Songs of Smiles and Love

By Susie Lee

poetic songs, rhyme-y rap and silly doggerel created by Susan J. Lee
copyright by Susan J. Lee, April 9th, 2011

Contents (by sections, okay, CALL them Chapters, then, Ya HAPPY, now? :) Funnier-type Nursery Rhymes, Various Holiday songs & poems This, That, The Other and Another Flowers and Trees and Green Stuff, Oh, My!

Originator of funnier nursery rhymes I'm the kind of person that your nursery rhymes are From! I figured it was time for new ones, so I'LL Give ya Some! If I'm challenged, I will make another three or Four! and keep on making more up 'til I boogie out the Door! And Then just keep on AT it while I stroll upon my Walk (my friends, don't look-a me like that! it's All Just Talk! :) I'm a little Mama Bear who's Happy as Can BE! When they Ask who is the Crazy Lady, tell 'em "Susie Lee!"

Funnier Nursery -type rhymes, (7 of 'em) (1) The other old woman There was an old woman who lived in egg-shoes; she had so many colors, she couldn't dye, what to do? She gave out all the colors, and eggs and what-the-heck? she gave each egg a good ol' whack and left the place a Mess! Then came along the children and dogs and cats and friends they each played slippy-slide-ies in all the egg-soup then; the cats and dogs all licked and slurped the mess of scrambled egg; there was't hardly left a drop for no one's hunger went to beg!

(2)Ostara's Priestess Ostara's Priestess went a-roaming for to find a Beau: She asked directions from the rabbit, but he didn't know: The Rabbit showed Ostara's priestess where to find some eggs She cooked them up and the aroma had beaus making legs! and from them all she chose the best, they set off at a run To find themselves a lover's nest and have a little FUN! :)

(3) A Chicken on the Thatch A chicken on the thatch! heave, cluck, Hatch : she popped out such a dandy egg the Goodwife took it down a peg ; and put a pinhole on each end to suck the egg all out and then; Heave, Cluck, hatch! The egg had a new match!

(4) What to do with doughnuts Doughnuts for the RAVENS! Donuts for the BIRDS! They eat 'em, fly to HEAVEN! And drop them back as Turds They fer-ti-lize the Green-er-y and make the place a Scene-er-y Fit for a King and QUEEN-er-y DONUTS are for the BIRDS! (5) Careless hare ( and don't you be one!)... Hares eat groats and snares catch joke-ers who don't Mind their Mam-mee for dashing along before they see~ Where's to go Before they know it, they get All caught Up, Gee!, and then have to won-der how to plea~ For when the hunter who set down the snare has caught the rushed, unwary hare that hunter's got a hot stew-pot and of all pleas, he doesn't care! SO!, Hares eat groats and snares catch joke_ers Who don't Mind their Mam-mee and don't stop to look Be-fore They Leap!

(6)Don't “politic” at me! :) Political silly ol' crock! Don't worry 'bout tickity-tock you want to run? Go and have fun with other mice (pretend no vice) just don't tell me 'bout your party politic states make me irate a political silly ol' crock I don't worry 'bout tickity-tock. (7)an itsy bitsy... An itsy bitsy jockey climbed up on a horse down to the fairway he guided his steeds' course up to the finish they moved on through the line of all the other horses, and they finished just fine! The itsy bitsy jockey the Winners' circle joined Somebody there the winners' cup purloined! Down, knocked the jockey, the robber on his back for the itsy bitsy jockey, bravery's no lack!

