AELE 1033 ENGLISH Language


GRAMMAR TEST I (30 MARKS) PART I (10 marks) Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word in brackets. Write ONE word as your answer. 1. The lecturer advised the students on the importance of ______________. (punctual) 2. The manager has to sign the ________________ before it can be processed. (agree) 3. Simon is working as a __________________ for the newspaper. (photo) 4. Jamie cannot see ________________ because of the heavy rain. (clear) 5. Liza has made an ______________ to see the doctor. (appoint) 6. The _______________ of the Internet has enabled people to communicate better. (invent) 7. People like Zack because of his ____________. (kind) 8. The teacher shouted _______________ at the students for not paying attention. (angry) 9. Loraine is likely to do ___________ ____ than her sister in the exams. (good) 10. Steven is a very kind and _____________ person. (consider)

PART II (10 marks) Each of the sentences has ONE error. Identify and correct the error. 1. The children is laughing loudly at the clown now. 2. Nowadays, Johan and Mariam goes everywhere together. 3. Jimmy, together with his mother are leaving to London this Friday. 4. Neither of these dresses look nice. 5. Everyone just love the taste of durians. 6. Each one of the kids have brought their books to school. 7. All the children was excited to go to the zoo yesterday. 8. My best friend and roommate now are a teacher. 9. Look! Some of the oil have spilt on the floor. 10. This pair of scissors on the table are yours.

1. a) has went c) gone b) has gone d) going [Total: 30 marks] . a) arrived b) has arrived c) have arrive d) arrives 8. a) were c) was b) is d) has 5. a) ride c) ridden b) rides d) rode 9. Henry s parents ____________ upset because he did badly in his exams. Mellisa _________ to see her friend and will only be back later. I was __________ TV last night when my mother called. a) come c) coming b) comes d) came She ____________ in Ipoh since 1998. a) have lived b) lived 6. Let s go now. c) has lived d) live 3. a) left c) has left b) have left d) leaved 7.00 a. 2.AELE 1033 ENGLISH Language Coursework PART III (10 marks) Fill in the blanks with the BEST answer from the options given. a) watched b) watch c) watching d) watchs 4. a) take c) taking b) is taking d) takes 10. Camelia __________ a bicycle when she was young. She was writing an essay yesterday when her father ______________ home. Mr Wong ____________ to the radio while his wife is reading a book.m. My brother usually ____________ the morning bus at 8. The children ___________ to school five minutes ago. a) are listening c) listened b) is listening d) listening The bus ____________.

angrily 9. agreement 3. clearly 5. love 6. have 10. appointment 6. are 9.considerate (1 mark for each correct answer) PART II (10 marks) Error 1. are 4. goes 3.are Correction are go is looks loves has were is has is (½ mark for each error identified and ½ mark for each correction made) . punctuality 2. invention 7. kindness 8. look 5. photographer 4.I (30 MARKS) PART I (10 marks) 1. better 10. was 8. have 7.AELE 1033 ENGLISH Language Coursework Marking Scheme GRAMMAR TEST . is 2.

A 6. B 10. C 5. D 9. D 3. D 8. B 7.B (1 mark for each correct answer) . C 2. A 4.AELE 1033 ENGLISH Language Coursework PART III (10 marks) 1.