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Interestingly, observation and pronitonng are carried out by variot parties including the follorving: (i) Curriculum Development Center and other interested divisions in tl Ministry of Education; (ii) School Inspectorate; liii; State EdLrcation Departments; (iv) District Education Offices; (r') School heads (Headmasters or headmistresses).

repcirt is prepared attd sent to the respective State EdLrcation Departmenl and bistrict Education Offices.

a progres .iAfte{ the pupils have courpleted their Ujictrt Pelepasan,

Sunrmarizing, it cannot be denied that mastery of the basic skills c reading and writing rvitl be more effective if pupils are given wider an' rnore varied opportunities to comprehend a given concept. In vie'uv of this it is the responsibility of the teachers involved to prepare a comprehensiv teaching plan encompassing various approaches, techniques, Irtedia an, activities for the achievement of the predetennined goals.

Education Development Master Plan (EDMP) 2006-2010 I arn sure )/cu have heard of the Educalion Development Master Plan, or
in short EDIP. Try and explain what you know about it. . EDMP u,as the brainchild of the N4inistry of Educatiott to cotisolidatt

. It rvas to become the guidelines for tlie holistic development of ou. .
eclucation s)/steln for a 5-year period, that is from 2006 until 2010 ai containeci in thi 9th Ir'lalaysia PIan; AS a comprrehe.nsive and integl'ated document plan for educatior development, EDMP is not only responsible for developing tiationa schools as mainstreant schools. In fact, it also caters for national-type Chinese schools, national-type Tamil schools and Government-aidec religious schools; Developrnent planning covers three main aspects, that is infrastrueture, input and manporver.

the edtrcation sector in our country:

. .


To produce quality education for all through the following


main approaches.


Improvement of ICT access. Second approach. national religious secondary schools. stay in the rural areas or even. Identify cluster'schools from the follorving types of schoois: national schools. writing and arithmetic. the interior. centennial schools.d Th-.t. Thus the strategies proposed are as listed below: . Ensure equity and equality in education. regardless of location or ethnicity. prernier schoois. fTh*rt t . especially the intemet to ensure that it be available in all schools and locations. All citizens are given fair and just educational opportunities.qthening nationai - I I I (EDMP) ' schools I I __l institutions --1> Thrust5-Enhancingthe teaching profession Thrust 4 . inclusive of the physically imparied.3 Strcn. " All pupils will be given the opportunity to master the 3R's. national-type schools. boarding schools. For the purpose of elaboration.Bridging education gap FIGUFE 3. secondary technical schools. Introduce various programs to enhance the strengths and competitiveness of schools in the education cluster. .. . rv'hich are reading. Among the strategies reconimended are: .5" 7? .I : : Development of Education Systent in Malaysia: Currenl Education 63 First approach. irrespective of whether they are from poor families. Smart Schools and schools situated in Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. As we all know. the implementation strategies for the six thrusts contained in the EDMP are briefly explained in Table 3.Nrtt""fl lt I buildins Thrust 6 Accelerating excellence of educational Thrust 2 j - Developing -1 K\/ human capital EDUCATION DEVEL'OPMENT ]VIASTER PLAN: t. EDMP contains six strategic tlrrusts as presented in Figure 3"5 which follows.5 Strategic Thrusts of the Education Development Master Plan Implementation Strategies. Fully develop the potential of all schools so as to fall lvithin the excellence cluster and thus achieve such neasurable success as to cirart our country and the educatioii systeln on the rvorld ntap.

expand pre-school programs: enhance head teachers' leadership and quality of teachers. reinfolce school culture.l u ! u t. rf ln I enhance system: a a holistic assessment and evaluation reinlorce 4 improve rural infrastructure ancl educational facilities. increase the number of option teachers in the interior. nurture an understanding of Islam Hadhari. heritage and culture.ide more educational cl'roices for parents and students: enhance mastery of kno.. 8o .64 P lt i I t t. nufiure a love for the arts. nurture students' skills and deportr-nent. improve curriculum.r i u Table 3. enhance academic performance : provide adequate and quality infrastructul-e and basic ammenities.rr t p I r t u t r tl Etl t t c u Iittr t it t lv. increase schooling attendance and reduce drop-out risk.ui. upgrade services dealing rvith complaints about discipline problems. improve collaboration betrveen the Ministry of Education and other agencies.Developing huntprt capitctl pror.5 lmplementation Strategies of EDMp Thrusts Thrusts Thrust I Nation-builc[ing o a Implementation Strategies strengthen tlie National Language: enhance national unity and integrity. co-curriculum and sports. a o Thntst 2 . Thntst 3Strengthening national schools a a Thru. - Bridging the education gap continuous improvement of subsidy allocation for poor pupils. special needs pupils and minority groups.

. 2. pla. "".iut"'in. .i'l"eisrative i followin!: .]t order of The tlportTr i..i e-.r.Developrnettl of'Education systent irt Malaysia: Current Education .-.acfuing. support a in the choice of a a on the wrrore.. :oucarion education policies as gazetred in rhe National Education policy 1999. .. : w q t. :rlnz1 e x9 e I ! e o-1.."T::: #?l11:n.. . the national education system i" Iir* to make jal:irr"io o ^dnr^* ^r _o.c.o.r Sj:::i facrs discussed in this chapter include the is based- o". monitoring ancr co-ordination n.:'j#.. .O of education.::. and'cotaboration .:. . f .''.: ..5."d to be consolidated and co_ordinatedrhe at to ensure that total .il'il.urion ultirnarery."1 Acr 1ee6 is to further consoridare ro LU rurtlrer consoltdate ...r.. Ti #ii:: 8t ."nr and quality *o.i t er iir i n i!r:..: .. the commirnrent arone.::TliiiijG ! hy. teachers.n.s..Lnnancmg .s.ii i. .t rhe .r imprementation of the Ministry oitau....n" ... :: .ry.e: af.l :..' :. .rr. respecr.' and education:at': ittsl ittLtio. : i... :.n ler outline the legisiation related " to the n*t.i ::.. it can be concruded of EDMp is nor rhe responsibirity that the successf.::j*::1.. education frarernity as wet as rhe srakehorders "i i.:t:t.'..:.i. A c i. :. ur. ."1..1^.o...'..*.# and Act 1996 ::: theeountry's aspirations I:en|fl*:.J.l 'fItQ'|e..