Various Holiday songs and poems

NEW YEAR song! (Here I go with a quick-tempo song that just about "takes over” this time of year. New Year's! ... and sing it very loud and happily, honey and it's catchin' , like laughter!) Tap out a cheery beat.... (Bump-ity-Ump-Bump-BUMP, Bump-ity-Ump-bump-BUMP...Bump-ity Ump-bump-Bump(bump-bump-bum-)BUMP-de-BUMP-dee BUMP! Now All-l the days HAVE GONE on By Lessee ALL the Days Go BY(aye-yi!)-Y We'll BE to-geth-er peace-ful Now For-or ALL the Days Gone BY-Y AND YOU can SIT right HERE by ME AND I won't WON-DER WHY (oh, why)-Y WE GET a-long right NICE-ly, NOW FOR-or ALL-L the DAYS Gone BY-Y! (Bump-ity-Ump-Bump-BUMP, Bump-ity-Ump-bump-BUMP.. .Bump-ity Ump-bump-Bump-(bump-bump-bum-)BUMP-de-BUMP-dee BUMP! Hey, ALL the days HAVE GONE on BY LESSEE all the DAYS Gone BY(Aye-yi)-Y! LET's TREAT each OTH-ther KIND-er NOW Just for ALL the DAYS GONE BY-Y AND YOU-U (Can BE my Friend For Life)-U AND I-I(won't wond-der-WHY-Y) -I WE TREAT Each-OTH-ER KIND-er NOW FOR-OR ALL-L the Days GONE BY-Y! Now Here we go IN-TO a year full of Love, Joy, And SUR-PRI-IZE-zes! We'll BE each-OTH-ers' FRIEND for LIFE As ALL these days go BY! Yeah YOU-U can BE my FREINDS for LIFE ,AND I'm a friend-ly GUY-Y! We'll TREAT each OTH-ER KIND-er NOW watching ...ALL these days go BY!

Window-sill garden on St. Patrick's Day Now WHAT's with that gar-den in her win-dow the One with the green-y leaves there? Is All of that pottery just For show Hey those squash-sprouts Are look-ing fair! She tried gardening outside just from habit but last year lost All of her Gree-een-eries to ALL of the wild-roaming RAB-bits This year's plants' on win-dow-sills (please!) Now WHAT's with this Gar-den in the WIN-dow straw-BER-ries, squash, peppers, how fair! It's not a bad idea, I think I'll go and TRY my hand at it, So There! :) It's Saint Patrick's Day, so will you pardon this lay-out of greeneries fair of growing things in my window- garden and more stuff that's sprouting in there! You see the squash sprouts are all sturdy the pepper plant's got much more leaves The strawberry plant's downright Purty!, and over-all, I am quite pleased!

A gather-song for Hallows e'en Tis a Season For To Gather, come to Gather, now, and play! Though all year-long We Be Witches, 'Guise we now An Other Way! Come and Dance and Eat and Par-ty!, Laugh and giggle all day long! Come the night we'll sing most hearty!, drumming well to merry song! Heal we all the World with Laughter! Frown no more!, come, join our song! Tuck the babes safe-sleeping, after feeding them well, and join the throng!

"ballad" between two robbers 'bout hitting the neighborhood Good-witches' house for Halloween... (one robber;) "I seen that broad, she was rolling around her husband in wheelchair before he went "down" He come out on a gurney one day from there then was her and that big dog who yelled for-to scare now the dog is dog-gone, been given away so why don't we-all break on in there, today? (partner-robber:) It's a Witch lives there! Got that Wild-eyed Hair! Don't get her mad, she'll turn to a BEAR! She roars like a Lion, got a scary-ol' STARE, No, I don't wanna go in there! (the one robber:) Don't be a chicken!, let's go and break in to the place and see what's good to take! (partner-robber:) I'm tellin' you, it's a Witch lives there! Don't gets her mad, she'll turn to a BEAR! And she roars like a Lion, got a scary-ol' Stare!, No, I don't wanna go in there! Listen up to ME, I ain't got a DOUBT if we break into there, we AIN'T gonna come OUT! Ain't you heard, when she was in Newport News took a SHOTGUN blast and got Nary a Bruise! So I'm tellin' you, bro, and I'll take it on the chin, ain't NO WAY in Hell, I'm Ever goin' in! It's a Witch lives there, got a scary-ol stare and if you get her mad, she'll Turn to a Bear! And she roars like a Lion, y'all better Beware! NO, I don't want to go in there! (one robber) Awright, now, man! Stay here if you need I'll go on by myself and do the deed. (partner-robber)” Don't Lea' me alone, I'm comin' with you You'll see for yourself, what I've said is true!” So they went to her door and the One Robber knocked when she opened it the partner fainted, just cold-cocked! For she stared at them both with her huge wild eyes and they each knew they'd forgot a disguise she looked right thru 'em, they knew they'd seen a real-live Witch on a Halloween And she roared like a Lion, gave the robbers a Scare “You men ain't kids, GIT AWAY FROM HERE!!!” And they hared off away, fast as they could go Well, I don't think they ever stopped runnin' you know! From the witch lived there, with her wild-eyed stare And she Roared like a Lion!, Gave them both a Scare! No, I don't think they'll go back there!

