No. 1185 ATA Code 24-40
Kit NO. 77-3001-1 S
SUBJECT: ELECTRICAL POWER PART I, RELOCATION OF EXTERNAL ELECTRICAL POWER RECEPTACLE; PART II, INSPECTION AND MODIFICATION OF EXTERNAL POWER WIRING; PART Ill, INSTALLATION OF UPHOLSTERY RETAINER CLIP TO CLEAR EXTERNAL POWER WIRE ROUTING The following BEECHCRAFT Skipper 77 airplanes which are equipped with the optional external power provision: PART I BEECHCRAFT Skipper 77, serials WA-1 through WA-79. PART II BEECHCRAFT Skipper 77, serials WA-80 through WA-134 and WA-137 through WA-239 PART Ill BEECHCRAFT Skipper 77, serials WA-1 through WA-299. REASON: PART I To relocate the external electrical power receptacle from inside the engine cowling to a location just aft of the wing. PART II and PART Ill To preclude the possible loss of electrical power by modifying external power wiring and replacing upholstery screws which may interfere with the wiring. NOTE PART Ill of these Service Instructions (WA-1 through WA-299) must be accomplished, even if PARTS I and II are not accomplished. COMPLIANCE: PART I, II AND Ill Beech Aircraft Corporation considers this to be a mandatory modification and it should be accomplished as soon as possible after receipt of these Service Instructions, but no later than the next 100 service hours. APPROVAL: FAA Approved.



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Beech Arcraft Corporalmn Issues servlce ~ n f o n a t ~ o n the benef~t owners BEECHCRAFT lntemat~onal for of Owner Notlf~cat~one w m L~st S and f~xed base operators ~n the form of three classes of S e r v ~ e Instruct~ons a subscr~pt~on (c) Those hav~ng publ~cat~ons CLASS I (Red Border) are changes, Inspections, and mod~f~cattons could that affect safely The factory considers compl~ance mandatory CLASS II (Green CLASS Ill (No Border) covers changes wh~ch are opt~onal, maintenance a~ds. Border) covers changes. mod~f~cations, Improvements or lnspectlons the factory product Improvement k~ts and m~scellaneous sewtce ~nformat~on Compl~ance is of per feels wlll beneftt the owner and although h~ghlyrecommended they are not at the owner or operators prerogat~veCop~es Class Ill are d~str~buted a considered mandatory compl~ance, unless spec~f~ed the time of issuance and c above lnforrnat~on Owner Not~f~cat~on at on Sew~ce Subscr~pt~ons be or can class I and II are ma~led to obta~ned through any BEECHCRAFT Aero or Av~atlonCenter. International D~str~butor ~ d a Dealer, or the Factory As Sew~celnstruct~ons are ~ssued. Centers and lnternat~onaltemporary notallon ~n the ~ndexshould be made unt~lthe ~ndexIS rev~sed (a) BEECHCRAFT Aero or Av~at~on D~strtbutors and Dealers Warranty w~ll allowed only when spec~f~cally be def~ned the Sew~ce ~n lnstruct~ons (b) Owners of record on the FAA Reg~strat~on and the and In accordance w~thBeech Warranty Pol~cy l~st
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Suggested number of men: 1 man PART Ill Estimated man-hours: 1 hour. may be ordered through BEECHCRAFT Aero or Aviation Centers and lnternational Distributors and Dealers..Service lnstructions No. when issued. will be subject to change without notice. EC1300L or equivalent adhesive (PIN of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. pop rivets of the appropriate length may be substituted for this rivet if necessary. Paul. Beech Aircraft Corporation expressly reserves the right to supersede. Prices. All warranty reimbursements are handled through franchised BEECHCRAFT Aero or Aviation Centers and lnternational Distributors and Dealers. PART NUMBER PART I Kit. 1185 MANPOWER: The following information is for planning purposes only: PART I Estimated man-hours: 4 hours. or may be obtained from local sources. MN 55101). cancel andlor declare obsolete any kits or publications that may be referenced in these Service lnstructions without prior notice. BEECHCRAFT Kits may not be compatible with airplanes modified by STC installations or modifications other than BEECHCRAFT approved kits. Suggested number of men: 2 men PART II Estimated man-hours: 1 hour. are approved for installation on BEECHCRAFT airplanes in original or BEECHCRAFT modified configurations only. NOTICE All BEECHCRAFT kits. The value of the kit and parts required for the incorporation of these Service lnstructions on one airplane is to be advised. The MS20470-AD3 and MS20470-AD4 rivets of the appropriate length. EC1368. 1982. DESCRIPTION QUANTITY PER AIRPLANE 1 Decal 1 WARRANTY: Warranty credit for parts and labor to the extent noted under MATERIAL and MANPOWER will be allowed on claims submitted prior to July. External Power Receptacle PART II 105-364029-3 PART Ill Clip Rivet 'Ye inch dia. St. Owners and operators shouid arrange with these . Suggested number of men: 1 man MATERIAL: The following kit and parts required for this modification may be ordered through BEECHCRAFT Aero or Aviation Centers and lnternational Distributors and Dealers. unless otherwise designated.

