodic overnights Experience as a trainer or facilitator highly desirable Ability to work independently and as a member of a team Additional Comments: SECURITY REQUIREMENTS: A background security investigation will be required for all hires. Appointment will be a subject to the applicant’s succe ssful completion of a background security investigation and favorable adjudication.

After an initial application screening, the best-qualified applicants will be invited to a testing process and oral interviews. How to Apply: 1. Pease send a cover letter explaining your interest in the vacancy, CV, two-three references to the address below: Peace Corps Administration Jabal Amman, 4th Circle, Ibn Khaldoun St., Building # 81, Abu Hassan Trading Center, Amman, Jordan You may also email the required documents to or Fax: 06 461 9351. 2. Applicants should indicate the vacancy announcement number on the application, email subject line, or on the envelope. 3. Due to the volume of applications received, receipt cannot be acknowledged individually. 4. Only applications received before the closing date will be eligible for consideration. Applications and letters, which are inadequate or incomplete, will not be considered. Only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.