Falcor The pink-Nosed Ferret (Xmas) Falcor the pink-Nosed Ferr-ret had bright shining eyes For Games! And If you e-e-Ver Saw Him, You'd know that he wasn't tame! He dooks and bounCes frantic -ally and he'll run And Tease all the cats with His AN-tics playing just the way He Please!(es) Then One EAR-ly Christmas Day Falcor met his match Ferrets who were young and gay: Ma-cha-do, and Patch! Then how they all LOVED PLAY-ing! as they dooked it out in Glee! Falcor. Patch And MaCHAdo! playing 'round and 'round THE TREE!!

Birthday! Birthday Salutations to well-liked, hearty, Goodly You! Another year you've well-survived May many more you see, and thrive. Interesting things just may continue to come your way Birthday salutations for Another year, and many more!

Maple Flowers on Valentine's Day In Jan-u-AIR-rie it was too CHILL to any blooms see on win-dow-SILLS But When the rains all rained here we got...a Big SUR-prise, my dear~~ the ma-ple trees all sprouted FLOW-ers all 'round here These maple FLO-wers that came my WAY Were brought with SHOWW-wers Feb-Ru-Air-RAY! And when they came on Val-en-tine's Day I made a heart-shaped wreath, hey! Of little Maple FLOW-ers for this song!

(this is seasonal!, No, Really!) After FootBall Af-TER the game is o-ver Af-TER the scores are done af-TER the bet totes' done for Just the one team that WON! ma-NY's the heart has sighed, dear (if one could WIN them all!) MAN-y's the bets that have Lost, there AF-ter-er football~~ after it ALL, oh, Af-TER FootBALL!!

On May Day Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again! for sometimes when we want to talk We can speak with our Friends! and sometimes we each "walk the walk" to speak of, now and then. And if you find your speaking balked, I'll understand, just grin! May Day's an eminently good time to greet others in your 'hood and dancing 'round (with kisses stole) a brightly beRibboned may-pole! Now smile across this empty space as friends who're newly met and let your smiling warm your face so more friends you will get! Not Scarborough fair... Are you going to the fair on the Rhine? With Cran-berry Cheese and CINN-amon-wine? Have a nibble-y bite, and a sip that's just fine! Of Cran-berry Cheeeese And Cinnamon wine! Pop open a can of whole cran-ber-ries fine! Pluck thee some leaves from a good ber-ry vine put cinnamon in and a drop, just-so-fine of vanilla extract in alcohol (wine!) Let's make a pic-nic, Have a good time! With our cran-berry CHEESE And Cinn-amon wine! What-EVER else we have with this is-just FINE! We got CRAN-berry CHEESE AND Cinnnn ...amon wine!

This, That, The Other and Another... My little white cat There once was a little white cat that was a close friend of mine. She was too smart for me, gee!, intelligent all the time; long-tailed, white fur and blue-eyed, my! She was such a lovely feline! But would roll in the dirt to hide her fur from being so whitely-blind and go out of her way to kill rats that lived along the tree-line.

a Song of my Mornings Awake, awake to love and work, where doves all coo and fly! The grass is blessed with diamond dew, the flowers open, shy. All trees bough green as they're wont to do as you o-pen your eye. To live, and live, and live a-gain is one thing I have seen sometimes re-peat-ing now and then times abundant or lean yet always looking out for Love and try not to be mean.