PIN 108-590000-9 or subsequent. (See Figure 1. 3.0611. baggage compartment floorboards and lower aft baggage compartment cover panel to gain access to the aft fuselage.Service lnstructions No. NOTE Accomplish steps 2 through 4 of Part Ill in conjunction with accomplishment of step 11 of Part I for the RH side of the airplane. 4. 2. 11. Chapter 24-40. Using EC1368. All Skipper 77 Parts Catalog copies.75 inch diameter hole in the firewall as shown in Figure 4. and place the existing MS25171-45 rubber nipple over the stud for protection. EC1300L adhesive (per the manufacturers instructions). 6. 7. using the doubler as a template.74. and mark the rivets to be removed for attachment of the doubler. Install the external power receptacle as shown in Figure 1. Remove existing rivets and install the 108360027-3 doubler on the inside of the fuselage skin. Position the 108-360027-3 doubler on the inside of the fuselage skin with the forward edge of the doubler at F.193/. Chapter 39-20.200 inch diameter holes in the receptacle flange.00. The following note also should be made in all of the above Maintenance Manual copies: "The battery switch should be on prior to turning on the external power source. Route the cable assembly under the upper side molding. Remove the engine cowling. Route the cable assembly through the hole and install the two piece 112149-11 grommet and NAS51-75 ring. REFERENCES: PUBLICATIONS AFFECTED: None. using rivets of the appropriate length as shown in Figure 1.) 8. 1185" be made in the following: All Skipper 77 Maintenance Manual copies. PART I WEIGHT (LBS) ARM (IN) MOMENT (LBSIIN) The owner or operator is responsible to maintain compliance with FAR 23." ACCOMPLISHMENT INSTRUCTIONS: PART I These Service lnstructions may be accomplished as follows: 1. 129. or equivalent. disconnect and remove the existing electrical power receptacle. Install the new cable assembly on the bus side of the battery relay and place an MS25171-45 rubber nipple over the stud for protection. 1185 outlets to perform the work and have them submit the standard Beech Aircraft Corporation warranty claim form through BEECHCRAFT Parts and Equipment Marketing Wholesalers or International Distributors. Cut a 1. to. as shown in Figure 1. Remove RH seat.25lCAR 3. Attach the 108-360012-653 cable assembly to the receptacle using existing hardware. . PIN 108-590000-7 or subsequent. Turn off and/or disconnect all electrical power and disconnect the battery. forward of the RH door to allow routing below the instrument panel and over to the firewall as shown in Figure 3. SPECIAL TOOLS: WEIGHT AND BALANCE: None. It is recommended that a note to "See Service Instructions No. 5. Position the power receptacle on the PIN 108360027-3 doubler and drill six . Cut a . 12. Remove the lower side molding below the RH door and loosen the lower edges of the upper side molding both fore and aft of the door. Place the 106242-10 insulating tubing over the cable assembly and route from the canted bulkhead. 9.09 inch diameter hole in the fuselage skin to match the hole in the 108-360027-3 doubler.S. The power receptacle will be relocated to the RH side of the airplane. install an MS212661N grommet in the stringer cutout on the RH side of the aft baggage compartment bulkhead as shown in Figure 2. under the side panel and through the aluminum channel under the door so that the insulating tubing is inside the door channel to act as an anti-chafe shield.


14. and check for proper operation of all systems. Reinstall the RH seat. Remove the old placard and attach PIN 35-364214 B-C. FIGURE 3. . baggage compartment floorboards and lower aft baggage compartment cover panel. Reconnect the battery.00 URE SWITCH . 1185 NOTE On airplanes with the optional flight hour meter installed. placard directly to the left of the new receptacle and a 105-364029-3 decal to the right of the new receptacle on the aft fuselage as shown in Figure 1.Service Instructions No.00 FIGURE 4. Reactivate the electrical system. 108-36001 2-653 CABLE ASSEMBLY (1 REQ) 106242-1 INSULATING 0 TUBING FROM CANTED BULKHEAD TO FIREWALL RBL 15. Reinstall the engine cowling. 13. it may be necessary to reposition the hour meter pressure switch in order to provide clearance to route the external power cable forward of the firewall.75 INCH DIAMETER HOLE 112149-11 GROMMET BATTERY RELAY 108-36001 2-653 EXTERNAL POWER CABLE ASSEMBLY VIEW LOOKING AFT \ WL 100.

4 . There should be no voltage present at this pin when the battery switch is off. Turn off andlor disconnect all electrical power and disconnect the battery. Remove the threshold cover below the cabin door. Disconnect the external power supply cable from the battery terminal of the battery relay and reconnect the cable to the bus terminal of the battery relay as shown in Figure 4. Reconnect the battery and check operation of the external power supply. 5. Install a PIPJ 105-364029-3 decal next to the external power receptacle as shown in Figure 1. 3 a n d 4 below should be accomplished in conjunction with step 11 of Part I on the RH side of the fuselage only.6 INCHES \ TRIM COVER AS REQ. . 3. 1. 2. 6. PART Ill NOTE For airplane serials WA-1 through WA-79. Airplane serials WA-1 through WA-299 on the LH side and WA-80 through WA-299 on the RH side should accomplish all Part Ill steps below. Battery voltage should be present at the center pin of the external power receptacle only when the battery switch is on. Remove the upper engine cowling. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the opposite threshold cover unless already accomplished in Part I. replacing the rivet drilled out in step 2 with an equivalent rivet and installing a new AD45ABS rivet as shown in Figure 5. 1.Service Instructions No. Reinstall the threshold cover. make an appropriate maintenance record entry. 1 RECORD COMPLIANCE: Upon completion of these Service Instructions.) 4. 5. 3. Drill out the one existing rivet through the door frame as shown in Figure 5. 1185 PART II 1. TO FIT 108-530063-5 CLIP THRESHOLD COVER 1 I ' THIS AREA FOR EL VIEW A-A EXISTING RIVET AND INSTALL NEW EQUIVALENT RIVET FIGURE 5. s t e p s 2 . 2. Reinstall the engine cowling. Install a PIN 108-530063-5 clip as shown in Figure 5. making sure the cover screw goes into the clip and not into the area of the electrical wiring. (See 'note under MATERIAL.