...'".teachertraining.h" s. Tl... rlre goar of llre Nuiio"urrg"'..i*f.-i' educ ation .'" "t'ool.Lower Six students' for YearJ' educatton English school year' the compulsory Starting t'om tne'jOO: 8" atics .: of qd":1:i:."'ntniof :::::" 8I .i. technicalandvocational.. *u-tlt electt'e language subjects these two subjects' tt"i.ut implications r'rpon the t... .i^'"tl rnJ f.oor. EIeMS' KIA2N4 and so Schools' it'""'itn""ls' Snrart language s.era ' Er eM S "'l' +['l$'l:'": ff ' [ : n i:X'-Yi:' as u'ell tire E'nglistr language l-rad to master in and Science teachers of ieference materials of an adequat" 'upfiy "trSH'J"1 as an assurance po'rn I and.. democrattze "f skilled in'""''n"oioty ""J "o"1nned t i::]] jl" .." goals th e toensuretlrdtourcour.Bbginqing2003'M.*trythosefrornpoorfamilies.. t. s p i ri ru al i v and i nte'ec tu a'v ffi'ooiil.. The Smart Schools to the country's.[:'ivas'|he the dilfercnt .tion teacirers forup in an effort to br ing about nutnber "f initiative -:i:.""noot'' ancducation'. In 2005. Several the Smart Schools into out to ensure involves 90 schools categorized Smart S"h...d equality in tautution forof children to "' "*'. ?i""Tils3J:::i.i!:Ti.itiative 14.*:J:f rcaiization ethnic J:lT.. The legislative i' p.*t. "pfro'ed . 'n" Jf." ^ il.rr""r.i1r.tio.'l':l1i througl..p"..trywasnotleftlutoftheglobalization..rout the cottntry inclLrding the and enforc"o ..i'l"l. .:':: iff'?.ie rvith thinking skills .:5''*""'"'*:Io'."Oi""t1i1*ui '"'pt"'to changes schoois' both primary and secondary the existing p'"tti""'"ln are to produce a rvorkforce .0"::*:"?":".ruriJnut Philosophv an revers of schooring. on' i :'.t*"it'u"Os"titnttweretatrglttinEnglish' still tauglit in the Malav rvhilstirhe ' nX [T..r-.. nrin'a11-'T'1' :"t""o^"t levels ot...andtertiary'educatton' 4. lThe three leveis' ffi . initiuti. uten identified and carried i*pr"*"lluiion "'u*gl"' t-'u'lt goals' 13.:1: i ' otr'J''il.'i. ^.P h i I rt s o p l'tt' tt n d Ed u t ut it t rt i n Nl tr I u t"r t tt Act lgg6 focus on fir'e provisions in the E'ducation 3.:" r.':. the cuitr-rral and I 1.:'::'r^'.t?#1iil" "te':' "iJ tr':...... t" :::::.i""tl. u' upholding the basic rights *J" groups "J I:t" 10...

EDMP consisrs of six strategic rhrusrs: Thrust I Nation_building.e as a comprehen5ive guiderine for our country's education development. and physical ancl Health Eclucation. ..' 24. na'ety lr. i " 23.The KIA2IVI program rvas i'plemented to overconre the failure of Year I pupils ro basic readirg and r. education System18. The main aim of the EDMp is quaiity education folail.conceptually. 16. Trrese pupils'are grouped'asrer into three categories. Thrusr 4 .Accererating excellence of educational institutions" (as assistants). 22" The Nlinistry of Education fornrulated the Education De'elopment lvlaster Plan (2006-20r0) to se^.te-9ies comprise six steps. that is. dependant on the discretion of the head teachers. and rhrust 6 . nanrery year r Malay language teachers.vriring skiils. e'aluation: lnd lbllorv-up.. 19.Deveroping human capitar. 17.ners who have not mastered the basic reading and rvriting skills.. fhe teachin-e tq . Thrust 3 Stengthenin_q national schoors. vision schoors means grouping three schoors in one cornmon area. (i) National_type chinese school. KIA2N'{ teachers can be cri'icrecr into three types. those who need remediation in class: (ii) those rvho neecr to be placed in a special rer-nedial class. Special Remedial Education teachers.Development of Education System in Malaysia: Current Education o/ 15. lroniirration: screening tcsts: pllr'ning: teaclrilrq. ancl rearning str.The Vision Schools is another Government initiative to bridge the gap amongst the different ethnic groups as well as inculcate a love for the country. In other words' pupils of different ethnic groups study together in one contmon area.Bridging the education gap. that is: (i) Narional school. 20. ancl (iii) Nationar-type Tarnir school.Enhancing the teaching profession. The main issue relatecl to Vision Schools is the extent to which the existing school system adheres to the principles of a multi-ethnic .!: Education. Mr:sic 21. and Visual Arrs Education teachers. The KIA2M is compuisory for air nationar schools rvhirst the national type schoors have an option. Thrust 5 . ancl (iii) the slorv lear. Thrust 2 .