Not oriental-made... Well, doggone!, you bought some cookware from a super-discount store where a very large percent is made in the orient. Surely, save all your receipts-es if your stuff all falls to pieces for you'll find to your dismay can't depend e'en for a day on an oriental-made. (would I buy? I'd be afraid!) All the More reason Why I so much prefer to buy any and all sorts of sundries made in ANY Other countries! Weather Woman Gray-brown hair and smiling lips a warm and healing touch in her finger-tips loves her flowers and their colors bright Trees shelter her house from the full sunlight Whooo-Hooo, WEATHER Woman!, See how far she scry-hi-hi-i's Whooo-Hooo, Weather Woman, She's got monsoon in her eye-hi-high! Storm comes up and she looks deep inside considers whether she should Push the cloudy tide a tornado un-winds and goes back to the sky! Did She do that?, well now I wonder why! Whooo-Hooo, WEATHER Woman!, See how far she scry-hi-hi-i's Whooo-Hooo, Weather Woman, She's got monsoon in her eye-hi-high! None of us mind just a little rain but I seen that woman sling around a Hurricane remember last year? Almost had a drought but she drew the rains to come on back, without a doubt! Whooo-Hooo, WEATHER Woman!, See how far she scry-hi-hi-i's Whooo-Hooo, Weather Woman, She's got monsoon in her eye-hi-high!

Silly Ferrets... As I was eating, had to sneeze (a bit strong is this Feta Cheese) when what to wondrin' ankles nips but four ferrets with six q-tips en route to see the new recruits of ten new ferrets digging boots and shoes and dirty socks and stuff (“aw these socks aren't all that tough to steal. Now, gang” they said “let's go!, we've got a ferretly special show to put on for our human friends here's toys and odds and big book-ends and, see this two-ton pile, here? Every item we'll drag clear and hide it 'neath the humans' bed they'll see it gone and scratch their heads then we'll take each thing big and small into the closet, 'cross the hall, Then move it all Again (hee-hee!)! (They all giggle in ferret-glee) Now help us use these q-tips for propping up the closet door a few more centimeters high oh, that's not working? Wonder why... (because their Human has got wise to furry mischief-making guys!).

Lemming-room for humans There once was told to me a tale of Wesley's family; he raised up was, in Biloxi of 1930's Miss'sippi. Well, times were hard for everyone Money scarce 'n not much fun 'specially in homes so small tweren't more than boxes, y'all. “Shotgun” houses, there's still plenty Room inside? Ain't Not ANY! Because of this close-lived-in cube most folks don't get along well, rube. Both parents, he, Uncle and Aunt all squoze together find they can't move without stepping on each other which sorely irked young Wes' Mother “We git from heah, that be just fine I ain't got Room to Change My Mind!”

(the New Jerseyan Goes Back) The last time I went to 'Jersey was only there in name few things were where they oughtta-be and nothing was the same. Go back to where the places-were!, but they won't still all-be-there for you'd like to see where you'd been from (So step on through the door) yet though you might return to them you know can't go home, again but maybe someone there will sing on out an old refrain... When they might gesture and call out "YA MUTHA!" nice and plain!

A Dream of Home, Remembered Today's home-places can't be seen for they've all been destroyed by mean and cheaply, badly done constructions who are only Beauty's destructions. so I retreat back into "me", ... returned "home" in my memory and climb, again, an old oak tree gaze out from up among its limbs on miles of meadows 'til vision swims look down from that high perch, so fair, on little wild rabbits, there and off along the meadows' edge where crabapples have made a hedge a breathtaking glimpse of deer its white tail's up! It bounds from here! I see what startled the deer, then, a badger!, seeking out a den the huge old badger waddles by its wondrous image in my minds' eye With all the meadows' sounds and sights forever in my dreams at night. The Limpopo River in Africa Don't you know the Limpopo It flows like-so don't drain from snow De Limpopo it smoothly flow ...dat's how it go! Bonobos know but dey don't go in de Limpopo Don't swim, you know the fish they flow with de Limpopo (you catch one, “so!”) and now you know 'bout de Limpopo!

Here's to the doves Here's to my friends who were fine birds, doves no, their lives didn't end, they're living in love I couldn't take care of them well, and gave them away they've moved on to a better home with aviary Their names are Pearl Beloved and Pearl Beauty for any one they'd be a comfort (and they're cute, see?) They're now with a nice fellow, an avian vet where they can have the best of care any bird can get but sometimes I will miss stroking the feathers of these two and the way they laugh-along with you “whoo-hoo-hooo!” Now, Now...! When a body wants a body with whom for to lie Then a body seeks a body (a girl for a guy) classifieds and fancy-datings and they might each spy on each other's profile-ratings and give their dates a try! If a bod-y meet a body... with whom they love to lie.. Then a Bo-dy treats a body loving with their eyes.. auras, heats and flavors mingle, happily they sigh! how reluctant they are each to...part or say good-bye!

United in love, humans And non-humans No drumming-march dissonant snare let us, for one another, care as do our higher Selves, above may we for one another love each human AND non-human, all United so, we shall not fall.

Social Network User's refrain No Mo' SPAM!,Thankee Ma'am No mo forward-letters, too No mo' “GOTTA See Dis!” (whooo) No more fake mail that's not “you” No pretendin' that we do want to see it, when we don't or to open it (we won't) No more SPAM, THANK'ee Ma'am! Copy-cat status is “out”! We'll each do our own “about” thumbs-up or complaints are cool just don't try to impose “rule” gimme li-ber-ty (or death?) wait, now, lemme catch my breath! I don't know why all-the-time I've gotta talk in these rhymes No Mo' SPAM!,THANK'ee ma'am! :) (Merry Widow Waltzing ) My Hon-ey loves me and when I see him~ I~ do~ kiss him sweetly then, discretely love~ him~, too~! The sweetness lasts the whole day long and all night, that's true it makes me want to sing this song “oh, I love you!” A mer-ry widow I am, kid-do dance-ing through many emp-ty space-es, plent-y room~ for~ two~! Hey, why Don't you waltz With me (hear the mu-sic, too?) I'm dancing in the si-lence beee-cause I~ love~ you!~

I'm here Always I'm here, always here, waiting, waiting once in a while elated, elated when you call, as several days before. And then the elation is deflated, deflated back to only waiting, waiting and with that the appetite drops once more. It's a strange state of being, seeing how one has changed, yes strange all for the sake of amore that at times feels unrequited, slighted and other times elevated, elated with small shows of concern from you, once more. For my part I always think of you, love you and I can't help but feel this way seeing, being that I will Love You For Evermore. Flight Dreams My dreams take me on joyful Flight flying on “happy” in bright sunlight Colors all are rainbow bright I never fall but gently alight Shall I light on your window sill? Come, begin YOUR flight! It's a Gorgeous thrill!

( She Said What?) For you over there chortling with glee here's some more from little me (you-know-who, it's Susie Lee!) ((“give us, this day, arse-crackin' breaks from the doggerel she makes!” So say you as you laugh and groan)) now here's more 'bout which to moan Once upon a midnight weary I'd been naughty with my Deary we enjoy muchly, much and Very getting together, making Merry! Happy days and nights Hey-hey-hey little Susie's acting Funny Happy, fine and silly from a visit by her HONEY! too cold to go Outside and so we Both stayed IN had SO much Fun together's why I've got a silly GRIN! Oh, boy THEY are each a-feeling Gladly! he's got his BabyDoll and has she EVer got a Daddy! She's trying to be everything he's wanted in a girl and when he kisses her it Just makes her Toes Curl! Hey-hey-hey, they're each a-making merry! He likes the way she likes it and she thinks that he is Very much the the bestest-fellow that she has Ever known and wishes that SOON he would make her his OWN! Now which Way're they each a-goin' off to? She's won-der-ing why's he silent and won't Talk to her, he hardly even writes to her, no more she doesn't understand why has he closed his door? But then, say! He's out and feeling better Told her all about it in a fine e-letter Now she eagerly awaits him by her door for very soon they will be Merry-Making, more!

Really Sweet Dreams Heaven, I'm in heart's beating so that I can hardly speak and he makes me come along so, I get weak when we're arm in arm and panting cheek-to-cheek. Oh, I'm so in love it isn't even funny and there's no one else I want except my Honey even if we're just together in my dreams I could still enjoy his company, it seems. So I'll close my eyes and try to fall asleep then once again his company I'll keep... (Zzzzz)((snorf!, snarf!, gnorrff))(Zzzzzzz) Heaven!, I'm in Heaven! heart's beating so that I can hardly speak and he makes me come along so, I get weak when we're arm in arm and panting cheek-to-cheek. Web site posting glitch I tried to put this in a message, but it wouldn't go So now I took this out to stick it on a site and so Whatcha wanna know about you'd rather I not say? I can Keep the blather Going 'til you Wish I went Away! Oh, man!, this is the pits again, 'cause when I hit 'return' the line I wanted following got Posted (do slow burn!) Now, neither site is 'better', just as neither ain't no worse So I guess that's all enough for now, you happy with this verse? Earthquake-prayer song Tis time for earth-plates' shifting moves may we be guided by our loves and those of us who survive, then will want to help the rest to mend Now ,all throughout, this song I sing may each good spirit rise on wings of heartfelt Love and heart-glow Light helping each other as we might.

(Time to eat :) Steak and mush-rooms!, Steak and Mush-rooms! Ten ounces worth of steak, I'm stuffed , ain't no room This I tell ya, bro-ther!, ya can't eat one without the OTH-er! Try, try, try to get your pro-tien from just plain old beans! I ~Know~ Why~ you stick to di-ets But! (sometimes you know) Your stomach ri-ots! Lowers the Boom! “Steak And Mushrooms” your gut demands of you to get!, and that Soon! WRAP your tongue a-round it! A fat button mushroom AH, you've FOUND it! OH, MY, This is such a good eat, Yum, what a real Treat! Now ~ Sigh ~ When you push the plate out... ( ready for gout!) ((steak and mushrooms!, steak and mushrooms!))

Onwards, Sort of Still as a whirl in a silent pool's swirl I try to "sense"-ify life for this girl Life cannot make sense (for which there's no defense) Sometimes we think we're smart; then we Know we've been Dense! Onwards, and Upwards and SIDEways and BACKwards! That's how I've always called "Forwards and Waywards"! Straight-wriggle-weirdwards is how you go strange-wards being there now while the worlds all go hay-wards Running-in-place at the swiftest snail-pace get there, anyway, it's not really a race The Now that was Then can become any-when repeat after me (oh say it with a Grin! ) "ONwards and UPwards and SIDEways and BACKwards!" We'll get there, if not-really, friend!

Emotional or not? So here's what somebody sez-ta-me (pounding on their own chest)”Ses-a-me! Emotions are all of our Enemy!” Why who SEZ your emoting's enemious? You can be an emotional genuis tone it Down if it's much too extreme-ious Just don't over-do it, I say, Hon'... if emotions weren't good For one You'd not have any sort Of Fun. My Beloved's Smile Sometimes I get to feeling sad I miss my love, wish he were here and then he'd write and I'd feel glad he says such nice things, What a dear! Sometimes when things seem to be down I think of you, then things CAN'T be worth troubling over with a frown for I Love him, and he'll love me So surely all will come out right So long as I, meanwhile bask only in my memory's light of my Beloved's Smile! (going for a walk, are we?) Are we Walk-ing, tonight? is tonight quite all right? might it be time for us to go stroll? Shall we chortle with glee if i pop out my knee (or you can just write back "that's a Lol!" :) Shall I put on my walk-shorts and fancy-butt shoes Or will this night bring PRO-cras-tin-a-tor-y news? Will my heart get a pang that you won't come, again? Tell me, Dear ~~~ ...Are we walk-ing, to-Night?

WHERE can my HONEY be? Oh where oh WHERE can my HONEY be? He's staying so far away from me He doesn't say why, so I've gotta be good so I can see my Honey when he's IN ~~ the mood. I don't know why he's stayed away so long So that's why I'm saying so In this song I Miss him LOTS and i hope he knows that! (can't sing it out-loud, my singing's flat :) I've tried asking why, but there's no answer so am back to square one, Just Don't Know! Am trying again, with this made-up song (I wait for his call, all day long) Oh where oh WHERE can my HONEY be? He's staying so far away from me He doesn't say why, so I've gotta be good so I can see my Honey when he's IN ~~ the mood.

Me and my cat I like to walk, but so does my cat, Lena Green Crybaby she wants always to tag along (drives me crazy!) meow-ing songs of “Ma-Maow, please don't leave me!” No use telling her to “Go home” for at my heels she will roam in rain, Or sun, Or fog... ...this cat acts like a dog!

For a friend as a back-to-strength thing for her bronchitis & upset stomach. Ginger tea with honey, sips and sips aplenty, quiet oceans wash the bay every wave renew your day Sweet potatoes nibble, with bits of butter dribbled tastes so good with ginger tea (don't forget the honey, please!) listen to the birdsong resting all the day long Now fresh fruit and a cracker makes a goodly snacker little nibbles all day long while listening to the nature-song back to wellness being soon you will be seeing. I hope that your illness ends and you will still be my friend!

Rhyme of Daisy Darling Ferret Daisy Darling Ferret is a lovely fuzzy lady her heart's twenty-four carat, 'twas a bouncy ferret baby. She has a mis-healed left front hand with which she cannot climb, So we extol her virtues and her talents in this rhyme. O Daisy Darling Ferret is so generous with kisses there's hardly a square human inch of face-surface she misses! And if she cannot reach that, then your whole arm she will "wash" gee, that's an awful lot of loving that she gives to you, by gosh! She runs and rolls and half-bounces, and sometimes even "mimes" But dearly Daisy Darling Ferret simply can not climb. Now Daisy Darlin' Ferret was a ferret Lady, see? her heart's pure golden-carat, in a spirit that's now free. a heart attack had taken Daisy from us and we're blue. Her blithe and cheerful spirit spoke to us, though, and it's true! For only moments after she had ceased to breathe, that day we heard a tiny ferret-bell-like voice say "I'm okay".

Flowers and Trees and GREEN Stuff, Oh, My!

Welcome! There's a brick house with trees, here, This is where I live, see, dear? And I like to let greens grow for their shade and scents, you know; Rest your eyes some on my flowers and be Welcome to my Home;Let's chat over coffee or, perhaps you'll have green tea? Aren't the trees all so Lovely!, There is peace, here, have some! Springs' Tree's Song Soon the trees will reawaken, soon the saps will again rise, Soon the darkness that's Illusion, shall again expose its lies. Trees leap aura-celebration, its energy from crowns flies!, High and Higher it Shouts, leaping higher still than all the skies down towards earth watch Higher Spirits See the tree-Lights flashing here each dispelling dark's illicit life-threats just by Living here. Celebrate Life with the trees' own raise your hands up, Sing, out Loud!, join their joyfulness with your own!, LIVE your Life, bright, strong and proud!

Blue Spiderwort Flowers (la-la-La-La-LAHH!, LAH La-La-la-laahhh) On a cloudy day I long for something to-oo see~~ That's a pretty blue, a favorite col-or for me! See there's a pretty spiderwort, in blues~~ they grow themselves on grounds around me, So pro-fuse! Give my eyes a lovely color to rest on, see!~~ Mornings when they op-en I gaze on them, pleased! See, here is just one of love-ly flowers in blues~~~ happily they're growing All around me, profuse! (la-la-La-La-LAHH!, LAH La-La-la-laahhh) Poe' trees? When they don't gits no water, see We'd say dem plants done poe'-ly and when dey don't neither, who are trees we'd say dem t'ings is poe'-trees Do dey gits water, dey's allright do-gittin' dew-drops in the light And put your rinds under the sand de grounds enriched up dat way, and be nice to each tree as can be; When dey do bettah, so do We! evening primroses Her daughter had offered to cut the grass but Susie said “Wait!, now Not So Fast!” let's tell why Susie doesn't care to have the 'grass' cut anywhere; Evening primroses in morning bloom with blue spiderwort on the natural loom in Nature's Tapestry on these grounds in color-explosions without sounds; evening primroses, yellowy-bright on cloudy days, ground's dappled sun-light!

Azaleas All Over Late February and through March These flowers stand out, stiff as starched! When they show up, they make you know it with color splashes, really Show it! Look at those magenta hues! Proclaiming flower color-news! Tis the season and the hour for this certain sort of flower beautifully blooming plenty wide as are my palms. See? These flowers will never fail ya's for showiness; they're called azaleas! Big bushes of them grow around the oldest oak trees where, I've found Their firework-like colors, bright rival the sun's in morning light These flowers are acidic : they feast as on a picnic and more of it they'll beg; Give them your COFFEE Dregs! White Azaleas The first to open, last to go so brightly white they seem to glow bright as clouds with sun-shining on them are these blooms;there's so Many of 'em! Good Mornin' Dearies!, I so-hail yas with these lovely white azaleas. Orchid Azaleas There's azaleas like upside-down orchids in two tones of pale pinks, oh, see! There's especially pale ones like these, did you never see better?, I agree! In the front yard are bright-er colored ones whose brilliance is hard to deny they seem to soak color from the sun and out-shine the sun-setting sky!

Rose tea? How finely this is today I've picked a lovely nosegay want to sip this with me? Look, it's a cup of rose tea! What'cha mean,”Not this morn there's still too much of them thorns” Well, stop and sniff these poses of redly fragrant roses. ( sure you don't want this rose tea?) (no, that kind's too prickly for me)

Roses' fragrance Give thanks for the fragrance of roses, for, perchance they may only bloom for a day but a day or a week we still always seek their scents, as ever we may! When their beauty has faded they're crinkled and jaded might no longer look like a flower; the last thing to go is the fragrance, you know, for me that's their bestest-loved power!

Wistaria growing up through the trees, follow the twineing of this mostly harmless interesting vine; Here lavender blossoms will grape-ily drop (symmetrically reversed pyramidal dollops!) What joyful flower-celebration to my appreciating eye! All scented in sweet mysteria lovely lavender wistaria Windowsill Garden Revisited In my windowsill garden (if you will pardon) The squash-plants a-growing, pepper's two feet high!, now then amidst all the greenway's a fine little nosegay of roses from outside that I'd plucked yesterday Just 'cause it Looks nice! (nature's beauty is my 'vice' :) And when the petals all wilt away I'll bed them around them growing young plant stems for a pleasant mulch, what the hey!

Morning Glories These flowers are fine Morning Glory vine whose blooms are something sensational They'll bloom in a blue that's a perfect hue or purple that's sheer-meditational The white ones all look like moons in a nook that's greenly-growing invitational but sadly they won't have much fragrance, and DON'T try to taste one, it's poison-izational! Got Fruit?( by a real~ live~ girl ) Pardon me, but I want only fruit cut from my own ~ back ~ yard ~ Blackberries and figs Strawberries, their twigs from my own ~ back ~ yard ~ I'd like traveling thru tropic islands to get fruit, but ~ that's ~ hard~ ! So I'll pick my own that's all been home-grown in my own ~ back ~ yard~!

More trees, please

I sez to meself, one day we need more trees anyway! Let us not so many cut. Next thing I know there's a show of local hands for more tree-lived lands and a new ordinance calls-for tree-cutting Against! Ah, shade and breeze from more trees, Please! Watching trees I've been watching the trees wave their songs in the breeeeeze, I've been watching the flowers bloom regenerative powers, watching seedlings sprout and i am so pleased about being witness, you see to the births of more trees!

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